Keiji, Kazeodori, Asao

Date: July 29, 2012


Team 02 is assigned guard duty for three special witnesses in a high-profile murder case. Days pass without a hint of trouble. That is, until a suspicious unit of Sunagakure ninja show up to the relieve the trio. But is the relief unit genuine, or are they… impostors?!


Satetsu Apartments (Second Floor) [Sunagakure]

A sandstorm is blowing through Sunagakure. The winds whip and howl around the entire village. All but a few have taken shelter in some form of establishment or a home. Unlike the rest of the village, Keiji remains cooped up in an apartment. Team 2 is on an official guard duty mission. Three poor saps that were somehow unlucky enough to witness a man murdered for one reason or another. It is not that Keiji did not care. He simply could not afford to become too attached to his jobs.

The young Chuunin spent most of the day glancing around towards different objects in the room. Normal people had furniture that included cabinets and tables and such. For a while he pondered getting some of these furnishings for his cavern. Then the boy shakes his head. It was back to buisiness.

"Kazeodori, time to make the rounds. Lets check on the guests, then maybe later we can play a game if Asao has not returned with the food." The Shippodoku knew full well it was a burden on Kaze to be trapped in a building so long. He was sure the boy was starting to get cabin fever. He was just hoping that he could keep the boy's sanity a little bit longer. Maybe later he would let the boy play with the Scorpion in his pocket.

"Play a game…? Really?" inquires the boy, his head cocked to the side. Kazeodori is sitting on the floor, atop a tattered rug, fingering the stray strands. The days within the room have been long, and - more often than not - filled with boredom. The intrigue of the mission - guarding vital witnesses from being assassinated - lapped with such curiosity that, at first, Kazeodori was more than willing to help. But, as the hours turned to days, and the days into longer days, the boy's self-restraint found itself before a wall. His attention span was, already, quite slim, and thus to stretch it out further seemed to tether the boy's very sanity.

There is a single nod of Keiji's head. "Yes. We can play some form of a game. It is hard to be locked up inside all the times and doing nothing." The Chuunin then moved towards the first room. Though there were doors, they were not allowed to be closed. The way any and all noises could be easily heard. Keiji knocked on the wood and glanced into the room. He was certain Kaze was looking as well to satisfy his own curiosity.

The first witness put his head up. He was a man roughly eighteen years in age with dark hair and green eyes. "Uh hello. I am doing fine. Just a bit bored." the man stated. He then laid back against his bed and looked up towards the ceiling.

"Alright. Let Kaze know if you need anything. We have some books, snacks and water." Keiji stated before looking towards Kaze. The boy knew where everything was located.

Kazeodori blushes sheepishly and looks toward the floor, running a hand over his belly.

"I… um… I ate all the crackers."

The youth looks up at Keiji, his disappointment evident on his face.

"I'm sorry! I was just really hungry. And Asao is taking forever!"

The Genin throws his hands into the air, seemingly having a debate with himself.

"I know, I know. I'm sorry."

Kazeodori finally takes the time - now having scolded himself and apologized to himself - to look in on the man as well.

"How about it? A book? Some water? If Asao comes back (if ever), you can have some of my food. All right?"

The Genin waits for a reply, and, once given, moves with Keiji to the next room and the next witness. The story tellers of the village must leave out a whole lot, because their tales are never boring, but this real life work most certainly is.

Keiji pats Kaze on the head as he admits to eating all the crackers. "Thats perfectly alright Kaze. There is some jerky on the top shelf in the kitchen." The Chuunin was trying hard not to laugh. Kaze was definitely all boy. He then looks towards the man to see how he responds.

"Oh no thanks. I have been pretending to connect dots on the ceiling. Every so often it makes a picture. Other times I fall asleep."

With a brief nod, Keiji moves to the next room. This one was a bit tougher. She was a younger girl. Maybe fifteen years old. She had witnessed her father die and it seemed to be taking a toll on her. The girl was in the corner crying. It was no unusual to hear her sob through out the day. Right now she was balled up with her head in her hands.

"Are you doing okay miss?" Keiji asked. While he felt for the girl, he was unsure if there was anything that could be said to actually help her. Not to mention he was an assassin by default. There was little doubt if she knew that, that he would be able to help her. He then glances towards Kaze to see what he says or does.

"Oh, hey," says Kazeodori, coming through the doorway whilst beginning the process of pulling off the outermost layer of his robes. With a swift tug, and smooth uncurl, the Genin has the last layer of his robes off, holding the garmet in his hands, extending it out to the girl.

"Are you cold…?"

It is a surprising time (for those around, perhaps) to witness an absolute change in a person. For instance, Kazeodori, being the often rude-tongued, carefree individual that is, does not falter when it is time to be nice, or to be gentlemanly, his mother - it would seem - having trained him thoroughly in how to act around ladies. But perhaps it is not only that which drives him; perhaps it is his understanding of how it feels to be all alone, and at those moments, how kindly received, how monumental, a slim gesture can be.

The girl looks up with her red eyes. Its obvious she has been crying for a while. She takes the garment, but it seems more out of being embarassed than anything else. She wipes her eyes with it and then puts her head into it like a pillow.

Keiji places a hand on Kaze's shoulder. He offered a nod to the boy. What he had done was very, very nice. "Well miss, if you need anything come let us know. We will leave you to your grieving." Keiji then moves to the next door. Here was an elderly lady. She was quite wrinkly with dark hair. She was actually resting in a chair and snoring. Keiji nodded his head and then turned towards Kaze. "Lets not wake her, ok?"

Kazeodori nods, following Keiji out of the old woman's room. Once in the clear, the boy shivers a bit, though tries to hide how obviously cold he is right now.

"So… um…. what now? Oh, wait! Let me guess. More waiting?"

The Genin laughs at his own joke, shaking his head a little, wrapping his arms about himself.

"Seriously though. How long do we have to watch these guys?"

The youth shivers again, softly stamping his feet on the tattered rug beneath his sandals.

"I really shouldn't have given her my robe. I thought she was cold!"

The boy shakes his head again.

"She just used it like a tissue."

Kazeodori throws his arms wide, jumping into the air a few times.

"Hey, so let's play a game."

Ah, yes. Perhaps Kazeodori has not much changed.

Keiji laughs as Kaze realizes the girl used his robe like a tissue. "Yeah. I would try to get that washed if I were you." He then points over towards the corner cabinet. "There are some blankets in there. Grab one if you are cold." He then reaches into his pocket and pulls out a Scorpion by the tail. "We have to watch these guys for a few more days. They leave for the trial in two days." Keiji then holds out the Scorpion towards Kaze. "This is my pet. I have not named this one. But if you want to you can play with him for a bit. Just be careful, he does pinch and he can sting. He's not venomous though."

Keiji was attempting to distract the boy from his boredom. All the while he was wondering just where Asao was. He was suppose to be back with the food already. "You did very well with these people Kaze. Remember they have experienced a trauma their bodies are not use to."

Asao was having to go through a bit of work to get enough food for everyone. Afterall, he didn't have the funds to get food for that many people. What to do, what to do? Working out a plan, Asao went to several different people, calling in favors for a bit of ryo from each. Working through the system he had devised, he finally managed to get enough food for all 6 people that were held up within that room. The food was cooked and as it was cooked he'd prepare a scroll with careful writing. Each meal was laid out in a row, what would be the standard length on a table and three at a time, the meals were then sealed into that scroll. Once Asao had gathered everything he needed, off he went back for the appartments. So it was that it took him a while to be able to get the food, but food he did get! Walking up the door, he'd knock lightly at the entrance, looking around while having a rather large scroll tucked under one arm.

Kazeodori's face lights up as Keiji extends the scorpion for him to play with. The boy's hand is right near clutching one of the pincers when there comes a knock on the door. The Genin's face drops, his hand stuck in mid-air. It certainly could be Asao, finally bringing back the food for everyone. But it could also very well be a murderous group of ninja who would stop at nothing to annihilate the witnesses that Kazeodori is himself protecting. And, as the boy hopes, it just might be the latter.

Kazeodori steps to the side of Keiji, his eyes trained on the door, a single hand dipping into his robes to grasp a kunai tucked within. Slowly - every so squeakingly slowly - the boy begins moving towards the door.

The Scorpion falls right as the knock on the door happens. Keiji moves his other hand to swipe him up before he hits the floor. He then glances towards Kaze. "Note to self… if he ever gets a pet, make sure its a …. turtle." He then follows behind the boy. "Who is it?" he asks. He then glances towards Kaze. "Easy there. Just make sure if something happens, protect the back rooms. Chances are if they breach the room here, they will use some kind of flash or smoke. Got it?" he asks.

"It's Asao. Keiji is to the right of the door, back 4 paces. Kazeodori is back 6 paces and a bit to the left. You sent me to get food and I don't feel anyone else around. I have enough for 6 people, that should be the proper amount, hai?" Asao shifted slightly on his feet, senses on high alert. Afterall, this is when an enemy could attempt the attack. Otherwise, they could use him to try and fake a way in. In the end though, his sensory ability was new enough that being able to tell who was where in the room should be a proven fact that it was Asao. At least, in his mind it was.

Upon hearing Asao's voice on the other side, Kazeodori drops his kunai back into his robes, runs to the door, and whips it open.

"Oh gosh, finally!"

The boy is, however, stupified when, upon spying Asao's arms, discovers not a stitch of food. Without questioning, or wondering, or even hypothesizing where the food might be, Kazeodori's face crumples into a growl, and he shuts the door as quickly as he opened, wheeling on his heel to face Keiji.

"Can you believe that? Doesn't even have the food!"

Keiji smiles beneath his mask. He then opened the door and glanced towards Asao. "Come on in. Where is the food?" he asks before turning to look at Kaze. "There are lots of hungry people. Including this one." He was hoping that maybe Asao's puppet was carrying to the food.

Asao would step in to the room and close the door behind him. Tokkan didn't look to be anywhere around. Walking over to a table, he would unroll the scroll, having 3 of those 'spot' locations for food to be laid out smoothly. Focusing himself with a bit of chakra, he'd charge the scroll, the small *POOF* revealing those rather large sets of food for three people. A small nod was given to the rest of the scroll. "That is the rest of the food there. It should still be hot when people eat. If you pass out those sets of food, I'll unroll the rest of them." He glanced over at Kazeodori with a chuckle. "Your food is in the second half. I got your favorite."

Kazeodori flickers and blinks to a position right before the freshly popped food, his hands all ready to grab a bowl for himself, his mouth open to inhale. But, alas, frozen in place he becomes, upon hearing the words of Asao.


The Genin, however - knowing his place amongst these ninja, on this mission - sullenly picks up two of the bowls, heading to the rooms of the witnesses. Were it not for such simple things as hunger, perhaps Kazeodori would be more noticing of incoming danger. Perhaps he'd be less caring as to what Asao would consider his favorite. Perhaps he'd pick up his feet enough to not drip over one of the rugs, and drop one of the-

"Oh! Did you see that?!" shouts the Genin, having caught the toppling bowl.


Keiji turns towards Kaze as he falls. "Calm down Kazeodori. You are going to startle everyone." He then picked up a place and moved to the third room Kaze had not taken care of. "Alright, let us eat." He then takes a seat and waits for Asao to make more ninja scrolls of food.

There comes a knock on the door about halfway through the meal. Then a second knock.

Keiji glances around at the others. "Stay here. Kaze make sure the hallway is guarded." The Chuunin then moves towards the door. "Who is it?" he asks.

Asao would indeed be unrolling that scroll, the shinobi's meals were there and suprise! it was actually Kazeodori's favorite food. Either someone has been spying, or Asao got lucky. Either way, he ate his own meal, enjoying the food until the knock on the door came. Glancing over, his food would be left on the table as he'd fade off to the side, that puppet Tokkan was henged to be Asao, a blade held in one hand while he'd watch the door. Asao himself was reaching out with that chakra sense, giving Keiji a count as soon as he knew number and type of chakra at the least.

With a spoonful of food already near his mouth, such pain, such anguish, would overcome Kazeodori as the knocks ring out. More so is such extended by the concern garnishing Keiji's voice. Kazeodori thus swiftly stuffs his mouth and bolts from the table, taking a station in the entrance to the hallway, a selection of shuriken now tucked between his fingers. Perhaps the witnesses heard the knocks at the door, or the commotion outside, or the sudden silence which precedes claps of thunder. But from their rooms can be heard rustling, though perhaps this is just them finishing their meals. Kazeodori, however - as fine tuned as he is right, as taut as a string pulled tight - takes note even of that. It seems the Genin has somewhat overcome his fear of killing. Or maybe he doesn't intend to kill at all.

"I have a message from the Jounin Council. We are here to relieve your team of duty." Comes from the other side of the door.

Keiji turns towards Asao and Kaze. He holds his hand up for them to pause. He then cracks the door open and finally opens it. They had Sunagakure forehead protectors and garb on. "Let me see the scroll." He then takes the scroll as it is pushed through the crack in the door. After opening it and scanning it over, he turns towards the others. "It appears that the Council has decided to move the witnesses to a new location." He then steps aside and opens the door.

Three men step inside. The first a skinny man with blue eyes. He has a piece of cloth over his mouth and nose. "Thank you. We will take over from here."

The second man is a wider built man. He has his face fully covered by bandages except for green eyes. He holds a straw from a drink up to his mouth and takes a sip. The ice can be heard shaking as he pulls the glass back down.

The third shinobi enters in and stands next to the first. He has a large sword on his back and a pair of heavy spiked boots. Like the others he has his face covered. The three of them look around and wait for the others to leave.

Asao studied them from where he was at. Watching intently as Keiji thankfully didn't give him away by looking over at the puppet that was henged instead of the real kid. Studying them, he'd have Tokkan launch forward as the third one came in, that blade coming up to point at the second man's throat with that soft click as it got locked into place. Asao's voice came from the puppet as it looked just like Asao was moving to strike. "Who are you? Where are you from and is your goal to take down the witnesses?" Something seemed wrong to Asao. Why would someone be shaking as if nervous, if they were the real deal. He might be out of line, in which case the jounin would be able to tell, however, if not, then he'd be able to premptively strike.

Unlike Asao - who seemingly was disturbed by the very shaking of ice in a glass - Kazeodori relaxes upon seeing the three shinobi enter the room. They seem legitimate enough (if a bit scary). The Genin, however, isn't going to let an opportunity swim by (for what mischievous boy would?), and so calls out from his position in the hallway:

"Remove your masks so that we can identify you."

Kazeodori, of course, would have no idea as to whether, by the look of their faces, the men were actually Sunagakure shinobi, but it sounds like something which would make guilty parties seem anxious. Thus, does he still maintain his grip on the shuriken in his hands, though a small grin begins to creep along one side of his lips. Whether the Genin is anxious for a fight, or whether he enjoys telling those older than him what to do, it's probably not sure. Though, from all accounts, it's most likely the latter.

Keiji rolls both eyes up into the back of his head as he sees Asao launch an attack. He's praying that the scroll in his hand is a forgery. It was signed by one of the Council Members he had not really worked with.

The first shinobi does not move as the blade comes towards the second shinobi's throat. He holds his hand up to make sure that the other shinobi does not move. "You have the most undisciplined team in all of Sunagakure. You should be ashamed and the Jounin Council will hear of this." He then turns towards the others. "Stand down now or I will see to it that you all are demoted to picking up trash."

Keiji turned towards Asao. "State the reason for the attack or stand down." Keiji did not bother to raise his pincer. Instead he waited to see how the others respond. "Stand down Kaze."

Asao would hold Tokkan there for a long moment, searching for anything further. The jounin was ignored. That study held until Keiji did say to stand down. Smoothly, Asao(tokkan) would step back, the softest of chinks from the blade releasing from it's locked position as he stepped back another step. Glancing over at Keiji, a small shake of his head was given and he'd mutely stand and watch them. He was obviously incorrect in his calculations, time to recalculate the situation and very quickly it seems.

Kazeodori too would drop his hands (though still gripping the shuriken). There still does seem to be something amiss though… for why would a team of two Chuunin and a Genin be replaced by three masked Jounin? If the witnesses were so important, they'd have been guarded properly from the outset. This whole situation simply seems a little… fishy. But, Kazeodori's so young, so fresh, so unencumbered by worry when he has a fearless leader to show him the way. He moves towards the table holding the trio's dinner, asking as he does so:

"You guys hungry at all?"

A ruse, perhaps? Or just an invitation to dinner? Whatever the case, the Genin himself takes a seat. He hasn't eaten for a long, long time, and even the presence of a trio of Jounin isn't going to move him. Besides - he'd surely argue with himself - every extra ninja would be a helping hand.

"Good. It is about time your team realized their place." The lead Shinobi stated. He then waved his hand. "Get your food and leave. We will be moving them to a place closer to the trial."

Keiji nodded his head. He then moved over to the table where Asao and Kaze were. He then moved his fingers by his body. He points to Kaze, then to the left. He was pointing the direction of the larger shinobi. He then pointed to Asao and then the direction of the first shinobi. "Lets get the food and leave these gentlemen then." He then shows three fingers. Then two… then one and finally none. He turned around and launched directly towards the first man with his pincered finger.

You stop following Keiji.

Asao wouldn't react to the count down. He knew something threw him off about them and Keiji giving hte command just confirmed it. At 0, Tokkan moved, that chakra sparking along those strings to charge plates hidden under the henge. It was only after Tokkan went to swing at the guy's head, that the ticking of a clock could be heard, the henge fading away with each tick. As the guy either dodged or moved away from the strike by Tokkan, there was a follow up shot, both hands of Tokkan's coming up and with something akin to a tesla coil, a lightning bolt would zig-zag between each arm's plate before snapping out at the target.

Kazeodori watches as the others jump into action, their blades leaping and electricity crackling. The Genin, stunned by the ferocity and swiftness by which his comrades attacked, is seemingly caught offguard. This, perhaps, is helpful, for the attention of the man whom he was supposed to attack is drawn more towards those fighting than to a child sitting behind a table with a bowl full of food in front of him. That in mind, the Genin leaps onto the table, throwing the bowl and it's delicious but now wasted contents at the face of the largest of the shinobi. With a blink and a flicker, the Genin is behind the other, and he drives his knee as far between the giant's legs as it will go.

The first shinobi moves out of the way of Keiji's strike. He was quick. He moves towards Keiji and attempts to nail him with a knee before pulling a kunai and attempting to slash him. "Kill them!" he orders.

The second shinobi turns to get a face full of food before getting kicked in the junk. The sound of his cup dropping and the liquid spilling out can be heard. "Arggg… right away sir." He then swings an elbow at the boy.

The third shinobi is struck by the puppet and the lightning. He steps back and draws a kunai. He then takes two slashes at Asao, leaving his puppet alone.

Keiji was struck by the knee but able to twist his body away from the kunai. There is a glance at the other fights going on. He knew soon the two Chuunin would need to rescue Kaze but he also did not want them to get away or reach their target. Soon his body changes and he grows four arms and a tail. "Lets do this." His black pupils grow wide as he moves in and swings his tail at the lead shinobi. He was attempting to poison him.

Eyes narrowed as the gears turned. The guy wanted to ignore Tokkan? That was probably a bad idea. A small scroll pulled from within his vest, he'd flip it out with a snap of chakra, stopping the kunai strike short. As the man swung again, that kunai thunked against wood as that surging of a tick clock came from Asao. Puppet and puppeteer had swapped it seemed, the replacement nearly instant and the man would be latched onto by the puppet as that lightning surged along Tokkan once again, both bolts the heavy coiled strike as the man was caught between Tokkan's arms.

The man's elbow catches Kazeodori squarely in the jaw, buckling the boy's face into the floor. He has been hurt before, however, and an elbow - though as painful as it may be - is nothing of a terrible strike. With the swiftness afforded those who have been trained to spend their lives in combat, Kazeodori is, with a shake of the head, swiftly back on his feet. Or, rather, his knees. From such a low vantage point (being that he is so small himself), Kazeodori has the view of the back of the man's own knees. With a swift stroke from his robes, the youth pulls forth a kunai, and attempts to plunge it into both backs of the man's knee sockets. An unpleasant attack, surely. And an unpleasant sensation if such a thing is successful.

The lead Shinobi is struck by the tail of Keiji. He falls to his knees as the venom begins to course through his veins. "What the..?" is all he can ask as he falls face first to the ground. Soon his voice turns into a scream of pain. His fingers curl in agony as he is no longer able to grasp his weapon.

The second shinobi easily swings his arm blocking the slices of Kaze's away from his knees. "You little punk. I'm going to teach you the meaning of pain…" The man then turns as he hears screams of a familar voice. "No… way." Soon his hands are moving and forming seals. "Frozen Wind Jutsu!" He then holds out his hands and a freezing wind explodes towards Keiji.

The third shinobi finds himself jolted by the electricity of Tokkan. Soon the man drops to his knees. It seems he has one more trick though. He forms two signs and then begins to blow a firey barrage towards the puppet.

While Keiji had not expected the man to strike out at him, his hands were moving quickly none the less. He placed a hand against the floor board only with enough power to smash the board and get beneath it. Soon a half sphere of earth stands protecting him from the wind. Only moments later, Keiji then busts upwards from the floor boards beneath the second shinobi. His pincered claw was aimed for a pressure point in his ankle. He was attempting to momentarily stun the man. "Now's your chance Kaze. Make it count." His voice is calm but firm. He was not here to fight Kaze's battle, but to protect and aid the boy now that his own had finished.

As the man inhaled, Asao tweaked the strings connected to Tokkan. The breath out missed the puppet as that ticking of the clock surged higher for a moment. Stopping beside the kneeling nin, Tokkan would snap a fist out at the man's head, that lightning sparking along the limb to finally put him down with that last electrical strike. Glancing over at the other two, Asao and Tokkan would hold back, more than prepared to defend the others as needed.

Kazeodori would not hesitate to leap forward to strike the man who so rudely clobbered him in the jaw. With the man's back to him, the Genin jumps forward, that there be but a foot or two between him and his now stunned assailant. With the deepest of breaths, Kazeodori draws forth air from the room, his lungs filling with oxygen. His hands dance and come together as couple would upon the floor, with grace and ease and practice. A moment hangs after the final of the seals, but the silence is quickly filled by the massive exhalation following. A torrent of air bellows from Kazeodori's mouth, aimed so closely, so directly, at the ninja's back. Hopefully, the others are out of the line of fire, for - with this man stunned - he will easily be blown face first into the wall.

The second shinobi is not only paralyzed momentarily by the strike to the ankle, but then pushed forward into the wall before he falls down. He turns around dazed. The large man put a nice dent in the wall though.

The third shinobi falls to the ground finally fried from the electricity of the puppet.

Keiji moves to the second shinobi and places his pincered finger to his throat. "I am going to ask a question. You are going to answer. If not. We can begin killing your friends here." He then presses the pincer slightly more into the jugular of the man, but not enough to break the skin. "Where did you get those shiny new forehead protectors?"

Keiji then looks towards Kazeodori. "Check on our guests. Makes sure they are safe." The next order then goes to Asao. "Fetch a patrol. We need to get those two locked up before the venom wears off or the other recovers from the electricity."

A solemn nod given, Asao immediately headed out, Tokkan running out behind him. They headed down into the streets to obtain the attention of the first patrol he could find. Once he did such, he'd explain briefly that hostile nin were in the residental area and proceed to lead the guards back to that tower. Hopefully no one else attempted hostilities while he was gone, but Keiji seems to have them fairly well contained.

Kazeodori, too, swiftly attended his duties, heading into the three bedrooms to check and make sure everyone was all right. It seemed that were, though their dinner seemed a little shaken, with the younger girl having spilled some of her supper onto the floor. After offering calming words to the three parties, and leaving them once again to finish what supper they could, the Genin removes himself to living room, with Keiji still holding the other shinboi by the jugular. Though he knows it to be an inopportune time, and probably - with two ninja down and one held up - not the best place, Kazeodori, despite his best intentions, after several seconds of silence, cannot contain himself.

"So why did we attack them anyway?"

Shoot first. Ask questions later.

Keiji continues to hold the man by the throat as he answered. "Someone got a crate of them. He sold them to us."

Keiji nodded his head. He then turned towards Kazeodori. "First off, this one carried a cup in his hands with ice in it. Even though it is winter in our land, it is still hot enough to melt the ice. He was keeping it cool using his ninjutsu. If there was a shinobi like that in the land they would be near legendary. Second, there are not many official teams. To call us the most undisciplined team would imply we have a reputation. We do not. The last thing was that the scroll was signed by a member of the council that did not order the mission. These three are imposters."

Keiji then looked back down at the man beneath him. "You have a lot to answer for. Soon the guards will be here to take you to jail."

Asao would arrive shortly after that with the guards, once again coming to that door. Although this time he simply would open the door to lead the guards in. "Shippodoku-san, I got the patrol as requested. I explained as we came and they are prepared to take custody of the three hostiles." Stepping in, he'd step to the side, glancing over at the guards for a moment, before taking his own scan of the surroundings, just to make sure no one else was around that might be causing hostilities.

Kazeodori nods as he listens to Keiji's explanation. Yeah, it certainly seems legitimate enough. Besides, who is he to guess what's right or what's wrong? With a shrug, the Genin moves himself to the table, where two half-eaten bowls of food are still comfortably resting. With the quick dash of chopsticks between his fingers, the youth begins scurrying food into his mouth. Keiji has one guy pinned to the wall, Asao is back with a handful of guards, and there's not much else for the boy to do whilst order is maintained. So… he eats. And with quite a merry sound of chomping.

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