Introduction to Interrogation


Jon, Sakuya

Date: October 2, 2015


Assigned to learn under Saito Jon, Sakuya is given a crash course in the capabilities of genjutsu first hand.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Introduction to Interrogation"

Outside of the Rakurai Bar

It was late, nearly two o'clock in the morning. The sky is dotted by clouds, which seem close so far in the mountains. The place? The Rakurai. The Monk's Bar. Free Drinks, but at a limit. Quiet, peaceful, perfect for individuals down on their luck. As terrible a business model as this place is, the place is primarily staffed by individuals whom are very devout, or whom are monks at the monastary proper. Yet, why would a shinobi dwell here amongst the faithful monks? Why would she even be allowed inside an establishment serving alchohol? The truth of the matter is that she works there. Not what you think. Her father, adoptive father, is a chunin whom happens to be very invested in the Buddhist doctrine of the monastary. As a result, he also happens to provide meals for the poor. To further help the monks, he has enlisted his very own daughter as someone to serve the alcohol to them.
As strange as this might seem, her father has merely found a cost effective way to develop her skills. Not as a waitress, but as a psychologist. Individuals who come here display tendencies that are often classified as psychosis. Depression, and many other social disorders find their way within. Sakuya has had to deal with them, study them, learn how these disorders work. However, most important of all, she learns a most fundamental skill. To weasel information out of those through various means. Simple social suggestion, or taking advantage of an intoxicated state. Through these methods, she has learned far more about the village than genin of equivalent age and skill…
Sakuya balances these duties with those of her village, and thus she would be found finally done with her 'unpaid internship' with the monks. Not quite having replaced the floral kimono, and having not yet let the bun she ties her hair into for the purpose of her work, she would exit through the back of the establishment, far less populated not only be time of day but the needlessness of anyone needing to take the back alleys to any place.

And then…everything goes dark.
Sakuya finds herself sitting stiffly in total blackness. Her wrists and ankles are tightly bound to the chair she's in. A stark white light suddenly turns on with a faint buzz from above, centering Sakuya in a cone of brightness. Then into that cone steps a tall, lanky man. He strolls past Sakuya, reading from a clipboard and murmuring to himself. "Underage involvement in alcohol distribution, unlicensed exotic animal possession…ah, and suspected collaboration with enemies of the village." The man gives Sakuya a cold sideways glance. "For such a little girl, you certainly do a lot of naughty things, don't you?" e.e
Back in reality, Jon approaches slowly with his hands clasped in a seal. "Don't be alarmed," he says aloud. "She won't be hurt. This is just a bit of a test."

Zuzu, whom isn't quite as phased by genjutsu as his unwitting master, would slither out along the ground curling up into a snake-pile, as his head looks at his master. 'His' or 'Her' voice is exactly like that of Sakuya's though in a deceptively higher pitch. This time the snake speaks aloud. "I figured when Iwata Michiko found an appropriate tutor for my foolish partner that she would be served her own medicine. Good. Do you mind roughing her up some? Slapping her around." The snake's tongue flicking, as he asks. Honestly, Zuzu would love to find this as an opportunity to get back at Sakuya. Being the smarter of the duo, Zuzu has had to put up with a lot of childish query from his 'master' as of late. He only wishes he could be there with her~.
Back in the auspices of genjutsu far more powerful than she is capable, the young Hebisuuhai's slitted purple eyes flick around in sudden fear. "W-wha!?" It was just like when she woke up after being kidnapped by the very people who attacked the village recently… Thus, every one of those allegations (Sans underaged serving of alcohol, which she has excuses for and exotic pet handling) would be believable. Which means, she is suddenly worried that having been kidnapped means that they believe she is either someone henged or… that she is no longer loyal!? Sakuya immediately addresses the misguided denim-vested individual with a forced smile, her own snake-like tongue flicking out of her mouth as she narrows her eyes to further reduce the light her thinning pupils attempt to keep out. "For one, the Rakurai is classified as a religious establishment, which exempts me from that kind of law. It's monastary duty." She grunts. "Two: In case you haven't looked directly into my face I am clearly one of the esteemed Hebisuuhai. The bright light is merely blinding me, not you. Take a good look." Now the third is addressed, or not… "Three, do you mind turning the light off? I'd like to know whom my sudden captor is. I'm sure we can work this out in a civil, non-painful manner first." Aside from wanting to know how long she has been under genjutsu. When was it? During a break between shifts? Before she even started working? Has her entire day been one large illusion? All of them feel unlikely. Why hasn't Zuzu alerted her of this illusion? He was supposed to wake her from such things!

Scruvo ruffles his feathers distrustfully, peering at Zuzu from Jon's shoulder. "Y'see why I wos edgy about this? Cold-hearted little blightahs, this'n even wants us t'bang up 'is 'uman." c.c; Jon chuckles faintly. "We won't be doing any roughing up today. At least, not physically."
In Sakuya's mind, Jon thwaps Sakuya on the head with his clipboard — not a significant blow at all, but perhaps a bit stinging. "You don't get to know anything. You don't get to speak out of turn, you don't get to make requests, you don't even get to remain silent. What you do get to do is answer my questions, promptly and truthfully. Now, where are your contacts!?"

Sakuya was clearly way too tired for this. After a smack in her head, though, she was woken right up. That's enough to get the adrenaline pumping through her system. "I actually wear glasses. They are in my pocket right now, if you don't believe me." She attempts to remain cool, despite a scowl on her face. At the very least she remains friendly and joking. She was free to not remain silent, so she took advantage of her one allowance. After her last example of being captured, she wasn't going to give in too easily. She continues to try and pick out as many details about the room as she can. Had she been here before? Was this room plain? No decorations? Were there exits, or flaws she could take advantage of. How tight were her bindings? These things crossed her mind, yet thinking this as genjutsu wasn't quite on the top of her mind… yet…
Zuzu flicks his clear eyelids at the bird. "Tut. You haven't been in the presence of thissss… human. If I had the emotional capacity, I would laugh right now." Zuzu puts it in perspective as he slithers up the wall to get a better look.

Hmm, nope, no features to speak of. There might as well be nothing but an inky black void outside the circle of light. The floor is plain concrete, and the chair is steel with strong leather straps. But all that doesn't really matter in the end, because the important thing is that this is a situation crafted by Jon's mind. It's his will against Sakuya's that determines whether she can move, not illusionary bindings on her limbs. The sensation just helps make it more convincing. ;)
Speaking of sensation, a sharp pain like a migraine flares through her head for a second. "I really don't enjoy attempts at humor from prisoners, especially poor ones like that," Jon comments. "Let's try this again. Tell me where to find your contacts." >/

Sakuya is a little more honest, though clearly it isn't want Jon wants. "Ah, very well. I concede. My contacts are Iwata Michiko, Head Ninja of Kumogakure. I also implicate Saito Yori, and if you're feeling especially lucky, you can also attempt to take on my boss. His name is Hiei. I'm sure you've heard of him? Raikage?" She asks. "If you're confused, then let me clarify." Sakuya flicks her tongue as she trains her eyes on the shadow that is interrogating her. "I'm a loyal shinobi of Kumogakure. I could tell you what you want to know though. Make up a few random names that you'll never be able to find exist, because they do not." She says, growing increasingly snappy due to the increasing pain in her mind. "Then, when I am dead and buried in the ground, you'll realize your error. HOPEFULLY, you'll have somewhat of a conscience, and maybe you'll leave flowers on my grave…" She bites her lip, hard, to try and weather the pain. Yet it does not translate into her biting her lip outside of the genjutsu yet.

Jon tilts his head thoughtfully at Sakuya's response. "Hmmmm…I suppose that'll do, really. You've come to the essential realization needed for this exercise." The little dark world fades away, and Sakuya is once again standing in the streets of Kumogakure. "First lesson of interrogation," the real Jon says. "Torture is a highly unreliable means of gathering information. People will say anything to stop the pain, maybe even convince themselves they're telling the truth." Jon gives a bow. "Sorry for the unfriendly first impression, but that's a lesson that would've been difficult to impress properly once you were familiar with me. My name is Saito Jon, and I'm a detective in the Kumogakure Police Department." Scruvo winks at Sakuya. "G'day, mate! Shadow-Glide Scruvo's th'name. T'make up fer Jonny-boy's shenanigans, 'ow's about I give ya some tips fer landin' a nice chappie?" ;)

"THAT was a genjutsu?" Sakuya asks as she suddenly backs off, feeling rather duped. "B-but… I've never been able to make something so real-feeling. It's not possible…" At least, the measily sounds and sighs she has been able to implant into someone's head so far. She knows she recognizes Jon from her first mission, which is when she briefly saw him during the Chomei incident. She was of course, assigned to bandit duty, so she never got to fight side-by-side. A testament to this individual's skill. Sakuya backs up against a wall and takes a deep breath. Nothing she has ever read has said genjutsu can be all encompassing. She only knew that genjutsu placed suggestions into the mind of someone, not twist their world into something new.
Zuzu would hiss, "You've likely already become acquianted with my partner's personel file, but in case that I am too unimportant to list, Sakuya calls me Zuzu. Only because I'm not allowed to choose my own name. That would make me more than a simple pet."
Sakuya grunts at that comment. "Are you angry that I have your pedigree, Zuzu? Shut your mouth, snake. You're Zuzu." She clears her throat and bows to Saito Jon. "I am Hebisuuhai Sakuya, as you know. I was told by my previous sensei that you would be assuming those responsibilities for the mean-time. Thank you for accepting this assignment." She would note before raising her head. "… Interrogation…" she would repeat quietly. Pain. Pain can bring out things in people, but it is overall ineffective. It only breeds animosity. There are indeed other ways to gather intel. The best ways are actually one she employs in the Rakurai, though she has yet to know that kindness is a far better interrogation tool than pain or even fear…

Jon nods. "Yes. High-level genjutsu can completely take over a person's perceptions, and even lock them away from reality when they know they're in an illusion. Of course, it takes a lot more chakra than the more subtle methods. You'll learn how to use both in time." Jon steps aside. "But for now, I've kept you for long enough. I'm sure you need your sleep, and I don't want to worry your parents. So long, Sakuya-san." Scruvo waves a wing. "Night-night, don't let th'slitherin' sadist bite!" n.n

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