What If? Ibiki's Exam - Midori



Date: December 5, 2012


None given.

"What If? Ibiki's Exam - Midori"

Unknown location

As she starts reading through the exam in front of her, Midori starts to
panic. This exam wasn't nearly as easy as she'd hoped. Long minutes pass
as the girl's mind tries to analyze everything on the page to absolutely
no avail. Fear truly starting to set in, Midori cautiously glances around
the room. Most of the other examinees looked just as befuddled as she was,
although a scant few were writing answers. A lonely tear rolls down
Midori's cheek as she becomes certain that she's going to fail this exam.
A Chuunin nearby stands up and calls out a name. "Inuzuka Zanbato, you
and your team please leave the examination immediately," he says, and
Midori takes a deep breath. Obviously they'd cheated to try and get the
answers. 'I'm going to need to cheat too,' she thinks, 'There's no other
option if I want to pass this exam. But I have to make sure I stop at four
times. If I get seen cheating a fifth time, I'm out.' Once again she looks
around the room, trying to work out how she's going to cheat when she's
surrounded by Chuunin. It would be so much easier if she had the
sharingan. She could just copy the answers of anyone in view. Her mind
keeps turning the problem over and over, and still she's coming up with

Finally, with no other options left, she decides to just pull the old
'sneak-a-peak' technique, and glances over at the page of the person
nearest her. Immediately she notices a Chuunin look at her, and write
something down. 'Oh no, that's one gone already,' Midori thinks, pushing
down the fear rising in her, 'At least I have three left.' She writes down
as much of the answer as she was could remember, then takes another peak.
Once again the same Chuunin writes something in his pad, and the young
Uchiha could feel the pressure rising. She unintentionally squeaked her
chair on the ground as she adjusted the way she was sitting, feeling
extremely self conscious.

When the time comes, the examiner stops the exam and announces the rules
for the last question. Midori is shocked stiff. 'No way, they'd stop me
from ever being a Chuunin?' she thinks, taking a deep breath, 'And
everything I've done up until now doesn't matter?' She sits there
pondering, but comes to a conclusions. "I risk my life every time I go
into the field," she says quietly, "Death is worse than a life without
promotion. And hey, I'm not a very good ninja anyway. Fine, I'm not giving
up." She folds her arms over her chest stubbornly, certain that she was
about to throw her ninja career down the drain. The tension is almost
enough to crack her, but finally the examiner smiles, and announces that
everyone still in the room has passed the test. Midori doesn't know what
to think. She's so shocked she falls out of her chair, drawing a lot of
attention from the other examinees. "I'm alright, she squeaks as she hops
back in her chair, breathing heavily all the while.

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