Rinoko's Medic Training: Introduction and Request


Rinoko, Kenta

Date: August 2, 2016


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"Rinoko's Medic Training: Introduction and Request"

Doctor's Offices - Konoha Hospital

Evening time at the medical center in Konohagakure, and Akiyama Kenta would have received a request to meet a Chuunin at the offices. Rinoko had asked around a good bit to find out who to get Medic Nin lessons from, and everyone she talked to suggested Kenta! So, the Rankoro woman sent him the request.
Currently standing at the door to the office, the librarian-esque waits patiently, though she perhaps seems a bit nervous… Most likely because she's made a request of someone of higher rank than her, which doesn't exist in her team outside standing of leadership within the team. She rocks on her heels a bit, her glasses-adorned eyes staring off into space a bit as she waits for Kenta to arrive.

Rinoko is in luck, since Kenta often stays late at the hospital and meeting yet another potential medical student is barely a blip on his full schedule. All the offices are dark and quiet, since few of the medics that own them are staying pass normal hours, except one or two that have a connecting evening shift. Kenta's office is dark as well, but the young man in question is merely performing his duties elsewhere until the appointed them. As such, Kenta's approach is quickly detected as faint footsteps that grow ever louder and closer.
When the medic-nin walks around the corner, he doesn't exactly make for an impressive sight. The first adjective that comes to mind is "short", shorter than even some Genin boys at the early stages of puberty. After that is "slender", "bookish" and a rather "innocuous appearance". Kenta smiles warmly when he notices Rinoko and quickens his pace to close the distance. He brushes back his messy, dark hair and adjusts the slightly creased lab coat that he's wearing too. "Konichiwa. Umm… you're Rinoko?"

Rinoko almost starts to think that maybe she's forgotten about or that Kenta might have been too busy… not that he's actually late or anything, but she is just a super nervous type, so any amount of time can seem like an eternity when she gets too deep in thought. Social anxiety can almost be like entering a dream state or being hit with a time-extending Genjutsu for her sometimes.
Noticing someone coming around the corner, the Chuunin looks him over to be certain he matches the description those she talked to gave her. Once that's affirmed, she bows at the waist quickly and rises with a smile. "Hai, Kenta-sama. Thank you for seeing me. I hope it is not too much of an inconvenience."

"Umm… I was just going to do some leftover paperwork anyway and not very important ones at that, so you didn't really interrupt my work," Kenta reassures Rinoko and gives her another friendly smile. "Umm… just give me a second here…" He fishes a key from a pocket and fiddles around with the lock on his office door until it clicks open. A hand lifts to flip the light switch inside the room to one side of the door, causing the office to become flooded with light. This reveals a reasonably large room that's made smaller by the amount of furnishings, shelves, books, potted plants and paperwork cluttering the perimeter. Thankfully, there's enough space for two guest chairs at Kenta's desk. There's also a noticeable amount of cat ornaments… cat figurines, a cat calendar, a cat wall clock… Someone likes cats. "Please come in. Would you like some tea or water?"

Rinoko smiles again as he mentions that she didn't pull him from anything of great importance. She nods gently as he says to wait for a second and takes a step back so he can comfortably find his keys and open the door. Once he does so, she would follow him inside and and glances around at all the sights of the room. She takes note of the many cat decorations and smirks slightly. Maybe she should get him some kind of gift with a cat on it as thanks for the training. "No thank you, Kenta-

"Oh! I guess that makes sense. It's pretty late now," Kenta says, nodding all the while. He closes the door behind Rinoko and walks around his desk to take a seat on the leather chair behind it. "Umm… please sit down." The young man leans slightly to one side and opens a drawer, from which he takes out a sheet of paper. In fact, that sheet of paper is familiar to Rinoko, because that's the note that she wrote to him. "It says here that you want to discuss with me about the possibility of apprenticeship. I mean, apprenticeship in the study of medicine and medical ninjutsu. Is that correct?"

Rinoko would step aside to allow Kenta to close the door then watch as he moves around the desk. Once given the invitation to sit, she bows her head lightly and moves to do just that, settling into the chair. She nods again to his question, saying, "Hai, Kenta-sama. Reading it one of my favorite pastimes, so I have begun studying already, but I need some assistance in learning to use medical jutsu if you would be willing to provide such assistance."

Kenta nods his head up and down. "Umm… studying is definitely half the battle already. What you need is instruction on what books can't provide and experience applying the knowledge that you gain. You're right that I can give you the first of that. The second will come later after you learn enough to be of use in the hospital or anywhere else you can actually practice medicine and medical ninjutsu in a real life situation." The young man eyes Rinoko curiously and leans forward on his desk after he sets the note down. "Umm… what exactly have you been studying so far? Anatomy? Herbalism? Diseases and treatments?"

Rinoko nods to Kenta's words, apparently having thought the same. She is rather studious, after all. The reason she wants to learn this is to be of use to the village and especially to her team. "A little bit of everything as far as normal medicine goes. Anatomy took me a few days. I already knew some stuff about herbalism, but I made sure to refresh my knowledge on that. Diseases and treatments, I'm still working on."

Kenta nods his head again, but in a more thoughtful manner this time around. "That sounds like a good start. Umm… there's always more to learn. A good medic spend years studying and advancing her knowledge, but that's hard to do without a solid base first. It sounds like you're doing your best to achieve that state," he says with a pleased tone to his voice. The young man folds his hands on the table and pins Rinoko with a somber gaze. "I hope that you do realize that means you will always have a lot of work ahead of you. If you take this seriously, you're going to have much less time for other things…"

Listening to Kenta's words, Rinoko keeps a gentle smile on her face. A nod would be given once in a while to show that she is listening intently. A more firm nod would be given to his last statement. The Rankoro woman says, "I am aware of that, but it is a burden I am willing to shoulder for the sake of the village and my team. The last mission I led made it apparent to me that we are in need of a medic, and, while one has been recruited, she is only a Genin, so I plan to fill the void until she is strong enough to."

"Umm… that is a good attitude. It'll take you far if you can maintain it. While your team mate is a Genin, there could be things that you can learn from her and vice versa. You can feel free to pass anything from my lessons on to her if you think that it'll be helpful," Kenta comments. He glances at the wall clock, which is ticking away with each swing of its dangling kitty tail. "Umm… anyway, that was my long winded way of saying yes. Is there anything else that you want to discuss with me?"

"Hai. She has offered such, and thank you for letting me pass things on to her," Rinoko says, bowing her head lightly to Kenta. When he glances toward the clock, she does as well then looks back to him. "That is all, Kenta-sama. Thank you for your time, and thank you for taking me on as a student. I will be eternally grateful." With that she would rise from her seat and bow at the waist before making her exit to leave Kenta get back to work.

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