Second Promotion Exams - Inconclusive Encounter: Isato vs. Usagi


Usagi, Isato

Date: November 28, 2012


A fight for Isato's scroll

"Second Promotion Exams - Inconclusive Encounter: Isato vs. Usagi"

Shadowed Canopy, Blood Marsh, Kirigakure

Isato would be wandering through the blood marsh, it was roughly early morning as he was making his way through the shadowed canopy. Since the exams started he only ran up to a hurt Chiaki and so he would just be searching for others, his drive to capture scroll could be called into question however his whole goal of becoming a chuunin no not in the slightest. Isato would make sure to keep his eyes and ears all around him as he darted around searching and waiting for someone or something.

Usagi is out prowling amongst the shadowed canopy, a place that was proving to be towards her benefit. All the shadows to use, all the places to hide….she'd be able to set traps here and snag a scroll rather well, provided she could catch someone off guard. She's prowling around with her shadow on her like a cloak, making it harder for her to be seen. And it appears here comes someone now….someone she knows.

Isato would be wandering down the path with his hands in his pockets, eyes for the most part closed as he was sniffing the air. Doing this caused a little trouble with a thick mist of blood seeping the ground as he sighed he would drape his head for moment before smirked. He would dip down into a running stance before darting down the canopy as though he was searching for light at the end of a tunnel. "FASTER! Pick those legs up and move faster!" Isato would be all full of energy.

Usagi looks out of the trees. Oh, her tree walking was serving her well here. But for now, she remained hidden, up above the path, and focuses some chakra into her system. With any luck, she could lock him down, take his scroll, and fade into the shadows where she is now. But….she'd have to get away with that first.

Isato would come to a stop after noticing that things we're getting any lighter he would sigh as he notice that his loud voice might have given him away, so he would close his eyes and use his ears to search the area. He would first bring his breathing down to a meditation like state as he started to fuel his chakra. "Atsuro sensei,I think I learned what you were trying to teach me." Smiling he would start to scan the area.

Usagi raises a brow…seems Isato 'had' learned a few tricks in his time. He seemed much calmer than he was before, but for now, she's staying to the shadows. After a few moments, she closes her eyes, her shadow branching out into those around her, constantly seeking new shadows to link to, and further spread her reach. And the area was only giving that to her in spades. Soon enough, she'd have quite a few of the shadows in her vicinity, and one of them sneaks along the ground to try and catch the young man unawares. She remained up in the trees for now.

Isato natural-instinct kicked in, as he didn't see the shadow until the very last moment, he would be able to use that as a means to follow it back to the source. "Usagi!" Isato would smirk as he pulled his tonfas out and waved them about before smirking, "that was rather rude of you and here I was trying to feel people out." Isato would dash forward and struck at her twice with the tonfas heated with fire chakra in hand before bring both of the tonfa down with his weight intact onto her shoulders.

"You might be better off just announcing your presence and seeing who it brings, Isato. You might have a bit better luck with that" Usagi smirks at him, still on the side of the tree. She knew he'd be able to really come up here, so yup, here he comes. As he comes up, she makes a sign and there were suddenly 'three' of her. the first shot struck home, but the initial shock and movement of the second and third allowed her to move in with her clones, making the strikes hit the fakes. She's in close, and nods. "Good luck, whichever way this goes" And with that, she places two explosive tags on his vest, and kicks at his chest to try and get distance from him. those things are nasty up close

Her technique caught him as she slipped one onto his back however the second one was ducked, the moment she brought her leg up to kick him, he would meet hers with his and put all his power behind it to push her back. "Yeah you may have a point, it just I never been good at the whole wait and see thing you know. Good luck to you too." Isato would calm himself as he dipped back into his stance. Spinning the tonfas he would unleash his assault onto her once more this time however he would bring them down with nothing more than skill and well placed strikes than tricks. However the last one would have all the tricks he needed behind it hoping once more to catch her off guard.

Usagi furrows her brow. The clone technique comes out again, letting his tonfa swish through another clone, but the second and third met with her shadow that still remains on her form. The first is blocked readily, the second, not so much. It thumps against her, and she grunts softly, but again reaches forward to put tags on him. Three of them this time. One to a leg, one to an arm, one to the torso. She was keeping track of a few things to do now… "Tell me why you want to be a chuunin"

Isato would dip his shoulder, spin on his back foot, and duck back using his tonfa to knock her arm down while at the same time keeping her close as he spoke. "Because, I am to blanket the world in peace and happiness. For that reason I fight…for that reason I vow to win!" Isato would snap out of this strong focus mind set in order to shift gears and allow his will power to be displayed. He would put all his power into a elbow strike to the face before striking at her once more with a spinning tonfa strike to both knees before pausing once more to allow Usagi to catch her breath for its clear she was getting fatigued. "Why do you wish to become a chuunin?"

Usagi raises a brow at Isato for a few moments, nodding slowly. "I see. Anything smaller you're going to work on first?" she raises a brow at him again, ducking under the elbow strike, and for 'once' her reflexes kick in hard, almost immediately delivering a smash to his chin. As he came in again, her shadow reached up across her body to protect her, and she takes the force with no harm. "To protect my friends….to make my brother proud, and to make sure I'm capable enough to defend our home from any who threaten it" and with that, with him so close, her shadow slides over to 'him' and literally attempts to simply lock his body down. "That is why"

Isato would dodge the bind attempt and just sigh before smirking as he struck the ground to create a smoke screen before he tried to dart out of here. From within the smoke screen he spoke "I don't wish to take the scroll of a friend so please forgive me for not fighting all out." Smiling as he would try and hide hoping that she wouldn't find him.

Usagi furrows her brow slowly as she looks around for him. The smoke screen effective for now, and she narrows her eyes. "That's the problem, Isato. You're likely going to have to. Most of the other ones? They're going to kick your butt. I've been watching, and I know what level they're fighting at, and you and I aren't on it yet" She crosses her arms, but doesn't pursue right now. "Keep that in mind" She moves back to the shadows herself, sighing softly.

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