What If? Ibiki's Exam - Kaoru



Date: December 18, 2012


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"What If? Ibiki's Exam - Kaoru"

Unknown location

Kaoru sits down at the desk and listens closely to the rules of this
round of the Exams. The numerous Chuunin around the room are trying to
look bored, but when she concentrates on their chakra signatures Kaoru can
read their true feelings - excitement and interest. Instead of listening
to the rest of the rules she looks around the room, puzzling out each of
the Chuunin as she goes. Some of them have chakra signatures indicating
that they're barely Chuunin level themselves, while others have far more
experience, and are filled with interest rather than excitement and
tension. The sheer number of them shows that they expect to be catching a
lot of cheating going on in the room. Kaoru looks back to the front,
watching as Ibiki finishes his explanations.

On the examiner's instruction, Kaoru turns over her test and begins
reading. The questions are harder than she'd expected, and her brow
furrows with confusion. She knew many Chuunin who wouldn't stand a chance
on these kinds of questions, let alone the people in the room with her. As
she quickly reads through the questions Kaoru becomes certain that she can
answer some of them. And now that she's certain that she'll pass this
portion of the test she turns her mind back to the elephant in the room.
There was something odd going on, and she was determined to work out what
it was.

Kaoru examines the Chuunin again, feeling their chakra, and comes to
realise the truth. They were expecting the Genin to cheat because it was
part of the exam. If you can't work out the answers yourself you have to
find a way to get them. Makes sense. And now that she's worked out what's
going on, its just a matter of how she goes about this exam. The Genin
sits back in her chair while she thinks, looking up at the ceiling in
contemplation. If she wanted to narrow down the field, her best bet would
be to not write anything at all until the time was nearly up. Kaoru looks
at the clock, noticing that the exam has plenty of time left, and then
looks up at the ceiling. Or better yet, she could try to frame some of the
other students. A small grin forms on her face as a plan starts to
formulate in her head. Her hands under the table, she forms a few
handsign, noticing a glance from a Chuunin as she does so. The Chuunin
doesn't do anything though, just watches her. 'He suspects me, but isn't
certain,' Kaoru thinks to herself as she uses her technique on a nearby
Chuunin. This kind of approach was risky, but the benefits were well worth
the risk, and Kaoru had always been a game player.

Kaoru creates an illusion in the mind of the Chuunin, making him believe
that one of the smarter girls in the room is peeking at her neighbour's
work. The illusion works like a charm, and the Chuunin scribbles something
on his paper. When she repeats the illusion a few moments later, the
Chuunin writes her name again. Once more, and the Chuunin stands up.

"Saito Yayoi, you have been eliminated from the exam. Leave immediately,"
he calls out, and sits back down. Kaoru has to work hard not to chuckle at
her success. Yayou, who probably hadn't even cheated once, looks confused
and shakes her head, ready to argue, but the examiner gives her a harsh
look, and the girl leaves the room. This was almost too easy!
Kaoru repeats the process a couple of times, aiming to remove the
brightest and smartest from the room. The less worthy candidates there
were, the less competition there would be in later rounds. Five minutes
from the end, Kaoru starts scribbling down some answers, certain that it
will be enough to earn a pass. And then the examiner stands up and speaks
again. "If you participate in the last question, and do not answer it
correctly, you will fail the exam and never be allowed to take the test
again. You will be a Genin forever," he announces, and Kaoru raises her
eyebrows. This whole test had been a game within a game so far, and she
wonders what the examiner is up to now. But she's not about to back down.
She was confident in her own ability.

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