Impatient Purse Snatcher


Sakuya, Shinobu, Daichi

Date: December 16, 2015


A young boy steals the purse of his grandmother for dastardly deeds.

"Impatient Purse Snatcher"


It happened in an instant! An old lady had been forcefully parted from her purse, in the most clich kind of way! In the middle of the Mangetsu intersection Daichi, Shinobu, and Sakuya all at the same time witnessed what appeared to be a small child suddenly grab the woman's purse and run with it! Right down the street, towards the gates! "TAKE THAT YOU OLD 'BAAAAA-CHAN!" He would say as he stuck his tongue at her. "That'll teach you to…" At that point it was clear that the boy was rather fast on his legs. The woman was blinking heavily, quite old and perhaps quite unable to defend herself. He was gone by the time she rather loudly proclaimed "OH! MY PURSE! AH! Now how am I going to afford a gift for my grandson…"
This was Konoha, but it was also a clear violation of the basic rights of people, whatever that was. Sakuya wasn't traveling with Shinobu and Daichi, she witnessed this in a different angle. That kid was far faster than someone who wasn't a shinobi, and he was already gone.

Daichi saw what had happened and it didn't take him any longer then to see it to start after the kid. Though he may need to take his weights off as this kid was quicker then he thought. And before too long the kid who seemed to know his way around had vanished and Daichi had to wait for Shinobu to catch up before he would ask. "Okay…could you maybe try to find him for us…" He was frowning upset that he may have been outmatched in his speed by someone who surely wasn't a shinobi…at least not yet. He spotted Sakuya and frowned. "Oh… did you see what happened as well Sakuya? Maybe we could help each other to find that kid?"

Shinobu wasn't even around when the whole event happened. She and Kame had their arms full of groceries when they heard the distressed cry from the old lady. "Umm…" Shinobu would frown quietly and make her way over to the pair of genin. "What… happened?" she asks in a small voice. Kame had some bags of groceries on her back, so she wouldn't be jumping around onto anyone anytime soon.

Sakuya would skid to a halt! Konoha genin! Of course, she needed a few of those around. "Someone-san, Shinobu-san! Uh… Look… Just, follow me! I'm sure that was a domestic disturbance issue…" Shinobu had groceries.. great… That wasn't going to help them recover that woman's purse speedily. "… 'Maybe' we could find that kid? How about, it's your duty as Konoha shinobi to find that purse. Come on!" Sakuya would speed off as quickly as she could, leaving Shinobu and Daichi behind if they didn't follow up.
Meanwhile, the lady who lost her purse finally catches what is going on. "Y-you… S-shinobi! You must get my purse back! It is nearly my grandson's birthday, and he was very excited to get his first katana! He said he could barely wait! Trust me. I've told him many times that he would get it when his birthday came, but he is an impatient boy. You must get it back from that thief! Please! I'll… watch your groceries!" The panicking old lady offers.

Daichi pauses to smile once at Shinobu before listening to Sakuya's words. "Yeah yeah Sakuya. You got super senses huh? With that snake of yours? Well if you do then if you can spot him I can catch him. Just warn me so I can tak my weights off." He held a wire in one hand that seemed to be attached to his weights for some reason…. He then followed after her quickly with a small nod to the lady and a glance back at Shinobu as he waited some to see if she followed. Though he would take off if she did or didn't as they needed to catch that kid.

RPCOMBAT: Shinobu defends against with a INUZUKA-SENSES-II…60

Shinobu blinks and nods slowly, turning to the older woman. She's about to say something when the woman sort of bulldozes her over with her frantic words, and the shy Inuzuka can only nod. The girl hands her groceries over to the woman, and Kame stays with the lady to keep her calm, then Shinobu works on sniffing out this purse. She's pretty sure she managed to find a good scent trail… "Ummm… This way…" she suggests, tugging Daichi.

RPCOMBAT: Sakuya defends against with a HEBISUUHAI-SENSES…42

Sakuya could tell where the kid was going. She felt his rapid movements in the ground, and could taste his scent in the wind. Daichi and Shinobu likely catch up with Sakuya not long after. The child was fast, but it seems his time was up!
He had sat down in the alleyway, and was rummaging through the purses' contents. "Let's see… Where's that money!" He said as he quite boldly started to throw useless things out of the purse in his search for the good things in life! The Three Shinobi would likely corner him in the alley… Lifting the purse up he would likely recognize them all as shinobi. "Hey, how did you find me? Ugh… Right. It's an Inuzuka. Darn it! Well! Here you go!" He would throw the purse at Shinobu, and begin moving off again. A large grin on his face when he does… Was it over!?

Daichi was not giving that kid the chance to escape even if he threw them the purse. He didn't think the kid would give up that easily, and he figured he had money on him. His weights were quickly pulled of by using that wire and they slipped off his legs making him move much quicker now. If he could he would run along the wall and try to get in front of the kid, but him no being a shinobi he wouldn't attack him. "Stop now. Don't make me force you to the ground and tie you up."

[NPC System]: Kid roll(s) Zoom from 20 to 30 and get(s) a 28. - Rolled by: Sakuya
RP: Shinobu makes a Spd and Tai roll and got 13 and 10, respectively, for a total of 23.
RP: Daichi transforms into RAPID-MOVEMENT-MODE.
RP: Daichi makes a Spd and Tai roll and got 18 and 12, respectively, for a total of 30.

Shinobu would blink and fumble a bit with the purse that was tossed her way, but then she would take a breath and charge into both the kid and Daichi. Hopefully she would be able to just knock them down so that the boy would stay still and answer Daichi's questions. *sit* Kame glances up at the older woman she was still with, tail wagging a bit. Yip! Yip! The pup nudges the woman for some pets or something.

[NPC System]: Kid roll(s) Evasion from 26 to 40 and get(s) a 39. - Rolled by: Sakuya
[NPC System]: REALLY Annoying Kid roll(s) Replacement-Flash Tag! on Shinobu&Daichi&Sakuya from 25 to 35 and get(s) a 29. - Rolled by: Sakuya
RPCOMBAT: Sakuya defends against with a EVASION…20

That kid seemed a little bit acrobatic! Daichi was able to catch up, but he wasn't going to catch the kid so easily. He also still seemed to be carrying something. When he managed to get on the roof, he stopped and turned to stick his tongue out at everyone that was following. "Nyaaaah! I'm not going to get tied up!" In fact when Shinobu tries to take him down, he manages to roll out of the way. "I'm going to get away. I -deserve- this money for graduation! Take this!" Well, he somehow still had the purse… Shinobu? Shinobu had… A log with a bunch of flash-tags in it! It would suddenly spark out! Stunning the three!
Sakuya would have jumped up just in time. "Do you have him?" Right when a bright flash blinds her sensitive eyes! Sakuya would have raised her arms up over her eyes to keep the light out. "What? Is this kid a Konoha shinobi!?"
The kid rubbed his nose and raised a thumbs up. "Just graduated! You Jealous!? Heh…"

RPCOMBAT: Daichi defends against with a ACROBATIC-DODGE…44

Daichi moves into the air with a little flip before landing on the side of the building. He avoided the stun and charged this new konoha shinobi, and now knowing that this kid was a shinobi he ran at him attacking with a leaf gale. Then if he tripped a quick rope would begin to be wrapped around him and would be tied tightly up.

COMBAT: Daichi attacks target 1 with LEAF-GALE with a roll of: 27
COMBAT: Daichi attacks target 1 with TAI-TRAINING with a roll of: 15
[NPC System]: Kid roll(s) Evasion vs Daichi from 20 to 40 and get(s) a 40. - Rolled by: Sakuya
[NPC System]: Kid roll(s) Evasion vs Daichi from 20 to 40 and get(s) a 40. - Rolled by: Sakuya
RPCOMBAT: Shinobu defends against with a INTUITIVE-DODGE…47

Shinobu tosses the purse away quickly when her ears pick up a sort of hissing sound, and she moves away from the scary flash-bang thing. The girl makes a few handseals, and the kid would see a puppy in front of him, just waiting for pets! And then there would be more puppies showing up until he was surrounded by them!

COMBAT: Shinobu attacks target 1 with PUPPY-PETTING with a roll of: 23
COMBAT: Shinobu attacks target 1 with PUPPY-PILE with a roll of: 40
[NPC System]: Kid roll(s) What? Genjutsu? Aaaagh! My greatest Weakness vs Shinobu from 5 to 20 and get(s) a 14. - Rolled by: Sakuya
[NPC System]: Kid roll(s) What? Genjutsu? Aaaagh! My greatest Weakness vs Shinobu from 5 to 20 and get(s) a 5. - Rolled by: Sakuya

That kid seem to have caught Daichi in a bad luck streak or something. That spinning whirl-kick was easily dodged with a jump straight in the air! Not only that but he was standing on Daichi's fallen body afterwards. "Hah! I have one of those too! Just have to go through graduation properly! Guess I deserve it more than you! Nyaah!" Just then, sitting atop Daichi's head, the kid saw a puppy. "Aww… I've always wanted a dog." He would crouch and pet the puppy's head. Suddenly, there was another puppy behind that puppy. "What? Two?" Then he was surrounded by puppys! He would soon fall off Daichi as he was overwhelmed by a massive amount of puppies!!
Meanwhile, Kame was getting a single pat on the head. The Grandmother was not a big fan of puppies.
Sakuya would now break out her own small section of rope, as she walked over to tie the kid's hands together as he starts to froth at the mouth due to puppy overdose. "Alright, let's get this kid back to the old lady so he can apologize… Uh… Daichi? Could you get her purse? It's right over there…

Daichi is on the ground and he just frowns. "Kid.. I would destroy you easily if I was allowed to and didn't have at least a little heart. Something you clearly are missing since you decided to steal from that lady. Something like that is prone to get you sent back to the academy and probably out for good." Once the kid falls he gets up with his rope and goes to tie it around him before glancing at Sakuya and then the purse. He would make sure it was the real one before grabbing it, and wouldn't grab it if it wasn't.

RPCOMBAT: Daichi defends against with a PERCEPTION…12

Shinobu would sigh in relief when it seems that the boy was captured. Kame is being an unhappy and anxious puppy because her partner wandered away without her and this woman dun like doggies :( "Umm…. What… now?" she wonders, staring at the boy. They obviously need to turn in the purse, but… He just graduated. It'd be a bit cruel to send him to the academy again, but she wasn't sure if he could be considered a genin after that act.

"Ach! Hey! Don't tie me up!" Sakuya and Daichi both get on it one supposes. Then, Sakuya would likely throw the kid over her shoulder. The kid did not want to go back to the lady. "Wait! No! List'n. She's my grandmother! She promised when I passed the test she would buy me a sword! Yet she didn't! So I'm just going to take her money and buy one for me! I'm completely in the right! I ain't wrong, anyways…" The secret comes out!

Daichi eyes the kid after grabbing the purse. "Then you know what. That sword of yours isn't something you deserve to have if you resort to stealing to getting it. You should wait to see if someone was to buy it for you, but now I don't even think you deserve it." He shook his head some frowning. "How do you know she wasn't getting it for you? Just…nevermind. We are taking both you and the purse back." He would wait for the others and take off.

Shinobu just shakes her head a bit at the kid. "You… still shouldn't have…" Though Daichi gets to the point much faster than she does. Sigh… The curse of being shy… Shinobu just grabs the purse and would go to return it to the old woman. Kame was happy to see her partner, at least, and the pup yipped cheerfully and pounced into Shinobu's arms. She had long since moved the groceries from her back…

The Old Lady was right there, and quite angry when she sees her grandson was the one who stole her purse. "Sugushi! How could you! You of all people… Impatient whelp. Your sword was… waiting for you when you got home!" The older woman says. Sugushi seemed bothered by that. "W-what? Why? I don't get it! Why didn't you tell me I was getting it soon? You said when I passed the test! Stupid 'Ba-chan!" Looks like the kid isn't going to get it now. Sakuya would plop the kid on his back in front of the lady. "I'm glad we could help you, ma'am…" Nothing else from Zuzu, he went for a nap it seems.

Daichi would watch the kid for the moment and frown towards the older lady. "Is there any other way we can help? Or are you going to deal with him yourself perfectly fine?" He would wait for a response before walking over and join Shinobu and Kame. He would pet the pup that sat in her arms and looked at her for a moment. "Thanks for catching him Shinobu. I can't beleive I failed so badly." He chuckled some.

Shinobu wouldn't really say much for now. She could tell that the old woman was angry, and she had a feeling that the grandma could do more than she and Daichi could, at least in this instance. However, she was certainly going to suggest to someone that this boy get sent back for some remedial lessons or something…

Not only did the boy not get his blade, but he also got dragged home by his grandmother. The moral of the story? Patience leads to great things, and impatience can often lead to tragedy!

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