Infiltrating Kumogakure? Jayde gets found out!


Kawichi, Maia, Jayde

Date: Unknown (log received July 4, 2010)


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"Infiltrating Kumogakure? Jayde gets found out!"

Unknown location

Kawichi smiled at her as the sweat just flowing down the side of his face. "Look we can spar later so good bye for now." He jumpped off the side again and got on with is day. <Next time your mine Maia.> He smirked as he was free falling.

With Kawichi jumping off the cliff once more, Maia was once more alone. She was focusing her eyes just a little, getting used to the new sensory input she was receiving constantly. It was a little bit more than she was used too, but now she could truly… see. She scrunched her nose as she sat in lotus position, taking in deep breaths while basking in the sun's warm rays. It at least helped her get her tan anyway.

The mission, had been marginally successful, though it was full of problems. The guard around the capital was much higher than Jayde (aka Yokama) had planned. However, a change of plan, the costume of a oiran (courtesan), Jayde had managed to sneak into the capital under the guise of the makeup and masks that the women wore. A simple trick of sleight of hand and the task was done, but not without some trouble trying to escape into the night as the women left. It appeared, she had caught the eye of higher ranking captain and with that, found herself in a less the favorable position beyond the walls of the city. His corpse would be found and most likely, a call sent out over the villages.

However, by the time that would most likely come, Jayde had ditched the garb of the oiran, favoring instead the garb of the simple Kumogakure genin. She knew if she ran into her villagemates, a simple display of the Kekke Genkai would secure her safety. However, to be easily identified as Kirigakure Shinobi would be harder to get away with if she was spotted by the shinobi of Kumogakure instead.

She skirted around Kumogakure, moving along the cliffs and ravines back towards the coast where she would find a small vessel and use it to move her back to the Land of Waves and then to Kirigakure. Her pace was quick, but nothing too strenuous for a seasoned shinobi like her. The important thing was, was to avoid being spotted.

Her eyes were closed, but she knew someone was there. THat's one of the benefits of her own kekkai genkai. Still, she relaxed, not expecting any danger as she continued to just meditate at the top of the mountain. Yar. Yeah, short pose is short.

As he was walking away he had this feeling that something wasn't right with Maia. As he started to jump up the wall he made it up the was twice as fast, since it was his second time doing it. "Yo Maia are you okay?" Is asked with an smile this feeling he had it felt like something was wrong but what was it?

As Yokama continued moving through the area, she did notice Maia and Kawichi not far from her. Her tongue slid over her lips and she shook her head. 'Another time, little one' a voice said inside her head. The shinobi continued to race towards the shore. Not stopping, unless one of the two Kumogakure moved to make her stop. There was no need for her to do so after all.

"Still here?" Maia asked curiously as she opened her eyes, the transformation reverting as she saw normally once more. She took a deep breath and shrugged her shoulders as she gave Kawichi a dismissive wave. ""I'm fine, there's no need to worry about me." she said firmly and resolutely. If she had noticed Yokama, she made no mention of it.

Spotting the good looking woman making a run for it he thought it best to speak to her. As for the point of which he took off was around the time Maia started talking. With a flash he was close by her. "Hey would you mine have a drink with me?" Kawichi smirked as he looked her up and down. "Well what do you say?"

Seeing the young genin Kawichi wanted to know something. As for the point of which he took off was around the time Maia started talking. With a flash he was close by the young genin. "Hey boy where are you headed?" is asked with an lite smile and laugh. "Hey wait up." he laughed ask he was trying t catch up to the boy.

Yokama slid to a stop, anchoring his hand in the dirt and turned towards Kawichi, breathing a little hard (or seeming to). "Oh, hey." He said. "To the docks. Didn't you hear what happened at the capital?" Yokama asked, glancing towards the ocean. "Just hope I'm not too late, I'm positive that's where she's heading." He added, his voice a little winded and perhaps broken from the force of the run.

And due to IRL business phone call, Maia remains meditating. Pose around.

Kawichi scratched his head as he smiles and hears what the boy had to say. Something inside of him wasn't buying it but he couldn't put hia finger on it. "Nope I know nothing about it. How about you tell me more and while we do that how about we go grab something to snack on?" As he looked him over he thought he might've saw something that stood out a bit.

Yokama shook his head, "Sorry kiddo, don't really have time to discuss it. I mean, if I don't get down to the docks to the deliver the message and that beast of a woman escapes. Well, it won't be pretty. Well, maybe it will be, who knows, but my mission right now is more important that settling the munchies with you." The genin turned to continue running down towards the shore. "Sorry kiddo, maybe next time!"

As he stood there he pasued on the word "kiddo" He smirked as he chased after him. This time his hands moved to his hilt. As he started to use his real speed he stopped the boy but it was harder then normal to catch up to this genin. After Kawichi stopped the boy he moved his left hand to his chin and his right hand to his hilt. "Okay games over who the hell are you?" his voice is firm as he cracked his neck. "First you called me Kiddo and now your almost beat me in a foot race, your not a normal genin."

Yokama kept running, brushing Kawichi's hand aside, focused on his mission. "Look, I don't have time to stop and talk to you. So, if you want, just keep running." In his mind, he was plotting his destination, a remote beach that if this fool continued to follow he could leave him unconscious and half buried in sand before catching the Kiri boat he was waiting for. However, the change in destination wouldn't be apparent for a while. "You're right, I'm not your typical genin. I am a cross plant from the military. My skill is in close combat and as far as my general abilities go, I am as good as many chuunin and even a few jounin. Not to boast or anything." He said firmly. "Basically, they chose promising officers like myself that appeared to have some ability in ninjutsu, and moved us into the shinobi corps. Once we've trained here and learned what we need to know, we'll go back to the military as an Anti Shinobi force to protect the regular military forces from ninja in battle. Make sense? Now, if you would, you're slowing me down."

"Is that right?" Just like that he went for the boy arms with the blunt end of the sword. "Your not going any where." Kawichi watched the boy movements very close because he could feel the boy was stronger then what he let on.

As the two ran, side by side, the attack from Kawichi came. However, just as it came, Jayde appeared to stumble slightly, her body falling slightly to the side, away from Kawichi's sword. "Whoa, careful, you can poke someone's eye out with that thing." Yokama chuckled. "I don't want to hurt you kid, but another swing like that I may not have much of a choice. You should understand, being a chuunin and all. That completing a mission is very important. So please, don't get in my way. I'd hate for this mission to fail." Yokama said seriously as he kept running.

"That's it! Don't bullshit me!" He attacked again with a even stronger attack. "Who the hell are you and you better tell me now before I get pissed!" he switched into a more defenisve stance as he looked at the boy. <What the hell is going on a genin dodging a slash like that?>

Yokama's eyes narrowed. "I'm not bullshitting you. I am Yokama Notoya, Sargeant in the Daimyo's Army and a Genin in the Kumogakure Shinobi Corps." He said, casually turning and avoiding the strike from Kawichi's blade. "No please, I don't mean to be insubordinate to you Chuunin, but you are in my way of completing my mission. The mission comes first. Now excuse me." The genin said before attempting to continue on his way, yet again.

"Tsk I see so that's how it going to be then….You going to keep telling me this bullshit." He cracked his knuckles as he looked him over. Kawichi was now 100% sure something was up here and he was about to find out what. He start to bid chakra to his feet as he was ready to make a move to dodge anything the boy had in mind.

"Oh, you see how it's going to be do you chuunin? Well, can I ask you this? Who do you answer to? If I fail this mission, you're head is going to be rocking and rolling so hard you won't know what hit you." Yokama stated hotly, focusing a little more chakra to his legs to help motivate them to carry him more swiftly across the terrain, verging slightly towards the deserted beach that she landed on a few weeks prior. So close to home, and only this punk kid standing in her way.

Bleep. Bloop. Maia had been 'watching' the exchange from afar, though while she didn't know exactly what was going on, she realized from the Doppler Effect that the two were moving fast. She oyed as she opened her eyes and dusted herself off from the top of the mountain as she headed in the direction, her jade green eyes shifting once more into the nejigan as she followed the vibrations of the sound waves indicating where the two were.

"That idiot better have no fucked things up. He might be kicking that poor boy's ass.." she whined as she started heading towards the pair as fast as she could.

"I'll answer to the clan head which is my father." He smirked as he looked at the boy and switch the blade to the other side. "Enough talk since your not going to tell me anything good so I'll have to take you back by force." He started to speed up his metabolism. <Alright Kawichi what the hell are you going to do now?> "Well thinking things threw is not going to help any." he laughed as he attacked with pure speed that was a step up for the after image slash attack, Kawichi was shocked at himself for a moment.

As the chuunin came towards her, Jayde rolled her eyes and groaned. Bone claw like appendages grew from her fingertips, as blood dripped into the sand below. As Kawichi came towards her, she turned her wrist and slashed her bone claws at the boy, ripping into his flesh somewhere on his upper body, perhaps it was his upperarm or his cheek. However, despite the wound, he managed to get his blade nicely against her flesh, cutting her deeply on the side as she turned, following him with another attempt to counter.

Jayde frowned, "You know, I lose too many clothes like this. Fighting, it's such a waste on one's wardrobe. However, make no mistake, you will know what I am if not who I am when I am done with you. That is, if you survive." She said as a wicked grin pulled across her face. Inside her mouth, her tongue was pulling out a sliver of bone from the roof of her mouth. "You're pathetic, you know that?"

There was a soft sigh as Maia continued to hop to and fro down fromthe mountain. She was still keeping track of the pair, but found it unusual that they stopped. She couldn't keep track of everything that was going on, but at least they had stopped, giving her time to catch up.

"I hope they aren't making fools of themselves. What a chore it'll be to have to explain this one to the Raikage and the Daimyo." she grumbled under her breath.

Trying to move for the bone assult Kawichi was hit in the legs. "Damnit." He smirked as he been waiting to fight someone this long but to think it would be a Kaguya of all people. He was hurt and bleeding but he wasn't out as he took his swords in hand he attacked with another x-shape slash this time he was going for the arms of the Kaguya. " Bones? Which means your a kiri-nin." he was bleeding at the mouth as he still standing thanks to his sword. "Now I have to stop you." He was refilled with strenght as he looked at the nin again. (Repose)

Jayde allowed the claws in her fingers to retract, through her KG, the wounds on her fingers closing up as if nothing had happened. She reached her hands into her pocket and pulled out a folding metal fan. Meanwhile, Kawichi came at her again, his blade slicing through the air as she moves just barely out of the way of the strikes. She turned her body in a graceful pirouette, flicking her fan open as it slashed towards him. Her other hand would be raising to her lips. "Good luck with that." She said, before blowing him a kiss. Little would he know though, the 'kiss' was laced with poison that would burn and sting his eyes. Blinding him for a moment or two, which is when she would make her escape. Or try to in the least.

OMGWTFSUSHI?!? Yes, Sushi, not BBQ cause this is Japan.

Maia bilnks as she finally catches the sight of what's going on. She stares at the woman and blinks for a few moments as she scrunches her nose as she starts running as fast as she can to try to intercept the blow. But still, she was nowhere near fast enough. She knew that much. So with a seal, a blue wave of chakra ran over her body as she looked towards the two.

"Hold on! Don't… uh.. die!" she cried not, not quite sure what else to say.

The fan hits and his get sent backas he was getting up a kiss was blown to him hitting him and was knocked down and couldn't seem to move. He as blood was runing from his mouth he looked up at her. "Shit…..Where the hell are you going I'm not done with you!" Just like that his eyes started to burn. "Damn you! Bitch get back here!" Kawichi knew he couldn't win so the best thing he could do was buy some time for someone else to come along. "If you let me live I will find you and end you." is said in his super firm and serious voice.

Jayde couldn't be luckier, she could see Maia coming from the distance. She looked out at the shore and saw the boat. Running full speed across the water she jumped in and the Kiri nin sped off into the distance. She looked at her comrade and smirked, "That was fun."
Huff, puff, huff. Maia was obviously not the speediest of kunoichi and so when she arrived watching Kawichi burn with desire to fight just made her facepalm. She oyes and gave him a light tap on the backof the head.

"Idiot! Be thankful she decided not to kill you here and now." she said rather chastizingly as she shook her head and sighed softly. She facepalmed once more and looked at the bloodied and bruised chuunin.

"I'm taking you to the hospital and damnit, if they have to tie you in bed, then so be it. The Kiri-nin are just fucking with us, so don't fall for their shit." she said firmly and resolutely. With that, she offered a hand to help him up.

Kawichi sees Maia starting up again he use his sword to making to his feet and and looks at Maia. "Listen I know what the hell I was doing I was buying time for someone faster then you to show up. And fuck the hospital I'm fine on my own." Is said as he started to walk away. He looked back at Maia. "You didn't care before so don't care now." He sheeaths his sword as he left behind his a trail of blood.

"Gah. Idiot." she said with a facepalm as she rolled her eyes and threw her arms up in the air in exasperation. Maia scrunched up her nose as she stuffed her hands in her pocket while shaking her head once more. "Time for another report." she sighed as she headed back towards the village.

As he was walking he notice that he was smaller and that he was drained. "Man I need something to eat!" Looking back at Maia he smiled and waved at her. "Wanna go grab something to eat?" is asked with the same puppy dog eyes. Right after doing that he passed out right there onto the ground. Damn Reizei blur!

"Gods help me, I don't kill you myself." Maia said matter of factly as she finally caught up with him, noticing that he was passed out on the ground. She facepalmed and sighed softly, picking him up in a fireman's carry, cause that was the easiest way to carry someone bigger than her afterall. She trudged back towards the village, heading directly towards the hospital.

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