Innocents of San Sara - First Phase


Keiji, Konsatsu, Mika, Itami

Date: December 5, 2011


A large operation is put into place by Itami to rescue the innocents that have been forced into employ in San Sara. Along with seal teams, Keiji, Konsatsu, Mika are lead by Itami to act as a distraction while also serving their own purpose in the operation. Given chakra tags, they ensure places are scouted and provide information to the seal teams to go in and mark the innocents to increase their chances of saving lives. There is no guarantee it will be an entire success, but San Sara's end is drawing close and lost lives closer if they aren't able to accomplish what they set out to do.

Poster's note: Profanity filtered in obvious places.

"Innocents of San Sara - First Phase"

San Sara-Durata

This was a mission that took some planning and today, it would be executed with efficiency and precision in mind. Before leaving to San Sara, Itami along with three teams of four as well as others specially called were briefed on the situation that was to take place in San Sara. The elite teams were to go in and split up to place seals on those that were forcefully placed into service. The seals will act as identifiers in a large scale summon that is to take place in order to retrieve those individuals from San Sara and place them in safety.
Those specially called will act as scouts in order to ensure areas are scoured and marked in order to indicate where the seal teams will go, ultimately increasing the chances of the survival of innocents. Each of them have been given tags to be placed upon walls or other objects that are within the environments that need to be checked to make sure that no one is left behind. Granted, there is possibility that there may be loss of innocent life, but that is what Itami hopes to avoid.
After the explanation, the teams were allowed to take recess for a few hours in order to prepare themselves before meeting in the battle cove to travel into the desert. Itami was already present having prepared herself prior to the briefing and now was awaiting the arrival of the other teams.

So Keiji returns to the area and walks directly towards Itami. "So let me make sure I got this straight. We are not a seal team but a scout team. We just simply mark areas to make sure the seal teams go in and mark the people?" It sounded simple enough. The boy's dark pupils look directly at Itami before glancing around for other arriving people. "Are we to act in any type of protection detail? Like engaging enemies so that the seal team may move ahead uninterupted, or no?" he asks the second question.

This is likely the first time anyone here has actually seen Mika doing anything ninja-like. She's not in her robe, and she's using her claws to dig into the wall. Her eyes were shut, but once she opens them. "No engaging. At least that was what I was told. Then again, I was told I was to be working by myself.", she ways. The woman tilts her head a little bit, and as she hangs there, upsidedown, the woman gives a small smile. Mika tilts her head the other way. "Was there something that changed the plan?", she asks.

Not wanting or needing a recess after the explanation, Konsatsu headed toward where the others were to meet up before moving out. It didn't matter to him what was expected of him. He was out to do what was necessary to get the job done. No matter the cost. Though he was sure with this large of a group, others wouldn't appreciate his style of effeciency. So for now he would follow, instead of leading head forward and attacking outright. Something that sooner or later will get him killed. When others began to speak up however, he turned his attention to see what it was that was to be said. Noticing it was his brother, he perked up some, curious to what Keiji needed to know. A possible reference to follow behind if Konsatsu was to grow as fast as his brother was.

"Yes you are correct. You are to mark any extra areas that hold people that they don't have marked down. For the most part, they have a good map of the area and already have many places, but we know that there are still other places that may need marking, even if we have to invade the privacy of others homes or businesses." Itami explains. "You may also act in protection detail, yes. If there are enemies, we are to handle them, but I advise you to focus more on your objective than theirs. They are skilled and will handle themselves accordingly." Looking to Mika she replied saying, "You will. Be working by yourself, rather, but that's for another time. We're working in stages and your agility will come in handy to mark places quickly here." She hums and lifts her hand to her chin thoughtfully, sighing as she comes to a conclusion of what she wishes to do.
"This is an operation in stages. We're doing this to ensure that there is no one that is left behind, though there is a chance this may happen. No plans have been changed and I do not understand why you would think you'd be operating alone against a village full of mercenaries and other low-lifes. That's danger I wouldn't willingly place you in." She looks out towards the desert. "This would be impossible to conduct all in one day. It would be entirely too chaotic to try and rescue every single individual all at once. But that's enough about that. For now, we need to get going. We're losing time."

There is a nod from Keiji. It seemed to be a good thing he had gone for confirmation of the orders. He glances towards Mika for a moment. It was not overly shocking that the cat girl figured her own orders for the mission. Then again Itami selected her for a reason. He then glances back towards his brother Konsatsu. The boy had made some strides since they were both younger. From previous mission, Keiji seemed to enjoy watching him work. "Understood." the boy states to Itami. It was time to move out.

Mika nods her head, and rolls her neck. She crawls up a little bit on the wall, climbing it with her claws. Its more smooth, and almost silk like with her movements. Obviously, Mika is starting to grow a little bit. At least, so far, Mika on missions has had a very good success record. The woman gets up to the top of where she's at. All she's waiting for is the order to commence. She feels much better up in the air, rather then down on teh ground.

Konsatsu simply listened now as Itami spoke, answering his brothers questions. This mission isn't something that he enjoyed having to be a part of, but at least he understood the need for doing even these types. Progressing rank wise mattered little to him, being reprimanded was expected. All he wanted out of anything he did was that power that followed suit. A nod would be given to Keiji from beneath his hood when noticing that the other glanced back toward him. He figures little words are to be spoken between the two as this is a mission and not a social hour. As for saying anything to Itami, there was nothing that needed to be said there either as he was still wary of her.

With a nod from Itami, the elite teams all flickered away and began their move to San Sara. It would be better this way. All of them traveling together would draw too much attention anyway. "Alright, let's go." She lifts her hand and gestures everyone to come along as she flickers away. It was somewhat of a trip to San Sara, but it wouldn't be long. Luckily, the desert was clear and the winds were soft. The moon was just rising at the horizon, initiating the night and cloak of darkness they were to be operating under. It's also at this time where San Sara was the most busiest and as such, would be more easily observable to see where servants and or slaves would be.
Itami didn't have much to say in the time of the trip, only looking behind her to make sure her group was following along. Once they arrived, she stopped at the entrance to the village and looked upon it with disgust evident all over her features. "If any enemy happens to get in your way, you can deal with them accordingly. I'd much rather you incapacitate them, but…if necessary, you may kill them." She states in a stern tone. "This place seems to recognize force as power. So, exercise it with some sense about you."

Keiji followed after Itami. He was glad this was taking place at night. Two shippodoku in the party would be able to see almost everything at night. The wind also felt slightly nice against his skin. The night was truly superior to the day for him. His eyes move towards his brother. While he was sure the boy felt the same, he could not be a hundred percent certain. The thoughts were simply to pass the time as they moved.
As the party arrives to the city, he nods as Itami gives the orders on how to deal with enemies. Knock outs or kills. Either would be fairly effective tonight. The boy clicks his pincered fingers for a moment.

With the group moving out, Konsatsu reached for his weapons tucked into his belts and clenched them in each hand. He didn't know himself how far away San Sara was exactly and wanted to be prepared for ambushes or whatever else waits around the next sand dune. Though as time continued on and the day turned to night, it was clear it was indeed a bit of a trip.
With the small group reaching their destination, Konsatsu reached up and pulled his hood back from his head to expose his face. Then glanced between the others that were around. No one else was beginning to start off and begin what they came here to accomplish and not necessarily wanting to be the first, he mentally prepared himself instead.

Itami gestured her head to the gate and began to walk inside of San Sara. They're not much of a welcome presence here and there are plenty of wary eyes watching. She glances about the area, taking note of places that caught her eye, particularly the cabarets and inns. She knows some of them are being used as places to hold slaves and servants. Personal residences are a bit more difficult to perceive from the entrance, but she'll get to those later. "Tell me, which places look the seediest?" She inquired. "I know all of the areas seem that way, but let's try to narrow down the results, hm?" She grinned as she walked along, though the grin didn't seem to be rooted in happiness. As the group continued, some individuals looked at them with the intent to kill. As was the usual around here, but she offered the same in return.
GAME: Save complete.

Keiji enters the gate at the gesture from Itami. He glances around the hovels, huts and shops. "Logic dictates that Brothels will have the most workers as they make the most profit. After that we should be looking towards the larger homes. Those with the most power here will also the largest homes and more than likely the most slaves. Other places that rank high up on the list would be warehouses or large buildings that could be used to force labor. Outside of that, we might be looking for a slave storage area. Some place where they would be broken before being sold off. If we could get into contact with a slave or two, they might be able to point us towards the areas." The boy states. He almost felt Imota-like except that he did not quote an encyclopedia.

Following behind the others, Konsatsu looks around while clenching his weapons tighter wanting to do little more then sink into the sand only to rise back up and slit the throats of those that dare look at him in such away. "Fools." Muttering quietly to himself, before glancing at Keiji whom begins to say what would only seem like a prepared speech to such an answer. All the suggestions seemed most probable, leaving Konsatsu with nothing to add really as he is still not completely sure what they are even doing here. "If the slaves are too terrified to speak, we might be able to also find and coerce a worker into telling us as well, no?"

"Excellent, both of you." Itami offered chipperly as she offered a genuine smile for once. This might make the mission a bit more easier for her. "Then we shall check those places listed and you have a point, Konsatsu. We can find workers to coerce. It shouldn't be difficult. San Sara is full of backstabbers around here. If they can cut a decent profit out of it or if we instill some fear into them, we may be able to get something out of them." She offers.
"As a group we'll draw enough attention away from the task at hand. My apologies, but I have offered us up as a form of bait." She chuckled. "So, let's first make this easier by separating buildings into categories. We'll search the businesses first, brothels, bars, cabarets, and other such places, working our way down the list. Private residences and other such things will come later. With that in mind…" She points to a brothel that's nearby and heads in that direction."

Bait. That was not an issue for Keiji. He walks towards the brothel and places up the tag on the building. He then places his chakra into it to activate it. He turns around and looks at the others. "Are we done with this building or did you wish for us to enter and gain information here?" he asks Itami. He glanced towards Konsatsu. While Keiji had no issue with killing and most the time preferred it, he did not seem to share the same love for it that his brother did.

Konsatsu stayed near Keiji some what, but when his brother so quickly went up to tag the building without so much as an after thought, he hesitantly stayed behind while glancing around to see if anyone else had noticed. "It's not as if we're putting up lost kitten posters, but I guess if we are bait we are trying to draw attention. I just don't work well yet in a combat situation and I will disappear into the ground waiting for my moment to return and strike at a more appropriate time."

Itami looked up to Keiji as he jumped up to tag the building with the slip he was given. Naturally, eyes were drawn to what he was doing. She turned her sights to the street where she hoped people would be talking. There were a few mutters, but nothing in particular. That was enough to get the ball rolling, though. "If you must hide, then be my guest, but we're more than likely to be engaged directly here. Some might try to plot something, but it's not anything that we couldn't figure out. We're much smarter." Her sights settle on the brothel. "No, I don't think there's much to be found here. Another place…" Someplace that's a bit more on edge. There's plenty of places that fit the description, but there's one place in particular that hosts the worst bunch around. It's hardly noticable on the street due to its low light conditions, but it's a bar that hosts the audience of certain mercenaries and or figures of importance that are involved with the trade around here.
"Let's find someplace else to look. I have a feeling that we'll find some information in no time. San Sara is always willing to backstab someone…" She proceeds down the street, drawing out a kunai to spin around in her hand idly.

Keiji nods his head at Konsatsu. It was best that Konsatsu moved in stealth. The boy returns to Itami's side. "Alright. To the bar it is." he states as he follows Itami in that direction. He was not really old enough to go to a bar, so he was unsure exactly what one of the shadier ones would look like.

Konsatsu remained silent at the idea of going to a bar. It didn't matter to him where they went. Finishing the mission is the goal. Something on the boys mind whenever he goes out, as if there's a great reward at the end of completing one. Though he did wonder if they went into the bar, would it have wood floors or still be made out of sand. Something that could entirely change his outlook on where they are headed. A quick glance shot between Keiji and Itami who are definitely not thinking the same thing he is. Sigh.

The bar was nonassuming, the building made of clay and wood, much like the other places around here, but it had a certain rotten look about it. Dust covered the windows and the wood that made up the walk way was well work and showed signs of splintering and damage from fights prior. Everytime the door opened, humidity exited the building and carried with it a foul stench. This was the place they needed to be.
A thin man, with long face and balding entered the establishment before them with a bit of confidence about him. He doesn't stand up much to the other patrons around the area, but he had the backing of a particularly strong person of influence in San Sara and because of that, used his position as a right hand man to push others around. With the right amount of persuasion, he'd crumble in a minute.

Keiji enters the bar after Itami. He takes out a kunai and tosses it into one of the wooden planks for the floor. His eyes then glance around looking for whomever had the big diaper today. The move was an attempt to create a huge diversion and get the man they needed to take off running.

Following from behind, Konsatsu took his first step into the building only to quickly realize it was as he feared. Wooden floors. This only meant he would have to come up with another strategy other then what he was used to and with Keiji's grand display, he was going to have to be fast.
Rubbing the sharp edges of his pincered weapons together, he slid up next to his brother more or less for back up as he knew his form and figure weren't that of an intimidating stature. So tactics leading in that direction were out of the question. "I still really don't get what we're doing."

Attention was gathered quite quickly with a kunai going to the floor. All eyes were on the group and the thin man reacted with a huff before stepping out to address the group saying, "Who have we here? Some kids and a young lady. It looks to me that they're not where they should be." He looks around with a smug grin on his face as if searching for agreement. No one really cared because they didn't like him. He didn't seem fazed by the response so he continued to talk, kneeling down to pick the kunai up from the floor and wagged it in front of Keiji in a scolding fashion. "You shouldn't be playing with things like these. Besides, that's an offense. Who were you looking to attack? Me?" He automatically assumed himself, giving merit to his position. "You're very bold." He chuckled and looked over the group once more. "And you're irresponsible for bringing these two boys here. Not that I care. They'll be taken care of for their offense. I'm bunching the two young ones together, but you, you'll be providing entertainment tonight." He pointed out to Itami, completely oblivious of the situation he was in.

The dark pupils of Keiji follow the man as he moves and picks up the kunai. He allows the man to finish speaking before he says or does anything. After the man finishes, Keiji raises his pincered finger up just enough for the man to see. "I do not consider that bold. Of course if you would like a lesson on how to use one, I am sure I can lodge a few kunai in some bolder places." The boy then glances towards Konsatsu. "Leave at least one other alive. This one is mine." the boy states. He raises his hand upwards and motions for the man to come forward. "I believe the phrase around here is… lets dance?".

The tall, thin man just rubbed Konsatsu the wrong way. It didn't matter who you are, the boy didn't enjoy being spoken down to that way. Nor did he like how the man spoke to his older brother. For now all he could do was bide his time until the moment to strike was upon them. Impatiently he rubbed his clawed weapons together in a similar fashion to an animal licking their lips in expectation to what the kill is going to taste like. But then his brother spoke, announcing this man belonged to Keiji and Keiji alone. It was calling dibs, something Konsatsu was going to be quicker with next time. "No promises." was stated at leaving one alive as the boy rushed at the first person closest to him that was giving him a glare. With weapons poised he slashed out a few times in expectance that this man will not be one left alive.

The man frowned. Who were these people for them to have weapons like that. Once he scanned over the group one last time, he saw that they weren't the ordinary residence. His face began to redden both in embarrassment and anger. No one bothered to point out that they were Sunagakure ninja. He gritted his teeth, seething as his mouth prepared to give the group a lashing, but it turns out that he didn't have time for that as the attack started. The color drained from him and he immediately paled screeching, "Someone do something about them!" There was no quick response until he added, "I assure you that I can have you paid well for your services! Anything you want!" That was enough to give rise to the crowd before he decided to flee. The servers already knew to get away from danger, so they took no time in trying to escape.
Itami, seeing a brute coming up from the side engaged him by flickering away and driving her fist into his stomach with a twist. She finished up with a kick to his head to send him into the air and hanging on the roof. The brawl has now begun.

"Running so soon? I think not." the Keiji states as he does up some hands signs. He then moves his hand to a hole in the nearby floor. "Earth Style: Stone Dagger Rug Jutsu!" the boy yells as the floor beneath the man breaks and stone daggers rise upwards to pierce through his feet. Keiji moves towards the guy aiming a pincered slash at some guy in the near vicinity. "This is actually not my style. I prefer to assassinate my targets. No screams and no butterflies." the boy states towards the man. His eyes glance towards his brother who seemed to be taking quite well to the brawler style. "Your lucky, he's a little more sadistic than I am. Maybe you will find out later. Of course maybe I we can make a deal. I require information."

Not bothering to wait to see if the man he had attacked was going to retaliate or was even still alive, Konsatsu instantly spun around only to see the rest of the patrons within the bar were rushing forward to join in. This wasn't the moment he was going to shine, like his brother assassination was the prefered method, however he would not turn down any chance to hone his skills and show off for his elder. One thing he was going to make certain of though, was to protect Keiji's back while he dealt with the thin, man.
With that said he began to rush forward, cloak flailing behind him until reaching his brothers blind spots and claimed it as his own territory, daring any to come within it. Of course with the money offered, none were hesitant as they made their ways. A quick glance around the bar and a glaze coated over the boys eyes as he counted each of the lanterns giving off light. "Hopefully the lizard can see." Konsatsu then reached within his holster, pulling out several kunai then hurled them around the room at their intended destinations.
Hit or miss the boy was prepared to go all out. In what short time he had, he began to focus which caused his muscles to tighten and flex in response. A feral look filled his face and now, he was ready to begin.

Itami hefted the brute she attacked into the air and tossed him forward to use his weight as a weapon to stop the rush of attackers. It was only a small part of the mass, but it was enough to give Itami some sort of room to work with.
The thin man, feeling a piercing pain beneath his feet shouted and fell to the ground, his feet uncomfortably locked in the spikes that stabbed through his feet. He tried to turn around, but was having trouble doing so, only able to lean on his side to look around, but even this was painful.
"Wh-what is it you want?" He inquires as he looks back and forth between the boy and his brother, eyes dilated and skin a sickly white. "What information do you need? I can tell you anything. Anything!" He pleaded with a face twisted up in fear.
So far, the brawl was successful, but it was beginning to become clear that there were many more of the attackers than there were ninja in this bar. Yet, things would begin to tilt in their favor as glass began to fall from the ceiling and the lights went out, covering the place in darkness.

Keiji continues to move forward towards the man as the lights go out. "Very nice." the boy states to his brother. His eyes now seem to see everything. Originally the plan for Keiji was to make as much noise as possible but now, it seems the information was at their finger tips. The boy drives a pincered finger into the pale man's arm before leaning forward to whisper into the man's ear. "Tell me where they keep the slaves. I wish to know where they are housed, where they work and anywhere else that might be relevant. Tell me this and I may let you live. Deny me this knowledge and I will show you fates worse than death." It seemed Keiji trusted Konsatsu to cover his blind spots.

Konsatsu smiled for two reasons at this point. The first being the moment the lights went out the advantages went to the shinobi and the second was his brother practically complimenting him in not so many words. Now the trick however, was to quickly dispose of those that were still brave enough to keep coming before their eyesights adjusted well enough to no longer be crippled.
A small handful were already approaching, slowly and cautiously with hands and weapons reaching forth to bump into something. Konsatsu crouched low, reached into a pocket and withdrew a vial. Opening the contents he covered one of his weapons on it, then tossed the glass aside causing a shattering noise and gaining the attention of those foolish enough to look away.
This was his chance, springing forward he slashed at the two closest then spun around thrusting his poison coated pincer at the larger man planning to take him down the quickest and easiest.

Ah, perfect. The lights went out. Just what Itami needed. Sigh. Now with the brawlers confused, anyone becomes a target now. She's not so sure that's a good thing. Ah well, she's able to see, so it's nothing she couldn't handle. The same couldn't be said for the fighters. They decided that if they couldn't see, then anything was free game. Bottles of sake were grabbed and some harder liquors that were 'imported', beginning a spree of bashing, crashing, and smashing of anything around. Every so often chairs were either tossed or brought down upon the heads of nearby targets while tables were turned over proving to be obstacles to fall over among other things. Liquids spilling on the ground providing more hazard and an easy way to take out more fighters. All in all, it was one big mess. A mess that worked out for the Sunagakure Ninja. This place didn't seem to have many servants here, so it wouldn't be tagged. Information, however was the element here.
"The slaves are kept in various warehouses across San-Sara, some of them are accomodated at private properties, housed underground or lavishly depending on their importance to their masters." He quivered out. "Most can be found working on the surface being either traded or working in different establishments." He stated. "And that's all I'm going to tell you! You'll get no more out of me." He wasn't going to mention the figures of importance or which estates were which. Some places were just extensions of private property akin to summer homes that served no other purpose than a vacation spot or a place to hold conferences and deals.

"OooOooO" Keiji whispered in the man's ear. "Did you know that scorpions can inject different types of venom? There is one that is extremely painful. I have never felt this one, but I am told it contains a burning. Almost as bad as being constantly branded. It first starts in the veins, then moves to different parts of the body. A side effect of it, is that it paralyzes the victim. Basically turning them into a potatoe filled with pain and unable to scream. Now, would you prefer to tell me the information you are holding back, or would you like your legacy to end on this bar floor?" the boy asks as he moves his other pincered towards the man's hand.

Things were starting to get hectic and Konsatsu for one did not expect things to get so…chaotic. After pulling his weapon from the large man's gut, he side stepped away as his victim fell to the ground only to narrowly dodge a stray bottle that flew by and crashed into a wall. Turning to look at the direction it came from, a chair was now flying toward the boy. Leaping away, he landed in a roll that brought him to his feet only a short distance away from his brother now.
"W…!" Gasping, he was about to shout as he was witnessing a man slowly approaching Keiji from the rear. He couldn't bother with warning his brother of the impending attack, it was his job to protect the blind spots. This was his territory to defend.
Running forward ignoring all those around him and what ever flew by in a hurried attempt to reach his target. The gap quickly closed, Konsatsu jumped into the air with both weapons spread out, then dug them into the mans back and began to viciously stab away before his brother was any the wiser to what just happened.

"N-n-no! That's…that's something you'll have to figu—!" He's cut off as the pincer is placed near his hand. The prior pain that came from the spikes was long gone and he was now fidgiting with his hand to move it away from the pincer with no success. Everything felt like a pincer around him with the lights out and he couldn't see anything. He tries reaching for something that doesn't appear that way as a bottle is nearby, empty of its contents. The man lifts it up to swing it at Keiji's head in a desperate attempt to break free.
Meanwhile, Itami has been mostly dodging the objects that are being thrown all over the place. When some come too close, she utilizes wind cutter to split them apart and send the pieces elsewhere. The kunai she had earlier was used to stab certain people while also used as a guard against bottles. Where it failed, she more than made up for in physical ability. One person got lucky and struck her on the back, causing her to fall forward. She caught herself on the ground and tossed her kunai back to place it right between the person's eyes, effectively ending his life. With a deep inhale and handseals, she sent forth a large fireball into the room, lighting it up for but a few moments only for things to black out once more. Naturally, some people were caught in the blast while others ran around on fire, transfering it to others. The bulding on the other hand would be mostly undamaged except for the fire that spread across the ground, following the trail of alcohol. This place was going to burn which was her intention. A pillar of earth was raised to block the entrance to the place and trap them inside. There was an escape route to the back of the bar, but it may be difficult to get through wish so many vying to fend for themselves. Ninja may not have that much problem escaping though.
At seeing the ball of fire, the man whimpered and said, "Alright, alright! There are three major estates that belong to three individuals of great influence here. You can't miss them. They're the biggest in San Sara and host the slaves and servants. The warehouses are away from this part of town, hidden among the private residences." After he finished, with one great wash of energy coming over him, he pushed Keiji off of him and attempted to crawl towards the back exit of the building. The man that Konsatsu attacked fell behind Keiji, but not in an effort to attack him more so than to meet the ground with his death. Others stopped fighting and were now in a scramble to escape. The roof, which hosted skylights would be the best place to escape. It was time to leave.

There is little Keiji cannot see. The bottle in the man's hand is not something he missed. As the man moves to swing the bottle, the boy slices into his arm with a pincer. Soon the man is talking. Keiji nodded his head and even allowed the man to push him off and run after he spilled the information. He was doomed anyway. There was little point in shedding his blood when he could live out his last few moments in terror. "Konsatsu, we have what we need. Use the hole in the floor. Lets go. We will meet up with Itami on the outside." the boy states. He then glances around. This place was now just a burning building with poor saps trying to escape it. Keiji then moves to the hole and sinks into the earth.

The man had fallen to the ground, motionless and dead. Yet Konsatsu was still stabbing away at the corpse, adding a new hole to the body with each strike. The fact that someone had tried to backstab his brother, to assassinate Keiji, had sent the boy into a blinding rage. One that he wouldn't have snapped out of for quite some time were it not for the blinding flash of light that filled the room. This alone caused Konsatsu to quickly turn and face the source only to see a massive fire ball that forced him to close his lids and raise his hands up to shield his eyes that had grown so accustomed to the dark.
After a few seconds, when the light returned to normal, he slowly opened his eyes, but immediately pulled the cloak over his head in case something like that was pulled again. A glare was sent out across the room at the lizard, figuring she did such a thing on purpose. This would only put his trust in the woman that much farther away.
For now he'd have to put such thoughts into a corner of his mind until escaping here. The woman had begun her escape and Keiji, happy with the information received was leaving as well. Konsatsu quickly rose from where he seated on the corpse, moved through the crowd of bar patrons also trying to flee, then escaped with the members of the group.

The group's efforts wouldn't go unnoticed as the bar burned down in the night and lit up the streets for a time before it was put out by locals. The town was now on alert sparing the seal teams notice as they operated in secret. Itami promised herself to free these slaves, these innocents and that's exactly what she hopes to accomlish with the aid of those here with her on this evening.

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