Iwa-Nuts for Sale!


Yamamoto, Fuuta, Ichihoshi, Ishino

Date: April 18, 2013


Yamamoto Sells Coconuts to Kirigakure Shinobi

"Iwa-Nuts for Sale!"

Kirigakure Food Stands

Food Stands [Kirigakure]

Here, closer to the actual food stands, the smells, sounds, and sights are almost overwhelming. A virtual cornucopia of cultures, the largest marketplace in the Water country shows it's roots here- travel. Almost every stall has the decor of a different small village or clan from across the seas upon the curtains which enclose the long 'entrance'. Each of the booths is a small section, roughly 15 feet wide by around 10 deep, which posesses a long bar along the middle, stools along one side and a walkway on the other. Along the longest of the three wooden walls, cooking equipment and food storage lies… And this setup is copied into an area of two back-to-back rows with a third and fourth row facing them from across a moderately sized alleyway for access."


A young man in his late teens with ochre coloured skin. He is tall and muscular. His eyes are opal. He wears a dark red vest open in the front and dark red pants which are baggy, but brown wrappings cover the shins and calfs of the pants and keep them tight to the skin. Brown tabi cover the feet. Around his waist a thick bright yellow sash is tied to leave two foot long tails hanging, and a matching yellow bandana covers his hair and bears an Iwagakure forehead protector. From the edges of his bandana spills shoulder-length thick black hair.

The young man before you gives an impression of formality and discipline. His face is angular, with a sharp chin and high cheekbones. His almond shaped eyes are dark to the point of being nearly black, bright beneath angled eyebrows that give him an impression of seriousness even when a rare smile curves his thin-lipped mouth. His hair is long and blue black in color, which he keeps bound into a topknot at the crown of his skull. This young man's shoulders are broad and well muscled, and his body thin and fit. Though he stands at a mere 5'6", his posture and confident attitude give him an imperious and towering presence.
This young man wears a simple, modified version of a kamishimo, consisting of a sleaveless kimono of dark blue color and a black hakama, and a black kataginu lacking the normal pronounced shoulders, leaving his upper arms bare. Around his waist hangs a thick utility belt sporting several rows of kunai along his right side, several pouches along his back, and a katana and wakazashi on his left. The buckle of the belt sports the four zagging lines, signet of Kirigakure.

Before you stands a young man with mid-length hair as pallid as moonlight on cold steel. His locks are fine and thin and spruced with care. The ashen bangs are kept out of his eyes pulled back and framing his youthful face. His eyes are a robust vibrant orange luster and show the vigor that his soul thrives with. His eyes are somewhat thin generating a natural mysteriousness about him. Sly would be the expression they cast upon all who meet his gaze. His skin is even in tone and lightly tanned once kissed by the sun. Lean and dignified he stands at 5'9". A haughty demeanor is justified in the robust design of his athletic form. While not bulky or hulking his muscle tone indicates he's capable of incredible physical feats. This is Yoko Fuutama

Standing at 6'4" tall, this teen has a lean look to his figure. Long black hair is swept back in that haphazard wind-blown look. A slightly long face had piercing red eyes that stared at the world with a bored expression of having seen it all before. Encasing his body in all black is an elaborate looking tux. Polished shoes with an almost mirror sheen encase his feet, leading up to those black slacks. The coat tails frame his hips, that over coat of the tux displaying a white shirt under it, with a black tie neatly held in place with a clip. On his hands are white gloves that seem to be a part of his suit when dealing with combat. He also has a gold chain clipped to one of his pockets, the pocket watch a golden metal disk, with the elaborate workings inside it allowing him to keep track of time. There is an extra elaborate amount of scroll work on the inside of the pocket watch's lid, revealing to those who can detect such that it is actually a storage location much like what would be on a scroll.

It is early in the morning at the food stalls in Kirigakure and the mists are still thick, as are the smells. A new stall has been opened today: The Iwa-Nut Stand. The stand itself is pretty small and doesn't come with the attractive (or unattractive, depending on how much you like fish) smells of the other stands. Its little more than a cart with a hand-painted wooden sign. The cart is covered with coconuts. "Come one, come all, and buy yourself a tasty Iwa-nut. These babies are like coconuts, only they are grown high in the mountains," a hearty voice proclaims through the mist.
"They are filled with youth-revitalizing nutrients that can only be found in this particular breed's milk, but you have to drink the milk quick, quick, quick after they have dropped from the tree. In fact, they are so rich with this super-nutrient that they stay fresh on the tree for years before they drop. I've brought them straight here from the Land of Earth and your all in luck since they are just ripe enough to drink, but you better buy them quick before the milk goes sour. Who wants to buy one of these babies and look younger and feel healthier?"
The voice at the stand comes from a visiting Iwagakure nin by the name of Yamamoto. Yamamoto juggles one of the "Iwa-nuts" on his foot as he calls out into the market.

Ichihoshi, wondering the area, overhears the advertisement. He looks in the direction of the foodstand for a moment, and then glances around at other people that are gathering. Curiosity, of course, is Ichihoshi's greatest nemesis. The young shinobi finds himself near the food stand, looking up at the rather tallish Iwa-nin. "Uh, isn't that just a coconut?" He looks at the hairy 'Iwa-nut'. "What are you charging for it?

Strolling casually through the Food Stands with a basket in his left hand Fuuta scans and glances to a few stands that catch his interest. In the distance however he could hear the competitive proclamation of something different. "Iwa-Nuts? Hmmm sounds interesting." Fuuta muses to himself. The jounin makes his way in the direction of the vender's voice. Fuuta doesn't approach the stand just yet. He watches from afar. "Youth revitalizing? Hehe that's neat." Fuuta finally starts approaching the stand. Ichihoshi beat Fuuta to the tall Iwa salesman but perhaps that was for the better. Fuuta inclines his head "Coconut or not. It's different. This place is monotonous. It's refreshing to see something different every once in a while." Fuuta looks to the salesman now "Yes, how much?"

At the approach of the kirigakure ninja, and in response to the questions, Yamamoto grabs another coconut from the stand and holds it in front of him towards the other boys. He keeps juggling the other coconut with one foot while he calls out loudly, obviously meaning for most of the market to hear, "Do not let their appearance deceive you! These are no mere coconuts! As everyone knows, normal coconuts do not grow high in the mountains of the Land of Earth, and so these could not be normal coconuts. These are the youth revitalizing Iwa-Nuts, the milk restores a youthful appearance and vitality, and the meat invigorates one's stamina for hours for each bite. How much would someone pay for this? They have been sold to Daimyo's at 5,000 yen a piece, but you are not Daimyos and I am eager to get on with my travels. I will sell them to you at a bargain price. I will sell them each for only twenty percent of that! Thats right, 1,000 yen and one of these miracle Iwa-nuts can be yours. Don't pass up this offer, because this is a once in a lifetime opportunity so far from the Land of Earth." Yamamoto then tosses the other "iwa-nut" into the air and begins to juggle it along with the other one, now alternating which foot he is using.

Ichihoshi eyes the man sidelong. "No, I don't think so. I think they're just coconuts," he says to Fuuta after the salesman's new pitch. "That guy over there is selling coconuts for 300 yen," he says. "And I'm already young." He glances around at the other people who are looking in their pockets for their coin. "Though, I suppose it might be worth an experiment…" He hefts his own coin purse.

Fuuta nods to Ichihoshi "Yes he is but the's not this entertaining. This guy as a nice pitch." Fuuta heads into his coin pouch "Not that I need it but I'll try anything once just about." Fuuta states. "So tell me more about these Iwa-Nuts. What makes them so special? Is it just where they happen to grow or is there more of a story behind them? This is my first time hearing about Iwa-Nuts. You'd think such a thing would have a bit more of a reputation. But then again this is the Land of Water, perhaps news doesn't travel that fast." Fuuta shrugs.

Yamamoto laughs shortly and heartily. "Those who do not seek will never find," Yamamoto says, looking towards Ichihoshi. "You can't expect unique opportunities like this one to force their way into your life, you have to grasp them while you have the chance. As for the history of these fine Iwa-nuts…" He looks towards Fuuta, then the rest of the people. He kicks the two "iwa-nuts" that he has been juggling into the air and catches one in each hand. "…As I said before, they only drop from the tree once every several years, and they often are sold for great amounts. It is by your fine fortune that I have come with them today. My village has been hired to raise their worth, you see, and I am here to spread word of their miraculous properties. What has in the past been a secret only available to the elite of the Land of Earth is now to be known of all around the continent. The hope, of course, is that once people experience the Iwa-Nuts that the demand for them will increase many-fold. Try them today, and when your Daimyos are buying them at twenty or thirty times the price you will be able to say that you were one of the chosen few to experience them."

"If they're so valuable, why are you handling them like toys?" Ichihoshi looks slightly concerned. "I actually think they say coconuts do all of the same things you're saying those nuts do. Do you have any free samples?" He begins looking around the cart.

Ishino would step out of his home, that clockwork store with a final wave back at his sister. Shaking his head, he'd turn away, pulling out an umbrella as an older looking man, dressed in the same sort of suit that Ishino currently wore, would step up to him. A single nod shared between them and the older man would take the umbrella as they headed into the market. A few locations to visit, friends to greet, had Ishino passing a rather unusual cart. Considering that this was including a person that seemed to have an Iwa symbol on their head, he definitely was interested in what was happening. Casually coming to a stop next to Fuuta, he'd direct his question to Fuuta, while studying the cart and Ichi interacting with it. "Yokumo-san. This seems to be a rather.. new.. recent entry to the marketplace. Anything I should be conserned about?"

"Ah-ha," Yamamoto exclaims. "So I see you ARE interested in them. Looking for free samples? I'm afraid that selling them as cheaply as I am is pushing the envelope far enough. I would not waste an ounce of these on someone who wasn't willing to take destiny in their own hands and take advantage of the opportunity I offer." He holds one of the "iwa-nuts" up higher to present it. "Come now, even this man, apparently one given to doubt, feels the tug and pull of destiny at hand, though he may wish to deny it. Do not give in to your doubt and your depression. Winners are winners because they take advantage of opportunities like this one."

"Then I will assume they are coconuts, because I've not been given compelling evidence to the contrary." He nods decisively. "I hope your sales go well, salesman-san." He turns away from the seller to see what there might be amongst the other food stands for a hungry shinobi… in fact, he heads over to the stand thats selling coconuts, since the salesman did such a good job of convincing him its what he wanted to eat.

Fuuta pats Ichihoshi on the shoulder "Hey hey lighten up. Just try them. I know you're curious otherwise you wouldn't be over here." Fuuta states with a grin. He notices Ishino only a few moments before the man walked up next to him. "Oh Ishino glad you're here. This guy is selling quite an interesting product. Iwa-nuts. He says they can make you look younger." Fuuta blinks for a moment then points at Ishino "Oh Clockwork, isn't coconut oil good for the joints? Time Keeper's that is." Fuuta joking asks. He turns to Yamamoto "Alright alright you've sold me. I'll take one. I'm trusting you here guy. Don't let me down." Fuuta says with a grin.

Yamamoto tosses one of the "iwa-nuts" over his shoulder, and it lands on the cart with the others. He holds out the "Iwa-nut" that remains in his hand towards Fuuta to hand to him. "Congratulations, you are going to be the first in Kirigakure to enjoy the fantastic Iwa-nut. Only 1,000 yen for a prize that Daimyos will buy at twenty times that amount."

Ishino would raise a brow, studying Yamamoto and Fuuta. Tracking Ichi as he'd wave off the salesman, Ishino gives his own small nod. "You do realize they're just coconuts, right, Yomoko-san?" Chuckling softly, he'd give a small shake of his head. "I actually use fish oil on Time Keeper's joints. Found it to be more fluid in response and minimizes the friction." Ishino studies Yamamoto then, staring at him hard for a few moments. "Please don't let me find out that you are attempting to con people here. It would be quite.. displeasing. I tend to patrol the market. My family business is here and so I make sure that everything stays on the up and up."

Fuuta blinks at Yamamoto "Thought you said 500?" the young jounin paused for a moment with a somewhat stern look on his face as he stared at Yamamoto. "Nah it's no big deal. Hand it over." he pays Yamamoto and takes the Iwa-Nut. "Yeah Ichihoshi said the same thing…and why are you calling me Yomoko? It's Yoko." Fuuta corrects while tossing the Iwa-nut. "Really what drew me in was his juggling. It reminded me of someone. Guess I got a little sentimental." Fuuta stated with a soft smile. "But yes it would be bad if you were trying to deceive people. Especially after I trusted you." Fuuta nods before looking to Ishino. "I didn't know you a family business. Why haven't you mentioned this before Clockwork?"

Ichihoshi frowns as he hears Fuuta's words. "I was uncertain, but they looked remarkably like coconuts. I hope it is delicious, Fuuta-san." He continues over to the other food stand, and picks up a couple of squid on sticks. "Thanks," he says with a polite bow, and then heads over to a bench where he begins to snack on the delicious Kiri-treat.

"Yes sir, no big deal compared to the great benefits of the rare and spectacular Iwa-Nut," Yamamoto says, taking the money. After Fuuta buys one of them a few of the villages also come and buy some and Yamamoto continues his selling.

Ishino shrugs slightly. Watching Fuuta buy then.. toss? the nut? Odd. Then again he just said he had some sedemental value to it. "Why would juggling be of sentimental value to you? Seems like a major waste of time and ability to be.. juggling." Shaking his head, Ishino turns along with the older man behind him. "My family's business is there." He'd point out the clock store. "That, in part, is the reason why I can afford what I do.. they are well enough off, even if not quite wealthy." Smiling, Ishino would pull that golden watch out of his pocket to check it. Musing, a small nod was given. "I do not have much more time before I must depart. I'll be happy to discuss it further with you another time, Yoko-san?"

Fuuta sighs and waves to Ichihoshi "They are coconuts. But you're missing the point." Fuuta looks back to Ishino "Geez what's with all the stiffs in Kirigakure? I swear everyday it's like I meet the same person." The coconut comes back down and Fuuta begins juggling with it "Maybe it's just my overwhelming greatness that just saps the vim and zing away from them." Fuuta chuckles at Ishino "Well I found it kinda annoying at first actually. Juggling…there…with a goddamn cheeky ass grin…" Fuuta's eyes trail off in the distance. "Uh but after a while you kinda miss it." Fuuta realized he probably wasn't making any sense to Ishino. "Nevermind. Clock store…should've figured. Part of me so desperately wished you came from a tailoring household. I like those suits you wear."

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