Iwa Trouble


Itami, Berii, Katsurou

Date: September 16, 2013


Berii has tracked down an Iwa nin but loses him. Katsurou shows up to take over. And Itami is being helpful but cryptic.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Iwa Trouble"

Wind/Rivers Border

Ever since the exams ended, new problems have arisen that need taking care of. The rumors that spread about Konoha were about to hit all areas of the shinobi world as people returned to or have already settled back into their respective villages. Suna decided to at least keep a close eye on what's going on from their end in an effort to be ahead. It's made more difficult with Iwa shinobi wandering around. Yet, they haven't proven to be much of an issue more so than a nuisance. Itami found herself out here in this area, mostly tracking the Iwa routes, but thought it best to see to it that Konoha or whatever issues stemmed from the place was kept in check. There was something to be found out here, especially as news of bandits began to pop up in different places. The guise of the trees and bush around here should be enough to conceal someone to spy. At least, the councilwoman thought as much for the time being. There were Iwa people around here that, so far, haven't done anything, but they were up to something.

Business as usual, people would often hear Berii complain about only getting missions involving watching kids(Often enough those her age or older) at the training areas, as if that was all she did. Of course, Berii had a habit of being shipped out on… "The dumbest missions." She grumbles as she moves along quickly on all fours, eyes bright red with her Sharingan active, moving along like an Inuzuka as she follows a trail.
Agitation building as she continues to get closer and closer to the Sunagakure border. Sure, the Land of Rivers may look the other way if Berii happened to start a fight on their land with a runaway. Though in the Land of Wind? That may cause issue and sadly… the trail leads to the border, causing her to skid to a stop and reconsider.
"Mannnn." Berii's Sharingan fades away as she crosses her arms and pouts. What to do what to do.

Katsurou seems to come out of no where as he lands next to Berii. "I was sent to relieve you." The Shirayuki says in his calm yet stern voice. He studies her then looks in the direction of where she was just looking herself. "Did you have a track on someone?" Katsurou was already briefed before he even left the village that Iwa nin were planning something and they were to be watched closely. "Hmm. That trail leads to the Land of Wind. Is it possible that Iwa and Suna are planning something together?" Katsurou sighs as he brushes a loose strand of hand out of his face. "That would be some luck for Konoha." He takes another look around the area before looking back to Berii. "I will take it from here. Go get some rest and something to eat." He offers a pleasant smile.

No Iwa shinobi have shown themselves at this point, but they were present. They were watching the Konoha shinobi, about four of them of varied ranks. Itami continued to watch as well until she decided to drop in and greet Katsurou and Berii. "Greetings to you both. What brings you so close to the borders?" She questioned the both of them. "I can tell you nothing has taken place here. Your trip may very well have been for nothing…" She cast a glance in the direction of one Iwa shinobi in hiding. "How much do you all know about this area? I assume this may be your first visit around here. I haven't found Konoha shinobi to be all that perceptive lately…"

The Uchiha initially ignores Katsurou, they'd wait this long to relieve her? How the heck did he even, she shakes her head, nevermind. "A Genin. I suppose, that rank doesn't matter." Berii mumbles, her goofy speech missing. "Went missing ten years ago, I spotted him." Berii snaps her fingers and a bingobook appears in hand, on the page to show Katsurou. "It's a good thing you showed up, hnn. Who knows how much power he's gained or what he's up to. It's just the issue is, should we cross over into the Land of Wind. Without prior notice, I don't know enough about the place or know anyone who holds some sort of power. Oh… this could end badly." Berii comments as Itami approaches. "Oh, she looks familiar." Of course, most people don't really remember a tour guides face after so many years… and the last place they'd expect them is out on border watch, so Berii doesn't make the connection.
"Watashi Hitomaru." The Uchiha turns the bingobook around to show to Itami. "His trail leads here, and extends in the direction of the Land of Wind." With that explanation out of the way Berii casually de-summons the book and bows. "Sorry if we are causing any sort of trouble and no, this is not my first time around here. I've spent quite a bit of time in the Land of Rivers in the past and have visited…" Berii looks over Itami, "Your village."
Berii figures tossing all that info out would form some bit of trust, though, other than the information she does not show much more friendliness, her expression stays stoic.

Katsurou looks to the book Berii had summoned. He knew exactly what it was after glancing at it. He hated this book, mainly because his name was in it and perhaps at a nice price by now. "Yea, let us not underestimate these Iwa nin. They have been surviving on their own for awhile now." Katsurou looks back up in the direction of the Land of Wind as Berii explains her ignorance of the land. He too was in the same boat. He was not sure where to go from here. However, is then Itami appears not far from them. The Shirayuki turns to the sound of her voice and immediately reckonizes her from his time with her in Konoha. Though, he lets Berii do the talking for both of them. When the Uchiha bows to her, he would bow as well. As Berii continues to speak, Katsurou whips his head to the side as if something catches his eye. "I apologize for interupting but I think we have more guests…"

Itami lofted a brow at the bingobook that was shown to her. "Hm." She folded her arms. "And you want access to the Land of Wind to find him. I suppose I could arrange this," she offered. "And that's the only nature of your business here so far?" She winced as Berii made mention of her village. The way she spoke it didn't appear to be positive. "So, you've noticed someone here. Or some people. Good. There may be some hope for you all yet. How many did you see?" She questioned Katsurou. The Iwa shinobi delayed their attempt at moving until the genin thought to move out, jumping from the ground and trying to make their way away. "Tell you what. I may help you if you go and catch them. Deal?"

Berii turns to Katsurou when he mentions the other guests. The Uchiha seemed prepared to say something about them, though Itami begins to speak up. "That's all I'm here for." She then turns her head to give Itami her full attention. "You want us to catch them?" Berii's Sharingan reactivates, her chakra beginning to gather. "I'm assuming you're assisting, it would only be fair. This could be a trap, either on their part alone or… you could even be a part of this. Not worth chasing after one criminal." Berii's eyes shift towards the escaping Genin and back to Itami, awaiting her answer before making any sort of effort chasing after them. "If so, lead the way."

It wasnt that Katsurou didnt trust Itami, but he was in an unfamilar area, dealing with unfamilar nin on unknown scales of intellegience and skills, and not sure what's Itami's standing is on the moment when it comes to the Iwa nin. As far as he knew with the Iwa trying to escape to the Land of Wind, the idea of Itami working with the Iwa nin seemed very likely. The Shirayuki agreed with the Uchiha. His momma didnt raise no fool. Actually, his momma didnt raise him at all, but thats not the point. For now he stands next to Berii waiting to see how Itami will respond.

"Treat everything with suspicion. The checklist is slowly becoming complete," Itami grinned. "Alright, I suppose I can help. Let's not waste time here." With that, she was off to seek out these two genin. The chuunin that were in hiding took off in the opposite direction to warn their superior. "I feel a bit insulted, though. I've worked with Konoha before. Aided in seeking out your Daimyo's niece as well as working with your great Uchiha Fuyu. I considered her a great person and felt honored to associate with her. Now I'm treated as some common lowlife that is some suspect." She huffed as she chased the Iwa genin across the delta area. The genin managed to keep their distance, but they didn't have much in the way of skills. They utilized earth clones to move ahead of them as they tried to hide in the ground.

Berii grumbles, were they being evaluated? She simply gestures for Katsurou to keep up. "Alright." The Uchiha's eyes are now looking off ahead of Itami, listening to her stories of assisting Konohagakure. Her attention drops to the floor, it seems other tracks have scattered, the question of the Iwa nin splitting up comes to mind until Fuyu is mentioned and it throws her off. The girl looks a little damaged now as she comments, "Ah… she was one of my teachers, hnn." Berii's voice goes a bit low. "Sorry. I have no idea who you are sadly, so…" Berii sort of shrugs as she goes along.
"Hnn, gonna treat you how I should. Hopefully this amount of trust doesn't rock me over." She then glances over at Katsu, one of Berii's few talents was… running away, so this may work out for her, though for him? "Oh and, those are clones." Berii mentions pointing at the two earth clones approaching them she then flickers by the clones, letting Itami and Katsurou take care of them if they so please. "You obviously haven't experienced much with the Sharingan!" Berii calls out, "With your village hiding in the background the entire time."
Berii's hands open and summons a sword in each hand, kneeling and stabbing the blades into the ground so that they appear in front of the Genin's faces underground. "Aye, come out slowly or these blades will electrocute you!"

Katsurou would kick off the ground and follow behind Itami and Berii while in pursuit of the Iwa nin. He was bringing up the rear so he could not hear what was being discussed between the two females. Though, for now it did not matter. What mattered to him was securing these iwa nin and making sure they dont end up being lead into an ambush.
The Shirayuki looks down from the trees they are leaping through to see the clones that Berii speaks of. Closing his eyes, a pattern of light blue seals appear on whatever skin shows on his upper body. It glows much like the light blue aura that outlines his body. He closes his eyes and looks back down below. Bringing a hand seal up to his chest, he activates an ice clone that would leap out of his body and down onto the ground to confront the clones. He would rather not have them come back and bite them in the ass while they took care of the real threat.
As Berii thrusts her swords into the ground, Katsurou would land with a light thud not far from her. With his link established to his ancestors, he waits and listens to any direction they might give him.

Itami would smirk inwardly, but on the outside, her face remained stoic. "Perhaps you weren't in my office that day when I called in the Konoha shinobi during the exams in Suna. They were framed for an attack. I spoke to the vast majority as a jounin council member. I'm Watanabe Itami of the council," she offered. "You don't have to worry about trust. What you do need to worry about is that your dear friend there may be in trouble and perhaps your village. I believe Iwa is attempting to set up post in a village in the Land of Fire. You may be hard pressed to convince the people of that village otherwise of their associations, however. That place has been a friend of Iwa since the end of the clan wars." She states. "Of course, the village isn't much of a secret so much as their associations with Iwa. Don't make it too obvious that you'll be keeping an eye on them." She chuckled. Once they were on the ground near the genin and the clones were disposed of, she waited for the Iwa genin to appear from the ground.
They eventually raise up and place their hands up in surrender. "You can kill us if you want. We don't have anything you'd be looking for anyway. We've heard all about Konoha. Looks like you guys aren't very popular lately." One of them speaks as the other remained silent.

The Uchiha raises an eyebrow at the two. "Kill you?" Berii, snickers and stands up on her feet. "Maybe." Berii takes the time to mull over what Itami previously said, the information she dropped earlier, combined with how quick the Iwagakure ninja were to jump on calling out Konohagakure's internal itch. Berii glances over to Itami for a moment. "You, don't have anything?" Berii nods slightly to the one who was speaking to her, "Very well then. She raises her sword and quickly shifts her attention to the silent one, looking him into the eye as she activates a Genjutsu.

In the Genjutsu a mad grin stretches across her face as she brutally hacks away at his more talkative companion. "So…" She continues to hack at the limbs. "My friend's a medic, hnn. So it'll make it real easy to patch you up well enough to survive. Of course…" She swings, at his imaginary friend and the Genjutsu would cause him to think his companion's blood splattered over him. The warmth of it and the terror of his companion's scream were all very real. "You'd pretty much be useless when it comes to doing anything so…" She lifts the blade and turns to boy, "If you give me anything, what Iwagakure is planning, what sort of mission you were on, location of the superiors and don't give me any nonsense, two Genin won't be this far out on their own. So."

Of course to everyone else… Berii would just be standing there, eventually casually lowering her sword, locked eye to eye with the silent one, hopefully he'd crack and give more information than Itami had.

Unaware that Berii was working her genjutsu on the Iwa nin, Katsurou just keeps an eye for anyone else wanting to join the party. He knew of the rumors the Iwa nin spoke of. Either they had a hand in the slander that was spreading or they had someone in on the inside giving up information to them. He would idly wonder just how big the Iwa force was. To him, they had gone unchecked for so long as they just faded in the background without anyone bothering them. Now, they could be beginning their plan of attack and it could catch everyone completely off guard. He eyes Itami then looks to Iwa nin who was so quick to surrender. Something wasnt right…Something smelled. "Berii. We need to go." He says all of a sudden not feeling so safe to be there. It probably was not needed but the Shirayuki was not wanting to take any risks. They were outnumbered, not fully informed, and in an unfamilar land fighting an unfamilar enemy. A thick cloud of mist would begin to roll into the area. It was Katsurou's Hidden Mist Technique to help cover their escape in case his worries were true.

Why did he have to talk? That idiot. Everyone knows Uchiha are incredibly unstab—nah. That's not really true…maybe. As the silent partner is coaxed into a genjutsu, his eyes dilate as he's secured within and he freezes while being tortured for information. In response, his teammate begins to make a move to stab him himself. The way he aimed his strike was as if to kill him. Itami intervened by making a handseal to summon up earth to get body and stepping between the two, stopping his kunai in its tracks. "I can't allow you to strike him down." Meanwhile the comrade continues to watch his friend being backed away at before finally confessing that he knows nothing. "I really don't know anything. We were just told to be a distraction!"

Katsurou focuses on working his Hidden Mist Technique until the area is blanketed. Once he notices Berii take her leave, he would soon follow behind her. Something bothered the Shirayuki however. The fact that they were suppose to be a distraction. A distraction for what though? Just how big is this Iwa threat? It made sense now that he thinks back to the Chuunin exams and only seeing a select few nin representing Iwa. They were the only village that didnt choose to show face. It was probably due to them setting up whatever it is that they have planned, and no one was really viligant enough to notice. A heavy sigh escapes Katsurou as these concerning thoughts pass through his mind. All he could do now was to brief the Konoha council along side Berii. With the Uchiha ahead of him, he continues along the trail heading back towards Konoha with a sense of urgency.

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