Dreams - It's MINE



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"Dreams - It's MINE"

Unknown location

A bright and sunny day, the universal setting of the ideal "perfect day"
in the Leaf Village and Daichi would be enjoying the strange yet
satisfying food at Moriko's family restaurant the Lucky Dragon. At the
moment he was in a standoff with Moriko over last dumpling. Each armed
with chopstick sat equidistant from the dumpling. "You said the meal was
on you.Mo-chan," Daichi says in a shady tone his eyes darting between
Moriko and the dumpling. "I didbut you ain't got what it takes
to….DEFEND IT!" she makes a move for the dumpling her hand was quick so
quick it would be pushing even the supernatural limits of speed. Daichi
however was no slow poke and struck back just as swiftly. Their chopsticks
closed in on the dumpling and with each nanosecond drew closer and closer
to the dumpling, it was close but only one person could be the victor.

Suddenly a hand strikes the table knocking the dumpling in the air,
Moriko and Daichi each turn their heads in the direction of the new
challenger "Nani!?" "It's you…." a massive hand snatches the dumpling
and a grin appeared on the portly face of the mystery challenger. "You're
good…..but no hand is quicker in the art of food snatching than the hand
of an….Akimichi!" and the face came to light "Tosai-sensei!?!?!" Daichi
remarked. Moriko would rise from her seat and narrow her eyes at Tosai "I
figured it was you. I've been expecting this, you will not emerge
victorious this time," she states. Daichi would look between the two and
grin "Hey….listen here you bastids. That's my dumpling you want it
you'll have to go through me," with that said Daichi grabs the table and
flips it in the direction of Tosai. The speedy Akimichi dodges letting the
table crash into some unsuspecting customers (MUAHAHA collateral damage!
Innocent by-standers BEWARE)

As Tosai avoided the table Moriko would be there in a shroud of wind to
relieve him of the dumpling. Tosai would retaliate with an enlarged palm
swat at Moriko. She vanished avoiding the swat ending up over somewhere
near the center of the restaurant. Enter Daichi with a stack of trays; he
volleys them like shuriken at Moriko. Busy avoiding them she doesn't
notice Tosai springing forth from the ground to seize the dumpling. "Tsk I
was careless," she remarks glaring back at Tosai. Daichi jumps at the
large man swinging his blade at Tosai failing to strike the man he resorts
to his secret technique. A few handseals and a half naked woman appears
before Tosai. Instantly the Akimichi's face turns red with emotion,
weather its anger or some other emotion he was too compromised to fend off
the quick hands of the woman and in a cloud of smoke she becomes Daichi.
"Sexy Jutsu….you've still got a lot to learn Tosai-sensei!" Daichi
remarks standing triumphant with the dumpling until a thin string of
webbing snags the dumpling. All eyes follow the dumpling into the palms of
small child standing at the entrance. Another joins the small figure
laughing manically "That laugh….I know them," Daichi states. A high
pitch nagging voice "Good job ugly you actually did something right," says
one to the other "…" is the reply from the one holding the dumpling. The
figures in the entrance come to light "Sekisetsu and that spider kid.
Damnit that's my dumpling!" Daichi rages as he rushes off in their
direction ready for the fight of his life…

Things are getting heated now. Ninja about, the restaurant in shambles,
confused customers look up to the heavens and question their god "why!?"
but they would get no response….NO RESPONSE!!! Daichi attacks Meruin
with a bone shattering swing only to miss and leave himself open to
Sekisetsu's attack. "Demonic nipple pinch of DOOOM!" she shouts closing in
on Daichi's chest. Her fingers firmly grip his nipples and fiendishly
twist until he falls to his knees. "So…powerful…" Daichi says gritting
his teeth. He brings his arm around and pushes Sekisetsu off him and
lunges for Meruin again. The spider child vaults off of Daichi's head
getting behind the boy. Just as Meruin was about to strike Daichi he found
himself dangling from the hands of Tosai. "Yoink," Tosai says snatching
the dumpling from Meruin , he then tosses the child aside like a ragdoll
and proceeds to eat the dumpling when Moriko shoots a forceful gust of
wind knocking Tosai aside causing him to lose grip of the dumpling. It's
in the air now, anyone can grab it but Sekisetsu manages to get to it
first. She leaps back onto a table and gloats "HA Dumbasses! Watch as I
eat your stupid dumpling-"she goes to chomp it with her sharp shark-like
teeth but to her surprise the dumpling isn't there. "Hey where the hell
did it go!?" she flails angrily. A cocky laugh flows forth from the corner
of the restaurant "Too slow demon girl…" remarks Daichi grinning while
holding the dumpling in his hand. He tosses it in the air and lets it fall
into his mouth before a furry hand suddenly catches the dumpling mid
descent. "Oh son of a bit-" Daichi starts but his voice fades quickly as
he sets eyes on owner of that furry hand.

"No…." Daichi says in a fearful tone. A toothy grin emerges on the face
of Moriko but she has used her weird Kirryu abilities to morph into a half
Moki half Fox hybrid! Daichi backs up slowly until he finds himself
pressed up against the wall. Moriko closes in on him inch by inch until
she is right in his face. She smiles fiendishly at Daichi and begins to
say something "….boo," Daichi's eyes then went white and he collapsed
right there. Moriko pokes him gently with her foot after reverting to her
original slightly less terrifying form. "I still don't know why that
frightens him so much," Moriko comments. Suddenly a mighty shoulder charge
slams her through the wall of the restaurant. The dumpling was sent flying
right into the hands of Tosai. "You let your guard down," he grins. The
then looks towards Daichi and sighs "What the hell was that?" he
questions. He shakes his head and begins "See Daichi this is your flaw,
you're too theatrical and dramatic you're ALWAYS overreacting and you
never focus. Even now in this dream there are HUGE gaps I mean what are
two Kiri ninja doing in Konoha? Why would Moriko allow this chaos in her
own restaurant? It makes no sense!" and he goes on and on failing to
notice the itsy bitsy Meruin lowering down from the ceiling and snatching
the dumpling. He returns to the entrance holding the dumpling just about
to leave when a projectile is sent flying across his cheek drawing blood.
The spider child hisses at the attacker in the doorway. A shard of some
sort then reflects a blinding light and when sight is restored the
dumpling is in the hands of the silent yet charming young chuunin from
Konoha. "This is silly…" remarks the refined voice of Tsukiko holding
the dumpling in her finger tips.

"You call yourself shinobi fighting over a simple dumpling?" Tsukiko
responds. Sekisetsu then runs up on Tsukiko her face red with anger and
here you stupid bimbo, no one asked you for your worthless opinion. We
were all fine and dandy with the mayhem and the batshit insanity until you
showed up you *Seki censor*. So why don't you drop the dumpling find a
niiiiiice long kunai and shove it princess!?" Sekisetsu finishes and she
is breathing fire at the end of this.

Tsukiko would blink abrubtly and shift her eyes "Uhh…" then BOOOM!
Sekisetsu is sent flying into the wall. Daichi stands beyond having just
PHACE PUNCHED her into next week. His fist smoking "Hands off my
dumpling…" he remarks before turning to Tsukiko. Tsukiko blinks
"Daichi…I have the dumpling…she didn't even reach for it," Daichi
would nod "Yeah…" he replied. Tsukiko would eye shift again "So…why
did you hit her like that?" Daichi laughs and then stops suddenly
"Because….I just don't like her," he nods and takes the dumpling.
"MINE!" he shouts at Tsukiko. Gnom gnom gnom gnom gnom Daichi devours the
dumpling viciously "Gnom gnom gnom gnom" the scene fades and Daichi awakes
in the Lucky Dragon restaurant.

His head still a bit hazy he looks around "It's the middle of the
day…." he looks down at his plate and sees a handful of dumplings, one
was half eaten. Daichi groans and pushes the plate away "Never again…"
he states as he gets up and leaves the restaurant.

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