In An Accursed Rain - The First Act Begins


Isura, Zankuro

Date: January 12, 2016


Trouble descends upon another team of konoha shinobi. Isura & Zankuro are sent out ahead to assist, ignorant of the extent of the danger…

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"In An Accursed Rain - The First Act Begins"

Land of Fire - Yamachi Farming Village

It was a cloudy and rainy day in the Leaf, it was cold and terrible out. The call came in that a small Yamanaka squad was attacked in a small farming village to the east of Konoha. Isura and Zankuro was asked to check out the distress signal and were instructed to proceed with caution. Isura had a chill down his spine for that was the same location that his girlfriend and her father were located and to hear they where attack made his heart sank. Tossing the thought out of his head he gathered his things and waited at the gate.

Isura stood at the gate without saying a word he closed his eyes and smirked as he pulled the hood of his cloak over his head. The rain raged on as he allowed his mood the swing and sway from good to bad. For now he waited for Zankuro to show up before running over his list of tools through his head.

It irked him to no end that Isura had rushed off before they could properly discuss the mission first, but Zankuro held in any cheek. He could not fault hsi friend for being a little impetuous given the nature of the mission, though not to the right degree. Unaware of Isura's personal connection to the mission, the Sarutobi raced through the rain only at a pace that wouldn't lead to his own untimely demise. He would arrive minutes after the Uchiha, calmly sizing up the area instead of offering his jovial one-liner to lighten the mood.
"Hmm… Catch anything before I arrived?" He asked, still casually scanning the village.

Isura noticed the slower ninja and sighed "you ready to go yet? Just got word its a small detachment roughly about two or three ninja that attacked the unit…sadly enough no further words were sent except for stay away." Isura anger grew also worry and fear could be felt emitting from him. He shook his head before tapping his foot onto the ground "its a great distance away and we can get there by sunset of we make no stops…however if we push the limits we can even arrive early evening." Isura was torn between the options cause no matter the route he wasnt going to get there at a time he would like. Releasing a sigh he shifted to motion to move out. "Well take option B get there late evening set up camp and attack in the morning. Or rather check out whats going on in the morning." Isura took off with nothing more than a cloud of smoke he was moving at a decent speed slightly faster than his normal pace but still slower than his top speed as he focused on the task at hand. "Please be alright…just try and hang on till I can reach you."

Zankuro bit his tongue, remembering in that moment of a previous incident involving Isura. No need to risk bring back any negative feelings tied to that one, right? He snaps out of his own thoughts as a feeling seeped into them. Looking at Isura more closely, the Sarutobi could see hints of the worry beneath all the anger. But why?
Again, Zankuro bit his tongue to keep from speaking. By the time the notion has passed and his ready to press on in other matters, the Uchiha has already taken off again! With a heavy sigh, Zankuro ran after him, and actually managed to keep to the decent pace without practically needing to stop within a few minutes of running. "… This is gonna be a trip," He murmurs still.

Isura noticed the growing distance between himself and Zankuro and a sigh is released as he decreased his pace. "Zankuro when we arrive do me a favor…try and fade back a little and give me a chance to check things out while Im doing that please save whoever you can. I will try and hold them off while you do that." Isura became rather calm as he pushed himself forward once again not giving Zankuro a chance to gauge his emotional stand points. Isura kept pushing forward as he flipped lands and calls for a halt. "We'll take a 10min break for you to catch your breath after that we wont have another till we get there." Isura closed his eyes as he slowly open the and displaying his sharingan before he released his chakra from his eyes. Isura didn't sit down nor relaxed infact his eyes and position stated he was ready to push forward.

Regardless of whether ot not it was a suggestion or order, Isura's words does not elicit any relief out of Zankuro. If anything, the young man seemed almost positively condensed for a moment or so, but quickly calmed down as they pressed on for awhile further. "… Bakayarou. As much as appreciated the thought, don't go underestimating me like that. There's a reason why so many in my clan embody the will of fire." He said, showing in one surprising instance a great deal of compassion that had nothing to do with less than morally ambiguous reasons.
"If you insist, you won't hear another complaint out of me. Just don't go thinking you have to 'hold yourself back' just on my account while we're on a mission." Zankuro adds firmly as he stepped back to lean against a nearby tree.

Isura sighed but paid Zankuro comments no mind. "Think whatever you like I simply want to get as many people as I can out alive…so just do it." The time limits where up and the pair set off once again. Before long they were behind the target spot roughly about half an hour behind Isura schedule and with closed eyes he watched after tossing up the signal. By now the rain has increased and the temperature has dropped drastically to the point that the pair could see their breathe. Isura eyes where still focus and his newly designed cloak aided with warmth so this was nothing. "You sleep first you'll have two on and then I'll have two on and well do that till early morning." Isura worry grew as he stood there with a huge sigh before releasing a powerful yawn. "Please be alright…I need you to be alright." Isura jumped into a nearby tree and sat down as he kept his attention outward and his restlessness increased however but he tried to keep it tamed.

Zankuro shook his head with a heavy sighed, but refrained from pursuing things further during the rest of the break. WHen the time finally came to move out again, unless Isura made a point of keeping as far ahead as possible, the Sarutobi would run alongside him until the next one. No, even then he remained quiet, not that the rain put him in much of speaking mood anyhow. Sleep did not come easily for him however, seeing as how their only shelter was whatever makeshift item in one of his scrolls could provide. Worst yet, it dulled his senses to a degree, though he did not — tried not to let it get to him when his watch came up.

Isura watched over the resting Zankuro before the scent of fresh blood hit his nose. Taking two big breaths he pin pointed the location. Isura spoke softly to Zankuro "yo, there is something or someone over there I'm going to go check it out." Isura shifted and vanished before closing the distance, Isura expression grew intense as what he saw was a Yamanaka with no eyes bleeding and paniced Isura spoke softly to the man "my name is Uchiha Isura Chuunin from the village hidden in the leaves ae come to aid you in your time of need. I'm going to carry you over to the base camp." Isura allowed the young man no older than 17 to run his fingers along his headband before carrying the man towards Zankuro. Once back at the camp, Isura removed his cloak and created a small hut for the three to share as he bandaged up his eyes. "What happen?" Is asked as Isura attempted first aid.

The man spoke weakly and with tons of fear in his voice. "They came in and created a barrier and took all the shinobi so are small detachment and did terrible things Renigo and Suechi are still hidden for now. I took over a guys body and when I got back to my own I was without my eyes. We sent word out to stay away so why? Why have you come?" The young man would be crying if he could as he said this as Isura grew even more angry. "We cant leave anyone behind and we have orders to do what we can to protect everyone ae can." Isura slams his fists onto the ground before he started to think of a game plan. "This storm is making it difficult to set up anything, and even hard to see anything however it could means that the people responsible could be taking cover…only time will tell. What we do know is they're Shinobi and are skilled in barrier style ninjutsu…we have to be faster than they barrier making skills or stronger than fhe barriers." Isura touched his chin as he started to think.

Zankuro stirs from his sleep long enough to hear Isura's warning. Yet, what semblance of understanding doesn't truly sink in for the Sarutobi for some time. When it /does/ finally sink in, it is far too late to act. Zankuro remained behind for a time, choosing to trust in the Uchiha's instincts. When at last Isura returned with the blinded Yamanaka, the Sarutobi went to work applying what first aid skills he could to the man.
"I hate to be the one to suggest this, but if they have kekkei no jutsu at their disposal, two chuunin and a wounded shinobi won't fair all that well." He states plainly, fighting back the passion of a leaf shinobi for the clarity of a true one. Still, the words stung like acid. It took everything in Zankuro's power not to grimace from it all. "… Unless… we can sneak past them before they even know we've gotten too close.."

Isura thought long and hard about the facts before mulling it over in his head "facts are facts and as it stands now were are under equipped and undermanned for a mission like this, that being said we cant abandon those we have left behind. We have to save who e can and bring them back to the village that being said though." Isura took a deep breath before slowly releasing it "Zankuro you will have to deal with range and barrier tactics while I try and sneak in and save who I can. During that time we'll have have to fight a bounding over watch positions. While I move with a group you'll suppress with range jutsu, while you move I'll do the same. We need to get them to either back of or fall into the land of fire territory." Isura felt the storm light up just a little bit. "This storm shall aid our cover but if it stops we'll be plucked off lucky for us most scents trails should be lost." Isura frowned as he knew what he was saying we selfish intentions. All and all it was the best tactical advantage they'll have.

Zankuro never wanted to kick himself in the back of the head more than he did after hearing Isura run with roughly with his idea. It wasn't so much that the idea had been accepted, but the other little factors that he /thought/ Isura might've been wise enough to keep in mind. Or perhaps he /ha/d noticed, and simply not cared because of greed and righteousness. Tactical advantage or none, he wouldn't stay quiet!
"Isura-baka, be reasonable! What you're asking is only going to get more people killed. We have one of our own /right/ here. And while I ain't exactly a medic, the longer he stays out here, the more likely he's gonna die. If not from infection, then one or more of the enemy finding him while we're off trying to play heroes." He states, fighting down further outbursts and bile to try and reason with Isura.

Isura swelled with anger however he was doing his best to keep it under wraps but some of it spilled out "very well then option two you head back to the village with him well I attempt a rescue effort…I'm not leaving Rengio behind and if you wish to stop me be ready for a fight Zankuro." By now Isura was a cluster of emotion as his Sharingan was activated and he stood there will balled fist. "I have one shot to save her and if I fail then what? I get that what Im asking for is stupid but right now we have three that can be saved and three mia what would you have me do." Isura took in a couple of short breaths as he thought the longer they took the less likely the others will be found.


What could he really have Isura do? Once he heard the name that had only been faint memory up until now, the Sarutobi understood what truly drove the Uchiha. He could only imagine what he would do personally if it were Chiasa's life on the line. In fact, he did not need to imagine it, having fought by her side on more than one occasion. Yet, this did not keep him from trying to weigh the pros and cons. A sarutobi fought with more than just their passion, and…
Zankuro sighed heavily, inclining his head forward. After a pregnant pause, he made his way over to the blinded shinobi, helping him up, and over his shoulders. As he turned to start to walk away — assuming Isura hasn't stopped him at some point — Zankuro hesitates for a brief moment, then turns partially about to face the Uchiha. However, he cannot speak without looking off towards the north, expression grim but determined. "There's an outpost… far, but if I hurry…" He bows his head far enough that his own hood shadows his face. "… Harry them, if feel you must, but don't do anything too stupid until I return with reinforcements." He states evenly, erasing all emotion from his voice.

Isura was both shocked and happy but what Zankuro said and before he left he would smirk and nods, before turning back towards the south. "Be careful Zankuro and take care of him. I will do what I can to make sure I can save who I can. I can't promise I wont do anything stupid." Isura was focus while at the same time evaporated. He knew his actions where highly unacceptable but what could he do about it. Instead he sighed and took off in a poof of smoke and leaves. When he did appear he was just on the outskirts of the small farmer village and from his view point it was as he thought it would. A couple of pools of chakra held up in a small hut while the other pools sat outside in the elements oddly enough though the barrier wasn't up. Not thinking much about it he started to formulate a plan until Rengio was brought from inside out, being pulled by her hair before being tossed onto the ground below. A bigger guy stood over her and ripped her cloths leaving her nude and to the elements before pulling back on his sword. Licking his lips he looked at her as she screamed and tried to cover herself.

"I like my prey naked, wet and screaming?!" Is yelled out as he swiped down, in a flurry of motions Isura snatched her up and carried a little distance away from the attack. However due to the sure distance traveled he failed to avoid the brunt of the attack and suffered a slash across the back. As he removed his chuunin vest and placed it over her and his under coat and placed it over the bottom half. He looked into her eyes and smiled softly as she dug into his chest crying. "Hey its going to be alright I'm here…and I swear to always protect you. I'm sorry i couldn't get here sooner, "wait a moment while I take care of this trash." Isura slowly stood up and turned towards the bigger guy. Eyes filled with so much anger and rage that he never felt this much before in his life. "I'm going to kill all of you." From his position the bigger guy laughed as the rest of the ones inside stepped out. Isura begin to notice it was nothing more than a trap. The barrier started to form around him thus erasing all escape attempts. The guy forming the barrier was fixed upon the roof of the house to far from his to reach with anything but range attacks and the larger man stood before him.

"Hmph and here I thought there where three of you." Is spoken in deep highly aggressive voice before the man creating the barrier spoke "there are however he had a special task to take care of to the north of here." Isura piece together everything as he noticed a body off to the side the same body that looked like the man that Zankuro was carrying away to the North. "OH no please don't tell me?!" is stated in a frantic voice as the very man Zankruo was helping was the third man that should be in the camp. "How did you know?!" Isura asked as he swelled with chakra and emotion his sharingan burning an intense red. The man creating the barrier chuckled. "Its simple little Uchiha boy, everything the rain touches is under my gazing eyes." Laughing Isura knew they been tricked from the start whoever these guys where they where the real deal.

To be continued…
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