Iwata Takeshi Family Reunion


Naru, Sosuke, Nori

Date: March 18, 2013


As a follow up to the earlier Tokkuriji scene, Naru's team is sent to deal with Iwata Takeshi's gang that is poisoning shinobi. After a philosophical discussion for how to deal with the gang (kill them all or give them a choice or…), the team takes out the gang. A few escape though, which leads to more RP.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Iwata Takeshi Family Reunion"

Tokkuriji (A village within the Land of Fire canon-wise), in a warehouse

Naru would have been assigned this mission for one very important reason. It was because of her that the gang of thugs, thieves, and misfits gathered under Iwata Takeshi was discovered in Tokkuriji, a village within the Land of Fire. The village was previouslly infiltrated to determine if there were any sources of unrest amongst the villagers and any threats against the shinobi of Konohagakure. Naru led that mission, and now she will lead the clean-up crew.
Iwata Takeshi has poisoned several shinobi sent to the village; using small children, waiters, and anyone he can put up to the task of tricking or deceiving the shinobi. Now Naru is tasked to take down Iwata Takeshi and destroy the will of the gang. Nori and Sosuke, as part of her team, were obviously chosen to tag along for the fun? No, carnage? No…mission? Yes, for the mission!
The team sits outside a warehouse, the one that Naru had found Iwata Takeshi in previously within the Tokkuriji village.

It seems Naru has been busy. Not surprising considering she's an active jounin. Sosuke had no issues with this mission. It had been quite a while since he's been out on the field a little action would do him well. It was the best opportunity to see if his training had made a difference. His crescent scythe was on his back readily sharpened for whatever waltz Sosuke calls upon. He waits for the game plan but does formulate his own just in case. While waiting he looks between Naru and Nori to get a feel for their situation if they were visibly showing that is.

Narusegawa was leading the duo of genin into the heat of battle. Rather than this being a mission for information gathering they were to use the information they gathered and strike back against their opponents. " I sorely hope the two of you will be ready for this ordeal… This isn't a usual mission. We will be up against strong criminals and there will be blood spilt," Narusegawa informed the both of you.

" Do either of you have a problem with that?" She asked curiously with an arched eyebrow. She hadn't been with either of them in a true risky combat situation. " The plan will be very simple… We will plant explosive tags along the outside of the warehouse and bar the doors from allowing them to escape. We can start a fire within and finish them just like that…coming up with our own way of slipping out of the burning warehouse. Or We can challenge the leader and demoralize the group…. I don't really care for people like this to exist within our lands… We can make it look like an "accident" if they burn up from within the warehouse. We might have to fight a few of them off,"

Nori is there. While he has some skill at hiding and stealth, he's not really trying to at the moment. That doesn't mean he's blowing an air horn, flashing a sky-light, or shooting off skunk bombs. Nope, he's just standing there, mentally preparing himself. Nori's head twists from side to side as he stretches, and when he is done, he is left staring back at Sosuke, "Ready Sosuke-kun?"
As Naru asks if the duo is okay with spilling blood, Nori answers, "If it can't be helped…then so be it. I'm still not sure I can help much though in a fight. Still, killing one for the sake of saving many might be the better option. I might consider scaring them another way too, but who knows if that would work."
Down below, the lights are indeed on in the warehouse. Shouts of 'fight fight fight' can be heard, as well as jeers and cheers. It seems like the gang is up to its usual antics.

Sosuke nods too both Nori and Naru. He wasn't shaking or trembling so he knew his nerves wouldn't betray him. When Nori starts speaking up about his ability to provide much assistance Sosuke decided to speak up "Your talent could be used to cause great disarray. We could pinch them from both sides theoretically. You're on to something. Give it a try." Sosuke noted before retrieving his scythe. The chanting coming from the warehouse made him sigh. It seems the gang was riled up, which was absolutely delightful given the situation. Sosuke glances over to Naru. "Naru-sensei, attacking the leader seems to be the quicker and more….permanent way to go. Do you think it would be possible to discredit and demoralize him after isolating him somehow?" Sosuke asks "For the body to move the brain and thought are necessary. The leader is the brain and the respect he commands makes him the center for thought in this gang mentality."

"With the leader gone the others will disburst… However I do fear that they may see him as a matry and will eventually rise up again in another village at the expense of our citizens. If they are "gone" we won't need to worry about that now will we?" Narusegawa asked curiously with a twitch of her brow. She did want to make she her team wouldn't buckle under the pressure. " This is the reality of what it means to be shinobi… The ability to make the hard decisions if need be. You will be very useful in this Nori-san… and I know very well that Sosuke has the potential to fight toe to toe. However what we need to do first is set these traps. I have a few explosive tags we can set about the warehouse. We will ensure they are all entraped before we set things off…"

Nori interjects quickly, "Narusegawa-sama, I will do as you ask, but I would not feel right if I didn't ask. Should we not give the followers a second chance? Let them decide if it is worth it? An accident might work, but it also might be seen as an even larger threat to the citizens of the village against the evils of the shinobi." He shrugs, "At least, that is how I'd consider spinning it if I were this Iwata Takeshi." Nori sighs and says, "There is no easy answer to this is there?"
Nori bows to Naru, "You have seen much more than I, we'll do it the way you see fit."
So, Nori grabs a few of the explosive tags and asks, "Where do we need to put them and how should we bar the windows?" Nori looks to Sosuke and states, "I don't see any tables and barstools like last time." Nori hmms, "I could potentially use earth barrier, but then I'm not so certain I'd be able to use my Mind Body Switch overly much after that."

Sosuke nods to Naru "Hmm well you have been dealing with this group longer than I have." He moves up to her and takes a few explosive tags. "I'll comply fully with whatever you say." Sosuke glances to Nori "They knew what they were doing going in. If not then it's the price they pay for poor judgment and sensibility." Sosuke shrugs. "I don't see why they should be spared." He looks back to Naru "But that's just my understanding of it." He looks to her for a final decision. Sosuke was starting to see that Nori had a good heart, better than most shinobi anyway. He couldn't help but to respect it. "I however would like to give Nori's sentiment some thought." Sosuke states with a soft grin. "We don't want to be made out as the bad guy her. It'll only cause more problems."

"I suppose if it will feel better on your concious we can give them one last ultimatium. They can leave the warehouse and turn themselves in… voluntarily join us back to Konoha for imprisonment or they can all perish within the warehouse. I will leave it up to you to warn them about that Nori-kun. As for baring the exits…" She paused briefly, snapping her fingers. "Earth Barrier? You have been working on quite a few things behind me haven't you?" Naru questioned, honestly unaware about his affinity to earth. he really was becoming a "Green Thumb". " Make some quick rounds about the warehouse and place the tags near the window and block the windows with earth if need be. Sosuke can assist with blocking and tagging the front door. Sosuke-kun can then come in from the top and cut a way open for us with his Scythe…after which we will jump right into the fray and issue our demands…Nori-kun can feel out for anyone that might be trying to escape…"

Nori smiles softly to Sosuke as the older boy backs him up. Nori bows again and adds, "I understand, but…I can't help but think of what I would do in their shoes. I am poorer than most, but I had a family growing up. Many of these people only know this man as their family." He sighs. "It is not a fair life either."
So, when Naru goes along with the plan, he bows again, this time getting onto his knees, "Arigatou-gozaimasu Narusegawa-sama! (thanks)".
There are four windows on the long faces of the building and another two on the short faces of the building for a total of twelve windows. Noi states, "I'll take the two sides and the back of Sosuke-kun can handle blocking the front exits." With that, Nori rushes off, trying to stay stealthy now. There are two guards by the front entrance, so Sosuke may have to deal with them first before blocking the entrances…or Naru, Nori is gone, so it is left up to them to figure out.

Sosuke shakes his head as Nori kneel and thanks Naru. "Don't be so eager Nori-kun. Circumstances may require us to kill them despite it all. In that event you should steel yourself." Sosuke adds with a smile. Sosuke nods to Naru and twirls his scythe once "Alright then." He heads around front but does spot the guards at the front. Sosuke didn't think he'd have to deal with them this early. Sosuke ponders for a moment then starts to perform a bit of an illusionary trickery. First Sosuke casted the illusion of something being thrown between the guards. It was an explosive tag, or so it would appear. Sosuke would then quickly descend upon them cracking them in their heads honoring Nori's wish to give them a second chance.

RPCOMBAT: Sosuke attacks with DISTORTION…26
RPCOMBAT: Sosuke attacks with PHYSICAL…19
RPCOMBAT: Sosuke attacks with PHYSICAL…33

The plan was going in motion, and for the most part Narusegawa was planning on allowing them to progress unattended, she had faith in them though would be around to help assist if things got hairy. The suddenly whirl of her sharingan began to take form along her eyes, a pair of three tomoe suring up as she leaped herself into the air and landed along the roof top of the warehouse, hopefully unnoticed. She was looking for a good location for Sosuke to slice through the exterior and for them to leap on in. Though a simgple explosive would have been fine if she really wanted to get the jump on them. With Sosuke's battle with the guards she didn't want to risk the element of surprise too much. She reached for her blade by her backside and ignited the edge with scorching electricity, cutting a hole through the top of the warehouse and slipping through with a drop of her form.

It lead her into a drop right on the arena flooring. With a thud she began to pull herself into a stand, her eyes looking quickly towards the leader and then everyone else in the warehouse. Her blade was still crackling by her side. " You have two options… Turn yourselves in to the Konohagakure Police Force or find youselves perished within the walls of this warehouse… We have you surrounded," Her voice was stoic and straight to the point. Little did they know the only people surrounding this place was a pair of genin.

RP: Naru transforms into SHARINGAN-III-MASTERED.

The two guards do what anyone with half a brain would do when a bomb is tossed in between them, they dive for cover. The only problem? The bomb never goes off. By the time they uncover their ears and uncles to take a look, Sosuke is on them like flies on cow patties. They get knocked out and Sosuke is left to plant the explosives and somehow block the exits.
Nori meanwhile continues around the building, setting the explosive tags and blocking the other exits. Only, Nori only has time to block 2 of the remaining 3 exits he was responsible for before draining all of his chakra. Bad timing.
As Naru drops in on the fight, everything stops. Her epic entrance, leaves mostly everyone stunned, minus Iwata Takeshi who starts a slow clap. "I was wondering when you'd return and show yourself. Konohagakure police hmm? I guess that means, there is no going back." The others, especially the children, look scared. They start talking amongst themselves. Iwata Takeshi growls out, "Please, kill us all…start the great conflagration. I won't go out without a fight though. And unless you have a good enough defense up, I doubt you'll get us all in one fell swoop. Come friends, no family, fight until there is no fight left."

After knocking out the guards Sosuke ties them up before planting the explosives. As for how to block the exits he simply wedged a kunai so that the door would put up quite the struggle before opening. Nearby obstacles and objects were also used. So didn't have much trouble moving things via physical strength alone. After he managed to get the last exit his exhales once in relief. Sosuke then listens as he hears Naru enter. "She's in." he mutters once to himself. He'd try and regroup with Nori now as Takeshi begins. "Nori was right." Sosuke mentions hearing him try and goad Naru into slaughtering and attacking them. Complications would arise from this however.

The glare of Narusegawa's sharingan narrowed down upon Takeshi, knuckling up as chakra continued to flow about her form, after a brief stare she allowed her vision to per about, gauging everyone elses reactions however they weren't moving against her just yet. " I'm only interested in taking you down Takeshi, the rest can be evaluated once we return back to Konohagakure. You are going to tell your own family to rise up and fight? Splintering whatever family is left into fractions?" Huffing slightly electricity began to dvelop along Naru's finger tips, crackling and surging. " Everyone else will stand down or else you risk Konoha Police mopping up this place…" Part of it was a bluff, but Naru had definitely set her sights for Takeshi, he wasn't going to make it out of here alive if she had anything to say about it.

Sosuke would find Nori, slightly paniced. The fight was starting inside and he didn't have the last of the exits blocked yet with his earthen wall. The people inside too have noticed by now that almost all of the exits have been blocked…except for the one that Nori has failed to block. Said window is immediately broken by a bottle and a mass of bodies pours through. Some of them are young children, no more than five…both boys and girls. Others are older men. They are immediately met with Nori and Sosuke standing there. Nori looks to Sosuke and then to the kids, "Please…if you do not wish to fight, we will not harm you…but you also must not leave. Please, we have food and water and shelter…but only if you come peacefully." Some of the children look amongst themselves, intensely scared. The adults growl and state, "You could fool the kids, but not us."
Iwata Takeshi notes the sharingan as Naru levels it on him and immediately looks away. "So, a Uchiha cousin comes to take care of me. I'm frankly disappointed. I thought it would be the Hokage aunt herself." He spits to the ground and shrugs, "Whatever, if I'm to die at the hands of a Uchiha, so be it." Some of the others take to arms too, rallying behind the call of Takeshi. The old buff man immediately takes out a set of kunai and throws them at Narusegawa.

Takeshi roll(s) Laced-Kunai from 30 to 50 and get(s) a 40. - Rolled by: Nori
Takeshi roll(s) Laced-Kunai from 30 to 50 and get(s) a 38. - Rolled by: Nori

Sosuke inclines his head at Nori's expression. "What's wrong?" as he voiced his question the sound of broken glass filled the air and Sosuke knew at that moment that Nori had failed to seal one entrance. Sosuke's eyes go to the children and the others who had escaped. He sighs and arms himself with his crescent scythe but he doesn't take a battle stance yet. He lets Nori try and convince the children to be dissuaded from conflict. As Sosuke suspected though the adults wouldn't be so accommodating. Sosuke looks to Nori one more time recalling the boy's wish not to do fatal harm to them. The frightened look on the children's faces catches Sosuke's attention. He can tell from that alone that they don't want to fight. "It's as he said. Whether you come out of this unscathed or not is completely up to you."

RP: Naru transforms into SHARINGAN-III-MASTERED.
RPCOMBAT: Naru defends against with a INTUITIVE-DODGE…55
RPCOMBAT: Naru defends against with a INTUITIVE-DODGE…47
The sweep of laced Kunai barely brushed against her as she motioned her body into a slight dance to avoid the attacks, with each movement of her form she gradually got closer to him until she got close enough to set off her jutsu. "I don't understand why you all choose to rally under a criminal war lord who has been wrecking havoc about these lands…Especially this village… and I'm not going to allow it any more!" From her finger tips lightning began to forge at her finger tips until setting off a massive stream of energy, rocketing towards Takeshi in the shape of a spear to penetrate right through his body. It was almost like a flash of light and perhaps very difficult to avoid. " This needs to end…." Narusegawa was banking on Takeshi's desh to calm everyone down… that is what she honestly hoped for at least.

Takeshi roll(s) Steel-Skin from 35 to 55 and get(s) a 39. - Rolled by: Nori

Nori takes the time to focus his chakras and get ready for a battle, but instead of attacking, he waits. The two adults who have already come through start off by brandishing their own knives and move to attack Sosuke and Nori. Two other adults that come through immediately wave for the children to follow them to safety. They are fleeing. One of the men is thin with long arms. He has quite the reach on him, so when he slashes at Sosuke, it is in long sweeping movements. The other man has a bigger torso, with shorter arms…so when he attacks Nori the man thrusts forward with his dagger.
Iwata shakes his head as Naru says she won't understand them. "And you never will understand, you slave to those in charge." The bolt of energy pierces through a portion of steel armor that the man is wearing under his clothes. It must have given him at least a little of his bulk and strength. The man laughs as blood trickles out of his mouth. His last scentence is, "See…see what the grandma does when the master says attack." And so Iwata Takeshi dies. Now, having seen their friend and companion killed in front of them, they attack Naru. A barrage of laced-kunai all come flying at her from multiple angles. She might have even noticed that several of them come from the children.

Long-Arm roll(s) Laced-knife from 20 to 40 and get(s) a 29. - Rolled by: Nori
Short-Arm roll(s) Laced-dagger from 20 to 40 and get(s) a 27. - Rolled by: Nori

RPCOMBAT: Nori defends against with a EARTH-BARRIER…28
RPCOMBAT: Sosuke defends against with a FIRST-CYCLE…38

Sosuke's eyes narrow when two men step forward without so much as a word. There is a look of contempt in his eyes but it's only for a moment. Sosuke shakes his head "So be it." he mutters griping his scythe as the long armed man swings his knife. While he did have reach Sosuke was able to read the attack and evade and slipped into the man's blind spot. Sosuke notes a bit of gloss on the blade and detects a hint of liquid at its tip. "Poison laced…" he comments to himself. Once in the man's blind spot Sosuke brought his scythe around and in one graceful motion stepped in and slashed at him. The scythe would go across the back slicing from shoulder to opposite hip.

RPCOMBAT: Sosuke attacks with LUNAR-SUNDER-I…30
RPCOMBAT: Naru defends against with a RIDE-THE-LIGHTNING…85
Long-Arm roll(s) Street-Dodge from 20 to 40 and get(s) a 29. - Rolled by: Nori

Things really had taken a spill for the worst, as Takeshi began to slip down in to a pool of blood. Narusegawa could only blink her eyes as suddenly her vision picks up a massive barrage of kunai and shuriken being flung in her direction, it was narrowly honning in upon her direction, with each kunai appearing to dig deep into her flesh with terrible afflictions until suddenly she bursts into a stream of lightning chakra and thrusts off in a different location. She reappeared, the edge of her blade excited with electricity in narrowing right into a mans chest, attempting to end him quickly. Her presence was growing darker, a potent azure blue chakra barely visible about her flesh while black seal markings spread about along one half of her body. " Do you not understand what giving up means?!" Naru exclaimed thrusting a hand out towards the group, a sudden crackle of lightning sent orbs of electricity throughout the room, attempting to scorch various individuals with burning lightning chakra without discrimination.

RP: Naru transforms into CURSED-SEAL-OF-VOID-II.
RPCOMBAT: Naru attacks with LIGHTNING-SHARP…64
RPCOMBAT: Naru attacks with RAIKOUHIRA-II…60
Iwata's-Family roll(s) Family-Support from 50 to 65 and get(s) a 56. - Rolled by: Nori
Iwata's-Family roll(s) Family-Support from 50 to 65 and get(s) a 58. - Rolled by: Nori

Long-Arm immediately throws himself forward as the scythe flies through the air. Still, Sosuke's scythe catches flesh, but it is but a flesh wound. The man has probably had worse hang-nails…well, maybe infected hang-nails anyway. If Long-Arm has a long reach, then his legs are just as bad. With Sosuke behind him, Long-Arm kicks his legs out and tries to perform a scizzor-lock around Sosuke's torso to bring him to the ground. If he hits, great, if not, he still swings that knife at Sosuke again.
Nori, for his part, stomps again and dances away from his opponent just in time for a wall of earth to grow in-between the two of them. Nori stomps again in a rhythym and finally blocks the last exit so no others will retreat. Finally Nori calls up a set of dirt arms from the ground around him to pull at whatever energy he can. It isn't much, and it really won't have any effect, but it is a showy gesture more than anything. The arms move to snag and grab his opponent.
As for Naru, besides Takeshi, few could stand her wrath alone in this state…but that is where the family comes in. They don't need to stand alone, they stand together. Working together, they create distractions and pull-eachother out of harm's way and behind barricades. Still, many of those putting up a fight are out-right decimated by the brutal attacks. One, a small child bursts into flames upon being hit by the electricity. His cries send a new burst of rage and the rest of the congragation attacks. Again, more kunai go flying…but there are definitely less this time compared to last.

Iwata's-Family roll(s) 360-Degree-Laced-Barrage from 50 to 70 and get(s) a 65. - Rolled by: Nori
Long-Arm roll(s) Scizzor-lock from 20 to 40 and get(s) a 29. - Rolled by: Nori
Long-Arm roll(s) Laced-knife from 20 to 40 and get(s) a 21. - Rolled by: Nori
RPCOMBAT: Sosuke defends against with a FIRST-CYCLE…29
RPCOMBAT: Sosuke counters with LUNAR-SUNDER-I…26

Sosuke can't feel too much of a connection but he knows he's drawn blood. The Long armed man was quick to recover and attack. Sosuke was nearly caught by his sizzor lock attempt and once again slips into his blind spot. Before the man's stab can reach its apex Sosuke had already rung his scythe around again for another slash this one intending to be a bit more damaging than the last. He was doing his best to keep from landing fatal blows but this man was proving to be more tenacious than he'd like. If it came down to it Sosuke would have to kill this man whether Nori approved or not.

RPCOMBAT: Naru defends against with a ATTACK-PREDICTION…44
Short-Arm roll(s) Street-Dodge from 20 to 40 and get(s) a 25. - Rolled by: Nori

Even after awhile, Narusegawa began to slow down, with her lightnign biting into the people about her it was actually quite difficult to keep up with so many people, especially with her sharingan nearly becoming cross eyed with keeping up with so many kunai lathered about the area. Some of the kunai had hit their mark, whikle she was able to migiate some of the damage the laced surprise quickly began to take toll on upon, and almost instantly she could feel like something was wrong. "Darn…it…" Narusegawa cursed under her breath as she reeled herself back int oa firm stance, posturing her body to work through a series of hand seals until suddenly she released a powerful jutsu. " Lightning Release! Lightning orb!" A scorching spherical force of lightning began to compress and ignite, shattering throughout the building, it was enough to scorch through many of the people in the building and force them to halt…

RPCOMBAT: Naru attacks with LIGHTNING-ORB…58
Iwata's-Family roll(s) Family-Support from 40 to 60 and get(s) a 46. - Rolled by: Nori

When life or death is on the line, even the young Yamanaka understands putting someone down. At this point in the fight, the man has already given his approval to die. Sosuke's counter slashes deeply this time into the man's shoulder, which causes him to drop the knife. He goes down to one knee and screams in agony. The children meanwhile have escaped along with the two other adults. Nori's hands grab hold of the man with Short-Arms and he starts to feel something drawn out of him. It is an uneasy feeling, having your life-force stolen from you…even if it really doesn't have much of an effect on your physical being. Still, the arms break easily enough, allowing Short-Arms to get free. Nori calls out, "That was but a taste of what I can do. Please, I don't want to hurt you unless you force my hand." This makes Short-Arms think twice. In that moment he looks over at Long-Arms and sees that his partner is beaten…and that is enough for Short-Arms. He gives up then and there.
People cheer when Naru is hit, but their joy is short-lived when the orbs of lightning fly out in vengeance. Naru is lucky to stun the room and create an opening for her escape. The room is now completely sealed off from everyone, and the explosive-tags are set, primmed, and ready to go…and now that Naru is starting to probably feel the effect of a whole lot of poison in her system at once…well, it might be time to get out of there.

The entire family was placed under her stun, lightning still causing spasms throughout out their bodies giving Naru the open window to do what needed to be done. She hadn't had a clue as to how her teammates were doing but considering there hadn't been any screams for help, she was certain that they were okay and this was prime time for her to slip out of this place before things got too hairy. Narusegawa.From the very entrance she made along the roof of the building Narusegawa was able to muster the strength and the chakra to push through the will of her afflicition and launch herself up, holding on to the broken roof and finally leveraging herself up ontop of it and rolling off the side near the front of the building. She hit the ground with a rolling thud, panting heavily while peering over at her team who more or less had everything taken cared of. " Stay clear…" Narusegawa spoke out, though a soft yet pained expression, her body was tattered with cuts and blood seeping from them…Still she mustered her chakra…. " Katon! Goukakyuu no Jutsu!" Narusegawa exclaims sending a raging sphere of fire in the buildings direction…The explosion was enough to set off the tags and then some….everyone within that building would burn alive and have the building fall down ontop of them….

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