Into the Inferno - Snuffing out the Flames


Hanami (emitter), Arashi, Naruko, Rise (as Ren)

Date: February 13, 2017


During a mission to investigate some strange deaths the team composing of Arashi, Naruko, and Ren no Tsuki end up encountering an injured and exhausted Hanami on the run from two assassins that were part of a group that killed the leader of a group of bandits that were causing problems in Kumo and which Hanami had been undercover with. The assassins were subdued and captured, though the original mission was left unsolved due to the interruption but signs pointed to the culprits having escaped several days before the Kumo-nin had arrived anyways.

"Into the Inferno - Snuffing out the Flames"

Southwest of Kumo in the Land of Lightning

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