In and Out


Keiji, Suterusu

Date: January 12, 2013


Members of Team 2 are paid to assassinate the head of a thug operation.

"In and Out"

Outside Fort Kyuusen

In a life based on solutions being purchased with coins, there will always be a call for at least one assassin. Add in some instability, a lot of greed and a bit of desire to take advantage of that instability to obtain that greed. Now you have constand revolving door in a neutral zone power struggle that calls for multiple assassins.
Night has fallen in the Neutral Zone. The gates of Fort Kyuusen have closed for the evening. Everyone has already headed home from the bar or their late night work situation. Luckily for Keiji and Suterusu, their targets live in a large manor outside the Fort.
Keiji sits on the edge of the outskirts of the property. "The mission is simple. We need to get in and out unseen. Our targets are the Master and Lady of the manor. The client has asked that this look like a natural sort of death. No stab marks or anything like that. Well nothing visible to a normal doctor."

That figure would be on the edge of the property as well, red eyes scanning the scene as he'd take it in. Already he had his shadow clones out, surrounding the place in a wide area, gathering data for him. Anything important that clone sees would cause it to poof and give the data to the real figure. A slow nod was given as he'd glance over at Keiji. That soft tenor would croon then. "So that means we go with your assassination style, rather than mine. My method is not exactly.. subtle." The figure would ponder it for a few moments. "We should be safe getting in. They don't look like they expect too many issues. Agreed?"

As an assassin, Keiji had always pondered why he was sent out to do the jobs he did. Between his own curiosity and the background information he had done for the mission, he found the man headed a small criminal syndicate in the making. Though only an assumption, the hit was likely put out by a second or third in command who had sought to move up the ranks quickly. There was actually a chance that this person would be on the premises. Hence the need for it to appear like there was no foul play. Even if a shinobi doctor was able to determine poison or foul play, it would only lead others in the gang to believe a rival gang had paid for the hit. Why question your own side?
Keiji grinned beneath his mask at Suterusu. "There is a difference between an assassin and a cold blooded killer. Mainly how they operate. This is not to say one is not the other, but it is not always the case. The guards should not be an issue. We will sneak past them and poison the two in their bed." There was a slight nod of agreement from Keiji towards Suter as he spoke. "Lets move."
That figure would pause for a moment, if it was possible to see, there'd be a smirk behind that wrap on his head. "I am an assassin.. as well as a cold blooded killer. However, my approach to assassination is just more.. through." A nod given in agreement to Keiji, That figure would move when he did, following after much like a shadow would. Those other clones were pulled in, the information gathered in that burst of insight as they headed for the home. Location of guards noted, the figure would move quickly and silently with Keiji to get them inside. This was definitely low profile work. While not his forte, he could still do it.

Although Keiji really wanted to travel underground, he assumed it best to stay where he could at least keep half an eye on Suterusu. He did not want that crazy whack to try stealing eyes from people. That was not criteria for the mission. So Keiji stays above ground and does things the hard way. His feet are swift when they choose to move. Solid when they choose to stop. Both men would remain in the shadows as they let the patrols pass by. These guys were nothing but common rabble with swords.
As the two approached, Keiji's eyes focused on two points of entry. There was a balcony door, which would likely lead to the target. Being off the ground, not only was it less likely to be guarded, but also less likely to be locked. The second point of entry was a window on the side of the house. It held a higher chance of being guarded. Keiji then glanced towards Suterusu and pointed to each. He was giving him his pick.
The figure would look between them, studying the top, then the door. A small nod was given and he'd point to the door. A brief panamime after pointing at the window showing it blowing up.. a trap. Flitting to the door, it was studied before that wire that was coiled about him would come to life. The living wire, via his manipulation, would slip through the crack and after but a moment, trip the lock, making the doorway a valid entrance. He'd withdraw the wire, then use that chakra sense to verify no one was nearby, before opening it so they could slip in. While Keiji was going to do the kill, nothing said that the figure couldn't make the transition to that locale as easy as possible.
There were always some perks to travelling with someone able to manipulate metal. Even if the lock was not something they could manipulate, there was always a use when trying to gain easy entry. Something so simple almost scared Keiji. At least in his own home, he did not use locks. Keiji nodded his head as he travelled through the door. The room seemed more like a study than anything else. There were different books and other prizes gained with success. Keiji then moved to the next door his eyes scan over it for a moment before he opens it a crack to peak through. Once certain there were no guards, he opens it. He then points to Suterusu and holds two fingers up. He then points to his eyes and to the rooms.
Closing the door but not latching it behind him, the figure would take a look about much like Keiji did. Ghosting over to that door with him, he'd give a nod and while staying in that room created a few shadow clones. Each one would pick a door and after using that sense to verify occupancy or not, would check them over for traps. Once everything was verified it was safe or not, they would scout for the target. He couldn't do more than three other clones, however if anyone got anywhere near them, that simple *POOF* and gone would make it hard to find them.

Keiji moved out into the hall way after the clones. He watched as each one checked their rooms for occupancy. None of those three seemed to have anyone important in them. So Keiji moved to the end of the hall. He looked towards the last door that had gone unchecked. If the man and his wife were on this floor, this is where they would be. Slowly Keiji turned the handle to the door. Once it opened, he peeked inside. There were the targets. Both laying next to each other in bed. He nodded towards Suterusu before moving into the room. Now he reached into his uniform for some poison. It was something he had been developing with Akina. The only problem was, how to administer it without waking either person?
The figure would follow Keiji out as the clones poofed away. Snaking into the room behind Keiji, the door was almost completely closed. Watching Keiji with his poison, that figure would think, studying the scenario. Any sort of injection could be seen and thus fail the mission. The attempt would have to be at the same time, with no impact on either person from the poisoning. Wondering at the poison itself, the figure would catch Keiji's attention, create a clone that would pretend to sleep and the main figure sprinkled the poison (pretending it was being held of course) next to the face of the 'sleeping' clone. That clone breathed in, then in silenced, faked being poisoned and die. It'd poof out as silent as it was summoned while the figure looked towards Keiji. If it was strong enough to do what he had just panamimed, they would be in the clear for how to poison the two without waking them up.

The only issue with the suggestion was that the poison was not in the correct form. However Keiji did have an idea from that. They could try to vaporize the poison which would do the same thing. He scanned the area until he found a small scent burner. Keiji dumped the poison into the small metal bowl. He then struck a match and lit the candle beneath it. After a moment he took the candle and the bowl and placed them on a dresser near the couple.
The dark pupils then scanned towards Suterusu. It was time for them to leave. Unfortunately the way the poison was to be ingested, meant they would have to stay near the premises to confirm the kills. There was a simple nod from Keiji. If Suter had anything to add, now was the time.
Watching Keiji handle the poison, a small nod was given as Keiji set it up. A clone would be created, who immediately flickered up into the rafters of the room. It would be able to tell when the poison was thick enough in there to kill the targets, easy way to confirm the kill. With that handled, the figure would follow after Keiji. He figured they'd back track, leaving the same way they came in. Another clone was used at that door, locking it from the inside so that the point of entrance would be virtually impossible to tell. While he had to keep within a mile of the building for his clone to be kept up, it looked like they've gotten to that point that it could be considered a kill.

Keiji was truly impressed. He had not used his own shadow clones for that purpose. They were simply a tool for him but not something he sought to use in every instance. Keiji made his way out just as they had come in. He would have to keep in mind what he had saw for future missions. Once to the edge of the property he'd stop and wait. "Here I was just going to wait until they sounded the emergency bell."
The figure would drop into a crouch when they finally stopped, his attention once again on the building. A small nod was given in answer to Keiji. "That is one way to handle it. However, there is still no confirm on that. We would have to wait for reports to verify the kill. This way, I will know without a doubt." The figure would pause, shrugging then. "It's extremely useful being able to do the little things with the clones and them being strong enough to do so. Life would be much more difficult without access to them, I have come to find."

"I see that." Keiji stated. He was going to have to start using his clones more. It just seemed they were way to valueable a tool to be leaving out. While the mission seemed to turn out as a success there was a lot more that Keiji had to learn from it. Besides the shadow clones, he needed to devise a new way to use the poison. "As soon as we get the confirmation, we need to get out of here. Not that the local shinobi could find their way out of a paper bag, but I would still rather be closer to home than out here."
That figure nodded in agreement. The further away they were before someone picked up on the issue, the better. Silently the moments ticked by. That poison thick enough to cause the breathing to rattle in the throats of their targets had that clone poof away. They were offically dead. Whoever first found them was going to have a heck of a time dealing with the thick poison in the room too, definitely delaying any additional persuit. With the clone gone, the figure would blink once then stand up, looking to Keiji. "It's done. They're dead." That soft tenor would croon. He'd turn away with a nod of his head. "Mark up two more for your kill count, Keiji-san. Congradulations. Shall we?" A motion towards the path back to Suna and he'd start that way.

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