Icy Arrangement


Takeshi, Tsiro, Tsun, Yuuka

Date: October 24, 2011


The Kaguya clan Elder summons a meeting to discuss the future of two young Kaguyas.

"Icy Arrangement"

Kaguya Village [Kirigakure]


This area smells very strongly of blood and views of ivory, each building in this district made by the Kaguya that owns it and out of their own bone. At the far west end of the village there is one house that is double the size of any other which could presumably belong to the head of the Kaguya Clan. Among the buildings are small resturants and shops, all made of the same bone material as the other buildings, though the merchandise is not necessarily such.


The dice were thrown, the Odori residence had been all pretified and the rest of his family had either left or were running official maitron duties. Aoi was cooking with Akiko and Sumiya providing waitress service. Yuuji was busy outside, keeping the yard clear of anyone who would try to interrupt. It was the perfect setup.
Tsun was next to him, she had cookies and drinks spread before her. Settings already made for Yuuka and Tsiro. Takeshi was quiet, wearing his full regalia, sash, clan markings and the elder coat. That's right, he wwas being all official like, even if he was sipping on sake. Tsun even had some in a little cup next to her. She was a special case, so she was always allowed a little in his house.

Tsun would not be your typical, enjoyable house guest, she was pouring out pure hatred in its most raw of forms, complete silence. The girl had not actually even moved since she sat down, her arms were crossed and she glared at the wall like a true brat. If anything her emotional state has become much more unstable after returning back to Konohagakure but, somehow she's managed to stay annoyed for quite some time, about what? Many didn't know but, she's been like this since she was put on the boat back to Kirigakure for some reason.

Yuuka moves quietly through the near empty cobblestone streets within the Kaguya district, the sun having set an hour before leaving the village as a whole in a comfortable twilight. On this occassion, the kunoichi is dressed in a long, pale kimono, the skirt flowing lightly around her legs from the slightest moment while she walks. She lifts a snowy brow and turns her head just enough to give her student a sideways glance, wary it seems. While Takeshi had approached her about this subject, Yuuka had yet to speak to Tsiro about why they're visiting the clan elder. Watching him quietly for a brief moment, she returns her aquamarine eyes forward and slows her steps as they near the front of the manor, lifting a hand to gently knock on his door.

Tsiro walked behind Yuuka. He had noticed her change in attire. "You look pretty today sensei." He also had noticed they were heading towards the clan elder's estate. "I thought you and Maikeru were… nevermind…" the boy states. He glances around. Of course he was dressed in his usual garb. He had not a single clue what was about to transpire. "So what are we doing here sensei?" he asks as she knocks on the door.

Yuuji opened the door before Yuuka even knocked on it, "Yeah, I know. He's inside. Sitting room on the right."
Once the two are inside he closes the door once more and then locks it tight. "Akiko will probably be waiting just inside." A nod is given at Yuuka, "Have fun Yuuka, Tsiro."
Akiko is waiting at the door and grins at them, "This way you two! He had us prepare for you and there's some food and drink just inside." She points over to the right, "It's just through these doors." She walks off and then opens the doors to the right of the open tea room revealing Takeshi and Tsun. "Just go on in!"

Yuuka blinks her bright eyes as she glances to Tsiro beside her, though smiles gently, "Thank you, Tsiro-kun. Our visit tonight with Takeshi-sama… its, well, its a special occasion." she murmurs, "So I needed to dress the part." she gives his dark head a light ruffle with a hand, just before quirking a brow at him. "Maikeru and I are what?" The statement goes unanswered, however, as the door is answered. Turning her gaze forward, Yuuka smiles at Yuuji, "Konnichiwa. I hope we did not keep the party waiting too long." the grin grows and she chuckles, stepping inside as the door is opened for them.
Slipping her shoes off inside the door, the Kaguya kunoichi and her student follow Akiko's directions and pass through the short hallway to the tea room. Seeing Takeshi and Tsun, the smile on her lips grows. Yuuka gives them both a gentle nod in greeting, "Konnichiwa. Are we late?" She steps aside just enough for Tsiro to enter as well, giving the boy a glance out of the corner of her eye as she approaches the table, sitting opposite of Takeshi and tucking her slender legs beneath her.

Tsiro grinned as the door opened and saved him from answering the question. He removed his shoes just as Yuuka did. 'A party hrmm?' he thought to himself. The boy looked around as he followed Yuuka to the tea room. His eyes then moved towards the two there. Both of which he had met before. He watches Yuuka sit down and afterwards figures he should take the seat next to her. He does so slowly. Something seemed off here.

Takeshi looks over at Yuuka and nods, "Greetings Sensei Yuuka. How fares thee tonight? I trust that your student knows why we're here. As you can tell, Kaguya Tsun already does."
He sips at the sake and then tips the bottle to pour some more. "If not, You should be the one to tell him. Additionally, before we begin, did you have any preliminary questions? This goes to all three of you."

Tsun looks over to the two entrants and back over to Takeshi for a moment, her facial expression would be screwed up as she appears to mouth the word, 'What?!'. Before looking at the old man with a great deal of disappointment. Though this does actually bring her to a point of being on speaking terms, in a sense as she goes, "Uuuugh. All the way back here for…" She cuts out there, mumbling to herself before looking down to the ground, possibly thinking things over as she continues to mutter the incoherent.

Looking across the table at table at Takeshi, Yuuka smiles lightly, "I am doing well, Elder Takeshi-sama. I am well tonight." She glances at Tsun out of the corner of her eyes, though just from entering the room she could tell that Tsun knew about this arrangement. And she didn't seem happy about it. That would make things a bit more difficult. Breathing out lightly, Yuuka gently shakes her snowy head, "My student does not, but I agree it is time. I wish to know his thoughts on this."
Turning her head to glance back to Tsiro to her other side, Yuuka narrows her gaze faintly. "The clan is the main responsibility of the Patriarch and the clan's Head Elder, and for some time now, Takeshi-sama has been concerned with our numbers." she murmurs. "We had one war, only to dive into another after what is only a short time to catch our breaths. Our clan will become endangered if our clan continues to dwindle. So, Takeshi has proposed an idea, and consulted me about it."
Yuuka's gaze barely flickers in Takeshi's direction. "He wants to impliment arranged marriages. Or in this instance, your marriage with Tsun-chan." She focuses her gaze on her student. "I can see both good and bad points to this, though at the moment… I mostly would like your thoughts on this."

The eyes of Tsiro moved towards Tsun. She seemed pissed. Then Takeshi mentioned an arrangement and the boy more or less glanced towards Yuuka. As she states arranged marriage and Tsun's name, Tsiro glances at Tsun once more. This time in a seemingly different light. "Uhhh… Marriage?" Thoughts of his last interaction with the girl came to mind. She had been torturing a leaf shinobi. Stomping on his neck and trying to make him speak without air. The boy swallowed hard.
Then the thought that she really did not seem happy he was selected. Not that he was happy, but this was really not doing much for the ego. Right about now the boy was wishing he had stayed on the battle field. "Well, she is pretty. I hardly know her though… and she doesnt seem to think much of me… this is kind of sudden."

Takeshi looks over at him, "You're too young to be married yet, but you would be married in the future. If this happens, it'd essentially mean that you two might as well be married, just not in the strictest sense until you both are considered of age." Another glass of sake is downed before he looks over at Tsun, "And stop scowling. You don't find this all that intolerable or you'd have already created a door and set me back a lot of money to repair the giant hole missing in half of my home."
Finally, his gaze turns to Yuuka, "Which brings us to the interview part. Seeing as you were the primary party here, what would you like to do?"

"Maybe if people would stop being dumb and losing fights. We'd be fine, stupid arranged marirages." That was one of the few things Tsun grumbled out, how humble the child was, which reminded her that seemed to still be forgetting about some other sort of well known Kaguya. Tsun then glares at Takeshi, "My feet are just sore, otherwise I'd of already used half of your house as a door." Tsun mutters something about a crazy old man then gets up onto her feet, the short girl takes a few steps forward in an attempt to look to Takeshi eye to eye their height difference non-existant despite all the years she had on him.

When she speaks, a heavy scent of that bubblegum she tends to chew almost obsessively. "What's in it for me anyway?" Tsun glares at him with her one visible eye, apparently intentionally trying to intimidate him or… something. There may of also been a passive inpsection going on but, she doesn't look entirely happy with whatever was going down as a frown starts to form.

"Meaning when Tsiro becomes a man at sixteen." Yuuka adds the sidenote, glancing from Takeshi back to Tsiro beside her. "One of the reasons we thought you and Tsun-chan would be a good fit is because your ages to one another are closer, and discussing this now will give both of you time to adjust to the thought and get to know each other. Even date if you wish." A light smile tugs at her lips. At Takeshi's question, Yuuka lifts her gaze up at him, pausing for a moment or so while she taps a finger lightly on the table surface. "To be honest… I am still not sure how I feel about this, Takeshi-sama."
Her blue green eyes look up at Tsun as the girl stands, arching a pale brow thoughtfully, "Well, I know that Tsiro will receive Tsun's dowery once they are officially married, but…" The smile grows on Yuuka's lips, "How about the chance to grow up with your husband and many other chances to steal kisses in secret?"

Tsiro listens to Takeshi. It seems she was not so upset. Then he watches her reaction… ok she was upset. Then Yuuka speaks and now he's back to confused. "Dowery? Kisses in secret?" the boy asks. He looks back towards Yuuka, then at Takeshi. "It would be nice if I was selected cause naturally you two think I have high survival chances or am a… whats the word…. superior specimen?"
He then looks back towards Tsun. "You know. This is kind of out there. Maybe you and I could see if we can be friends. You know like spend some time together. Not the secret kissing type time either, but uh… like missions maybe. If things do not work out we can always rebel."

Takeshi looks over at Tsun, "What's in it for you? A husband, a husband who will probably be on your side and help you with anything you need. A dowry, which I'm going to give to you two since I'm the cloest thing you have to a father and then there's always the third benefit, someone who wants you for you. Isn't that enough for you? Why don't you try talking to him for a little bit?"

Yuuka would get the same look Takeshi got earlier, 'What?!' she was as crazy as the old man it seems. Tsun's teeth begin to grind, continuing to stare for a moment, her eye flashing yellow for a moment. There would be one of her odd mental ticks again it would seem as her head tilts back and she starts to laugh. The laugh was loud, high-pitched and, obviously forced in response to Tsiro's suggestion, "Friends?" Tsun's hand slips out of her pocket and with a motion of her hand, the cork of her gourd pops off and moves about to land in her hand. "Alright, old man. Go get some useless girl to be some baby machine. I've got things to do… like you know." Tsun had absolutely nothing to do but, you know, stuff!

Tsun throws up a peace sign as she steps out the door, "Seeya old man. I've got enough people to talk to as is, I'm gonna see about getting back to Konoha." As gently as the door was opened, Tsun makes a bit of an effort to slam it. At least she used the door.
Of course moments later there was a crash, a large ice ball through a wall that she steps out of. Tsun was more annoyed than she let on it seems, she couldn't keep civil for much longer though.

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