Icy Target - Attempted Kidnapping


Rockpath (emitter), Naoya, Yuriko

Date: September 6, 2015


A genin has been kidnapped by five individuals. Naoya and Yuriko happen to be in a good position to stop the attempt.

"Icy Target - Attempted Kidnapping"

Land of Water

It is not too often that there is an attempt to abduct someone from Kirigakure. And yet today there was an attempt. A successful one, even. Somehow, a member of the Shirayuki clan was taken away, and it would have been Naoya's brood that were the first to know, considering they were tracking this particular Ice-user. It's currently dark, around 2am in the late springtime. The mists were that much thicker as heat warmed the air, obscuring vision. It was up to Naoya, mostly, to figure out when and how to report the kidnapping, as well as gather people to stop the culprit.

From a deeper rest, a snarl flares across the young Okumo's lips as blood begins to trickle from both of his arms from internal wounds. 'You try to turn on.. 'me'.. how many of you do I need to cull?' A glare fills his amber eyes as he begins to shift within the darkness. Turning his head to the side, Naoya furls his brows and shakes his head before slipping one hand onto the side of it. "Yuriko.." is half growled and said rather dryly before extending a hand to flop along the furs. "Yuriko," is repeated more loudly before shifting off to the side, his hands searching for his clothing and pouches. "One of the annoyances in the village was removed.. not dead yet. It wasn't 'us' though.. Idiots for revenge.."

"Mm," a voice grumbles from under the furs, a moment passing before the top of a snowy head peeks out from the edge. Sleepy eyes glance at the Okumo stirring her awake with mild annoyance. While she wanted to be mad at him, she couldn't, as she knew that Naoya wouldn't wake her without good reason. "'Annoyances'?" Yuriko mumbles the repeated word. Again there's a long pause before she grumbles to herself. Rather reluctantly she's already rolling out of the furs, "Alright. Not sure what's going on, but I'm awake."

"Annoyan.. One of the village's Genin. The snow flake, not the rejected one.." Staring forward for a moment, Naoya's eyes darken to that of becoming predominantly a dark golden tone. It wouldn't take him much time but soon each of his pouches were in place and several kunai were held in each of his hand for a moment before they were drawn up and into his sleeve. "This snow flake is the same ice shaper that turned most of the pier's market into a blizzard this season.." Turning to Yuriko for a moment, he soon move away, out towards the main area of the den before walking along the tunnel out and towards the entry's covering. "They notice someone take her away, they didn't seem like they were from our village.. too sloppy. They didn't even check for my brood or another's."

Yuriko rubs at one of her eyes as she listens, pushing herself into moving faster. Or in the very least, standing. When he mentions the connection with the frozen pier, she frowns to herself. And someone took one of their own… "They probably didn't know to check for that kind of thing." It's only a moment or so before the Kaguya girl emerges, dressed in form-fitting body armor the hue of ivory. Because it's actually /made/ out of bone. "Alright. So you want to go get her. And you have the trail."

RP: Naoya transforms into HIVE-MIND.
RPCOMBAT: Naoya defends against with a SPIDER-SENSES…43

"Tsk.." Turning his head to the side, Naoya softly says "Water.. the coast.. Morons." Shifting his gaze back to Yuriko, he nods towards her suddenly before motioning off and to the side, towards the sandy shores. "They are heading towards the coastline, we'll be able to intercept them quickly." Blinking once, Naoya's eyes flicker away from their darker tone to their brighter state. Lifting a hand up, he uses to fingers to point towards a direction of the distant coastline but then continuing further along it. "The scouts spotted them going along that coastline, heading away.. They are moving quickly though, might be mounted. Lets go." Waiting until Yuriko would give him a confirmation, Naoya lingered, but after would would quickly begin to blur as he ran on top of the coastal waters and towards the light sighting point.

RP: Naoya transforms into SPIDER-LIMB-CHANGE.
RPCOMBAT: Naoya defends against with a BREVITY…56

Yuriko couldn't help the slight smirk that tugs at the corner of her mouth, but she doesn't reply. Rather she glances in the direction he motions towards, narrowing her eyes at the coastline. "Doesn't sound too difficult." she murmurs to herself. Her hands reach up to quickly wrap up her snowy hair and pin it into place at the back of her head, brow quirking as she gives Naoya a glance out of the corner of her eye. Again another smirk teases at her lips in silent reply. Not even a fraction of a instant after he takes off in a sudden blur, Yuriko follows as well. Barely visible to the human eye.

COMBAT: Yuriko attacks target 1 with BREVITY-STEALTH with a roll of: 36

The two Kiri-nin were a bit too far for stealth to matter, so they at least didn't give away their position. For now, all they needed to do was catch up. And, because of their speed, they soon would. Their target stuck to the coastline, not bothering to travel away and likely leaving an easy trail to follow. A sack was over the target's back, and there were a total of five present, all of them moving on foot. Those that could sense chakra might be able to realize that these men were using it to aid in their speed.
Within the bag was the young Shirayuki, bound in such a way that she could not use any jutsu, nor could she move a muscle in general since it was so cramped. The usual cold aura still surrounded her, but by now it was a welcome coolness for the five sweaty men as they ran forth towards their target, which is a boat about a mile away at this point.

RPCOMBAT: Rockpath defends against with a BODY-FLICKER-TECHNIQUE…52

"Small.. The snow flake is small, about ten. If she's on her feet, only target those that are taller." Shifting an ear towards Yuriko, Naoya tries to listen to her over the rushing are or lapping waves below them. "Hmm.. New rules this time? If we chase heads, we'll never find out who hired them." A twisting grin appears on his lips with the musing, "Each one captured is worth two points. The snow flake is worth five for a tie break. New year, cleared score." Even though he spoke confidently, Naoya doesn't bring his eyes from the coast for very long, even as his right hand moves behind him and grasps onto one of his hilts, poised to draw the blade at a moment's notice. "Odd.. We can't smell any odd beasts yet, maybe the winds aren't in our favor?"

RPCOMBAT: Naoya defends against with a BREVITY…54
RP: Yuriko transforms into DANCE-OF-THE-WILLOW.

"Hm," Yuriko hums in light agreement, her eyes still narrowed in on their target while they move with blurring speed. It's a thoughtful moment or so after before she replies. "You can go for them if you want. I'm going for the ship." Even if the kidnappers did happen to escape, they wouldn't have a ship to escape on, is her reasoning. Eliminate all possibilities of failure. "It won't take long though. Break the hull and it'll go down. After I'll loop around and get the other side of them. It should take them by surprise too."

COMBAT: Yuriko attacks target 1 with BREVITY-STEALTH with a roll of: 49
RPCOMBAT: Rockpath defends against with a PERCEPTION-III…46
RPCOMBAT: Rockpath defends against with a BODY-FLICKER-TECHNIQUE…36

The five up ahead continue to move, none of them noticing Yuriko's 'stealthy' approach to the boat. She was moving a bit too fast for them to even notice anything. Just a bit of wind, right? The Okumo would find himself gaining on the five a bit faster than he might expect, too. The men were slowing down now that their goal was in sight. A small mistake that would likely cost them their lives… "Just a bit further…" he might hear, likely through his spiders. Only a half-mile stood between the five and the boat… With none of them being the wiser to the two Kiri shinobi on their tails.

If not through his spiders that often infested along the coastline, then the rural spiders that he manages to dominate, Naoya begins to pinpoint more exactly where the men were. With their pace slowing, Naoya closes his eyes and exhales slowly. Repositioning himself along the ocean cliffs, he moves his right hand over his chest, curled into a loose fist before focusing his chakra. 'Now now.. So it's five of them.. and no horses? This is more than a little 'odd'. Are they from the rogue clans? The Mizukage would likely want to know where these pests still hold up' is softly murmured, more to himself than anyone or thing around his perch. 'Yes.. I wonder if they can walk on the sea for long too. If they can't, they drown, if they can Yu-chan culls them..'

COMBAT: Naoya focuses 3993 stamina to turn it into 4000 usable chakra!
COMBAT: Yuriko focuses 3045 stamina to turn it into 4000 usable chakra!

With a quick turn of a heel Yuriko parts from Naoya's side and takes off at a new angle, her blurring momentum leading her straight towards the boat. Mere moments roll by before she's against it, standing on the water while her hands press against the hull, quiet and still to make sure that whoever might be on the boat didn't catch a glimpse of her by chance. In either case when her hands pull away she leaves behind two, almost unnoticeable, slivers of bone. Yuriko move to the other end and once more does the same thing, her hands resting on the boat only for a moment but leaving behind the seedlings. With them planted she steps back several yards and reaching out a hand she dramatically curls her fingers into a fist. Just as this happens the "seeds" that were planted begin to sprout uncontrollably. Ivory vines growing everywhere and piercing the hull of the ship at several angles, until ultimately, the wood crushes and the boat floods with water.

COMBAT: Yuriko attacks target 1 with WILLOW-SEEDLING with a roll of: 71
COMBAT: Yuriko attacks target 1 with WILLOW-SEEDLING with a roll of: 57

The sudden destruction of the boat brings cries of alarm, and the five are quickly on guard. Unable to see their opponents, two settle for creating a very wide attack of fire. Thousands upon thousands of little fireballs spew from two mouths, creating a huge field of fire that would hopefully reach their enemies, burning them and revealing their position.

COMBAT: Naoya defends against COVERING-FIRE(46) attack from Rockpath with a BREVITY…42
COMBAT: Naoya loses the roll and sustains 544 damage.
COMBAT: Naoya defends against COVERING-FIRE(57) attack from Rockpath with a BREVITY…67

Nodding lightly to himself, Naoya began to prepare himself for moving forward though with the sudden flare surging forward, he was left flat footed. Several of the small balls of flame strike him while he tries to reposition, quickly igniting his over coat. Quickly rolling his shoulders and messing with his belt, the young Okumo slips one arm from its sleeve only to use to to grasp the layer and toss it towards a near by tree, letting the fire consume it while he avoided the continued assault.

'Seems they are.. Yuriko worked quicker than I thought, let's get their attention now, huh?' Thickening layers of silk begin to twist around his exposed skin until it was significantly padded though it didn't seem to limit his movements. Flexing his left arm, Naoya whips his left arm forward hurling multiple kunai before him, each one aimed, not at the chest of one of the kidnappers but aiming at their thighs and knees, trying to maim them while getting into position.

RP: Naoya transforms into SPIDER-LIMB-CONTROL.
COMBAT: Yuriko defends against COVERING-FIRE(53) attack from Rockpath with a FALSE-STEP-OF-THE-SEA-BREEZE…86
COMBAT: Yuriko defends against COVERING-FIRE(47) attack from Rockpath with a FALSE-STEP-OF-THE-SEA-BREEZE…70

Thousands of small fireballs begin to spew all around the targets, some even reaching the ocean for a time. Where she was Yuriko flickers, avoiding the flames while she begins circling to the other side of the small group. As Naoya begins his attack, she moves in to strike as well, pushing at fluid speeds and getting in close and personal. She smiles, almost sweetly, as she presses a hand lightly against the first shinobi. And in that moment the seedling that she had used on the boat also begins growing on him, vines quickly sprouting to wrap him up tightly.

COMBAT: Rockpath defends against TRICKY-SILKEN-SHARP(49) attack from Naoya with a FIRE-CLONE…40
COMBAT: Rockpath loses the roll and sustains 382 damage.
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against TRICKY-SILKEN-SHARP(44) attack from Naoya with a FIRE-CLONE…41
COMBAT: Rockpath loses the roll and sustains 342 damage.
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against TRICKY-SILKEN-SHARP(41) attack from Naoya with a FIRE-CLONE…49
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against WILLOW-SEEDLING(53) attack from Yuriko with a MULTIPLE-FIRE-CLONES…47

When one is facing a Kaguya, the best strategy is to run like h311. However, these men aren't particularly smart, nor do they realize their opponents until it's too late. Yuriko is already in front of the fire user, binding him in place with her bone and keeping him stuck enough that Naoya's Kunai hit both his legs. The others are more lucky, not getting targeted. But to try and make up for the loss of one, they start making clones, which dash out to strike the Kiri-nin and distract whe the true targets started running. They continue on with their path to the water, not caring that their boat is covered in bones.
The remaining fire user flashed through a number of hand seals, tracking down the silk that held the Kunai so that he could unleash a huge dragon of fire right at Naoya! … Or really, Naoya's general direction.

COMBAT: Naoya defends against MULTIPLE-LIGHTNING-CLONES(48) attack from Rockpath with a BREVITY…57
COMBAT: Naoya defends against MULTIPLE-LIGHTNING-CLONES(60) attack from Rockpath with a SILKEN-ENCROACHMENT…63
COMBAT: Naoya defends against MULTIPLE-WIND-CLONES(62) attack from Rockpath with a SILKEN-ENCROACHMENT…70
COMBAT: Naoya defends against FIRE-DRAGON-FLAME-BULLET(42) attack from Rockpath with a BREVITY…43

With a troop of clones surging forwards towards him, Naoya doesn't back away but moves forward, closing the distance between him and a pair of them. He doesn't attempt to strike them directly, but uses their number to allow some to catch the other sets into the crossfire of strikes and flaming spheres that hulled forward. When a particular set of clones left him with little place to run, he forged a space for himself. Landing onto a branch, he shifts onto the balls of his feet before beginning to spiral in place rapidly resulting with sending his upper layer of silk accelerating one way then another, covering the clones with his silken webbing while forcing them back, it wouldn't be long before much of the coastal stretch was also bathed in silk.
Within an instant, Naoya would surge forward but then hesitate for a moment, planning to assist Yuriko only to find she had not only singled one out, but caged them with minimal effort. 'Tsk..' Glancing towards the side, Naoya soon moved off to grasp at one of the three guards, the one talented with air clones. "Stay still," is harshly shouted before he would grasp at the man's collar line, attempting to hurl him over his shoulder into onto the shore line that was coated in thick webbing.

COMBAT: Yuriko defends against MULTIPLE-LIGHTNING-CLONES(51) attack from Rockpath with a DANCE-OF-THE-KAGUYA…62
COMBAT: Yuriko defends against MULTIPLE-LIGHTNING-CLONES(52) attack from Rockpath with a DANCE-OF-THE-KAGUYA…55
COMBAT: Yuriko defends against MULTIPLE-WIND-CLONES(45) attack from Rockpath with a DANCE-OF-THE-KAGUYA…43
COMBAT: Yuriko loses the roll and sustains 879 damage.

Clones. Many of them start swarming Yuriko in an attempt to confuse and dissoriate, though it only annoys the kunoichi. A slight shift in her stance and she moves, dances fluidly to avoid thrown punches and strikes. Only the wind user gets lucky, managing to strike just a bit faster than she is. Taking the hit, she uses the momentum to flip backwards several times, out of reach of any clones while giving her body a chance to heal itself. As well as better view of the ocean where the other have already begun to scatter. Not smart, singling themselves out like that. It'll only get them caught in Naoya's giant web.

COMBAT: Yuriko heals Yuriko for 634 with LESSER REGENERATION.
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against SNARING-WEBS(45) attack from Naoya with a MULTIPLE-WIND-CLONES…63

Naoya is unlucky in that he only grabs the collar of a clone that bursts into wind. An easy mistake to make. The real wind user is up ahead, forming clone after wind clone to keep the two busy while he carries his little package to the water, stepping onto the water and proving that he, along with his companions, know how to walk on the water. Naoya and Yuriko were able to capture a fire-user, at least, as he cannot move. And even if he were free, his legs were injured in such a way he couldn't move far without collapsing. The second fire user expels a small fireball that would shortly turn into a huge explosion upon contact with anything, and two follow-up orbs of lightning would buzz their way to the Kiri-nin.

COMBAT: Naoya defends against LIGHTNING-ORB(51) attack from Rockpath with a SILKEN-ENCROACHMENT…66
COMBAT: Naoya defends against INTELLIGENT-HARD-WORK(71) attack from Rockpath with a SILKEN-PROTECTION…63
COMBAT: Naoya loses the roll and sustains 869 damage.
COMBAT: Naoya defends against MULTIPLE-WIND-CLONES(53) attack from Rockpath with a SILKEN-PROTECTION…57
COMBAT: Naoya takes 274 partial damage.

Once again, Naoya's footwork would cause him to rotate, causing a large netting of silk to intercept the charged sphere of lightning chakra. Tensing his form, Naoya would cross his arms in front of his face as the waves of flames wash over his form, and even more when the clones manage to cut into his flesh, leaving trickles of blood and parts of his silk singed or steaming from remaining embers. "..Done with this," is murmured before Naoya bursts forward towards one of the center most of the men, rushing past the man before pivoting and kneeing at the man's lower ribs, following the maneuver with a ground slam if his first blow connected. Succeeding or failing, the young Okumo would withdraw from the battle field, using his speed to propel him to a vantage point. Those that could see him could notice that his form was rapidly shifting, seemingly into something more fitting a creature than a man, let alone a teenager.

RP: Naoya transforms into CHITIN-SPIDER-LIMBS.
COMBAT: Yuriko defends against LIGHTNING-ORB(50) attack from Rockpath with a FALSE-STEP-OF-THE-SEA-BREEZE…86
COMBAT: Yuriko defends against INTELLIGENT-HARD-WORK(60) attack from Rockpath with a FALSE-STEP-OF-THE-SEA-BREEZE…56
COMBAT: Yuriko loses the roll and sustains 617 damage.
COMBAT: Yuriko defends against MULTIPLE-WIND-CLONES(62) attack from Rockpath with a FALSE-STEP-OF-THE-SEA-BREEZE…88

Electricity sparks through the air, fast. Just not as fast as Yuriko, striking through where she was just a moment before. The wind clones that were intent on following through could only blink at each other for a solid moment in confusion. Standing on the ocean the Kaguya kunoichi pants lightly, singed from the fire but already what wounds that may be visible are being stitched up. "Annoying…" she murmurs quietly to herself, both hands cross over her chest. Her fingers dig into meaty flesh, stands parting as bone becomes visible. And smoothly Yuriko pulls two long, ivory blades from what should have been her own arms.
Wind user first. Then the others. She narrows her ivory eyes while the Camellia Swords steadily warp themselves into a slight bend. More aerodynamic that way. And silently she reaches back and swings hard, throwing both weapons into the air. Under her guidance she aims to cut off hands. And maybe feet if there's enough time.

COMBAT: Rockpath defends against SNARING-WEBS(48) attack from Naoya with a FIRE-CLONE…39
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against BREVITY-STEALTH(47) attack from Naoya with a PERCEPTION-III…47
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against CAMELLIA-SWORD-SPIRAL(62) attack from Yuriko with a LIGHTNING-CLONE…53
COMBAT: Rockpath loses the roll and sustains 596 damage.
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against CAMELLIA-SWORD-SPIRAL(52) attack from Yuriko with a LIGHTNING-CLONE…57
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against CAMELLIA-SWORD-SPIRAL(52) attack from Yuriko with a WIND-CLONE…55
RP: Rockpath uses WATER-WALKING.

The final fire user finds himself trapped in webbing. Try as he might to burn through it and stop its existence by erasing it with a fire clone, he is caught like any bug by a spider. Whether or not it's a good thing, he can still see where Naoya is. But all that awaits him is death, likely. Yuriko is lucky, in a sense, as well. She's able to hit one of her targets, but the wind-user she sought out was knocked away by one of the lightning users, and he gets a long, yet shallow slash on his arm. Nothing that would take him from the battle, though. Said wind user continues along his merry way with his parcel over his back, and he starts to cross the water while the lightning users cover his escape with a multitude of lightning clones.

COMBAT: Naoya defends against MULTIPLE-LIGHTNING-CLONES(61) attack from Rockpath with a SILKEN-ENCROACHMENT…67
COMBAT: Naoya defends against MULTIPLE-LIGHTNING-CLONES(57) attack from Rockpath with a SILKEN-ENCROACHMENT…56
COMBAT: Naoya loses the roll and sustains 618 damage.

From his perch, a flood of silken webbing would act as a barrier, blocking the clones from colliding with Naoya partially. Several of the small troop of clones would continue to move around him until they manage to char his lower chest. The thin undershirt he wore would be left flayed but under it wasn't flesh but a dark brown tone armor plate which scorched at the touch rather than shattering from the force. Oddly with the battle continuing, sharp plucks of sound could be heard out, almost as if the forest itself began to sing to the tune of the conflict set forest at it's edge. The man himself began to shift, his speed increasing while trying to move away from the battle field and away from the pair of lightning manipulators with a blur of movement.

COMBAT: Yuriko defends against MULTIPLE-LIGHTNING-CLONES(56) attack from Rockpath with a FALSE-STEP-OF-THE-SEA-BREEZE…79
COMBAT: Yuriko defends against MULTIPLE-LIGHTNING-CLONES(63) attack from Rockpath with a FALSE-STEP-OF-THE-SEA-BREEZE…85
COMBAT: Yuriko defends against AUDITORY-HALLUCINATIONS(21) attack from Naoya with a TENSE…10

Once more annoyance flicker through her expression. "Distraction…" she mumbles to herself. All the while keeping her attention focused on the multitude of shadow clones that attempt to overwhelm her. But always a moment too slow, or a hand's length too short. Yuriko dances expertly on the ocean's surface, without letting what energy she has go to waste. "Fine. Distraction. I can do that."
Skidding back several yards to a sudden stop, Yuriko smirks darkly. "Hey boys!" she says loudly, pulling all eyes, shinobi and clone alike, towards her. "Have you ever seen anyone rip out their own spine before?" Her bright eyes seem to sparkle with madness as the young woman reaches over her shoulder, a land literally plunging into the back of her neck. Stillness overcomes the moment as the wait grows, builds, and true to her word the length of Yuriko's spinal column is ripped from her back. Held tightly in hand like a whip, it swirls above her head and is flicked downwards with a powerful snap.

RP: Yuriko transforms into DANCE-OF-THE-CLEMATIS.
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against BREVITY-STEALTH(63) attack from Naoya with a PERCEPTION-III…45
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against BREVITY-STEALTH(54) attack from Naoya with a PERCEPTION-III…53

Seeing someone pull out their spine is a bit disturbing, and Yuriko doing it made it all the more-so. The two lightning users who had their full attention on the young Kaguya paled whiter than bleached sheets, though they didn't seem to lose heart. Instead of fleeing, which they would much rather do, they gathered their chakra and sent a tidal wave of clones at the Kaguya, lightning flickering from the clones' bodies as they rushed into the fight. They were busy enough with Yuriko that Naoya's movements went undetected…

RP: Naoya uses B-RANK-CHARGE.

Bringing his hands together, a pair of hands apart on his left side, tethers begin to spread across his hands, causing a crescent shape to begin to form. Using one of his right hand stroke across three other hands, a thick swap of silken cords begin to stretch from side to side as the formation of a large bow began to take shape. 'Now.. two hundred meters? ..Yes, two-twenty five and charging.' Naoya's eyes were closed, not once looking around with his own eyes despite the fact he was repositioning his limbs to become more poised with his focus.

COMBAT: Yuriko defends against MULTIPLE-LIGHTNING-CLONES(53) attack from Rockpath with a FALSE-STEP-OF-THE-SEA-BREEZE…77
COMBAT: Yuriko defends against MULTIPLE-LIGHTNING-CLONES(47) attack from Rockpath with a DANCE-OF-THE-KAGUYA…50
COMBAT: Yuriko defends against MULTIPLE-LIGHTNING-CLONES(52) attack from Rockpath with a FALSE-STEP-OF-THE-SEA-BREEZE…64
COMBAT: Yuriko defends against MULTIPLE-LIGHTNING-CLONES(47) attack from Rockpath with a DANCE-OF-THE-KAGUYA…56

"You should be scared." Yuriko murmurs. "But lemmings rush to their deaths." In the face (or faces?) of the tidal wave of lightning clones that rush towards her, she smirks darkly. The rush of chakra pulses through her legs and in an instant, she flickers with sudden, blinding speed. After images of the girl seconds after she slashes through clones, dozens at a time without pause. Without hesitation. And once they are taken care of, the shinobi that created them as well.

COMBAT: Rockpath's hp and chakra has been restored.
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against LARCH-CRIMSON-HARVEST(65) attack from Yuriko with a LIGHTNING-CLONE…46
COMBAT: Rockpath loses the roll and sustains 1537 damage.
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against LARCH-CRIMSON-HARVEST(64) attack from Yuriko with a LIGHTNING-CLONE…40
COMBAT: Rockpath loses the roll and sustains 1582 damage.
RPCOMBAT: Rockpath defends against with a MULTIPLE-WIND-CLONES…61

The two men facing off against Yuriko are as good as dead by the time she's done with them. The only thing left would be their bodies. With two trapped and two dead, perhaps now the two Kiri-nin can chase down their Windy target. The problem, though, is that there are a lot of him by this point. He wasn't running idly across the ocean. He was leaving clones behind and sending them every which way so he could escape the Okumo and Kaguya pair.

"Tsumi.." is said more as a hiss the spoken words as Naoya began to use two of his hands to draw tense the cord of the bow he held onto. Lined between several of his fingers were close to meter long rods of chitin, each tethered with braided webbing. 'Shifting.. slightly.. Yes yes.. adjusting..' While he took his time, Naoya would soon release both of his hands from the cord, letting loose a barrage of arrows simultaneously. Each arrow loosed would fly straight at first but mid flight each one began to shift and adjust, reassessing the target it was marked for as it aimed not on at legs of the man or the clones, but at the small of the back, aiming to sink into the base of the spine or grind against it heavily.

So, she might have overdone it just a tad. The two bodies floating on the ocean's surface, at least for the moment. Really, all she had wanted to do was put them in their place, but gauging just how much was too much is such a chore. Yuriko scoffs to herself, dropping the spine whip in order to scoop up both of the bodies, before they drifted off or started to sink away. Out of the corner of her eye she saw the only one left running. The wind user with the bundled body of a girl over his shoulder. Clones or not, he won't make it far. And the arrow as it flew through the air would make certain of this.

RPCOMBAT: Rockpath defends against with a WIND-CLONE…65
RPCOMBAT: Rockpath defends against with a WIND-CLONE…44
RPCOMBAT: Rockpath defends against with a WIND-CLONE…68
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against CHITIN-HAIL(74) attack from Naoya with a DODGE…37
COMBAT: Rockpath loses the roll and sustains 851 damage.

A number of clones got between the wielder of the bow and the arrow, but the clones seemed to disperse to the wind as soon as they were punctured, and the arrow continued forth with enough power than the man was struck in the small of his back, sending him tumbling forward with an injury that prevented much running. He was able to keep the sack, though, and he still could move his arms. In that moment, he made the decision… To attack his burden and kill who was within his bag right there and then.

Remaining calm, Naoya doesn't move quickly from his perch but he does move to the coast, close to where the man he had pinned had been snared. With his eyes still closed, he lowers his head lightly towards Yuriko as two of his hands draw back, each holding a single kunai. "The fool.. Thank you Yu-chan, though I wasn't expecting that tactic.. I need to work on making quicker shots. Wasted too much time.." Quickly hurling both kunai forward, it was a weaker attempt, but he aimed to try and strike into the man's dominant arm while snarling, the motion results with the throwing arm snapping in half and falling to the ground beside him. "He's trying to remove his evidence.. I want this one alive above all else, I'll treat his body, you can sever as many limbs as you please.. but we will bring him before the Mizukage." As he spoke the kage's title, the woods began to play their tune once again more strongly than before but this time, the notes try to snare into the man's mind, filling it with a chorus of faint voices scratching and hissing before trying to harmonize.

RP: Naoya reverts to their normal state.

"Mm. We should work on that." Yuriko murmurs lightly, tossing the bodies onto the shoreline. Between their two living teammates. Turning her head she watches Naoya out of the corner of her eye, watching as he aimed and threw the kunai. "He'll keep his limbs," she murmurs, the skin at the palm of her hand splitting as another long, curve Camellia blade is formed. "Maybe not the hand." The arced blade is thrown, aiming for the blade hand the wind user holds.

COMBAT: Rockpath defends against TRICKY-SILKEN-SHARP(59) attack from Naoya with a DODGE…43
COMBAT: Rockpath loses the roll and sustains 424 damage.
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against TRICKY-SILKEN-SHARP(56) attack from Naoya with a PARRY…29
COMBAT: Rockpath loses the roll and sustains 438 damage.
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against AUDITORY-HALLUCINATIONS(24) attack from Naoya with a SELF-INFLICT…42
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against CAMELLIA-SWORD-SPIRAL(81) attack from Yuriko with a PARRY…44
COMBAT: Rockpath loses the roll and sustains 670 damage.

The man tries to draw his hand back, but he ends up getting cut deeply. He can only try to block it, but the kunai seems to defy the laws of nature and warps its path until it strikes his shoulder. The pain is enough to make him pause in his attempt to kill his bundle, but it is also enough that it blocks Naoya's attempts to cast the genjutsu. In the end, it is Yuriko that ends up saving that which is within the bag. The man's hand is completely cut off at the wrist, and he's forced to drop it and tries to flee…

"Two.. seven.. or is that two and four and a half? He's still trying to hobble." Looking down towards Yuriko, Naoya's eyes were half lidded and his usually springy step was almost flat footed at this point as he stands before her. Looking out towards the sea and towards the fleeing man, Naoya moves his right hand into a pouch, drawing out a trip of shuriken but didn't weave them with silk as usual. "With one hand.. running rapidly.. I doubt he'll last for too much longer, especially without ninjutsu.. should be easy to collect." Despite his own wounds, very little blood dripped from his form and into the sea below, though looking at him would reveal much of his body was wrapped in silks dyed red with his own blood.

The sword flies through the air and clearly slices through the wrist, forcing the fleeing wind user to drop the human-sized bundle in order to protect his own life. Yuriko scoffs at this but quickens her step regardless, using an arm to scoop up the bundle from the water before the girl inside became waterlogged. She's more or less carried to the shoreline and set gently down, not a moment after the Kaguya straightens her back and narrows her eyes on Naoya. "Well? Go get him. You were the one that staked a claim, so get him before he makes you work for it."

COMBAT: Rockpath defends against SHARP(19) attack from Naoya with a DODGE…20
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against SHARP(21) attack from Naoya with a DODGE…30
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against SHARP(32) attack from Naoya with a DODGE…21
COMBAT: Rockpath loses the roll and sustains 245 damage.

The man who's fleeing doesn't even bother to try and dodge, though his erratic movements make it hard to hit him. A shuriken embeds itself in his shoulder, which seems to be the straw to break the camel's back. Tsubaki is quite conscious, though just barely, after being jostled around in dark and cramped quarters. There's a blindfold over her eyes, a gag in her mouth, and her arms and legs are bound together. They also considered her hands, it seems. as the almost-kidnappers had bags over her hands and kept it tight so she couldn't make handseals.

Exhaling slowly, Naoya kicks at the ground twice lightly before chuckling lightly to himself. "He was mine, wasn't he?" Sucking in a sharp breath, the young Okumo's form blurs with speed yet without the aid of chakra, of which he only had fumes of. When he was close enough to the man, Naoya doesn't pause for longer to a moment before a metal blade is draws out to strike, "Too slow.." Slashes twice, Naoya aims to cut across the man's thighs, before a third slash aiming at his knees. Each slash was seemingly avoiding the man's arteries, aiming for his tendons to hamstring him.

RPCOMBAT: Naoya defends against with a BREVITY…48

Yuriko turns her attention back to the cloth sack on the sandy shore, kneeling down quickly to begin pulling it off and undoing the bondage. Pulling off the blindfold she blinks at Tsubaki's eyes, checking to see if she's alright first before also freeing the other girl's gag, at her hands and wrists. "Naoya-san is taking care of the last of them." she murmurs lightly.

COMBAT: Rockpath defends against CLEAN-CUT(29) attack from Naoya with a TENSE…6
COMBAT: Rockpath loses the roll and sustains 520 damage.
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against CLEAN-CUT(35) attack from Naoya with a TENSE…10
COMBAT: Rockpath loses the roll and sustains 502 damage.
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against CLEAN-CUT(29) attack from Naoya with a TENSE…5
COMBAT: Rockpath loses the roll and sustains 497 damage.

The man barely reacts, collapsing in the water and making himself easy prey for the Okumo. Well, three prisoners is better than no prisoners, even if having five would be best. Tsubaki squints a bit as she is suddenly blinded by the sudden light, and she gives a small nod to Yuriko. She's a bit bruised in a lot of areas, but largely is okay. Certainly shaken up! Who knows what those goons wanted to do! (Kill her, for one).

Blinking lightly to himself when the man wasn't able to keep up with his speed, Naoya looks to where each of his cuts connected almost deeper than he desired. Kneeling down, he closes his eyes and begins to focus, channeling a low limit of chakra. Soon after the young Okumo quickly ensnares the man, binding him close to a corpse for funeral burning than simply bandaging his wounds. Lifting his bounty onto his shoulder, a low grumbling bubbles up as he murmurs something about 'carrying princesses'. "We'll sever the tendons in the arms and legs of the other ones as well.. no need to risk them being an issue" is called out and across to Yuriko, while his eyes glance towards Tsubaki lazily, he didn't seem in an eager hurry to rush anywhere else now. "Yu-chan.. is that actually Tsubaki-san?"

"Yeah, it is." Yuriko murmurs over her shoulder at the Okumo. "A little worse for wear, but she'll survive. Hopefully at least." Her bright eyes focus on Tsubaki for a pause, making doubly sure that she was in fact alright and intact. After a full moment she nods to herself. "Let's get back to the village and get you cleaned up. We'll take these morons with us for questioning."

Tsubaki gives a small nod and tries to get a bit of feeling back in the limbs that were bound. She definitely has a headache, so she's moving a bit slower than usual. "Hai…" she mumbles, sounding relieved. The bodies/prisoners were basically all dealt with! So in a way, mission success.

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