Struggle with no reward - Invasion!


Satomi, Ogosokamaru

Date: April 22, 2013


Turmoil in the land of fire makes it appear weak, and the first wolves are already lining up!

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Struggle with no reward - Invasion!"

Land of fire

"Wake up…" Says a firm voice outside Ogo's front door, followed by a few loud taps. "Ogosokamaru-Sama.." She comments, crossing her arms and leaning against the wall next to the door, facing away from the house. "I'm sorry I have to ask you this, but there's trouble… and frankly, I'm having a bad feeling. I could use the help." She comments, holding a report in her hand. "Most jounin are gone on missions. So I'm asking you. This is kind of serious, I can't afford doing it alone, and I don't want to expose my team to this.. this is above and beyond their level." She reads over the small report again. The Hokage her assignment was to check it out and bring whatever backup she thought was neccasery… well she did check it out, things look pretty grim.

If he opens the door she turns to face him, arms still half crossed. "There's some serious trouble, again I know it's bad form to ask you, but help me out here." She looks away to show a little humility. She might not approve of his training techniques. But she does approve of the results and frankly, at heart he seems like a good guy. Even though a little high and mighty. But he'll come around… or not… If stories are true, his assistance should be more than enough. "I fear this is something that requires immidiate solving, I don't have time to report three times and - then - get an Anbu team assembled…. By that time the damage has been done…. Flaws of beauraucracy."

Deep down at heart? Yeah, that was a frequented place from a long time ago up to a point in the near past. Not anymore. At the 'B' in 'Beuracracy' he slides the door open to his room. Yet again, only his trousers don his body, and he leaves the door open while he turns around to gather his things and get dressed at the speed of a normal human being. "Do you always talk this much when you aren't sleeping?" He was aware of the Nara clan's affinity for the quasi-dreamy-dreamland they frequented, or at least assumably did. His greeting wasn't all that polite, but eh, that was him. "I'm coming with you." He didn't need to tell her that the Lady Hokage had recieved a letter from his very own hand from Kumogakure leadership outlining Ogo and his team's stay for a duration of probably a few months. All he said right now was that he would accompany her on Konohagakure shinobi business.

An oddity she might notice, there was no bedroll, and upon any inspection at all, the bedroll hadn't been touched since he had begun staying in the ambassador suite of whatever little hotel this was. Or maybe… Ogo had chosen a smaller room? This wasn't the same suite, was it? No. No it wasn't.

She casts a glare his way. A combination of hormones and angryness. She peeks into the house and notes its state, not thinking too much of it. She has weeks she only sleeps out wherever feels right. Mostly in trees… she has an exceptional balance when sleeping. "When I'm not sleeping?" She sighs at the comment half directed at her clan. "Are you always this slow when you haven't bitten into the nearest electricity cables?" She smiles at her retort, crossing her arms … She likes playfully sparring this way, though she wasn't sure if he was playing around or just a dick.

"There is a merc group called Odaisa overseas. Now they don't frequently come here. Mainly because Shinobi forces are stronger or at least on par with them. But there have been sightings of their ships near the coast." She sighs, as she walks through the village. It's still morning, probably seven AM or so. "So I went to check it out, and stumbled upon one of their spies lurking around.. Worse, he's trained properly. They're mostly Taijutsu experts. Some of them know some ninjutsu, but you'll find them exceptionally well with a wide arrey of exotic weapons."

"He was silent at first, but when I was done with him he was singing like a bird… I was on a tight schedual. Turns out someone from a land I haven't ever heard off…. Certainly not Shinobi land hired them to plan an invasion here. He probably heard of the turmoil in these lands. People aren't too happy with the Daimyo, and ninja's in general. The turmoil makes us appear weak. Frankly… we are slightly disorganised, but by no means weak.

An invasion however is in nobodies interest. Strategy dictates we suprise them by taking the fight to them. So…" She stops by the gate, picking up a thick pack, carefully lifting it onto her back. "Paperbombs…. A bag full of them…. Lets blow up half a fleet shall we?" She smiles, nodding at another bag of paperbombs near the gate. "Think you're up to the task? They're laid anchor about three miles off the coast, near two small islands. Which explains why we couldn't spot them off the shore.

He wasn't groggy, not soggy or complaining or anything like that this morning at her. Just.. always seems like an uphill battle dealing with people nowadays for Ogo. Her retort goes unnoticed, assumably she was just redirecting true thoughts with wit and humor. At least Ogo assumed, so he just let it pass. While she explains, he was following along. The two swords at his hip, and tanto on his other side. He looked more like a samurai than a shinobi. Other than the Konohagakure crest on his forehead protector which was actually around his waist now.
When she finished, he just looks at her, then continues onward, letting her lead for now. Since he didn't know the specific location, acting like he did wasn't in the mission's best interest.

Satomi didn't really pay a lot of attention to the way he looked. Nor was she familiar with his fighting style. He was good… that's all she needed to know. She was dead-set on striking a blow. Appear strong when you are weak. A fundamental rule in the art of war… Words she wrote down herself in her book. "We're headed for the docks, and from there we'll walk. I'll assume you know how to walk on water?" She walks him down a fairly straight-foreward path, ending up at a small port. "Lets go… and make sure the paperbombs stay dry." She steps onto the water, before starting to run down towards a small set of islands a few kilometers off the coast.

"What do you specialize in?" She asks underway, pointing to herself with her thumb. "I'm supporting, offensive and defensive jutsu's combined with shadow-manipulation… So I'got your back." She dashes off so they're a bit wider apart. Her eyes fixed on the island.

Pirate sentries roll(s) Chameleon stealth from 20 to 40 and get(s) a 39. - Rolled by: Satomi

RPCOMBAT: Satomi defends against with a PERCEPTION…20
RPCOMBAT: Ogosokamaru defends against with a PERCEPTION…25
RPCOMBAT: Ogosokamaru defends against with a PERCEPTION-III…52

Ogo wasn't the talkative type. At least not since she's known him. A simple nod to information she's passing to him, and a confirmation to her assumption of water walking ability.
Once on the water and running, Ogosokamaru seemed to be more in his element. Or at least running -was- his element. As she veers off a little to spread them apart, he's already rushing forward at high speeds, leaving a thin line of water shooting up from behind him in his wake. Air currents or just his feet ripping water up with each step, shooting it about fifteen feet in the air behind him.

She sighs, gazing at the ruckus he's causing. "Keep it down, suprise is our strongest element here." She comments, gazing at the islands which are getting closer now. Something was off… but she couldn't quite tell what. Ogo saw it as well, at first glance he couldn't quite lay his finger on it…. But now it shows. There's several people in the treeline, using a transperancy jutsu! Sentries no doubt, to stop assaults much like the one they're planning on. One of the sentries slowly shifts, to warn the others most likely. they have spotted the two approaching ninja… And that's also what gave them away. Moving during a transperancy jutsu gives you away!

Satomi however has no clue that they have been spotted, looking at Ogo… hoping he'll slow down or find some way not to give away

The sentries in the treeline didn't get past Ogo, and he did slow down. After that trail died down, he ran for a little bit more, and then slowed down and pointed toward the treeline, "Lookouts. Left side, treeline!" At that point, he's dashing toward the treeline, leaping through trees, branch to branch and attempting to take them out quietly before they can even try to signal the boats.

Satomi nods quietly as he points that out. Her mind working on overdrive. She watches Ogo speed off… She follows in his wake, rushing through the shadows of the island, while streams of blood fly round, six of the eight sentries were taken out by Ogo silently, one of them falling to the ground caused some birds to fly up. Effectively scaring the other two sentries. Satomi had already spotted them in the corner of her eyes, headed for a small patch in the middle of the small jungle on the relatively small island. Sitting down and focussing, making one seal, before connecting to all the shadows around her, which begin waving around. As both nin pass her, she focusses her chakra, the shadows flowing out on both sides, trying to slowly constrict both people, holding them in place for Ogo's slaughter…

With the one sentry still running, Ogo drops in behind a tree trunk from the branches above, and as the other guy passes, it would be a wide arcing slice with his straight-bladed katana right for the oncoming traffic's midsection up through the chest if it connected. The one that got trapped by Satomi's shadow bind had a merciful way out. A pierce through the chest for a quick and (relatively) painless death. Whether or not he hit it right, he would wait for her shadow tendrils to recede (pending her just holding it for an abnormally long amount of time) and kick the sentry off of his weapon, spattering free the blade of blood, and resheathing it if the other sentry had not gotten up from the previous attack.

The result was fairly deadly, that was the end of that crew… "Well done." She says while the shadow slithers back… happy she did ask for his assistance. "Maybe we can use this to our advantage." She comments, walking up to the one he executed. Kicking him around so he's on his back. Taking a good look, before moving her hands together. "Henge.." She whispers, slowly changing into what looks to be one of the sentries. Who all wear light-red overalls and black logo's. She looks at Ogo to see if he does the same, leaving it to his judgement.

"Lets go stick some paperbombs." She comments, gazing at the water. Before sprinting off towards the boats, keeping a keen eye on the bow, making sure she's not spotted for now. Reaching into the sack of paperbombs, taking out a stack, starting to stick them in a long line along the first boat, though after she passes the first her jaw drops… there's fifteen boats! Adn they're HUGE! …. They surely brought the whole organisation! "We better strike a blow before they get the ideas of landing. No matter how strong we are, this would significantly weaken us… Lets not give them that chance!"

Ogosokamaru was a bit more… direct about his disguise. More mundane, but actually real as opposed to some simple jutsu. He got the uniform of the sentry with the pierce wound to the chest. Removed his attire, and put it on himself, and disposed of the body in some way. We may never know how. Pobably just threw it into the ocean. Yeah! We'll go with that one!
Anyhow, now it looked as if two of the sentries had survived. But, the one catching up from the rear merely had a sword. What could he do with a swo- The first boat Satomi was strapping paper bombs to, and the second was Ogosokamaru's. Of course, he was far more direct. But, cutting a ship like that in half was his specialty.
Probably the first time Satomi would have seen this. Ogo was moving much faster and with far more ability than he had been before. She may not know that his clan has a basically invisible-to-the-naked-eye kekkei genkai. And he was using it to nearly his maximum potential to slice through that boat. Or as far as he could. THe cut would likely crack and it would split anyhow even if he just got halfway through. Or so he hoped.

RPCOMBAT: Ogosokamaru attacks with THUNDERCLAP-STRIKE…97

Boat roll(s) Resistance from 50 to 100 and get(s) a 63. - Rolled by: Satomi

"Dis…creet… Right…" She shrugs while running up to the next boat. The one Ogo was done with was already sinking. Satomi left the paperbombs unschaved for now, running along to the next boat. Ogo does make for quite a distraction. Another trail of paperbombs left on the boat. She chuckles… they'll never know what hit them. Suddenly *Thzziirp* …. An arrow strikes right in front of her nose. She blinks… Ducking and continuing. She had to get a third boat…

While she works on a third boat Ogo suddenly faces a crew of a hundred people. While they couldn't exactly see him, it was predictable where he would go next, a rain of arrows was their responds. A thick cloud of hundreds of arrows flying off near where Ogo was presumed last, hoping on the off chance for a random arrow to strike him. And he doesn't get any rest, the arrows come off two boats from the middle ranks of the ships, about four boats down the line. Each ten seconds a new volley is fired in their general direction. Satomi can use the boats she hasn't blown up for cover… Ogo however.

Archer crew roll(s) Arrow volley from 40 to 70 and get(s) a 52. - Rolled by: Satomi
Archer crew roll(s) Arrow volley from 40 to 70 and get(s) a 68. - Rolled by: Satomi

RPCOMBAT: Ogosokamaru defends against with a MASTERED-BLUR…60
RPCOMBAT: Ogosokamaru defends against with a CONTINUOUS-MOVEMENT…100

Distraction. Yes. Of course. It hit Ogosokamaru like… well like a cloud of arrows. But that was just the idea that hit him. The actual cloud couldn't have missed bigger. The first cloud had him twisting and dodging and moving in a small area. But after he thought for just a moment, might as well make his movements bigger, more vibrant and out in front of the rest of the ships to grab all (and yes, all by the look of it?) of their attention, he was moving in directions at speeds that even the masses of arrows plunging into the water was not enough to even scathe him.
Ten? Fifty? A hundred thousand arrows could not pierce him.

Satomi shakes her head as he zig-zaggs through the boats. Only catching a blur of where he was by the huge waves he creates… "Showoff.." She thinks to herself, before suddenly a pirate from the ship she just put bombs on jumps down. "Odamp.." She comments as he swings an axe at her head. "Not today." She comments while making a set of seals, attempting to use her genjutsu to disappear and appears behind him, making a set of seals, her shadows curling around her opponent quickly clasping around his throat, choking him out. "I wish I was that fast.." She ponders to himself, quietly disposing of her opponent, before rushing off to the next boat. "Now?" …. She makes a single seal and focusses…. BOOOM… BOOOM… BOOOM.

Parts of wood begins flying around as three ships get blown to bits. No one surviving there…. There's 11 ships left, count about three hundred people per ship as crew… Well, 900 kills and material loss amounting in the thousands. "OGO! RETREAT!" She says, grabbing her kunai and deflecting a few kunai flying her way. She knew they were damaged enough to heavily reconsider an assault, giving Konoha more than enough time to prepare a proper counter attack. The work here was done.

She didn't even have to finish saying retreat and he was back to her position, a splash of water flying up around where he stopped. That big guy with the axe she had in a shadow bind? Yeah, Ogo figured he wanted to go back to his boat about now. So Ogo complied.
The human 100mph fastball. Ogo pushed his transformation even further, flinging the guy with his hefty axe straight into the hull of that ship, and through. As he and Satomi were running across the water's surface back to the coastline of the Land of Fire, Ogo idly commented, "Five ships. Not even half of them," like he was dissappointed with the result! In any case, the run back would be just as quiet as the walk out.
But at least Ogo seemed content after all that combat.

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