What If? Ibiki's Exam - Onimitsu



Date: January 4, 2013


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"What If? Ibiki's Exam - Onimitsu"

Unknown location

An orb of emerald and tainted by flecks of silver, violet, and crimson
is uncovered at lightning quick pace as soon as the sound of a chair (plus
its occupant) hitting the ground reaches the ears of its bearer. During
the following seconds the thundering sound of adrenaline fueled blood flow
blots out the echo of the disturbing noise along with the outcries from
the first portion of the exams remaining applicants. "What the-What the
heck is going on?" Onimitsu murmured as he scanned the room for clues. His
eye only momentarily stopped twice upon seeing his fellow teammate's
expressions and gestures directed at him. Although his eye did not linger
he knew well enough from their expression, one nervous but joyous and the
other being one of adoration, that something good had definitely happened
recently. But as to what that thing was he had not the foggiest.
Eventually his attention wandered to the test form in front of him.
Befuddled and wary, Onimitsu nevertheless picked it up for a closer look.
"Huh? What is— " Onimitsu's eye widen while his hand became shaky. A
long, high pitched whistle is heard soon after albeit only by the armor
bearing genin

Flash Back No Jutsu!

'The road to this one's redemption is only a few questions away…'
Onimitsu thought as he clenched his fist tight, hoping more than anything
that the pressure from the act would be enough to re-affirm his
confidence. This hope is killed almost instant later after flipping over
the test and quickly scanning it just to see what he was up against.
Needless to say, he is not pleased one bit except about question three
which was kind of a throw away from the looks of it.
'Perhaps it would be better if we assisted you Onimitsu.'

Onimitsu head jerked up while a hand reflexively went for the sword
(henged as a kunai) strapped at his side. 'Yoshimitsu.. Just what are you
planning this time?'

'Only to assist you, my master. All of us in fact just think about'

Onimitsu shook his head grimly then narrowed his eye upon the test form.
' No, its too risky. One of the proctors might be some type of peculiar
sensor nin, and if I get caught—'

'-You are concerning yourself with imaginary matters. What is real is
the experience we have to offer if only—.'

Onimitsu started to shake his head again but a glance out of the corner
of his eye gives him pause. 'Look, that proctor over there is already
becoming suspicious so please'

** ' As you wish, young master'** Yoshimitsu remarked scathingly before
withdrawing. Onimitsu in turn sighed lightly in relief and truly began to
focus of his attention, wisdom, and memories upon the test…

Ten Minutes Later

'Hnn, it would seem the young master's brain has been overcooked'
Yoshimitsu deadpanned as it leered upon the slack form of its would be
master from its own little hide away.

'Heheh, Serves the little baka right..' A new voice echoed, and
seemingly with its arrival Onimitsu fingers began to twitch.

Perhaps but that still leaves us in quite the predicament. Don't you
agree Yo— *coughs* —I mean, Gin-dono?
Another more feminine voice piped
up, eliciting an even more noticeable change in the swordsman.
Specifically in his eye change from its usual chaotic blend into a solid
crimson ringed about the iris by the others, and his body became more

'Oh, I dunno… Oh wait I got it! How about we each chip in on a couple
of them? That way w-'

' —That is the dumbest idea I have ever heard. Now move aside short
stuff because Murasaki's gonna show you chumps how things should be
The more baritone of the three voices emitted as it shoved its way
to the forefront of control and manipulated its ill-obtained new
appendages into popping the joints of his fingers and waggling them in the
air for a moment or two.

'Without destroying the test NOR attempting to do the same to the
proctors… correct?'
The feminine voice piped in once more; only to be
replied with mocking repetition followed by mental grumbling from the
Murasaki. Reluctantly, Mursaki does in fact follow the request of

Several Moments Later…

'And then there were two.' Gin sighed as he eased Murasaki's
consciousness back into the background.

'This is a nightmare Shinkoki'

'Hm? Oh, so Murasaki-kun is back already? My what a shocker' Shinkoki
replied sarcastically with a roll of nonexistent eyes.

' Shinkoki…

*sighs* Fine, let's get serious then and go just along with your earlier
plan Gin-kun. Even if might not even matter in the end anyways'
said whimsically before shifting her consciousness to the forefront first.
Her eyes narrow as she scanned the test. It narrows further and is
accompanied by a frown once her eye passed back over Murasaki's answer;
but after pausing for a moment to regard the amount of time left 'she'
simply shook her head in dismay before pressing forward. ..

Flash Back No Jutsu Kai!

'Man what a rip! We do all that hardwork 'n that scarred up ba-Mura!-d
decides to just pass everyone on a whim. Pointless and Pathetic.'
abruptly pipes up, shattering the Yoshimitsu's projection of the past.
'There are cartoons… in every answer space… that I did not answer…'

'And your point is…?'

And on that note, Onimitsu promptly faints again. His 'soul' promptly
begins to leak out of his mouth soon after.

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