Into a New World - The Fox Shrine


Miyo, Rio

Date: September 22, 2013


Miyo and Rio go out to the waterfall where they have a picnic and go swimming, however, during their time they also come across a small, abandoned shrine. It is left alone as they return to their activities.

"Into a New World - The Fox Shrine"

Waterfall (Land of Fire)

An absolutely gorgeous day… a perfect day, some may say. The sun is high in the sky, beating down upon the lands beneath, only occasionally shrouded by the light cloud coverage that floated through the heavens. The winds were stronger than a mere breeze, but it only served to combat the warmer temperatures the sun put out. Yes… the day was perfect… the perfect day for a picnic.

That was Miyo's goal, a wonderful picnic with one of her best friends, Inuzuka Rio, and of course, her cute pup TSheyka. No one could forget the Inuzuka's canine companion! Rio would likely have recieved a little letter from Miyo inviting her out to the waterfalls, a location that Miyo had discovered since she was now able to actually leave Konoha and explore the areas around the village.

The waterfall had become a prime hangout for the Uzumaki girl, and so, she had decided to share it with her friends. Miyo stood, poised proudly upon a flat-topped rock that poked out over the edge of the water a few feet, her heavy robes barely moving in the wind, her hands placed upon her hips, her chin tipped back and her eyes closed as she adored the feeling of the sun's rays upon her fair skin. Yes… it was perfect… and then the wind kicks up and blows her hair into her face, breaking her serene moment as she sputters and swats at it, trying vainly to collect it and remove it from being a nuisance, eventually managing to get it into a ponytail. She again resumes her pose. Yes… perfect…

Jogging along, the little bluetick coonhound ninpup is not helping matters, having to run ahead a little only to sniff at this smell or check out that smell and then finally move onward. As they move, Rio shakes her head, "TSheyka!" She says almost demandingly, "Come on!" She declares, "Quit stopping to smell every flower around when we could more easily be moving on to our picnic by now."

So it goes for several minutes till finally they arrive at the waterfall and peer at the area with a smile, "Oh, this is nice." She declares, "Miyo!" She looks around for a moment, "Miyo!"

The arrival of Rio is heralded by her ninpup as the critter runs ahead. The sounds of TSheyka rummaging about and sniffing everything causes Miyo to turn slightly, just as Rio begins calling out to her. "Rio-chan!" She shouts and waves back, before turning fully and hopping down off the rock and into the sand around the rock at the pool's shore.

Miyo moves up further away from the water to greet Rio and show her the picnic that she had strewn about on a large, plaid patterned blanket. There was a basket that had originally held the contents of the picnic, which consisted of sandwiches cut into triangle-halves, an assortment of fruits, bottled fruit-drinks and sodas, as well as crackers and dips. A very nice assortment she had to admit!

Miyo gestures to the food upon the blanket. "Your feast awaits!" She then looks to TSheyka and grins. "And don't worry, I didn't forget about you." Miyo suddenly plucks a little dog-treat from the inside of her robe's sleeve and holds it out for TSheyka, ready to spoil the pup rotten! "Hehe…"

The puppy is the first to arrive at the food. Without even missing a beat she starts to sniff about at the food to see if the food is edible for her but then she is offered treats. She turns and starts over toward the offered treat. She barks a couple times and eats the treat by taking it off to the side and happily chewing on it. Enjoying it.

Rio walks up with a grin and giggles at TSheyka's happiness at having something to chew on. Rio herself settles in and nods, "Thanks!" she declares as she starts to collect a meal for herself.

Miyo kicks off her boots once TSheyka has taken the treat from her fingers and then settles down on the blanket with Rio. "It’s such a nice day… I'm glad it turned out so nice for this picnic." She reaches down and picks up a slice of sandwich she had made herself earlier in the day. "Hehe… it was a lot of work fixing all these up and getting them just perfect. I hope you like them." She beams a big smile at Rio before chomping down a large bite from the sandwich and chewing away.

Miyo then turns to look out at the pool around the waterfall before swallowing down the sandwich. "After we're done eating, do you want to go for a swim? I was over and felt the water earlier, it’s really nice." She then peers back over at Rio, hoping that she had packed something to swim in, as instructed by Miyo!

"Sure." She states and nods, "I wore my suit under my clothes." She nods, "It's the best way." She nods again before looking at a sandwich and chewing on it, "It is a beautiful day!" She nods even as she looks over at her ninpup. It seems TSheyka is having fun herself.

The pup rolls into the grass nearby while holding the treat between two paws and savoring it slowly. Seems the puppy has taken to enjoying every bit of any treat she is given. She finally comes to a rest on her side, chewing on it slowly and finally getting the whole thing in her mouth before spotting a butterfly and letting out a playful yip. Then…the chase is on…till a grasshopper catches her eye and a new chase begins.

Rio smiles over at Miyo, "So, what is going on? I haven't heard from you in a long while." She nods, "You have been pretty quiet, which is strange…well, it's strange for you." She grins.

Miyo looks over to Rio with a slightly blank, semi-confused expression. "Hm?" She gives the questioning sound a bit of a soft, high pitched inflection. "Oh! Well… my mom says its not good to talk while I am eating… hehe…" She noms down the last of the sandwich half she had been munching on, pushing it between her lips and stuffing her cheeks before licking her fingers clean. "I was thinking about getting a puppy like you." She giggles a little bit before popping open a juice drink and sipping at it, letting Rio digest the revelation. "However!" She holds up a finger and then sips at the drink during her pause. "I was talking with Soren-san, I don't know if you know him, and he has this cute fox-thing named Ayame. She is so cute!" She lights up at the thought of the fox.

"He has agreed to help me get a fox of my own! I think it's a little more fitting for me than a dog like TSheyka, and he agrees… hehe… says I am too mischievous to not have a fox." She leans back on one of her hands, propping herself up while sipping away at her juice. "So, yeah. I may have a playmate for TSheyka someday."

“I see." She nods her head, "That would be neat." Rio states with a grin, "Everyone should have a partner." She nods her head, "Life is too short to not share and not enjoy it." She then looks over at TSheyka who is now simply sunning her doggy self on a patch of grass and breathing steadily. She smiles a little before looking back to Miyo, "So, how are you going to get a fox? I didn't even know they made talking foxes outside of the one that Soren has.”

Miyo hmmms a bit. "Well, apparently there are three people who have fox-companions, one of which is Soren-san." She nods and then finishes off her drink, tipping her had back and draining it before falling onto her back and spreading her arms out in the grass. "Apparently, the foxes like Ayame-chan live in a different realm or something from us… so, to find them, you have to go there. But, only a fox can take you there." She grins and then suddenly sits up, showing off exceptional abdominal strength as she pulls herself up unassisted from her arms. "Hum… so, really all I need to do is find a way to get there. Soren-san said he'd help me out, but… it's been hard to figure things out so far. Hehe…"

"Oh." Rio huhs and then she grins and nods her head, "I see." She states, "Well, if I can help I gladly will but I don't know a thing about going to another dimension or whatever." She laughs, "I only know this one and can only sniff my way into this one." She grins and turns her attention over to the water and then at TSheyka, "If we can help though."S he shrugs and grins, "We will."

Miyo returns Rio's grin and then nods, picking up another slice of her sandwich. "Well, I would love your help. If I can find the fox-realm, or a fox to take me there, then I think having at least someone with me would be nice. I was thinking of trying to convince Midori-chan to go with as well." She munches on her sandwich before peering over at Rio. "Do you like the food, Rio-chan? I made it myself." She giggles a bit before devouring the end of her sandwich and letting out a contented sigh.

"It's great!" she declares with a grin and pulls out another sandwich to eat before looking over at TSheyka. It seems the ninpup is up again and is now declaring her intention to be petted and slumps up against Rio's thigh, patting a tail against the ground repeatedly while staring up expectantly. A hand comes down to pet and the tail goes faster. Rio grins and looks up, "The more the merrier…if it works that way. I don't know how it even works."

"I don't know how it works either. I guess we'll find out eventually." Miyo looks over at TSheyka then gets up a bit and crawls over to her, flopping onto her belly and petting away at the pup. "Hehe… you're so soft!" Miyo places her hands on the side's of TSheyka's head and rubs against her ears a bit. "Rio is so lucky to have you as her companion!" Miyo then looks up to Rio. "I'm glad you like the stuff I made." She then looks back to TSheyka and makes silly noises at her.

The puppy is immediately happy to have the attention, giving Miyo a tongue to her face as her reward for getting so close to her face. She grins as she looks at the food again before looking over at the puppy again, "So, we'll have to figure that out later." She nods her head, "For now, want to go for that swim?" She grins and stands up, already starting to strip down to her swim clothes.

Miyo shakes her head and giggles when licked by the pup before peering up to Rio who is stripping down and nods. Miyo then pushes herself up and removes her robes, getting down to some more casual clothing which she had worn over her swimsuit. "I'll definitely keep you updated on it." She then turns and looks to the waterfall. "Hey… wanna go jump off the waterfall? It should be deep enough for that. Hehe…"

"Sure!" she declares and continues till she is down to a pair of boyshorts and a sports top style suit. She grins and stretches up, popping her back in the process and grinning, "Let’s go!" She then races off toward the top of the water fall, smiling as she does and then looking to TSheyka and grinning, "Come on!" She then is off and TSheyka is stretching as well before racing off toward Rio.

Miyo chuckles when Rio decides that she would jump off the waterfall with her, and finishes getting down to her swimsuit, a more traditional two-piece with a haltertop and string-style bottom. While Rio stretches out, Miyo begins making her way to the top of the waterfall, which she soon finds won't be as easy as she anticipated, as it is rather overgrown with brush, as opposed to the more cleared out shoreline. "Gah… maybe I should clear a path or something sometime…" She grumbles as she tries to sneak between some bushes without snagging herself on some branches or anything. She manages to do so and finds a little trail, nothing special or official, but one where nothing obtrusive had grown, and then waits for Rio to catch up, figuring that the way she had gone through was probably the best. "Rio-chan, let's go!"

Following Miyo in, she grins, "Careful not to lose your swimsuit!" She calls out teasingly and laughs as she moves through, "So many ways to get snagged in here." She then looks back to see TSheyka easily trailblazing her own path through given her smaller size. She then looks over, "Ready when you are?"

Miyo rolls her eyes at the comment about losing her swimsuit to the bushes. "Hai hai…" She responds with a sarcastic tone and looks up the hill. They had a ways to go yet, so she turns back to Rio and gestures for her to follow and then trudges up the path. Near the top, they can hear the river flowing to the waterfall, but are unfortunately greeted by another row of bushes. Miyo looks back and forth, trying to determine the best way in, then looks back to Rio before trying to slip through the next set.

"Come on…" She grumbles as she pushes some of the bushes out of her way and tries to fit through, but suddenly her foot catches on something, a root perhaps, and she stumbles and falls forward with a little yelp. "Rio-chan!" She squeaks from the other side. "You totally have to see this!"

If Rio decides to follow and investigate, she would find that not only did Miyo get snagged on the bushes when she fell and lost her bottoms which were snagged on a branch and hanging around her knees, causing her to lay at an awkward angle, but there was also a small, overgrown and highly neglected shring at the edge of the cliff overlooking the waterfall that had been obscured by bushes. "Isn't it cool?" Miyo inquires, before looking back and grumbling as she slips her feet out of her bottoms so she can pluck them from the bush.

A giggle and Rio asks, "What? Your pale butt?" She then blinks as she looks and grins, "Neat!" She declares, "And pretty!" She giggles and then walks up, watching Miyo get her bikini bottoms back and Rio giggles some more, "You're showing off, I think." She winks and then looks over, "So, wanna go in?" She hmms and then tilts her head, "Or do you want to just stand there with your butt available for all to see?"

Miyo examines her bottoms and holds them up in front of her face, poking her finger through a hole in the cloth before holding them to her face and peering at Rio through it. "Bwuahaha…er… it's not that pale!" She declares, defiantly, despite knowing that she was wrong… Miyo looked like she had never seen the sun before! "Uhm, but yeah, it's pretty neat, don't you think?" She slips the bottoms back on, which now had a fairly sizeable hole over her right cheek. "Hmm… I wonder why it is here…?" She questions as she hunkers down next to it and pokes around before turning back to Rio. "Oh, hush! You're the only one here… and you like my butt anyway…" She stands and gives it a shake. "Alright, let's go!" Miyo then turns and pushes her way through some more bushes. "I swear… I'm going to cut all these things down…"

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