Instructor Katsurou


Katsurou, Ato, Momoe

Date: September 19, 2013


Katsurou is teaching his class about chakra and its importance. He then performs a demonstration with Ato as a sparring partner.

"Instructor Katsurou"

Konoha Lake

It was a clear sunny morning and Katsurou's second day of being an instructor at the academy. The Shirayuki decided that he would not subject his students to the boring environment inside the classrooms so he took them on a "field trip" to the lake. Now with them all sitting in rows in front of him, Katsurou seems to already be in the middle of a lesson. "Chakra is the life source in which is needed for various techniques, transformations, and seals. Some more than others and depending on the ninja's style of fighting some will focus on chakra training more intensely than others. The reason is—"
"Katsurou-sensei. Can you make us sno-cones now?" One boy in the back interupts.
"Yea!" The rest of the class cheers in unison.
"Not at this moment, Den." Katsurou says shaking his head. The whole class lets out various tones of a disappointed "aww". "One by one I want you all to tell me the different hand seals there are in order to activate ninjutsu abilities."

Ato, oblivious to there being a class there, came walking along out of the forest for the lake. Indeed, he was actually on the other side of the lake from where Katsurou was at with the students. Instead he strolled right across the water, heading to a place off to the side from where Katsurou was teaching. He had a scroll open before him, reading intently whatever it was that was on the scroll. Yeah, Ato didn't see any of the students or anything like that, But he was big enough they would mayhap notice him.

Of course the students with short attention spans notice the tall genin walking over the water and towards them. "Hey look! That giant just walked on the water!" One kid would shout and point at Ato as he passes by. Then of course every student turns their head to look at Ato.
"Katsurou-sensei, can you do that too?!" A young female student asks.
"A boy next to her turns his head to face her. "Of course he can, Moki. Katsurou-sensei is like the strongest ninja ever! Didnt you see him at the chuunin exams?!"
"Katsurou-sensei, show us something cool like the giant did!" Another boy would say who sat the closest to Katsurou.
"Calm down now, children. That giant has a name too." Katsurou looks in the direction of Ato and calls out. "Hey, Ato. Would you come here for a moment?"

Ato blinks, looks up from his scroll to look around. Did someone say his name? He'd stop, on land again, to look over at the students and Katsurou. Thinking for a moment, it'd click. Ice. "Katsurou." Ato would roll up the scroll, putting it away as he'd walk over to stand at a stop next to Katsurou, eyeing the kids like they were some forign creature that should be studied.. or feared. "How are you Katsurou. Everything ok?"

Katsurou slightly chuckles at Ato's expression as he looks down at the kids. "Students, this is Ato. His style of fighting is more focused on weapons and Taijutsu. Unlike me, who is a Ninjutsu user, he does not need to focus on his chakra as much as I do."
"Sooo…if you run out of chakra, you die?" A small girl asks in a cute and innocent voice.
Katsurou chuckles. "It is possible. However, your body will shut down before you can reach that point." He notices a few puzzled looks among the children. "You will passout." He clarifies and gets a lot of "ohs" in response.
"So why not just create jutsu that drains people's chakra?" A Nara boy asks. "That is a very good way to think, Yodun. Some shinobi actually do develop their jutsu around draining their opponents chakra. From my experience with the Hyuga clan, their Juuken style focuses on just that with the help of their Byakugan." Again, a few kids would tilt their head. Only this time, Katsurou chuckles and waves it off. "Do not worry. That is a lesson for another day." Katsurou looks to Ato. "Ato, would you mind helping me out with a demostration for the students?" Without waiting for a response, Katsurou readdresses the kids. "Ato and I are going to spar. I want you to watch closely the differences of a Ninjutsu-ist and a Taijutsu-ist when it comes to chakra. Also, at anytime you see one of us hand seals I want you all to say out loud which hand seal it is. I will show you all some "cool" things, as long as I know you all are learning. Deal?" All the kids cheer and clap. Katsurou looks to Ato. "I apologize for putting you on the spot but if you do this for me I will owe you a second round of ramen." He offers the taller genin a pleasant smile.

Ato looks between Katsurou then the kids, then back to Katsurou. Finally, he'd shrug slightly. "Ok. I need to not get too hurt though. I'm going on a trip soon." Ato looked around, then would walk over to an area a bit away from the kids. Giving space between him and Katsurou. Once he was there.. he waited. Well, it was the thing about his type of tai, there was no need for chakra as he had mentioned. Instead he'd simply draw another scroll, prepping slightly as he'd wait for the go ahead from Katsurou. This was going to be.. interesting.

Katsurou nods to Ato. "Of course." He turns back to the students. "Alright, I want you all to watch closely now. Remember, the closer attention you give to detail the better shinobi you will ultimately become." The Shirayuki looks back up to Ato and gives him a nod. He then turns and makes his way away from the group of students and giving just enough distance between him and his sparring opponent. "Now, let us begin." He says as he focuses on his chakra flow.

Ato moved immediately as Katsurou said let's begin. Rushing forward, that scroll got snapped forward, the *POOF* of the summoning having that massive 15' blade come launching out at Katsurou. He didn't aim for center mass though, afterall, it was a spar. Ato was right behind the blade, pulling it free from where it'd impact with the ground in a spray of dirt as he'd backhand that blade towards Katsurou, the blunt side hitting him first, before Ato would power through that forward slash.

Katsurou tenses his body and silently prays that he was ready to give his new technique a test run. The Ato's blade glances off of Katsuro's body as if he wasn't even phased. However, with a little more force behind his second strike, Ato was able to at least bruise the Shirayuki. Though the final strike wasn't enough to penetrate his ice armor and would just cause his weapon to bounce off of Katsurou.
"Whoa, Katsurou-sensei is tough. He just took those shots from that giant like it was nothing." The Nara boy from earlier says.
"Katsurou-sensei is amazing." One girl swoons.
"Alright children pay attention." Katsurou calls out. Typically the Shirayuki was known for his show of speed when it comes to weaving together hand seals thanks to the special training by Ruko, but this was a demostration for his class. Therefore he would slow it down a bit for them. Once the hand seals were complete a stream of water would glide through the air from the lake.
"Dog, Rat— no, Monkey." One student would call outloud as he tried to keep up.
"No way, that was Dog, Dragon"
"You two are blind, he used Dragon, Boar
" An Uchiha would cut in only to be interrupted by the kids shouting and pointing at the water that was flying through the air and towards their instructor.
The water would then gather in front of the Shirayuki into a medium size sphere. Suddenly it would open fire on the "giant" as it sprayed droplets of water at him at a very high speed.

Ato stepped back a step. The first water coming at him would get deflected in part by that large weapon, although he'd still get pelted and thefore wet, beyond that weapon. Slamming it into the ground as the next salvo came at him, Ato tensed and with a hard push, launched himself skyward, up and over where Katsurou was at. Those remaining water bullets missing fully. Another scroll pulled, Ato would summon a club to immediately throw it down at Katsurou, following behind it as his hammer, the one with the Oni face and the curled horns would come down in an attempt of bodily shoving Katsurou off balance. Landing with an impact to cause small craters about his combat boots, he'd step to the side, out of the holes as he'd tense his body, putting all of it into that one handed power swing for Katsurou's chest.

A shadow descends upon the scene…
Well, part of it anyways as a tall, armored girl wanders into the background like a very large extra in a movie scene. Momoe pauses at seeing the group of students and Katsurou and Ato, the sight of the spar lighting her face up in a smile. They're rather obviously fighting so she doesn't interfere, not wanting to draw anyone's attention away. Instead, she simply walks over to the students and sits down behind them a few feet away, camouflaged. Er.. as much as she's gonna be. The axe is laid across her lap and she focuses on the fight.

"Katsurou-sensei! Look out!" The girl that was swooning over him earlier cries out with concern.
Katusrou wastes no time in blurring a series of hand seals together in order to defend himself. He did it with the speed he was known for which didnt allow the students to even get a chance to see the seals he made.
"Wow. Did you see how fast Katsurou-sensei did those hand seals?" The Uchiha boy asks.
"Yea! I'm going to be as fast as him one day!" A girl with pink hair says off to the side.
The sphere of water takes shape of multiple ribbons of water and begin dancing about the Shirayuki. The ribbons deflect one attack but the impact of Ato's mace causes him to momentarily lose balance. Ato's mighty swing of the mace into his chest seems to only glance off his body. A slight chuckle escapes Katsurou. "Perhaps we should do some strength training with the class tomorrow, Ato?" The Shirayuki teases.
Katsurou holds a single hand seal up to his chest. A moment later a clone of himself leaps from his body straight up into the sky and comes down with his arms raised above his head. However, that was just the distracter. The Shirayuki had hoped Ato would be paying all of his attention to the clone up above. So he wasted no time in performing the necessary hand seals in order to attempt to catch him in his Water Prison Jutsu right before the clone would make contact with its hammer blow attack on the top of Ato's head.
The students were not even trying to name the hand seals any longer. They just sat there in a silent awe while they watch the spar between the giant and their teacher.

Katsurou almost got him too. Ato had took a step back, weapon coming up for deflecting the clone.. when she showed up. A small shift of his feet, that flicker of a look. Momoe. Realizing he was still in a spar, he jerked back to what was going on, to realize that the water was coming. Smashing his hammer into the water prison to shatter it temporarly, Ato would launch himself off to the side, skidding to a stop by his original weapon, eyes narrowed in contemplation of the clone coming at him. Figuring it to be another trick, Ato grabbed onto the handle of his blade to launch himself skyward, arching up and over, flipping with that wicked blade gleaming out, he'd come down out of the sky to reverse the hit. Instead of that wicked blade that gleamed past Katsurou, attempting to pull his guard off line, Ato would smack him instead with a massive headbutt, the extra strength coming from the movement of course. Planted, Ato then wound up and with both hands on the hilt of the blade, backhanded Katsurou to go skipping off across the lake. Ahh.. memories.

"Oh man…this is going to hurt." a student would say as he sees Ato winding up to strike Katsurou with the hilt of his blade. However, Ato's attacks merely bounces off of the Shirayuki due to the layer of ice he wears that protects his body.
"I am glad my new defense is as good as I had hoped it to be. Our last fight against each other was actually the inspiration in creating it. It is to protect me from blows such as the ones you just delivered." A slight chuckle escapes the Instructor. "We can stop here." He says with a bow to Ato. "Thank for your hand in this Ato. My class ends in an hour. If you can spare the time, I would like to send you off on your trip with a full stomach on me." He says with a smile.
Turning back to his class he sees that some are still in awe of him with big eyes looking his way. The attention almost embarrasses him but he keeps his composure. He also notices Mo in the back and would acknowledge her with a nod. "Now class, Let us go back to the classroom to finish today's lessons."
The kids all get up together moaning and groaning that they have to go back to class, but then almost immediately they all begin talking amongst themselves about how awesome that fight was. "Im going to get a big stick like that giant did and club you all!" One kid says while laughing.
"Yea, well…im going to learn how to make water jutsus and drown you first!"
Katsurou just chuckles as he overhears some of the kids. He hangs back a moment letting the group of kids take a head start back to the academy. He looks back to Ato and Momoe. "And you're more then welcome to join for ramen as well. Momoe, was it?"

Ato would step back at the end was called. He didn't make it through. That was a tough skill right there, to be sure. Settling the blunt edge of the blade on his shoulder, he'd ponder for a moment, before shifting and grabbing the scroll to return the weapon back to it. Musing, he'd look over at Momoe, a smile flashed her direction briefly, before he would walk over to gather up the rest of his tools of the trade, as it were. "I'll make sure after I'm done travelling that you'll need a thicker ice to stop me next time.." Ato shrugs slightly, chuckling briefly in amusement as he'd return the last weapon to the scroll.

Momoe rises to her feet as she notices that the class is ending. She waits for the students to head out before swinging the axe up onto her shoulder. Well, she doesn't want to decapitate them and have to /run/ from Konoha. She really doesn't like running for long periods. Yeah, that's why. Has nothing to do with them bein' kids. "Sounds good to me." She follows along, looking back to see if Ato is coming.

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