Introducing: Misaki!


Misaki, Ogosokamaru, Hiei, Hiroyasu

Date: April 24, 2013


Misaki travels to Konoha with Ogo, and meets her team. But is she happy about that?

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Introducing: Misaki!"

Land of fire

Misaki would have been summoned to the administration hall, in the large front foyer area to wait for her new team leader. Reizei Ogosokamaru. Word had been sent to him that he needed to be here at this time. The usually full day-trip of nonstop running for eighteen hours would have had to started last night for him to get here. Or the normal way by cart and buggy over three days for normal folk. Ogo left maybe three hours ago from Konohagakure.
He arrives at the front of the done just outside the doorway with not much more than a gush of wind coming in behind him and a light crunch of dirt from the street before he steps into the building.

He was quiet, almost ominous and foreboding as he glanced at Misaki before leadership would grab him and pull him into the office without even a word to the disgruntled Genin Jinchuuriki.

"Ogosokamaru-san. It has been decided for a long time that you will be given charge of the Jinchuuriki. Do you have any doubts before you leave this office? If so, speak now. You might not get a chance to decline before it's too la-"

Ogosokamaru interrupted. "If you didn't think I could do it, why did you nominate me?" And almost obediently to the original decision, Ogo steps out of the office without another word and steps up to Misaki. He holds out her ninja identification card that he recieved those few weeks ago prior to her graduation. It was just a copy anyhow. After looking between it and her for a moment, he tucks it back into his pocket.

"Sayamoto Misaki. The rest of the team is in Konohagakure. We are under their charge for the duration of a few months. Go pack your things. You have a half an hour before we leave." He would then turn to head towards the door at a walking pace.

Misaki was already in the administration building. Five minutes early as her Bijuu taught her. Always be early, always talk with respect… Stupid cat with his stupid respect and his stupid manners. Can't nobody ever relax in this town! She's already brewing in annoyance when Ogo arrives and then disappears again. When he comes back and gazes at her cards she blows air out of her nose… A slight wrinkle resides in her forehead and her ears are bright red…. - him -

A foreign slow voice erupts in her skull, coaxing her. "Do not worry, Reizei-sama will be a good teacher. He will take care of you." She squints while looking at Ogo. "I don't need him." She says to… no one in particular… followed by a sigh in her head. "Misaki-" She arrogantly twists her head out of the way, crossing her arms arrogantly. "Him has a name, and deserves your respect." Misaki has already started her stroll to her place. She wouldn't need to pack a lot of things. She didn't own that much anyways.

On her way towards the gates Misaki glares into the sky. "Why him…?" She thinks to herself… even looking at Ogo brings back images of that night. "Answers will come in time.." She sighs, trying to mentally block that stupid cat out. There… peace and quiet. "I am ready…" She states firmly once she notices Ogo, a sack danging over her shoulder with her items neatly folded in, whatever clothing and ninja equipment she deemed neccasery to carry. "Why- do I need to be with a team again?" She says arrogantly at Ogo, not even giving him a second respectful glance, in fact… it's almost as if she's looking away on purpose.

Even though she's a Jinchuuriki, not a lot of those strengths have revealed themselves to anyone. Her reluctancy to hurt others from her own village in unison with the fact the Bijuu tries to teach her not to rely on him made it hard to even realize she has a Bijuu. Sure… she healed at an exceptional rate. But even that she didn't flaunt. Her better than average stamina was also something she kept to herself. So all in all, she was just another genin… One with an attitude!

Ogosokamaru was waiting patiently, looking out over her (due to height difference) and when she looks away, it falls on.. nothing. Ogo wasn't even paying attention to her attitude and annoyance. Or even answering her question! "We will be going at a quick pace. You must keep up with me if we are to make it back on time." On time for -what-!? He was doing this on purpose, ignoring the negative and focusing on what was at hand. And now, without further ado or beating around the rock (Kumo phrase), he turns to the gates and starts walking, of all things. In the back of his mind, her talking to herself was another quest for attention, not knowing a bijuu could talk to the host just yet. He did remember though one jinchuuriki he fought at the world tournament some months ago, almost a year now. Maybe all of them are crazy.

Misaki sighs and follows Ogo. She likes it when he's quiet… No wait she doesn't… Late for what? Announceit! "Misaki!" Shut up! … She runs up to walk up next to Ogo. "Where are we going again?" She tries again, before walking at her own pace. Surely lagging behind if Ogo picks up the pace. She doesn't seem to care much! She's his responsibility anyways. And what's he going to do? Hit a girl!? … No she's taking her bloody time… Misaki your Sensei gave you an order. "So?" So listen! She humphs and just look away again, as if that shuts the stupid cat up, who just sighs.

"Konohagakure. In the Land of Fire," he says plainly. Once she's done arguing with herself, Ogo stops for a moment, and looks to the side of the path where there is a few rocks of different shapes and sizes. "First training exercise. Grab one of those rocks." All of them were at least the size of her head, and probably a good twenty pounds each. "I'll show you something that will help you later on."

She reluctantly looks at the rocks. Then at Ogo… then at the rocks. "You have - got - to be kidding me." She says while the voice in her head cracks down on her again. "Yea yea I got it…" She says again to no one in particular, reaching for a rock and … Lifting it up, slightly wobbly at first, but she seems capeable, using her muscles correctly and bending through her legs to pick up the rock. Using her shoulders and a straight spine to support it. "Now what?" She says at Ogo…. Squinting her eyes. ~"Now what Ogosokamaru-sama"~ … *Sigh* "Now what Ogosokamaru-sama" She says reluctantly… ~Good~ …

Ogo nods short and concisely when she picks it up. "You'll see very soon." And with that, he turns, and breaks into a run. Not so fast that she wouldn't be able to keep up -with- the rock in tow, but it's not going to be comfortable or fun. "Let's go!" He says right before he took off.

She simply drops the rock and begins walking after him at her own pace. "You go right ahead.." ~Hmm?~ "Ogosokamaru-sensei.." …. She snickers and crosses her arms. Hah! She told'm! She commences her proud stride at her own pace following Ogo, a cheeky smile residing on her face, her aubern eyes looking at him challengingly. He didn't warrent her respect. Oh no, she had no clue who he was, or what he was… Other than the fact he looks older and apperently runs a team she doesn't need. "Do you think he'll let me go home if I keep this up?" She asks, but there is no reply.

A slight gush of wind from behind Misaki, and an arm over her shoulder reaches to hold that rock. Maybe she saw him dissappear from the trail in front of her. "You dropped this." He says plainly. Not to mention, on the other side of her, was another rock the same size. "You made it lonely by leaving it by itself. So here, it now has a friend if you won't care for it." And he wouldn't even give her a chance to decline, pushing both rocks towards her abdomen where her arms could cradle each one. "Drop them again and I'm tying them to you. Now, are you ready to pick up the pace? Or do I have to drag you this whole way by the ankle?"

Her jaw drops as she gets handed a second stone. She opens her mouth to complain, but the slightly burn of chakra in her stomach makes her rethink that. "Alright alright! Sheez!…" She braces the stones up against herself and starts following Ogo, somewhat adhering to his pace. If he ties them to me I'll just cut them off…. She looks into the sky and ponders… A sketch of her cutting off rocks with Ogo adding two for each rock she cuts off playing in her mind like a tape, at some point she's buried in head shaped rocks. No… Not a disereable outcome. Her Bijuu however cracks a chuckle. Happy he's got someone to help him look after her.

~It's good training~ … "Weren't you going to shut up?" She sighs and jogs after Ogosakamaru, that is, untill her foot hooks behind something and she plants into the ground face first… her nose bleeding, a couple of scratches on her body… "I'm good.." She states, already grabbing the rocks and ignoring the nosebleed, picking up the pace again as if nothing happened. A keen eye can spot the minor cuts on her face have already closed with a very thin sizzling huff of smoke rising from them…

Her question about shutting up got Ogo's attention, but he specifically ignored it, though he turns around when she trips. No, he didn't speed over and catch her when she fell. But he was watching when she picked herself back up again. The wounds healing that rapidly was of major note, and Ogo mentally made said note to bring back up later. For now, he just walks like they were just heading to the store to pick up groceries, not heading to Konoha to meet up with the rest of their team.
"Math question. It's five hundred miles, at five miles an hour. How long will it take us to get to Konohagakure without stopping?" Does he never cease?

"It takes us exactly-" ~Don't you dare missy!~ … Misaki sighs "Hundred hours… Ogosokamaru-sensei." She states, her nosebleed has stopped as well, she didn't do anything to stop it… it just did, merely the crust of the previous stream of blood remains. She still carries the rocks, being fairly used to them by now. "Question for you, how does one get such an ugly face..?"

She snickers, finding herself and her childish humor hilarious. Though the punishment has already started, the Bijuu ranting and ranting about her disrespect and how she needs to stop. She ducks her head already as if her father is giving her a rant of doom… Before Ogo can even respond. "Okay okay sorry!" She says even before he gets a chance to retort. "I didn't mean it that way… sheez!" She sighs and runs ahead of Ogo… Picking up the speed significantly.

Ogo was ready for this. Even if he wasn't, this was a game he knew very well, but more than just a game when he did it. And again, Ogo was moving so quickly that he went off of the path, ahead of her, and up in front of a rock formation, only to casually step out in front of her, then start pulling away. "You finally picked up the pace. Now, how much time is that in days?" Was he serious?

Misaki perks an eyebrow at him. "Little over four days." She concludes with a quiet groan. "Four days and four hours or so." She says… being iffy on the exact math. But close enough. She gazes at Ogo. "Say why aren't you carrying a rock? Lazy bones!" This time she was saying it with a more friendly undertone… Though still, she has the cahoonas to stand up to him! In fact, it doesn't seem like she cares much at all. "Why am I here?" She asks after matching his speed… and … Trying to pass him? She's clearly pressing herself… Though unlike Hiei and Hiro… She seems to have the Stamina to actually keep it up for twice as long!

Ogo looks around them. "Ah, here's mine." And he reaches over and picks up a rock that's barely a stone able to skip! "This is the one I train with."
And without hesitation, he lashes his arm out to the side, right at the center of a much larger rock that would be more appropriate for him to strap to his back and carry this whole way. But, nothing happens, the smaller stone bounces off the larger rock and lands between them at their feet. Very anticlimatic indeed.
"Now that I've done my training for the day, we'll be going now." And he turns around to start walking once again down the path.
If she were to walk with him, she might hear something behind her. If she were to stay and complain or retort or holler, that same large rock would crack a little at the spot the smaller stone hit it. Another light rumble, and the larger stone would quickly rend into about six or seven pieces, with one or two of them falling off to the side of the base, an epogee to it's former glory as a boulder.

Misaki sighs while he throws the stone against the larger stone… Who assigned this JOKE to her. She gazes at him. See what an idiot this is? She asks her Bijuu in her mind… No answer, she just runs up to try and catch up to him… He's fast, I'll give him that. ~"Look behind you.~ She turns around and watches the stone slide apart, perking an eyebrow. Beginners luck… She concludes while picking up her pace even more. "You so fast because you run away from everything?" She says at Ogo tauntingly. Perking an eyebrow at her sensei. Now… she might be trouble if this spills over to Hiei and Hiro.

Ogo doesn't stop or look at her. He simply answers with another question. "Is it any different than what you're doing right now? Trying to get away from your problems with snide words and angst? Get the rubble off of your shoulder before you admire the sand on someone elses." And with that, he would stop talking. He wasn't angry or grumpy. Just his normal self which might just be both of those anyway. The rest of the trip could go this way, and he wouldn't bat an eye at her jests, taunts, feisty attitude or bold questions. She might end up in Konoha with eight rocks on her back while dragging a dead tree trunk down the road by ninja wire.

Misaki didn't just have Ogo and his antics to deal with. The Bijuu wouldn't shut up either. Why today of all days? She does earn herself another rock when she gets fed up with carrying two at some point… Dropping one silently; ofcourse Ogo notices, already grabbing a third rock and her other rock and dumping it on her with a firm look… It was enough for her to carry it along with the other two… And yet she doesn't relent. She keeps running, at a moderate yet firm pace. And she doesn't seem to be sweating much about it either. Not even the extra weight holding her down. Sure she can feel it straining her muscles, but she somehow can find the strenth somewhere to just move on and follow along Ogo's pacing.



Found here are several windmills made out of a dark wood expanding into the distance. Each windmill sways at its one pace, the windmills within this area appear beautiful but children tend to not be allowed to wander here due to the danger of the blades that can suddenly turn faster. A small river stream snakes its way through the area before finally entering a hill section further in the distance. There are no trees or birds seen here, simply the windmills and short green grass.



The fact that it's a four day walk/slow cart ride to Konoha from Kumogakure, a day and a half run, or by the bird flies probably ten hours, would make the fact that Ogosokamaru left the day prior at sunrise, and returned last night under cover of night with an additional person, lays claim to his speed and stamina. The second person: the newest member to team Ogosokamaru. Misaki.

Ogo would knock on her door (more like banging, amazing he didn't knock it off the sliding guides) and tell her to get up, and grab one of her rocks to bring with, and then lead her to an area that was sparce of people, but windmills were amazingly beautiful in the morning glow and haze.

Misaki was sleeping in her bed the way she always sleeps. Wearing pink jammies, one leg and one arm sticking out of the bed, one foot up against the wall, the other behind her head which is almost falling off the side. A big anime-ish white bubble wheezing up and down from her nose, it pops after the bangs on the door. "Where the debut… Oh right we.. Konoha…" She yawns and glides out of her bed, about to just walk out in her pajama's, remember to get dressed right before she leaves, noticing the three stones… "Bagara." She hisses to herself. ~Hey!~ Matatabi hisses at her. "Apologies…" She hisses back, gazing the door, now wearing her Genin summer outfit which suits her nicely. Yawning and fixing up her hair in front of the mirror, making it frame her face nicely.

"There.." She says, grabbing one of the rocks… and carrying it. Suprisingly, running untill she literally fainted didn't seem to have exausted her a bit. She was fresh and chirpy when she arrived running at Ogo with the rock. Dropping it by his feet (on his feet if he doesn't step out of the way.) "Now what?" She says, pressing her fists into her sides and gazing at him with her wide auburn eyes. ~Wow, look at the scenery.~ … She doesn't respond to the flaming cat, who decides its probably better to appreciate things some other time.

Hiei rose early this morning, in fact if Ogo looked for him in his room, he would find him gone already. Having had an early breakfast, Hiei had come out to the windmill to train in solitude. Once they enter the area, they could see him, clad in his shinobi outfit and gear, working with his sword in a desire to further perfect his craft. He had been serious when he told Hiroyasu that he would devote his every waking moment to pushing himself, attempting to reach the next level of skill. His sword flashes in the sunlight as he does battle with an imaginary opponent. His arm and leg weights are firmly attached to his body, making every movement as difficult as possible. But he would have it no other way.
Hiei was so into what he was doing, that at first he wouldn't notice the arrival of his sensei, or notice that he had another person with him.

How did he know? Or did he have other rocks just like hers on him all the time? "Your rock looks lonely." And from behind him (however he kept it there) was another one of her rocks! "Here." And lo and behold, the rock she dropped was still on his foot. He'd kick it up and catch it, handing them both to her. "I already told you don't put your rock down. It will feel lonely." And now, he turns to walk to the more populated area of Konoha, the food stands. "Don't get into trouble. Hiei, break down the rules to her you've learned thus far. Misaki, same to Hiei, if you can even remember." And out of sight he blinks, a small poof of dust where his feet were, and a small pull of wind to where he was a moment before.

"I already don't like him.." She says while turning towards the other Genin, arrogantly twisting her face away. ~"Misaki, show some respect!"~ … "No.." ~Misaki-kun!~ The cat yells, with Misaki sighing, turning towards Hiei. "Yo…" She just says silently, grabbing her stomach… You can see some smoke rise even if you look really closely. "Okay okay!" She says, bowing at Hiei. "Greeting Hiei-san, I am Misaki." She rolls her his, throwing the Bijuu in her mind a -happy now- thought. The cat remains silent. She then just walks off before Hiei can even respond, sitting down on a fallen tree, crossing her legs, dropping the rocks while she's at it.

Hiei pauses in his training when Ogo speaks his name. Though before the Genin has a chance to even question his sensei, he's gone. "Sensei..I.." He sighs slightly as he slips the sword back into the sheath in the small of his back. Then, he turns his gaze towards Misaki and blinks. He thinks to himself. 'Looks like Sensei made good on his threat. He got a cute girl for our last team member.' He slaps his own forehead to put his thoughts back in the right order before approaching her. When she introduces herself, he says, "Yotsuki Hiei..It's a pleasure to.." And then she abruptly turns away and he sighs. "…meet you." He wanders over towards where she sits on the fallen tree, but makes sure to keep his distance. He was getting some angry vibes off her. "Um..welcome to Team Ogosokamaru?"

She casts a glare up at him. "You're annoying." She simply concludes, before sighing. ~How often do I need to explain this to you…~ … She sighs deeply. "Arigato." She states, though still with an annoyed undertone. "And I swear more rules and I'll explode." She rests her arms on her knees and gazes up at Hiei. "Why are you swinging your sword in the air. What did air ever do to you?" She angles her head and crosses her arms. The Bijuu wants to take over to explain that she means well… Realizing full well that having a fifteen foot tall burning cat facing you suddenly probably wouldn't have the desired effect.

Hiei's eyes widen slightly when she tells him that he's annoying. He's silent a moment, trying to figure how he's been annoying when all he's done is say hello and introduce himself. But when she asks him why he's swinging his sword at air, he replies. "Training. Ogo-Sensei forbids me from sparring, so my only other alternative is to practice alone." He looks at the rocks that she set down and smirks. "I see he's given you rocks, too. Just like Hiroyasu's boulder buddy. He's the third Genin of our team. You'll probably meet him a little later. As for me." He holds up his arms, showing her the weights and then points to his legs. "We carry them around at all times. It's supposed to increase our speed and strength." Another pause. "If you don't mind me asking, what have I done to make you angry with me?"

"Boulder buddy?" She was about to snarl at him but it was as if something stopped her. Her mouth closes again. "Why does he forbid you from sparring?" She asks, cracking her knuckles… She could use something to beat up… And he didn't forbid her from sparring… Even if he did, she wouldn't care. "When I was a student I refused to spar because I hit harder than expected. If I'd hurt everyone they'd hate me even more." She sighs and sits down, her chin resting in her palms. Sighing and gazing at the ground. Everything about her is just depressing, other than her bright and cute clothing and her general good looks.

Hiei explains. "The boulder buddy is what Hiro calls the large boulder that he carries on his back. He's adapted it so that he also uses it as a backpack." He flashes her a slight smile. "Well, we're not banned from sparring period, just with the Konoha shinobi. Something about causing an international incident. At least we can't spar them without permission. But being on the same team, we can spar each other as much as we want." He pauses. "Misaki-san…I'm not a great judge of women, but I'm kind of getting the vibe that you don't want to be here. I get that. Sensei can be a complete slave-driver, but you'll get used to it in time." However, when she states that she hits harder than most, his heart rate increases. "Why would people hate you? From other than the fact you come off as a bit of a brat."

"It's a rock.." She points at the rock she was previously holding. "It's not a buddy." … "It's a rock." She crosses her arms. "Why would people hate me? I don't know? Because I hit harder than most?" She throws him a glare as she calls her a bit of a brat. "Oh yea? A brat? You looking for trouble kid?" She looks at him with an eye cross. "Come on… you and me… right here…" She stands up. ~Misaki-kun! Stop!" Misaki stops in her tracks… sighing. "Sorry… I over-reacted." She states with a polite bow.

"I'm sorry for seeming a brat… It was not my intention. And I shouldn't have mocked your idiot friend." ~MISAKI~ … What he calls his boulder a BUDDY… ~Okay fair enough~ She smiles at her little heart to heart with the Bijuu, then at Hiei. "Okay… from the top… Do you wish to spar with me? Measure up our strength?" She asks, rubbing the back of her head with a shy blush.

Hiei narrows his gaze. "So you hit hard? So what. In my clan you'd be celebrated for that. I hit harder than most Genin, too." He shakes his head when she calls him a kid. "I'm probably older than you." Is all he says before moving away from her and motioning for her to follow. "You talk tough, but can you back it up?" He smirks. "And I wouldn't call Hiro an idiot. He's quirky, but he's probably smarter than you and I combined. So..let's do this."

Misaki bows once at him to show a little respect. Something she did pick up at the academy.

~Good~ The Bijuu remarks in her mind. ~Now hold back, unless he seems to be able to take it..~ Misaki smirks, thinking in responds: You wish!

"Lets go then Hiei-san!" She states while getting in a combat stance. She hasn't fought with live opponents much, but that doesn't make her less dangerous. Her strength lies in her sturdyness. She gets into a combat stance, and off she goes. Faster than anyone would expect, and more limber as well, ducking her head in down low as she suddenly goes onto all fours, sprinting like a cheetah in the last step, gaining even more speed while aiming a headbut right into Hiei's stomach, while she aethletically lifts up her legs aiming to clutch them around his neck and smack him into the ground by pulling her legs back. So he flips over her back onto his own back. Succes or not, she followes up with a mean elbow to the stomach.

COMBAT: Hiei defends against PHYSICAL(24) attack from Misaki with a DODGE…15
COMBAT: Hiei loses the roll and sustains 201 damage.
COMBAT: Hiei defends against PHYSICAL(22) attack from Misaki with a DODGE…15
COMBAT: Hiei loses the roll and sustains 193 damage.
COMBAT: Hiei defends against PHYSICAL(18) attack from Misaki with a DODGE…14
COMBAT: Hiei loses the roll and sustains 150 damage.

Hiei placed himself into a fighting stance and prepared himself, but he wasn't prepared for her speed. He wasn't prepared for her onslaught and finds himself lying on his back, staring up at the sky. He thinks to himself, 'She's awesome. She took me down before I even realized what was happening. Interesting fighting style thought. It'll take some adjusting.' For a moment, he has a dopey expression on his face before he remembers that he's in a spar and planting his hands by his head, he kicks his feet out and pops back up to a standing position. Wiping away a trickle of blood from the corner of his mouth, he offers Misaki a genuine smile. "Not bad. But I hope that's not all you got." Moving surprisingly fast for someone who's bound by weights, he aims an elbow towards he shoulder, spins in place and kicks out towars her legs and then throws an uppercut for her chin.

COMBAT: Misaki counters against a PHYSICAL(18) attack from Hiei with a PHYSICAL…21
COMBAT: Misaki has successfully countered the attack.
COMBAT: Misaki defends against PHYSICAL(23) attack from Hiei with a DODGE-II…21
COMBAT: Misaki loses the roll and sustains 152 damage.
COMBAT: Misaki defends against PHYSICAL(20) attack from Hiei with a DODGE-II…14
COMBAT: Misaki loses the roll and sustains 159 damage.

Misaki smiles instead his elbow gets answers by her ducking down and driving her shoulder onto him, countering him by pure strength and favorable position. She however is caught off guard by his low kick, stumbling back before the uppercut hits her near her mouth, the corner of it bleeding slightly. As a tooth clearly went through. She smiles, running her hand past her lip. What? The wound is closed? And there's smoking coming off? What sorcery is this?! She rushes foreward, aiming a kick into Hiei's stomach, followed by a flying knee to his face, and to add insult to injury she just grabs him by his outfit, tearing it if need be, using it as leverage to fling him across the area suprisingly hard.

COMBAT: Hiei defends against PHYSICAL(21) attack from Misaki with a DODGE…15
COMBAT: Hiei loses the roll and sustains 169 damage.
COMBAT: Hiei defends against PHYSICAL(22) attack from Misaki with a DODGE…19
COMBAT: Hiei loses the roll and sustains 159 damage.
COMBAT: Hiei defends against PHYSICAL(17) attack from Misaki with a DODGE…12
COMBAT: Hiei loses the roll and sustains 174 damage.
COMBAT: Hiei defends against PHYSICAL(12) attack from Misaki with a DODGE…23
COMBAT: Hiei wins the roll.

Despite getting beaten up, more or less, Hiei is having fun. Her strike to the face cracks his jaw, sending blood flying out in a small spray. He was still surprised that her wounds healed almost instantly. "What the.." And then he offs slightly when she hits him in the gut. However, when she went to grab him, he's just no longer there. Flipping away from her he lands several feet away and immediately begins to form hand seals. "Ninja Art: Lightning Needles." As the bolts of lightning surround his body and then fly on course for Misaki, he follows it up by running towards her, his hands going through a different set of hand seals before he points two fingers at her. "Lightning Release: Zap!" And then he follows that up by leaping into the air and spinning around, aiming a kick towards her upper body.

COMBAT: Misaki defends against LIGHTNING-NEEDLES(14) attack from Hiei with a DODGE-II…14
COMBAT: Misaki wins the roll.
COMBAT: Misaki defends against ZAP(18) attack from Hiei with a DODGE-II…27
COMBAT: Misaki wins the roll.
COMBAT: Misaki defends against PHYSICAL(26) attack from Hiei with a DODGE-II…26
COMBAT: Misaki wins the roll.

~Watch it, ninjutsu!~ The Bijuu says to her, she looks at the lightning needles, bracing, instead of moving out of the way she spots the needles and moves towards Hiei. Sidestepping his zap and just gliding out of the way of his kick, standing besides him now. "Hi." She says with a cute smile, aiming a swiping low kick to send him falling over, followed by a suprisingly flexible kick as she gets back up intended to send him gliding back a few meters.

She then rushes up at him, though instead of aiming a punch she runs straight past him, lifting her arm to meet his face as he recuperates, much like a WWE wrestler does, trying to floor him. Before she spins around. "You're not half-bad." She says with a cheeky smile afterwards. Thanking her catlike reflexes for saving the day against those ninjutsu!

COMBAT: Hiei defends against PHYSICAL(14) attack from Misaki with a DODGE…13
COMBAT: Hiei loses the roll and sustains 131 damage.
COMBAT: Hiei defends against PHYSICAL(20) attack from Misaki with a DODGE…24
COMBAT: Hiei wins the roll.
COMBAT: Hiei defends against PHYSICAL(10) attack from Misaki with a DODGE…21
COMBAT: Hiei wins the roll.

Hiei blinks when she stands beside him. 'She's as fast as I am. Maybe a little faster. Wow.' Marveling at this, is why her first strike hits him, sending him down to his knees. He rolls backwards to avoid her second attack and then leaps high into the air to avoid her last one. Landing in a crouch, he raises his hand. "I concede." He stands up, pressing a hand against his side, but there is a smile on his face. "Yosh!" He fist-pumps as he jogs over to her. "Misaki-san, you are awesome. That is the best fight I've had in a long, long time. I'm happy that I have you for a teammate. I want to know everything about you!" His blue eyes shine brightly, a look of absolute joy on his face. "What was that last move you did? Where did you learn to fight like this?"

Misaki sighs, all the damage he should have done to her seems to already have gone. No blood… no bruises, no wounds… nothing, it's as if he never touched her! "I eh… ehehhh." She's lost for words. She just beat him up AND he saw her heal and he's… excited? Who is this crazy kid anyways!? Worst part is… she isn't even tired. "Want to go again?" She asks… as if it's the fact they just fought that made him so happy. She could easily go for another round. Though she only just now noticed she beat him up pretty good.

~Misaki, some people don't heal so fast as you, remember?~ … Oh right.

"Are you okay? I did warn you.." She was half afraid he would cower away in fear any minute, still confused. She actually kind of liked being with someone so excited again. She hasn't been adored like this for years… Not be anyone. "You… You're happy I'm in your team? … Why?" She asks him with a suspicious undertone. "The fighting I eh.. I learned.. eh, myself… Sometimes I dabble… Instinct I think? I guess?" She's blushing herself, her right hand curling through her black hairs, her right foot twirling in the dirt. "You sure you okay?"

RP: Name: Condition: Stamina:
RP: Misaki Excellent Condition Fine
RP: Hiei Several Wounds Fine

Hiroyasu stretches for a moment, the morning sun bleating off his bald head as he follows the small stream towards the windmills in the fields. It was morning, he had been out picking herbs and forest edibles, if he could he was going to pocket all the savings and use them to get something nice for his mother. In the distance he can make out a familiar shape and a not so family one, "Oh, no… it looks another unsanctioned fight" he grumbles moving his way towards the grouping, and do damage control before Sensei found out. "Good morning, Hiei" he says with a slight bow, "Good morning Miss" with a greater more respectful bow.

Misaki sighs and looks at Hiei. "You're weird." Though her tone is far friendlier. Sparring did do her good. ~Misaki you're behaving like a schoolgirl with a crush…~ She widens her eyes and looks at Hiei. AM MOST CERTAINLY NOT… She says in her mind back to that wretched cat, who's giggling as only Stewie from family guy could. "So where is the idiot and his rock-buddy?" She states, gazing at Hiei while he mentions he needs Hiro's medic skills, assuming that's the same guy with the rock-friend.

"Gosh I'm starving… I'd kill for some ramen!" She says, patting her pockets. "But I don't have any money." She pouts her lips, gazing at the windmills. "And I'm just… used to people running away, not at me… That's all." She says, wanting to cross her arms and look away like she usually does, but something's stopping her. She doesn't want to shut herself off… Not to someone who so openly accepted her into the group. Conflicting feelings are running through her mind.

~Relax, it's been too long since you have allowed anybody to be nice to you.~ … Not true.. ~Really Misaki-sama?~ … *sigh* She looks up at Hiro. "Good morning?" She asks as Hiro approached, her blush had died down significantly.

Hiei turns towards Hiro when he approaces. "Hey, Hiro. Good morning." He is bleeding from several wounds, his mouth, his eye, and there are multiple bruises on his body. Yet, he's smiling, which probably isn't strange to Hiro being that he knows his personality. Hearing Misaki state that she wants ramen but doesn't have any money, he reaches into his pouch and pulls out some coins. He presses them into the girl's hand. "Have some ramen on me. As a both a thank you for the spar and a welcome to the team. And I won't run from you. In fact, I want to train with you more. And Hiro is cool, you'll like him." He looks over at Hiroyasu. "If it's not too much trouble. I could use some medical treatment…if not, then I'll have to ask you to help me get to the hospital."

Hiroyasu sighs "I need to learn that healing jutsu, you just exceed my ability constantly" putting down his boulder and pops open the top and pulling out the array of things he has on hand. "I hope the hospital doesn't mind me restocking my kit" he mutters looking over all the injuries "Wow, she really did a number on you.." he cuts his eyes and leans over "Did she caught you during Stealth practice" he asks into his hand with a waggle of his eyebrows. Before turning to her "Katayama, Hiroyasu. a Pleasure to meet you." he says before beginning the long process of fixing up Hiei's wounds.

Misaki vividly shakes her head. "No no I don't want your money!" She says, though it's already in her hand. She offers it back to him. "Come on don't do this!" She seems a little iffy on this… ~Misaki, don't look a given horse in the mouth~

Misaki doesn't get Hiro's joke. But just sits down next to him. She really doesn't have a scratch on her. "No we just sparred." She says while looking at Hiro work. She for one never really had to get any medical treatment. "I'm sorry for hitting so hard! I warned him I swear! He only seems to get more excited because of it.." She shrugs…

"I don't know what to think, this is … argh." She crosses her arms and closes her eyes. Her mind on the inside looks like a large garden, tranquill and calm. Kept by the Matatabi. He has a castle on the far side… She has a house on the other. In the middle is a white chalk line, she's seated by the line, the cat is laying down on the other side, looking at her. ~What's wrong?~ I don't know, It's just been so long. ~Two years Misaki, your parents will be back one day.~ The beast knows he's lying. Harbinger! She thinks while the beast sighs. ~Maybe, but you have people here who seem like good people, and you need to learn to trust Ogosakamaru-Sama~

She sighs, nodding a few times before opening her eyes, looking back at Hiei. "Is he going to be okay? I'll carry him to the hospital if it's bad!" She says wanting to help Hiro but having no clue how. This is why she holds back! Or doesn't fight at all…She just ends up beating people up without having a scratch herself!

Hiei sits down to make Hiro's job a lot easier. He eyes the bald ninja for a moment. "I was not practicing Stealth…" He looks over at Misaki and smiles. "I told you it's fine. I'm not made of paper. I can handle it. I'll heal up in a day or so and be ready to go again. Sheesh, stop worrying so much." He looks over at Hiroyasu. "Ogo-Sensei brought her this morning, so you know me, I wanted to see how she fights. She's awesome, Hiro. Her strength is phenomenal and her speed? She's as fast as I am, maybe even a little faster. Do you know how exciting that is?" He's talking, but he's staying still so Hiro can apply his medicine. "Maybe you should talk to some of the medical ninja in the village. They might be able to teach you that healing jutsu."

Hiroyasu nods "I will see about that" before looking over at the new comer "She must have dazzled you, as I don't see a scratch." before going back to treating each would with a bandage or band-aid or oinment as needed. "If your hungry I have some second breakfast and 1st lunch in my boulder. You can have it if you want I can cook more" he says going back to Hiei "Is she a teammate?" he asks.

Hiei looks at Misaki. "Don't dishonor me by turning down my offer. I treat Hiroyasu to meals all the time and he cooks for me in return, so it's fine. Besides, there's no point in you being hungry. You're a comrade and teammate, so get used to accepting help."

Misaki bites her lip… Comrad, teammate? "But… I can't cook!" She says, already planning to give him his money back while he's being treated…. and then Hiro runs out of something. "Looks like the bandages will hold you together enough. How about we both get ramen off this money then? At least I can repay you by some company?" She stands up, reaching out with her right hand and a cute smile, waiting for Hiei to grab it and pull himself up. "You eh.. know any good ramen spots around here?"

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