Into The Fire


Goh, Uchiha Satoru, Raikenta, Hyuuga Yuzuna, Sinoe, Kaguya Yasushi

Date: Feburary 9th, 2010


Satoru leads a mission for intel, only for it to go horribly wrong as the team come across one of the Seven Swordsmen.

"Into the Fire"

The Great River Bridge

Each attempt getting into the Land of Waves has been a failure thanks to a certain Kirigakure shinobi, but Uchiha Satoru just does not seem to give up. The Jounin of Konoha ditched the boat about half-way toward the neutral country, realizing he would be better off using the art of water walking to move stealthily into the land. This time around, instead of going right toward the bridge and the guard on duty, he decides to move in an arc around the island in an attempt to enter. Hyuuga Yuzuna told him it was heavily guarded, but this might be the only way he can manage to succeed in entering the Land of Waves.

Raikenta was once more back on the Land of Waves. He was gathering information, and wandering around the beaches of the country. Noting to himself little weaknesses that an invading force could use. Why, someone could sneak right around the island and infiltrate… it… The wandering swordsman eyes narrow as he sees a figure walking in from the water. Well, you could sneak in just like that! Hmm, interesting.
A Konohagakure nin judging by the Uchiha advertisement on his arm. Heh, interesting. Konohagakure seems rather intent on forcing a way into the Land of Waves. Not that Raikenta was going to get involved and try to stop them or anything.

The clouds roll through the sky with rays of sunlight beams peeks between, not the most adequate or preferred time of day for a stealth mission. The scowl darkens the otherwise stoic expression as Yuzuna narrows her pale lavender eyes, long ebony hair streaming behind her with speed as she races across the surface of the water, companions in tow as she speeds along the opposite side of the island, as instructed. Eventually she and Satoru were to meet up on the farthest side of the island. After the first few moments after splitting away from the other side of the group, veins bulge intensely along her temples and cheeks, her Kekkei Genkai activated as the Byakugan scans her surroundings.

Such a lazy morning it had been as he Yasushi yaaawned and stretched his large limbs out. He was still pretty much the only thing guarding the biggest and closest threat to the operation, as telling as that may be of his capabilities or just the arrogance of Kirigakure. He would inhale deeply as he looked to his finer tips, thinking of how to best get under the nails and dispose of a bit of grit idly. "Hmm… I should rip off the masts of the next few Konoha ships and set them up around here… and then hire out some entertainment to "stimulate my economy" perhaps… Yeah… that sounds like a plan." His rather ridiculously fierce casual glance would scan the dock before sighing.
Meanwhile, along the coast, the guard was very tight, especially along the areas of Kirigakure's outpost. Not impossible to enter, but certainly not quiet either. For the most part, because of the sheer number of guards and intermingled patrols, slipping in was an incredibly difficult task without making a little noise. Especially as it was early day light, there was little opportunity for cloak with the dagger. Semi cloudy skies however did keep reflection down a bit, for what it is worth.

Satoru continues to move toward the shore, spotting a wandering swordsman and the guards of Kirigakure, instantly knowing this would be a bit tough AND noisy. The teenager's attention rests on the wandering swordsman for a moment and then his eyes dart toward the Kirigakure Shinobi defending the coast. A light 'hmm' comes from his lips before forming a single hand-seals, focusing his stamina into chakra for possible usage in a few seconds. For now, he continues to blur in and out toward the coast-line, seeming to not care if he is spotted or not.

Yuzuna narrows her intense gaze as she shifts her weight and leans into her lean legs, skidding into an eventual stop across the surface of the ever flowing water. Straightening her back, she lifts her arms to cross behind the curve of her back as she silently waits. She had seen Satoru speed up and if they were both traveling, they would pass one another easily, so instead she decided to wait, her gaze scanning the visible island as she quirks a brow.

Pointing a thick finger, and largely talking to himself, he'd say, "Maybe I could import some talent. Crush Konoha beneath our heels and do something like an Uchiha over there, i hear they are quite hot…" rubbing his chin he's point a bit to the right, "And the Hyuuga are said to move like no other… hmm. I don't think I’d bother with the Inuzuka though… dog faced women… on stolen ship masts dancing don't really appeal to me. But… i guess all I’d have to do is rub their belly every now and then…hmm…." Yasushi seemed to really be considering all this. A few of the patrols would just…wonder what the hell he was talking about. Yasushi would even get in to place where the "Hyuuga girl" of his apparent dreams would be, and started gyrating his hips. "How is that Juuken stuff go?" he'd say before sending out open palm strikes with momentous force. Certainly not bad… but not quite as graceful as the Hyuuga do it.

As Yasushi gyrates to the internal music of his Hyuuga soul, Raikenta calmly stands on the beach, facing the two foreign 'invaders' with a curious expression hidden under his mask. Apparent to him, he must look like some sort of guard, barring their passage. He truly doesn't care one way or another, and with no decipherable shinobi identifier on him save for a sword, he might be identified as a guardsman. But while he has clearly seen Satoru, he doesn't raise any alarm. In fact, trailing Satoru's path, his eyes travel to Yuzuna. Oh, another one! Well, this should prove quite interesting!

Satoru was on his way toward the East Side of the island, moving to meet up with the other Konoha Shinobi, and as he started to approach he spotted her on the water and the guard post of Kirigakure. An idle look is sent toward the girl and he firmly nods, giving her a silent order while quickly forming hand-seals, and inhaling a ton of air. A second later he exhales a violent blast of wind, aiming to overtake the guards on the shore and act as a distraction for the Hyuuga Chuunin. Once this jutsu is done, he begins running directly toward them before moving to the right a bit, arcing off toward the shore as if to 'taunt' them into following him.

Yuzuna blinks her gaze at the approaching Satoru as he nods towards her, already moving into action as he exhales a long and sudden blast of wind, earning the attention of the guards that occupy the shore. Pressing her lips together, she slips from behind the rock towards the island, away from the guards and where Satoru is thoroughly distracting them. Narrowing her Byakugan, she sweeps her gaze as she moves as quietly as possible, attempting to avoid detection within the shadows between buildings and alleyways.

Mean while…
*CLAP* *CLAP* *CLAP* *CLAP* Yasushi had an audience, and a bit of a free style dance off going on. Though it was sort of strange. There wasn't anything truly dance like other than the stringing together of some that acrobatic taijutsu and kenjutsu stylings of the Mist nin. Shoving one of them aside, Yasushi would just have a brow raised as he looked towards all of them hooting and hollering for their leader to show them something they hadn't seen yet. Drawing his swords and tossing them up in to the air in a flash, he'd spin around and hold his hand out just as the two seemed to join some how and bolt down from the sky like a bolt of lightning. His grip would surround it right after and he's smirk at someone in the back, "Give me a beat worth killing to!"

After a frontal assault on the gates, Satoru moved onto the island in an arc, attempting to keep the guards distracted as Yuzuna sneaks past the other ninja remaining at the gates. A look over his shoulder, he spots her making it past, and then watches as kunai and shuriken come zipping toward him. "Good." This is said in a serious tone, though a bit of amusement can be found within, most likely due to the incoming projectiles. A simple duck, twist to the right, and another duck is performed with each throw weapon moving past to fall into the sandy shore. A quick lunge forth, his katana unsheathed from behind him, and he slashes in a wide arc toward the few guards giving chase, attempting to engage them in combat for now.

With the Uchiha taking on the guards to distract them, Yuzuna narrows her pale lavender eyes, the curve of her back pressed against the side of the building, seeing behind the corner with the Byakugan. Set in her determination, she turns into the entering hall as quietly and quickly as possible, scanning for possible office rooms or studies that might have filed scrolls.

The beat provided, and actually a few off duty (at least presumably so) nin that did some music on the side pitched in as Yasushi began, spinning around and launching a seemingly wind piercing thrust as he'd growl loudly, "Punch it! Accelerate! Smoke screens… Infiltrate!" Seems to rip through the air with his slash and losing grip on his sword, it would twirl rapidly through the air and about his body, shaving so very close to his flesh as he continues to kick, punch and flip as well as gutturally intone loudly, "Kill the lights! Place the bait…. wait for signals… DETONATE!" With side ways grins on their faces, the crowd would begin to chant, "Go! Move! Go! Now!" over and over again.
Else where, Yuzuna was able to slip in to the fortification and lightly glide her way in to a near by office style building to start snooping around. However, as she slipped in, one of the shinobi in the office notice her leg disappearing down a corner in to a room. He would report back to a new by officer who would tell him to go and check it out, though would be cautious in making sure back up could be called if they were infiltrated. Thus, the shinobi would head towards the room and peek around in to it to see if he could identify the person, a whistle between his lips in case of the worst.

Unknown to Satoru, his teammate was already snooping about an office building, while he continues to distract and fight the guard ninja. A side-step to the right and then a twist, and two of the guards' blades end up lightly slicing his bare arms, which draw a trickle of blood. The smirk on his lips fades into a deadpan expression, his own red-hilted katana slashing upward at one of the guards and diagonal toward another before leaping back and attempting to run again, providing a distraction if possible.

Yuzuna pauses with a step as she narrows her pale lavender eyes, Byakugan gaze snapping over her shoulder as the silence lingers on for a moment or so in the empty hallway. Her expression hardens briefly as the bulging veins fade, Byakugan fading from her pale eyes as she turns around and reaches for her sash, waiting for her tail to catch up with her. When he does, her full lips grow with an enticing smile as her fluid movements slowly closes the distance between them, slender fingers gently tugging at the obi wrapped around the curves of her waist. The front of her kimono relaxes, parting away from the generous view of her deep cleavage as she steps closer and wraps a slender arm languidly around his shoulders. "Well aren't you a lucky one…" Yuzuna murmurs with something of a purr in her lowered voice, pressing her full chest distractingly into his. The smile grows slightly as she brushes her fingertips against the side of his neck, sending a shocking wave of chakra through the Tenketsu point.

Suddenly grabbing his blade from the air as the electricity volts from it in small arcs, it would suddenly seem to explode with a bright, loud snap as he'd state firmly, "Conflagrate, seal the bridge, take the supports away! Tear it down, leave no trace, we'll move like ghosts this day!" Slamming his legendary double sword in to the ground with a notable shattering of the earth below it's tip he would continue, growling darkly and loudly, almost chanting as the drums would strengthen the impact of the music and the words, "…Crush!… Sieze!… Burn!… Kill! Leave no one alive! Let no one survive!"
During this time however, the incompetence of Kirigakure's outpost continues as the whistle blower notes the woman…. and goes slack jawed, the whistle falling from his lips before he even can simply breath through it. His eyes grow very wide, perhaps to encompass the entirety of what is being teasingly displayed before him and he doesn't move a muscle…. voluntarily. The most he can get out is an adolescent sounding crackle of a "….Halt…?" The flushing of his body came rapidly, as did the collapsing of it whether through her magic touch or his brain dripping from his nose from the idea of a girl that wasn't quite in uniform. However, multiple people came into the building and completely avoid the room quickly, going straight to the base commander.
Raikenta has left.

Already waiting at the extraction point is lil' Reiko. On the north side of the island, having swum there itself (ugh, a lengthy process), the small, three inch long Salamander now sort of hides underneath a small bush, awaiting both Satoru and Yuzuna to join it. Well hidden from any sort of detection.
/Inside/ the lizard, with fleshy walls and small pits of acidic like vapor, is Goh and Sinoe. Goh, leaning against one of the walls, nods to Sinoe. "Alright Sinoe, we're here. Now remember, you're just here to make sure no-one notices us. If they do, give me the signal and we'll change location. Be on the lookout for Satoru and Yuzuna." Alas, Goh himself cannot perform this as he needs to stay inside the lizard to execute the technique of bringing everyone inside. "Don't go in after them, yeah? Just gotta wait it out." Sending more shinobi /in/ was a very dangerous move. No need to have more people in there than what was needed. With Reiko opening her mouth, Sinoe is now free to make her exit and hide in the bushes too. "Like I said, just charge at the white space over there. Trust me, you'll get out. Even if it seems a bit weird."

"Yep." She nods and looks at Goh, "This is still one of the most disgusting ways to travel…ever." And Sinoe nods, "Watch, stay hidden, don't go after anyone." Sinoe swallows as she comes out of the salamander and stares down at it before shaking her head, "Weird." She than rushes off toward the bushes in a hurry and slides into them, taking in her surroundings carefully and then looking back where she came. She swallows deeply and then sighs, her first mission as a chuunin.

Satoru continues on with the distraction, ducking and weaving in between many shuriken and kunai that are thrown his way, and as this happens he quickly twists toward the guard ninja chasing him. A simple slash is performed with his red-hilted katana, an arc direction, ultimately aiming to cut them this time before leaping back them to head for the guard outpost. As he rushes toward that area, he quickly forms hand-seals and cups a hand near his lips. In a quick turn, he exhales a stream of red hot flames before a sphere erupts on the end and heads for the guards, threatening to burn them to ash if is not avoided… and possible use it as a distraction to get farther away from them. 'I have to make it to that end… Yuzuna-san knows the plan,' he reminds himself.

Yuzuna allows the soldier to fall from beneath her arm as her expression easily forms a mildly irritated scowl, her hands swift as she tightens the obi around the curves of her waist once more, "Pervert." she murmurs. Clasping her hands together, she ties and henges the guard so that he blends into the surroundings a bit better, deterring anyone from finding him immediately. Her pale eyes narrow as they snap upwards, hurrying as she looks through the rooms before coming across one that looks like it could be an office to an important official. Slipping through the slightly open door, Yuzuna closes it silently behind her as reflexively, the veins along her temples bulge with the Byakugan, allowing her to watch to see if she's being snuck up upon. Approaching the desk, she shrugs a shoulder and lets the empty knapsack fall and drop onto the desk, swiftly opening it and working at packing it full of scrolls, papers and documents that look like they may be of some use.

So it seemed the distraction for Yasushi paid off, at least in entertaining him as they continued, though a shinobi would flicker in to existence beside him, kneeling. "Whaaat man come on… can't…" Yasushi would begin before the message was given to him. A morse code request for back up from the Kirigakure fort on the western end of the Land of Waves was issued due to an attack by… Konoha? It seemed that Satoru made enough noise to be noticed. It only took this long because it looked like nothing but some hit and run, but Satoru's tactics didn't sit well with the man in charge down there, even if he was slow and reluctant to call in an official disturbance. Either way, it will look bad on the commander of that fortification. Yasushi grunted. "No one… not your mother, your lover, your brother, your little snot nosed, weakling, worthless children, NO ONE… gets through this out post while I am gone or i will skin you alive and stitch you in to our flag!" Yasushi would state before focusing a massive amount of chakra and then, in a bolt of red lightning, he was gone. Another bolt strikes the ground some where near the center of the island, able to be seen by Goh and Sinoe, but perhaps not Yuzuna, though no one can really tell exactly what is happening unless Yuzuna's eyes perceive Yasushi's traveling quite literally at the speed of lightning. The northern patrols are oblivious until one of them spots something not right about some bushed on the northern coast. It seems that the extraction team has been spotted!

"That may be, but it's fairly undetectable." Goh replies, watching as the Chuunin departs with a grin. For now, he sort of just awaits there, inside the lizard. Not really doing anything much.
But oh no! It looks as if Sinoe had been detected on the outside. The flash of lightning is something that even he can feel, giving a grumpy sigh. If Sinoe panics, she will be able to re-enter the lizard and start hiding again, if she so wishes. If she doesn't, the lizard will bury itself within the ground, escaping sight. Looks like Goh has sort of just left Sinoe there by herself! If she didn't re-jump in Reiko, that is. Ouch.

A blink as she is spotted and she looks behind herself and at the lizard. She than hesitates and looks at who has spotted her before pondering. She glances again and…well she took to long to make a decision as the salamander starts burrowing. She smirks and then shakes her head, "Alright." She hurrms and looks forward and backs up out of the bushes, "Fine." She states and nods, "I guess extraction is another word for distraction sometimes."

Satoru continues to move toward the northern end of the island, but as he moves, a bright flash of red lightning is seen twice which causes him to slow down. "What was that?" The Uchiha's dark eyes look in the direction where the lightning occurred, seeming as if it was at the island's center, so he pauses and turns, making his way toward the fort again. Of course, he is trying to do this in a quiet and quick manner, moving to get near where the Hyuuga Chuunin might be just in case he needs to distract them again. 'Hang on,' he thinks to himself.

% Satoru continues to move toward the northern end of the island, but as he moves, the sound of distant rumbles is heard which causes him to halt in his steps. "What was that?" After a moment of thinking, he decides to change his direction and head for where the Hyuuga Chuunin headed, most likely to make sure she is not in over her head.

Stuffing the knapsack across her shoulders, Yuzuna glances over her shoulder at the closed office door one last time with some suspicion before swiftly moving towards the window and opening it, slipping out to cling on the wall outside with her chakra. Closing the window behind her, she narrows her gaze as she peers out over the city. It wouldn't be long before there were more guards, or more. Uchiha's aren't exactly known for their smooth stealth. With a slow sigh, she moves vertically towards the ground and takes off through the nearest alleyway, heading towards the meeting point that Satoru and she had agreed upon before the mission.

Falling from the sky, Yasushi would have his arms crossed, his mode of traveling the long and short distance of this circular island from end to end was something akin to well, riding the lightning. Though in this case, he simply had the residual red energies crackling about his from as the ground caved in beneath the mass of his body impacting wish such force. Walking up from the crater, he didn't seem at all pleased. "We are under atta-ACKGH." one of the guards would report before he was back handed, skipping horribly with a symphony of broken bones before being plastered against a wall. He… might life.
"REALLY?!?!" Yasushi would contort as he'd emerge from the crater. "Someone tell me something useful before i attack some more of you with the back of my pleading hand." He would scowl darkly even as someone blurred about ten feet from him. "The fort was attacked by…" the man would pause. "By what? Me? Cause that's what is about to happen if your balls don't drop in the next two seconds!" The man would cough, "… a single Uchiha wielding a red hilted katana." Yasushi wouldn't even pause. "I should have just killed him… now he's gone and started the fight for real. Stupid… stupid Leafers!"
Out of the corner of his eye, Yasushi would see someone slipping in to an alley way. "I will return…try not to wet yourself too much because I’m not here to hold your hand." Yasushi would toss his black bladed double sword to the side with power, it cutting through the trees out side of the fort and seemingly disappearing as he'd give chase to his prey.

Safely hidden away, Goh remains in his lizard, which in turn re-surfaces as all Salamander do. Huzzah for disguises. Just sort of waiting for the people to gather, it seems! Mind you, that lightning was a bit weird.. Hopefully they were going to be okay. Right? Right.
Goh himself gathers some chakra, preparing. Never hurts to be safe.

Several kunai fly at Sinoe and she flips about them with ease before rushing forward and jumping, "Dynamic Entry!" She declares as she sends a flying kick toward her enemies before turning quickly and jumping up, "Leaf Whirlwind!" She spins around to hit them with a spinning roundhouse kick followed by a vicious heel kick as she attempts to bring those who have spotted her down. She looks back over her shoulder and shakes her head.

Satoru continues to move back toward the fort, though, as he moves something seems out of the ordinary. With a clear stop, he turns and decides to not head back to the fort, moving his way back to the meeting point. He does so in a quiet and quick manner, deciding the Hyuuga Chuunin can handle herself.

Yuzuna softly scowls to herself as she sees someone fast approaching her, even as she turns her path they move with her, clearly to intersect her. The irritation shows through her stoic expression as she pushes off to the next tree, lifting her hands with quick hand gestures. The knapsack henges into a wallet before she repeats the hand gestures to henge herself into the appearance of the guard that she had knocked out earlier. Clenching the wallet in her hand, Yuzuna gives another glance over her shoulder as Yasushi appears fast approaching through the trees.

The mist shinobi were both hit with the attacks, but it seemed that the attacks went through them and they regrew with a slow, oily coalescence that before multiple shuriken would be thrown yet again from the strange apparitions. All of them seemed directed at Sinoe, Goh being ignored for the time being.
Rather easily out pacing the Hyuuga minx, Yasushi would cut her off and eye her dangerously even as she attempted to be a mist nin. "I see…" he would state simply and leave it at that before charging in to destroy her. His body would move with an extremely swift power, destroying flesh and maybe bone if not branch and trunk with his fists. The blade of his he sent out earlier would whirl near silently to flank his opposition with a rotating slash towards her legs. "You will not simply walk away after attacking our borders."

Goh chills out in Reiko, the Salamander. It seems he is likely aware of what is going on outside, but is keen on letting Sinoe handle things. She was eager to prove herself, after all! "Man. I hope they get here soon."

Flipping around, she avoids one kunai before another slams into her arm. She winces and pulls it free, racing toward the guy who hit her and she spins around. She kicks upward with a nasty ass upward kick that sends him flying up into the air, her body jumping to follow. As she arrives in the air she spins around and connects with two vicious kicks that slam the enemy nin into a tree and then he flops to the ground. She than looks at the others and eyes them carefully, shaking her head, "I hope those two get here soon."

Satoru continues to move toward the meeting spot, quickly forming a single hand-seal, that being Ram, and then he disappears in a swirl of leaves. A moment later, the Jounin flickers into sight only to notice Sinoe is under attack. Without hesitation, his gloved hands blur through a set of seals before exhaling a deadly powerful gust toward the aggressors in an attempt to ride them from the area. "Did Yuzuna-san arrive yet?" His dark eyes scan the area, looking for the Hyuuga Chuunin before turning his attention toward Sinoe.

Yuzuna blinks at the sheer speed of the shinobi as Yasushi seems to appear in front of her, catching her off guard as he charges and connects his first attack. Drops of blood escape her mouth at the sudden impact, though she pushes through the pain as her hands blur with speed, forming hand signs and just as the blade whirls and aims for her legs, it slashes through the bottom part of the tree log, smoking dimly. With the henge still in place, she quickly henges again into a little girl around the age of eight years old, her head snapping as she takes off quickly on foot through the forest, trying to get to the meeting point before being discovered again.

The blade would never even touch his hand before it would arc up in to the air and swoop down towards the "little girl". Yasushi would flash from existence, moving to intercept her once more by reaching out to grasp her neck within his powerful grip and slam her through a tree as well as the terrain below him after the swoop of his blade would have made a pass at her with it's ebon edge. "I told you… you will not escape me." Yasushi would growl lowly, nearly predatorial in the way he spoke now. He would he gazing at her with a ruthless stare as his blade slipped between the both of them and moved to slide up under her jaw against her throat.

With the sudden arrival of Satoru, the little Salamander on the ground peeks up a little to spot the Uchiha obliterating the enemies. Oy.
Goh inside seems to look up a little bit, furrowing his brow. So, Satoru had arrived safe and sound.. Yet Yuzuna had not. And that lightning before… The blonde had a bad feeling about this for sure. He doesn't say anything for now, opting to remain inside the Salamander to keep the jutsu open. For all they knew, she could come bounding through the trees right now and need a quick escape! But still.. this heavy atmosphere sort of decided against that. As the Salamander opens its mouth, one can hear Goh's voice!
"She isn't here, Satoru! Go back! Find her! There was a massive bolt of red lightning before coming from where I think she was."

Looking at the arriving Satoru, she dodges another attack and once more does the same combo. The man falls to the ground and utters out a slow breath as he stops moving. He looks at Satoru directly, "Like he said." She nods to Goh, "She didn't make it here. Want me to go back with you?" She hmms and glances at him carefully, "We need to get her out and she can't be left alone against enemies like this?" She nods her head and then looks at the two downed ninja before looking back to Satoru for orders.

Without a single word, Uchiha Satoru firmly nods and quickly forms a seal; the sand around him swirls to mask his movements as he disappears without answering the Chuunin. Without a trace, the Jounin flickers into view upon a building, leaping from roof to roof toward the general area where his teammate entered. His dark eyes trace the surrounding areas, looking down into alleyways and roads, until finally coming across Yasushi and Yuzuna. As he kneels on the building, chakra begins form out of his stamina before calling down to his teammate, "Get in position to flee, Yuzuna-san." Of course, this would be done after she defends… if she defends successfully.

It happens too quickly to be human, her weight suddenly slammed against as Yuzuna is sent painfully through a splintering tree and into a second, the blade slashing at her. The Hyuuga girl cries out from the sudden pain, weight pressed against the tree as her pale eyes peer at the approaching Yasushi. Coughing with another splatter of blood, the corner of her lips tugs with a slight smirk at him. "Yeah, I heard you the first time… I honestly do not give a shit…" Yuzuna murmurs darkly. At Satoru's cry, her pale eyes snap upwards at where he is, her expression twisting from surprise to anger as her voice redoubles, "BAKA! YOU DO NOT TELL YOUR ENEMY WHERE YOU ARE!!"
COMBAT: Yuzuna finishes her turn.
COMBAT: It is now Yasushi's turn.

Yasushi wouldn't even be amused enough to smirk at this situation. "She is correct." He would state before he was behind Satoru. Not turning towards, not in transit to, simply behind, and if he was successful at taking him off guard, Satoru would be slashed wide open and electricity would be crackling through his form. Strangely however, Yasushi's blade was still up against Yuzuna's pale little neck, pressing enough to make her bleed a little, and even seeming to sadistically wobble up and down to aggravate the tiny cut. "You will return what you stole, or you will die." Yasushi would say, all jovialness gone from him. Nothing but cold death in his voice.

The Salamander twirls about, getting ready for the Uchiha to return with Yuzuna. Surely there didn't need to be another Jounin to help? Goh sort of sits on the fleshy substance of the insides of Reiko, pondering what to do. "Hmmm."

Despite being recently promoted, Sinoe is surprised by him taking off and frankly, she's not exactly pleased at the idea of being left. With a burst of speed she starts running after the body flickering away Jounin. She rushes after him and shakes her head, "I can't let him fight alone and I can't let her die alone." She nods as she runs off despite what Goh said, her movements quick but steady.

Satoru is slash dangerously across the chest, blood splattering down onto the roof-top as lightning crackles around his body, the Jounin falling to a knew shortly after. His dark eyes look over toward the Hyuuga Chuunin, noticing the blade hanging at her neck, causing his earlier assumptions to be true. "You're one of the Seven…" These words leave his mouth with no surprise, simply serious and grave. Quickly leaping backward, the lightning finally disperses and the wide open gash on his chest continues to spill blood for the time being. "…Anyways. On to the task at hand. I don't think we stole anything. You will have to speak to my teammate about that." A nod is sent down to the girl, perhaps giving her a hint or simply telling the other shinobi who he is speaking of. His attention remains divided between them both, making sure that blade does not cut her throat, and waiting to see what the Seven Swordsman is going to do.

Yuzuna open scowls as the blood splatters from Satoru's chest, her muscles tensing, as if preparing for a leap through she remains still under the blade held against her throat. She spits a light amount of her own blood from her mouth as she rolls her pale eyes, though she doesn't dare to shake her head, "Honestly. Do you think we really have the balls to steal anything from you? Especially with that scene at the bridge, it would be pointless and idiotic to do something so reckless. Not to mention suicidal." she answers, her otherwise velvet voice gruff from the amount of attacks she's endured so far.

"So instead you maneuvered all the way around this island, simply for a hit and run attack. Do not attempt to play me for a fool. Even if it is the case, you have attacked my men on our soil and killed some of them. You have already forfeited your lives." Yasushi would state before, for the first time, actually taking up a stance with an extremely powerful grace as he faced Satoru. "You are both my prisoners until I get bored with you and simply toss you off the most convenient bottomless chasm I can find. Submit or perish here and now." The blade would swiftly slide over Yuzuna's neck… but luckily for her it did no damage, instead, the tip point at her from about 6 inches from between her eyes. Meanwhile, Yasushi would begin to quite literally simply try to beat sense in to the stubborn Uchiha, as he was the one who was reported wrecking the place to begin with.

"Damn." Goh grunts, watching as Sinoe takes off after Satoru. Guess there was nothing more to do! "Looks like the escape method has changed. Gotta roll with it. Let's go, Reiko." The little Salamander moves to bury itself within the ground, traversing underneath at a blistering speed. It looks like the new extraction point is.. further down southwards! At this speed, he should be there soon. Just… not soon enough.
"Hang on guys.. The World Ranker is on his way!" World ranker of pickled veggies, he is of course talking about. But for now, they're on their own.

Arriving on the scene, Sinoe seems to spot two things and then nods, "Don't move!" She declares to Yuzuna and than simply keeps moving. She seemed to make her decision and jumps up toward Yuzuna with a flying kick, attempting to kick right into the blade so that it is knocked away from Yuzuna and her neck, "Dynamic Entry!" She declares as she lands and spins around in hopes that Yuzuna has a chance to break free.

Satoru remains calm, watching the Seven Swordsman of the Mist begin to move toward him, however when hearing the call of another one of his teammates, he begins to move himself. The first punch is ducked under, the force of the strike felt in the air that follows, and as the second comes forth, he twists to the side while forming the Ram seal, his body disappearing from sight as the third strike hits only air. Reappearing at the edge where the Kirigakure Shinobi once stood, he runs through a set of seals which ends with tiger before taking a deep inhale, so much his chest puffs up. After a second of gathering chakra, the Uchiha Jounin exhales in three powerful intervals, sending very large fireballs that take the shape of a dragon's head, threatening to burn him to ash if he does not somehow avoid it. "Get moving. Goh-san is most likely on his way here." A wince from his dark brown eyes, noting the deep gash on his chest, though luckily it has begun to slowly stop bleeding.

Yuzuna growls darkly at Yasushi before her pale eyes are forced to gaze at the threat of the blade hovering in front of her, something in her stomach hardening uncomfortably with the brief fear that her eyes may be sliced from her head. A fate that every Hyuuga would rather die than suffer with, their Byakugan and pride torn from their very bodies. The screamed command almost goes unnoticed before Sinoe spin kicks the threatening blade from her face. Blinking her pales eyes at it, pain wrenches through her as she coughs up some blood, crimson splattering on her lip as she scowls and lifts a hand to wipe it away with the back of her hand. "Uchiha-teme, run…" she growls, snapping her intense gaze to Satoru before turning and sprinting towards the meeting spot once more, making sure that Sinoe and Satoru were following her as they ran for their safety.

Shifting with an absolutely perfect blur of movement to the side before leaping and rotating his body laterally over a second large and flaming dragon's head, Yasushi's body was tenses as a spring while he seemed to almost float over the barrage of destruction. Flicking his wrist, a trio of kunai would be launched from his hand after dropping from his sleeve towards Yuzuna, and the levitating blade would attack Sinoe viciously with chaotic, twirling swipes and slashes that were impossible for any normal sword wielder to perform. Yasushi himself would attempt to land with both feet on to Satoru's head and quite literally attempt to ride him down off the top of it to crash in to the ground below. However, in either case, he would be right on Yuzuna's trail. He had no words for them, he had told them to leave what they stole and they might live, they chose not to listen.

Reiko, the Salamander, awaits nearby for the others to come close. Of course, with a battle going on, there's not much Goh can do other than keep the technique going. Sighing briefly, he awaits. At this rate, they may have to drop the items they stole.

The kunai sails by her as she flips out of the way and then looks at the blade she knocked out of the way before looking then at Yuzuna. She glances back at the man who threw a kunai at her and at Satoru. She nods to Yuzuna before running suddenly toward Yasushi. She eyes him deeply as she runs at him and then slides downward, turning and kicking upward with a side kick that will go straight up for his jaw. If the kick is successful, she'll end up behind him, spinning around for a pair of kicks into him. Even if he doesn't go flying, she'll still try to launch the kicks on him, "Sorry, we can't stay and play." She states as she hits him, attempting to give Yuzuna a moment to get to the Salamander.

The large dragon heads of hot fire are avoided and Satoru watches this, however, he does not seem phased by it. A look goes down toward the other while both hands are formed into the Ram seal before he flickered from sight, avoiding the head-sled technique the tribal-marked Kaguya was trying to use on him. Reappearing between the brute and the Hyuuga Chuunin, he orders, "Both of you. Move toward the escape route we outlined and if I don't show up in exactly five minutes… then leave." His tone is deadly serious, his face completely set on the Mist Swordsmen with a deadpan look in his eyes. A furious blur of seals from his gloved hands and he inhales deeply, gathering chakra and mixing it before letting out a powerful exhale, in which aims a extremely powerful blast of wind that can possibly level almost anything in its path. "Now! Get moving!"

The kunai buries deep into her back just beneath her shoulder blade, causing Yuzuna to falter in her hard sprint, choking back a scream of pain as she grits her teeth together in determination. She snaps her head back to glare over her shoulder, pale eyes watching the fight as Sinoe tried to deter Yasushi away from them. Her gaze snap towards Satoru, narrowing in thought before growling to herself in irritation and looking forward again, panting hard as she tries to push more momentum into her speed.

Yasushi kept his eyes bored in to the back of Yuzuna as she tried her best to flee and faltered due to the kunai in her back. Sinoe would appear in front of him and send a bone cracking kick right up in to his jaw, and he would /ignore/ it visibly. "This has never been a game." he would state to her as she'd still attempt to kick him, his palm striking for her chest as a blade of bone ripped from his flesh in to hers, holding her up a moment before it would retract rapidly. Yasushi would rapidly twirl from his location as the wind powerfully blew past, and he would bound off of a tree past Satoru, leaving his sword to attack him wildly from strange and unique angles. Yasushi would jet for Yuzuna, trying to grab her neck from behind, uproot her from the ground, and then shove her face in to it with his powerful arm. If he could not, she would slip away.

Falling down after the attack, she is holding her chest where the palm struck her. She stares at Yasushi and then looks at the others. She frowns at Satoru before looking than at Yuzuna. She attempts to try to get to the attack before it gets to Yuzuna but can't. She looks to Satoru, "If Yuzuna doesn't get away, it is all for not." She shakes her head and tries to move between Yuzuna and Yasushi, shaking her head, "Run, Yuzuna, you have to go first." If Yuzuna starts to run, she'll follow.

Satoru looks toward the two of them, hearing the one girl explain the situation, something he did not need considering the look on his face; One of gritted teeth. He knows the situation they are in and he is trying to give them enough time to flee, so as he forms a seal and flickers away from the living blade, he tries to intercept the attack aimed on the Hyuuga Chuunin, but fails. A low moan comes from his throat, he begins to blur through seals before a deep inhale is taken, so much his chest expands. "Great Dragon Fire!" This is yelled as a distraction as three powerful intervals of exhaling occurs, shooting the same large dragon heads of fire from before, straight toward the tribal-marked Kaguya. "Get out of here. I will hold him off." A look goes toward the brute and he states, "I know you like to fight, so ignore them and fight me."

Yuzuna suddenly gasps for air as she is lifted hard into the air with a hand wrapped tightly around her throat, wheezing only for a short moment before she is slammed downwards into the ground, cracking the earth beneath her from the power with it. The young Hyuuga's form relaxes from the impact, body limp with a pool of crimson blood slowly starting to gather within the crevice.

Yasushi's body would flip and sort of kip itself in the air, strangely rotating his body in a diagonal tumble to barely squeeze between two of the three dragon heads, and tumbling under the third. It was as if he knew exactly how the Uchiha was going to attack him before he did it. "I am done with you, Shinobi of the leaf." he would state before once again seemingly just appearing on the other side of Satoru as the tree near by would slowly slide and creak before falling to the ground with a loud mix of braking branches, rustling and crushing leaves, and the sheer mass of tons of wood hitting the ground. Reaching to grab up Satoru (should he be hit), by his collar with one hand, and watching the black bladed legendary weapon hover over the wounded and unconscious Hyuuga, Yasushi would state, "Are you still interesting in "playing" with me girl?" in an utterly unamused tone.

Looking to the fallen Konoichi beside her, Sinoe shows a hint of fear before finally locking herself into her pose. She puts her feet together, her arm behind her and holds her right fist out. She watches him send a blade toward Satoru and rushes forward, attempting once again to send her foot up under his jaw and then jump after him for another stellar combo of both feet slamming into him. If she succeeds, it could give them their chance…failure could mean the end of it. Either way, Sinoe was not giving up hope.

Getting hit by whatever the hell he was hit by, he hits the bloody ground and then is picked up by the collar, unable to move and he says, "We surrender. Just get us medical attention… please." He then coughs blood that would most likely splatter on the man's chest.

Satoru still in hand, Yasushi would out maneuver the multiple kicks sent his way, and counter attack afterwards with a flurry of his own. Relentlessly, he would send his kicks after the girl, his expression looking rather annoyed at the futile persistence. His free, gauntleted hand would also attempt to slam in to her chest, grab her up roughly, and send her body flying towards the downed tree with powerful momentum.

Staring at her opponent, she is like a quick bug that will not be squashed. She shakes her head, "That's it!" She states and then closes her eyes tightly, "I will not allow you to win this!" She rushes forward for a spinning kick, each one trying to slam into him before she simply lets her momentum carry her and she declares it, "Double Leaf Great Whirlwind!" Has she invented a new attack?! No, not really but the double combo might have a chance to be quite brutal, "Leaf Nin do not give up!"

Another bloody cough and Satoru is fading from consciousness, his dark brown eyes dilating as they roll into the back of his head, listening to the Chuunin call out declarations while attacking. "Stop." A cough follows his faint voice. "Surrender Sinoe-san. It's no use…" His attention turns toward the Kaguya, before asking, "Are you Kirigakure *cough* Shinobi civil enough to give your prisoners' medical treatment? *cough**cough* What use would… we be dead, after all…"

Yasushi was breathing a bit heavily now, but he seemed still calm and composed considering the circumstances. His body moved and leaned to the side rapidly as the kicks came, and suddenly, Sinoe was pierced from behind by his legendary blade. "The Will of Fire… ridiculous." He would say to her face with a careless gaze. The blade would churn in her back a bit before ripping itself free. "All of you are willing to die over some pieces of paper. You probably don't even know what you've stolen. And here you all lay.. bleeding and half dead. Correction… you will die shortly."
COMBAT: Yasushi finishes his turn.
COMBAT: It is now Sinoe's turn.

Taking the hit, Sinoe flips back over and lands in a crumpled heap. She looks at Satoru and then looks at herself and shakes her head, "No." She states, "We give up." She than looks up at him, "And I was not fighting just now for a piece of paper." She swallows as she curls up some, "I was fighting for my family." She nods her head and then lays there, holding the cut in her. After a moment she pushes up to a kneeling position, trying to hold the wound and watch her opponent, not sure if he'll take her surrender or keep attacking.

Satoru is still held by this shinobi's hand, watching the girl attack without any real success AND then take a blade to the back. A low groan leaves his throat before hearing her surrender, a faint nod given to her. "That's it. We.. surrender." A coughing fit occurs, blood shooting from his mouth toward the man's tribal-marked chest before looking back to the Hyuuga Chuunin. "Please… Medical assistance…"

"I have no obligation to heal you…" Yasushi would say as he'd wield his blade for ONCE during this whole ordeal and move to thrust it in to Satoru's chest. However, An even more powerful hand would grip his wrist. Yasushi's eyes would flash a glare at who would dare grasp him like that, however, he would calm and pant with fatigue finally as Mitsuo, the Mizukage was whom he saw. "We can use them to bargain Konoha's yielding further action, Yasushi." Closing his eyes, he would nod in silence before several shinobi would come to gather them up. A salamander that had been watching would crawl away from the area swiftly, disappearing from view or suspicion.

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