Imota's Well


Imota, Kichiro

Date: Unknown (log received July 28, 2010)


Shortly after a mission with Kuoroke to seek out and find Rika, has been assigned to keep Imota out of trouble, by simply having fun with the kid. Not only will Kichiro have to keep Imota on the move, and well, out the village, but his job is made worst, only by Imota’s lack of memory of the past few days. The Sasaki nin seeks answers, but will Kichiro be able to keep him from finding them? This scene is a part of Itami’s plot.

"Imota's Well"

Sasaki Residence [Sunagakure]

Sasaki Residence [Sunagakure]


This apartment is obviously not the main residence of the Sasaki Clan, but due to the conflicts internal to the Clan it is common for some members to get a place to escape the family politics if they so desire. This particular apartment appears relatively well kept. Decorations displaying both the insignia of the Sasaki Clan and the Path of Earth can be found all over the home. The apartment consists of two bedrooms, a main living area, a small study and a training room.

The main living area provides a place for the dwellers of the residence to gather and spend time together, while also including a dining area. A small hall ends up in the kitchen on one side while going the other way leads to the other rooms of the home.

The bedrooms are comfortable enough, while the study is decorated with unimportant Clan artifacts and contains a large desk, and bookshelves that are packed with scrolls and books. Finally, the training room is not very big, and serves more as a place for a person or two to exercise.



It was a cool morning. At least cool for the desert. Kichiro clings to the wall just outside the bookworm's apartment. baggage for a trip to the desert is piled on the stoop He reaches down and knocks on Imota's door, then lays flush with the wall above, trying to surprise the boy.

Blankness seem to fill Imota's mind, and he could not understand why. He, in alot of ways, had never been without dreams. Even if they had about memories of the day, at least, when he slept, Imota would at least have dreamt something. And it was always something either from what he had remebered, or what he had read. The dreams for the last 5 days, had been nothingness. He had wondered why he just couldn't remember anything. It was as if he remebered working that 5 days earlier, and then, he was waking up, in the delve of the Sasaki Headquarters, in a bunker, filled with guards, from both paths, seeking to watch over him. He would be told that he suffered some strange illness, that seemed to be cured, upon his waking up. The elders were meticulous about what to tell Imota, if anything else. At least that how he saw it. Imota would question nothing however, and be soon sent back to his appartment, saying that due to the repercussion of the illness, that he was ordered to rest and taken off active duty

Rest, proved strange if nothing else. Imota would hear a knock on the door. He would know thos big heavy hands anywhere, even if he had not been able to hear anything else. Kichiro, wasn't that subtle of a nin, at least with his behavior anyway. That was like Imota favored about him. His honesty. Imota, would rise form his bed, dawning a blanket upon his form, and walking to the door, unlocking it, and coming back to the bed, shouting, "Enter, Kichiro-san.", not seeming at all to be ready or dressed for anything. Kichiro would surely notice this was strange. Imota had been known to answer the door, fully geared sometimes, at least even dressed. He would rest back on the bed, yawning, saying, "You seem to function well this day, Kichiro-san. What perhaps are you so heavily prepared for?", the baggs seeming to give the ape nin away.


Kichiro dangles down in front of the open door, "aww.. you make things no fun." He opens the door before dropping to the floor. he tumbles in, ending in a sitting position on the floor. "Whats wrong, imota-san?" he tilts his head to the side. "you're normally up and around by now. I expected to find you already out. I was running a little late."

Seeing the boy's acrobatics, Imota, would make a slow nod. It was the one thing he could never forget. Kichiro's way of moving. There was nothing like it anywhere, and even it existed, it was hard to fine. Imota would say, "This nin has been ordered to rest. For some reason, those order's seem logical to order, base of the exhaustion for which this nin had been undergoing in recent days. My body, seems to have gone under a tremendous bit of strain." He would look to the boy, and his observations, and nod in agreement. "That is an accurate observation for which you have noticed, Kichiro-san. This nin is often prepared in many circumstances. The aforementioned reason would be definitely to blame. But this still does no-…" And then it would hit him. Three days before that day for which everything went blank, he and Kichiro, had discussed camping out in the desert, as apart of new training.

He would look to Kichiro, and say, "This nin appologizes. It seems that the camping exercises for which we had schedule to go, falls on today. Our traveling, had been scheduled to commence at 0800 hours." He would look to the nin, and his gear, and say, "My mind, seems to be a bit clouded, but this nin can still undergo the trip. My body, feels well rested." He would then come to a stand, and bow, saying, "If you would wait for me, this nin needs to prepare. I shall be prompt.", and with that he would be seen gathering his things, before going to take a shower, and become more, "hygenically sound."

Kichiro nods, "its ok. Its only fair since I was late in the first place.. and I don't even have an excuse.. i just forgot three things four times.. I think i have everything now." he backrolls into a handstand and handwalks back th the gear before settling on one hand. He begins to look through the gear he has gatheres to double check it. its unclear whether the boy nows what direction is up some days.

The bathroom door would open, with steam seeming to come out in a large plume, before Imota would come out, in full gear, and look to the nin. "This nin is ready." He would look to Kichiro, as he would have been searching through his bag, and seeming to figure out where he had been wanting to go. He would peer, at the confusion Kichiro always had with maps, and sigh. "Perhaps, this nin would be the better suited to use the map. The shortest route to such a place would not be shy of this direction." He would point to the map, and then he would look to the door, saying, "Perhaps if we head not now, then the maybe, we may beat the heat of the noon day's sun. It will be heightened as it reaches above."


The very center hub of Sunagakure, the Village Center is a bustling area. Crowds gather in huge groups, all across the very wide square. It is completely protected by the large buildings surrounding it on all

Kichiro shakes his head, "I wasn't planning on going the shortest route." He points with his toe at the map, the journey is part of the training.. the oases at the end is worth it though. " He hops up to plant his foot on the ceiling and dangle from there. He then points with hs hands. "the journey accross the breaking fields… the trip up the rock spire. The dragon bone stone formations.."

"Hmmm.. indeed. You have chosen the long way around. In fact, you Kichiro, have chosen what is referred to as the Scorpion's Spine." As he would look at the map, he would point the way across it, showing Kichiro, why the path and way had been called such. It looked and resembled the body of a scorpion, and seem to have as many ridges, and bumps, just as that of a scorpion's exoskeleton. He would peer at the boy, once, and say, "This is quite certainly a dangerous, and rather wild plan you have here, Kichiro san. This training for which you speak of. It could very well have us journeying, for a matter of weeks, even months. But are we not due for reporting to the higher ranks every few days?" Of course, Imota would have questions. Kichiro, was more of the wild, spontaneous nin of the two, but even this seemed to go very far, beyond Imota's own expectations.

Kichiro chuckles, "you are exaggerating quite a bit. it takes me three days, but I planned a week each way for us. and I'm not so crazy as I seem. we have 16 days for the trip. If we don't report back by then, well.. they'll consider us lost in the desert, but I don't think it will come to that. You've been keeping up with me pretty welll, lately. no reason to think you can't for the journey.


Rubbing his chin, Imota would say, "Well it it would only take you three days, what need of training in such a place would have. Unless you have developed a form of speed I am unaware of, then this nin, would probably take the same amount of time to traverse such a path, thus making such an excercise, unworthy of us to train with." Imota would look on, more questions being asked, and more theory being placed, base upon data from the past spar he and Kichiro had. As far as Imota had thought, he and Kichiro had been on the same plane, if not, even, when it came to their persective abilities. Only differences had been there own specialties. Still, what merit had Kichiro had founded this travelling upon, if it had been easy for them both to do?


Kichiro shrugs, "well, If you only ever need do an excercise once, I must never have need of training again… and you would never need to write or read another thing. or perhaps we just make the training harder and do it again." He flops to the ground and picks through a bag. "if its too easy.. then we can add weights to you. or I can add more weights.. or make the whole trip on my hands. you learn something every day you study. when you train, your body learns something.. a little more speed.. a little more strength… a little more stamina."

When Kichiro would put it that way, Imota would look on, and chinrub before his eyes would light up, and he would go running from to one of the many shelves his apartment seemed to house. He would look through the books, and find one and flicker back to where Kichiro was. "Hmmmm… page 13.. paragraph 2 section one. It seems that Kichiro-san, has been reading quite well. You quote, is a direct copy from here." He would show Kichiro, and the ape nin would see, it had been the same thing, phrased the same way. Imota would close the book and say, "In any case, if Kichiro prescribes such, then this nin is at no quarrel to complain. Let us be off then.", and with that, Imota would flicker out of the apartment, and expect Kichiro to follow.

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