Idle time used to train


Eremi, Taiki, Tetsuo

Date: March 12, 2011


Eremi was training in the genin training area of Konohagakure until he was met by two Inuzuka clan members. Tetsuo was passing through, while Taiki was there to train on his skills.

"Idle time used to train"

Genin Training Area of Konoha

It is still early in the afternoon and the sun can be seen shining brightly overhead. The sky is free of clouds and it promises to be a day without rain. The sounds of kunai clashing against wood can be heard at the far side of the training area. A boy dressed in all black would be seen with a kunai in hand, slashing at a tree trunk. The tree itself looks as if it is slowly being whittled away by either constant use or the boy being at it all day. His cloak that he normally wears is resting on the ground nearby. The day is unusually hot and he doesn't want to unnecessarily tire himself out while training. The area itself is relatively empty and that is how the boy prefers it.

Tetsuo and Nebo would be dashing threw the training grounds on his way to the chuunin grounds when he notice the boy testing his kunai skills on a tree, stopping for a short rest as he watched the boy he would notice how hot it was outside. As Nebo sat next to him he would be panting and have his tongue out, looking over to Nebo he would smile and pull out his water bottle and give the dog a drink. "How does it taste boy?" Is asked to Nebo as he sat there looking down towards the boy. "Hey kid what are you working on?"

Unfortunately, the area is not destined to remain empty for long. After informing his parents of where they were going, Taiki and Shinobu made their way down to the training grounds so as to get in some practice themselves. It was a nice day, and training was a high priority for the duo. They did, after all, need to improve on their skills. As they enter the area they notice not only the genin he had worked with before but a higher-ranked fellow clan member there. Taiki and Shinobu look at each other for a moment, then look over to the genin, and after seeing what's going on, Taiki moves over to another training post and starts to walk around it for a moment, as if familiarizing themselves with the terrain.

Continuing his onslaught of slashes against the tree, Eremi would be oblivious to anyone entering. When the boy hears someone speaking to him, he jumps back startled and faces the person gaining his attention. With kunai in hand he would eye the newcomer wondering if foe or enemy. Friends are something the genin lacks, so it could never be that option and with the war going on, you can never be too safe. So it is best to be suspicious of all. "I'm working on my style, trying to improve my skills for combat" Would all the would be said as his eyes go from the older teen to his dog companion. For now, he would yet to notice the other genin circling the training post

"A new style?" He would smile as he looked the kid over, petting the dogs head before catching the scent of a founder clan member "you smell that boy?" He would look into the direction of the other Inuzuka, looking back towards the young man training he would scratch his head for a moment "My name is Tetsuo and his name is Nebo nice to meet ya." Tetsuo would yawn before moving from the tree to the ground "There we go….so what type of style are you working on? Or rather the name of the style that is?"

Now, while introductions are going on, Taiki pauses to look at the other genin. He had used this time to try to remember the name he was given the last time they worked together, and thus was able to say, "Hello Satonezu'san." He nods toward the Chunin when he looks Taiki's way, both acknowledging the pair and acknowledging that the elder person is busy. Thus once Tetsuo goes back to talking to Eremi, Taiki turns toward his post. "Okay Shinobu, watch what I'm doing, and help me out, okay?" With this Taiki drops down in a rough approximation of the Inuzuka's taijutsu stance and begins to attack it, but only using basic attacks.

Wathing the teen in the tree, Eremi wouldn't notice the other genin until being called. His attention would turn briefly to notice it is someone he recognizes, someone he has been in a couple missions with. For now, he knows not to be suspicious of Taiki. The other genin is skilled and works well with his nin-dog, as he has seen before, but is also nice and doesn't try to intimidate the Satonezu. The boy would then focus on the teen and as they jump from the tree, he would take a step back, cluthing the kunai tightly. He isn't planning on using the weapon and would most likely run away if Tetsuo charged at him, "It is nice to meet you too. I am Satonezu Eremi and I'm trying to improve my use of the Konoha Strong Fist. The Gouken style."

"The Strong Fist Style eh, that's a pretty good style…if you ever need help with it you can just ask for it." Tetsuo smiled before turning towards the other Inuzuka "your form is pretty good, but you have to get down like this." Tetsuo would get low to the ground in the form of the four legged style and Nebo would do the same. "Now you try." Tetsuo face would be holding a smile as he was trying to teach the young inuzuka their family style. "As for strong fist I know a friend that uses that style if you want I can get him to help you out?"

Taiki looks over toward the other group as Tetsuo talks, then nods. He can see a couple of places he's made an error in form, and help is always welcome. Thus when he's corrected he does as he's told, stopping and tries to mimic it as best he can. Shinobu also joins him, apparently taking his cue off of Nebo. Both seem to come close, closer than they had, but not quite there yet. He had been practicing though so its not /too/ bad. He looks up at Eremi and smiles, "He's a member of my Clan, you don't have to worry about him attacking you, unless you wish to spar him." Obviously Taiki can pick up on a /few/ things.

Eremi would think about the thought of working with someone to help him on his style, then shakes his head. "I don't think that would be a good idea." He looks at his kunai, then back at Tetsuo, "Although I could use more work with the strong fist, I'm trying to get away from it. I need to rely more on speed then physical power." The boy would then slowly lower the kunai before tucking it away behind his back as Taiki tries to relax his nerves about the other Inuzuka. He still doesn't trust the teen as it is never as easy to get Eremi to feel more at ease around someone with a few words. "No, sparring seems like it would be a bad idea. I am still very unskilled."

Tetsuo would grin "I like your honesty," he says to Eremi "Speed, well that seems easy enough, you just need to build up some leg muscle and endurance," Tetsuo kneels down to pet Nebo "Racing Nebo here will definately make you faster, I have yet to catch the little speed devil," Tetsuo rises and would look to the other Inuzuka "It appears that you are getting better at our family style." He would look up at the sky and smirked "sorry guys I have to go pick up my girl friend from work…so catch you guys later." Tetsuo would smile and take off in a poof of smoke heading towards the Inuzuka village.

Taiki calls out a farewell as Tetsuo leaves and he stands up. He stretches a minute before looking over at Eremi and nods. "A speed syle may be better for you, though its always best to go with what you're comfortable with. For me, I plan to branch off in a new direction with my Clan's style, once I get its base forms down." He doesn't seem to leave his post yet as he drops down again into the Four Legged Style stance, trying to remember the points Tetsuo gave him.

Someday, Eremi might just try to catch the pitbull, as all attempts to increase his speed would only be for the best. He would then watch as the teen and nin-dog take off, leaving him with just his tree trunk to train with. "Being part of the Satonezu Clan, running is just second nature to me, but I'm still not as fast as I want to be." Eremi would then turn around and walk over toward where his cloak is. Picking it up, he would dust it off a bit before putting it back on and moving back toward Taiki. Keeping his distance from the post the other genin is training on. "From the missions I've been a part of you with, you are very skilled and a born genius. I'm sure you'll get it in no time."

Tiaki springs off to attack the post he's at, taking a couple of swipes at it along with Shinobu. If anything, the pair had tightened up their teamwork recently, enough to actually leave some scratches in the wood. They stop, then stand as Eremi approaches. "Thanks, you're pretty decent yourself. I'm sure you'll get where you need to be pretty fast, no pun intended," he says with a smile. "By the way, you can call me Taiki if you wish. And of course you've at least seen Shinobu in action."
Eremi would lower his head and smile a bit at the compliment, "Well, Taiki. I hope we get a chance to do more missions together soon. As I would enjoy watching you progress in skills. Especially if there would be anything I could take from watching you to incorporate into my own style." The boy would then glance over to Shinobu, raising his head a bit, "And yes, I have seen Shinobu in action. You two work very well together, and I wouldn't want to face off against your team work in the chuunin exams."

Taiki laughs and shakes his head. "I've got a long way to go before I get there, but thanks," he replies good-naturedly. Shinobu barks as well, to show his pleasure at being praised. "I look forward to seeing how your style works out. And once I start learning decent Ninjutsu, if you need any help in that area, let me know."

Eremi smiles briefly at the dogs bark, before turning and moving back to his own tree post. He would rub his hands against the bark and feel the deep scratches he had made. Not from one slash of his kunai, but several in the same spot. Try as he might, it always seems as if his strength is never increasing and it takes several quick blows to make deeper cuts. "That sounds like a great offer and I may take you up on it. I do have an understanding of Ninjutsu, more then Genjutsu, but nowhere near as my Taijutsu." He would face Taiki once again, raising his arm behind his head, moving his fingers through his hair.

"Well I've always been better at Ninjustu than just about anything else, really. My family within the Inuzuka is just about the same, really. Though taijutsu is just about as large a part of our lives as it is for the rest of the clan," Taiki observes. "Genjutsu is so so, not really as big a focus to me as the others." With this he looks back at the post he was working on and smirks as he gets down to do a few more runs on it. "So that will always be one of my least concerns as far as study."

Eremi watches Taiki silently for a bit, studying the inuzuka's moves. Taking note that being able to do something as specific as that isn't something that could be copied easily. The boy would frown a bit, " Genjutsu is something I hope I never have to deal with, it is like my ultimate weakness. I would train to defend against it, I just wouldn't know where to start or if I have an aptitute to do so."

Taikai nods slowly as he says, "That's just about where I hope to get, to be able to defend against it when I need to. If I ever pick up any genjutsu, it will most likely a couple of small techniques I can put in to surprise someone with. You know, as a set-up for something more powerful and deadly." Taiki continues to practice, making slight changes in his body stance every once in a while as if he's looking for the most comfortable fit. It's still a work in progress. "So I'm the last person to ask about that."

Eremi would reach behind his back and pull out a kunai, allowing the weight to balance in his hand, before gripping it tightly "I don't know if I would pick up any techniques from it. For now, I will just rely on my trusty kunai and feet to get me to where I want to go." He would then tuck the kunai away once again, then look up at the sky, wondering if he should return home. He had trained quite a bit this morning and should probably rest up in case a mission appears and he is too sore to be useful.

Taiki takes a few more swipes at the post, trying to get down the stance as quickly and accurately as possible, working with his ninken. Finally he stops and stands up straight, then stretches a bit. "Each person has his own way of doing things, you know?" Once he's done stretching he starts walking toward the exit, Shinobu following close behind. "Well, don't want to tire myself up too much in light of everything, and my family has some things they'd like to go over with me, so I'll wish you luck and see you later, okay?"

Eremi would look back to Taiki with a smile, "Ok Taiki! Hopefully the next time we see each other will be in a mission showing off what we have trained for." The boy would follow slowly behind the Inuzuka and nin-dog toward the exit, stopping only for a bit to glance at the post Taiki was training on. Making note of the slashes in the tree in comparison to his own kunai. Eremi would then continue toward the exit.

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