Descent Through Darkness - It Has Begun


Tobiramako, Hinotori

Date: October 8, 2013


Hinotori's family has been kidnapped, by old enemies that he fought during the Clan Wars. A rogue group of Senju want him, but before he can rush off to save them, Tobimarako, the First Hokage sister joins up with him.

"Descent Through Darkness - It Has Begun"

Hokage's Office

Hinotori moved as if his body was on fire, having taken shortcuts through the village, the even summer air rustling his clothing and hair as he moves through the village. No one sees him, but as he makes his way to the Hokage Lookout, he was already ready to be on his way. He was only going to tell his aunt what happened and be on his way, she wouldn't stop him would she? She knows how much family means to him right, it didn't matter right now and as he makes it to the top floor, he looks to the two Senju at the door. All three aren't the best but Hinotori isn't stopping, he quickly pushes past them and pusehs the doors open, "Hokage-sama, I need to talk to you!" he exclaims as he is being grabbed by the two guards.

Often seen in the office going through numerous stacks of paperwork her sister did not have the incentive to do, Senju Tobiramako sat at the desk amidst such paperwork when all the commotion began. She was irritated, and definitely unable to focus on the paperwork with the noise. The two Senju guards outside do not like what Hinotori does by pushing passed them one bit, kunai to the sides of Hinotori the moment he steps into the room.

Tobi looks up from the desk in surprise as she sees Uchiha Hinotori being restrained by the guards. She had read something disturbing in a report just recently about the boy, so the fact that he was here now being so confrontational was a curious surprise. "Leave him. And if anyone else makes it by you into the office you won't be on duty much longer." she says to the guards in a calm but cold tone of voice, the guards look to her before nodding their heads and bowing, heading out to guard the doors.

"Unfortunately, my sister isn't here at the moment, Uchiha Hinotori. How can I be of service?" she asks the young Uchiha, curiously studying him.

The kunai's at his throat didn't worry Hinotori, one of his hands had already formed the seals he needed and if it came to it, he would do what he could to trample the two guards. Letting out a breath and looking to see Tobi sitting at the desk, his eyes go wide, he's not seen her in some time. "Ummm…hey Tobiramako-sama." he says still never sure if he could call her his aunt as well. He doesn't let that bother him too much, he has to get going, those bastards has his mother and father and he needs to get to them quickly and kill the people who have them. "My family has been kidnapped by…" he pauses, "….Senju, they want me, and if I don't go now they will be killed." he states. Knowing who the person was due to them leaving their name, it was the same group who tried to ambush Hinotori's team during the clan wars but failed, he thought they were all killed but it looks like they weren't. "I'm only here to let my aunt know, I need to go." he says to Tobi as he takes a few steps back and towards the door.

Tobiramako listens to what Hinotori has to say, which was exactly what had been reported in the scroll she had received. She frowns, though it wasn't a deep frown. wondering just how Hinotori had come by this information. Did they have a leak somewhere? Either way, she had an Uchiha boy who wasn't thinking clearly and ready to storm out into what was most likely a trap situation, making it even worse. She sighs and, with a swish of paper, she is gone from the desk and now stands in front of Hinotori, between him and the door, with her hands on her hips. "And storming off into what was most likely a situation intended to trap and kill you with superior numbers, will get you what? Both you and your family killed? I will not let a Konoha ninja storm off unprepared and not sufficiently backed up." she asks him, forcing him to try to see logic in this situation and calm down.

His eyes widen, he's not seen Tobi move like she does but when she appears in front of him, he looks to her. His eyes narrow just slightly but as she speaks to him, he knows that she is right, "And me standing here doing nothing solves what?" he asks. "I know what I'm capable of, and I'm not going half cocked, been doing this for the village for the longest amount of time." Meaning with his ANBU missions, "My family needs me, you would do the same if it was Aunt Hashimarako wouldn't you?" he asks. Hinotori doesn't make a step forward, already knowing other ways out of the office, but the reason he hasn't gone for them is Tobi already showed she is capable of keeping up with even him. "I'm not taking anyone with me due to needing to do this myself, everyone already have things they are doing, I can't talk them into helping me."

"I have to argue just how much time and effort you have put into finding others for your mission after storming into the office like that." Tobiramako says with an amused look on her face. "But this group is no joke, and without any backup you will only put yourself and your family in more danger. Now, will you please sit down and be briefed appropriately?" she asks, holding her hand out to the chair in front of the Hokage's desk. "I promise it will be to your benefit."

Hinotori blinks, eyes narrowing slightly. "How do you know?" he asks as he looks to Tobi now, more suspicion showing in his face. He has the only scroll detailing the information. He was the one that was sent it, there were no others is there? A bit of puzzlement and confusion showing on his face, which is leading to his hesitation. Looking at the chair, Hinotori walks over and sits down, he didn't want to make the wrong move and end up losing all of his family and leaving Kasumi to fend for herself without him and his parents. "How do you know?" he asks.

"I see." Tobiramako says as he rests her head in her hand, going over it in her mind. "You were made sure to have received a scroll detailing the situation to assure you would know and come rushing. Officially, the scroll of intel information reached my hands less than 30 minutes ago through the proper pathways. Your scroll was made sure to find you." she surmises with a shake of her head. "Obviously even more of a trap, I can't just leave you to your own devices now." She was asked by her sister to keep an eye on Hinotori in times like these. Tobi knew just how fast Uchiha with awakened Sharingan's could fall to their emotions and her sister did not want it happening to Hino. "Now, wipe that suspicious look off your face and listen." she finally says after a few moments of thought. "We have been keeping an eye on various factions of the clans of Konohagakure that split during the formation or prior. They pose a significant risk to the fragile balance of peace we hold within our walls. Your 'group' of Senju bandits recently started moving after a long time 'sleeping' and we began to gather intel on them. That is why we know about your family, and that is why our intelligence network exists. To stop people within Konohagakure from being provoked and making silly decisions ruled by emotions." she says as a matter of factly. "I did say you calming down would be to your benefit, and here is my offer. I have personal business with the clan members holding your family, and so I will help you on your mission. Does that put you more at ease? It should."

It's then that Hinotori finally calms, he is in more of awe then anything right now. Listening, he couldn't help but feel foolish at what he was going to do, but still that panic is there, he's never had a direct threat of his family before and now this. How could anyone be calm in this matter, how could they when they know that anything could be happening to their family. As Tobi continues explaining things, he leans back into his chair, he sighs and shakes his head, he would've been spotted for sure and once that happened they could kills his family dangle them in front of him then try to kill him. Looking embarrassed but upset still, Hinotori looks to Tobi. "I would welcome your help Tobi-sama, I just never thought you would help me." he says to her. "I mean…..every time we see each other it felt like you didn't like me or something." he says to her honestly. He isn't trying to fracture the possibility of working with her and getting to know her better, but it was till a little off to him in a way.

"If I didn't like you, young man, you would know it, believe me. I harbor no ill will for any ninja of Konoha that upholds the laws and honor of our village. While I'm not as happy-go-lucky as my sister, someone had to have the logical mind to create the village from the ground up, right? I simply see things differently than others, and value logical thinking above all else. Running head-long into a trap because they stirred your emotions would never happen to one who values logic so highly." Tobi explains to Hinotori, adding that bit about herself so that he can understand where she comes from. "Because of this, Hashi has the overflow of emotions while mine are kept calm and cool. I don't pretend to not hear people call me cold, I simply am not effected by such trivial things." she adds with a dismissive wave of the hand. "Now then, I will gather appropriate intelligence and meet you at the gates. We have to approach this obvious trap with caution. Can you do that, without letting your emotions guide you, Hinotori?"

Finally something from her, a door opening. HE did think of Tobi being cold, but as she explains it, she knows she is. Knowing this does help him understand her, and he does admit that Hashi is the emotional one and well so is he. "Your right running into a trap would be dumb, but springing the said trap for a logical stand point could throw them off and cause them to be the ones in a way trapped." he says to Tobi. Thinking things over, "Thank you Tobi-sama, I will go get ready and….." he pauses for a moment, "Thank you." he say to her.

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