Iwazaru Kenichi - Dead or Alive


Raili, Satsukiyami

Date: September 7, 2011


Raili is assigned to escort a man with information on a possible attack on a Land of Lightning Village. Satsukiyami has been hired to capture or eliminate said man.

"Iwazaru Kenichi - Dead or Alive"

Dirt Path [Land of Lightning]


The road here thins and grows smaller, no longer paved. As it continues its winding path through the short stubbly grass of the plains the mountains grow closer in the distance. The path crosses no streams, no rivers, and it has very little in the way of game. It is a almost deserted path, one which few people seem to travel.
To the west lays the large plains at the end of the Land of Fire, and to the north and the east lays the massive mountains of the Land of Lightning. They are very forboding, and rather ominous. At almost all times of the year they have large clouds around them, giving it a forbidding look.


A heavy downpour showered the Land of Lightning's southern border, winds further cutting the already low visibility. The ideal weather for a hunter, more specifically a hunter named Satsukiyami. The bounty hunter being supplied with one of his bigger bounties which for some strange reason was on a simple villager or, so they let on. Satsukiyami had been sent to the last plan the man has been seen and had managed to follow the footsteps up until now.

The rain doing it's part unintentionally, had managed to mask his footsteps but, it was easy to determine that he was on his way to the Land of Lightning, probably towards Kumogakure. So following the beaten path could easily be the best bet to find the man. The man known as Iwazaru Kenichi, wanted dead or alive with a big bonus if brought back alive. It all seemed simple enough and for a decent price, Satsukiyami could live off that cash for a while.
Maybe it is all that easy, who knows, but a man in a ragged lab coat would be found walking down a path into the Land of Lightning fully matching the given description. Though he would be accompanied by a male ninja whose headband was obscured in it all. "We're almost there Kenichi-san. I'm surprised it went so smooth, either you're a fast runner or you have a little ninja in you afterall."
Kenichi simply pushes his glasses upwards, shuddering within his lab coat in an attempt to warm up even just a bit within the cold, rainy, weather.

Hands focused, three seals, and then the finishing touch would cause the rain to pour down only a slight bit harder. It was a little easier when there was rain already, but the tracking capability was distorted. He did now have a general idea where his target was.
He felt no one else.
Satsukiyami would simply leap upwards once, flipping and then landing behind Kenichi without really any worry. His footfalls muted by the rain, he just began walking behind the ragged man. His left arm? Two tendrils already began to snake out of his robe and flick about in the air as gradually he'd start increasing his walking speed.

"You don't talk much do you… Kenichi-san." The man says in a voice that doesn't seem to fit his gruff stature, sounding as if he should be smaller. Of course, all of this is distorted by the now heavier pouring rain. "Ack, rain's pouring harder wish you were a ninja, would be already in a nice cozy building, you know?" The scientist just shrugs, "Wow… you could be a bit friendlier I am guarding you afterall." The ninja pats the tattered scientist on the back and in a sudden movement the scientist grabs the patting arm.
With relative ease he throws the ninja forward and spins around, almost as if her were gliding. There would barely be an ounce of hesitation as the scientist launches forward full speed disappearing in a cloud of smoke and reappearing right in front of Satsukiyami.
A fist seeking the hunters face, it seems the scientist may actually be much stronger than he let on!

A freezing cold whip of water lashes up to wrap around the fist, but Satsukiyami is slammed square in the face by the fist.
A guard? A ninja? Who knows, but that actually quite hurt. He just clears his throat a moment before narrowing his eyes.
"Didn't sense you, that's troublesome. Leave now, I have a job to do and I don't want any tension between nations…"

"Didn't entirely sense you myself, you're good… if it wasn't for my genius talent, I wouldn't of picked up on you!" The scientist dramatically points at Satuskiyami with a big grin on his face and… sounds very feminine. With a twirl the lab coat would be disbanded and tossed on top of the male ninja who shouts out. "Hey"

The flourishing coat toss reveals that the scientist was a young Kumogakure ninja in the end. Raili turns about, "Shut up and stay low!" Anyway. Raili looks back to Satsukiyami, "Leave you want me to do huh? You've got to be kidding me. So close to a mission accomplished and a nice bit of money, I'm guessing you want Kenichi dead given your approach huh?"
"I'm sure Kumogakure wont hold too heavy of a grudge on you… just another ninja doing a mission, as am I." Raili huffs, water splurting from her face. She holds up a single hand in a focusing seal as her chakra begins to gather and a variety of whirrs and clicks begin. "So, you gonna turn around and run away or what?"

"Can't. I have mouthes to feed you know."
Satsukiyami says this as water begins to spiral and wrap around his feet, levitating him upward on a pillar of shapeless fluid well above their heads. He looks at Raili, but then right to Kenichi. He raises both of his hands suddenly and from both sides of his pillar tendrils erupt…shooting around either side of Raili. Some would wrap inward to grab her, while others fly to snatch Kenichi as he stands too!
"I have more leverage to win and take him than you do. This isn't pocket change for me."

"Aww don't guilt trip me with a family story." Raili smirks as she enters a taijutsu stance just as the tendrils lash out, Raili's eyes widen right before she vanishes along with the male who's replaced by a log in the tendril's grasp. "Figured you'd try and do something cheap like that. If only we weren't short on ninja on the time, a genin would be more useful than you." Raili comments to the man behind her whose skin starts to fall off in chunks, earth chunks. When the pile of muddy earth drops about him it would reveal that the Kenichi was the male ninja… as if that wasn't sort of obvious already.
"I might have to take you a bit seriously. It isn't just me in danger… But for now… I'll give you a little more time to run away." Kicking off her right foot, the girl would come skating at Satsukiyami on her roller blades at full speed and raise her right hand up. "Summon." In a cloud of smoke a large claw like gauntlet covering her entire right forearm. The claw is suddenly launched out, spiralling like a propeller as it appears to be coming straight at Satsukiyami only to sudden veer right as the woman veers left.

Wheels or not, she was fast and she begins to blur about and if Sastsukiyami wasn't on his toes he'd be wrapped up tight in cable right after the girl closes in instantly for a kick to his back.

Satsukiyami's arms would raise up defensively. He is knocked back and his arm looks almost broken t first until the propeller swings the other way. When it slices through him, his upper half is severed…A clone? The actual user hadn't shown himself yet.
Satsukiyami was not on the battle field!
Where was he? Simply enough, look up. He simply is hanging upside down on one of the overhanging tendrils that had spawned from the pillar. Had he actually been there before, but now was in another spot? Who knew, but he just shakes his head a moment.
"Actually, it's an entire clan. Forgive me for this."
He would form one handseal, and then three other hands form and mimic handseals as he makes them from the tendril he is on.
"Water Style, Water Dragon Technique."
The pillar had been prepared for a reason…as it now begins to spin violently and whip in all of the tendrils it had spawned. Satsuki himself leaps from the tendril he was hanging on and lands on the muddy ground. The rain falling bends in, whipping down to join as the spiralling shape joins in to form a great dragon…One of the more talked about techniques.
Satsuki would just focus…and then the dragon charges full bore down the path towards Raili's current location.

"Well poop." Raili obviously disappointed in her missing, would not worry all too much, her preperation was coming to a conclusion. Satsukiyami may not of noticed it but, her clicking was slowing over time almost unnoticeable to anything but, the subconscious. "Entire clan huh? You've got a lot on your plate but, it's time for me to get serious and tear you apart." Her ego radiated as she clicks the goggles down over her eyes.

"Prepare to feel the true wrath of Ku- oh crap." Raili's combination of over confidence and, simply not seeing too well in the dark would lead to her not noticing how big the pillar actually was and when it bends into the form of a dragon Raili would simply start to zoom backwards and diagonal, knowing she wasn't going to evade it, she'd at least partially take the blow.
The goggles show a momentary glow before she is fully blasted away. "Heheheheh." Raili slams into a tree in the distance crashing through it and a few others beyond it. Well this sort of sucked. "Ow…" Sitting up would cause her to cringe and hold her side, something was broken all she could do was hope it wasn't fatal only for her to cough up blood.
She played too loose and now she was paying for it. The next step is questionable… did she successfully hack into his chakra system?!

As the spiraling pillar dissolves into literally a river of water between him and the others, Satsukiyami walks quietly on top of it until he freezes. No, he didn't notice it. Inwardly, he did hear something odd but disregarded it. He's a back-water Ninja, he don't know about this technology junk. He was unaware he was caught, his own mentality failing. He would just take a moment to swing a hand up, then slap his palm down on the water that now covered the field.
"I'm truly sorry. But I do have to think of them."
He'd pull his hand up, water bonding to his fist and wrapping around it before he'd swing his hand back and then fling it forward as a spray in the air. Why? He formed a handseal a moment later before leaning back and spewing water forward from his mouth.
"Violent Water Wave."
The spewing lash of water shoots forward…but right before impact, the water that had been flung into the air by Satsu and was being propelled forward too would suddenly snatch outward, tendrils even like this!? They aim to literally web Raili down, a sneaky combination, right before the impact of the wave.

And now Raili's favorite part of combat, sure gadgets were cool and all… they're cool until you /start bleeding from the mouth/. Satsukiyami's water assault? It connects just like his previous attack except at the last moment two clones would rise out of the ground to shield Raili as she makes a quick escape. With freakish speed she managed to close in on Satsukiyami despite her injury.
Unleashing a speedy one two punch, Raili's speed appears to of increased two fold as her strikes become even harder to predict. While the second punch comes in, her free hand forms a seal, causing a spire of earth to rise beneath Satsukiyami in an attempt to impale him.

Satsukiyami would be shocked when her hand hit his face, but she might be surprised when after she struck him his jaw simply splatters like water. The spire? It drives straight through his torso…leaving him impaled on it. He grabs the earth itself, hissing in visible pain before looking up at her with those dead black eyes.
Mouthless, and impaled. He stares deep into her as if a moment of revelation is being had. He would actually push himself off of the spire…the hole through his body stays there. His jaw remains missing as well as he brings his hands up in a seal.
NO words this time, he can't speak. But what happens is clear as around them in all directions…raindrops explode into a haze, wrapping the area in a thick, thick mist.
Satsu changed tactics.

"Another water clone?" Raili's goggles would shift settings, no this wasn't right all settings pointed towards him being the real him yet he was falling to pieces. Raili knew she wasn't that strong, she also knew there should be blood or something if someone were to lose their mouth. Did he counter her genjutsu link by enforcing his own genjutsu? No no no, he was a heavy water user, maybe he pushed his abilities this far? Maybe…The only way to find out was to step it up a notch.

The mist more or less disregarded as she simply drops low, placing her fingertips on the ground for a better reading and instantly pinning down his location as he moves within the mist. All this simply made it easier on her as she focused a hand seal.
'Let's see how strong his mind is…' The technique goes off without a hitch, what technique? Nothing seemed to happen even if it was successful. Though Satsukiyami may just spot an opening on the confused girl lost in the mist.

It'd not take much, the gigantic slam that cracks the ground where he thought Raili was was the clue that he was using bigger techniques. Multiple whipping tendrils unknit themselves and separate apart. Satsukiyami himself within them…his jaw back, and his torso repaired, he looks almost unhurt as he stands over Raili and tilts his head.
He just takes a moment and then draws one hand back, a single tendril slides straight out of his robe's arm and he just swings it straight down towards her chest.

As the water tendril comes down, Raili would turns to look up, brow furrowed under that wet mess of hair as she pulls back the tendril tearing across her chest and causing a tear. "Crap, this is a new suit!" Yes, Raili keeps multiples of the clothes she wears… a lot of them, they're stylish /and/ comfy so why the hell not?
Despite her near wardrobe malfunction, there wouldn't be much to look at as she was now bleeding from the tendril's lash as the scientist finally speaks up after clinging to the tree in sheer fright for so long. "Get out of there, we need to just run to the village!" Which was all a tad bit reasonable seeing as the deeper they go into the Land of Lightning, the higher chance there was for help though as much as Raili is confident in her speed she wasn't confident in his. "Shut up, I'm handling the situation!" Raili then charges after Satsukiyami, aiming to impale him with the claw attachment she summoned earlier followed by a harsh knee to the gut.

Of course, this is all what Kenichi and Satsukiyami believed was happening while Satsukiyami engaged in close range combat with what he believed was Raili, he was actually taking on random chunks of earth, the last hit being a partially formed fist for full effect. Yet none of his senses could even remotely pick up on her not being the real thing. As for the real Raili, she stayed a safe distance away, lingering close to her objective to make sure he stays alive, simply reserving her resources.

Satsukiyami would turn in time to realize he was not truly in the right spot. As the first spire slams through his body again, the clone itself would literally sever him in half…both halves falling limp and lifeless in the puddle. Red fluid pours from both wounds…was he dead?
No. He was simply incapacitated for a moment before a soft whisper comes from his lips.
Immediately, the bottom part of his body swirls, spinning upward from where it was as his upper torso pushes itself up off of the ground…and then levitates upwards on a tangle of tendrils.
He's hurt, so he's using his body itself to fight.
"No more of that genjutsu…"
He'd not even make a move, hovering there as the spiral from his body shifts into that of another Water Dragon Technique…which blasts forward full bore!
"Enough playing around."

"Whoever said I was using Genjtusu? That afraid to admit I'm just that good huh?" The Genjutsu Raili sticks her tongue out at Satsukiyami, getting ready to come in for another attack the man would just shift his body into an attack? "Aww crap this again?" Raili would fail to evade yet again as she's destroyed by the water dragon bullet once more. Audible cracks heard as more bones are shattered, she was probably out of commission this time around as she drops down into a slump. Iwazuru Kenichi's manhood, whatever little of it there was at the moment would be shattered as he actually let's out a shrill scream, he was completely certain he was going to die.

The Real Raili glances down at him, a bit disappointed in it all as she just watched on like some sort of ghost, invisible within the genjutsu world. She'd just heft the man over her shoulder in the real world and begin leaving. Another layer over genjutsu unleashed to cover her escape.
Hopefully he'd be fooled by this mind trick also as she breaks into the cover of the rain making a bee line deep into the Land of Lightning. The woman had no intention on anyone dying over this mission, not even the assailaint.

The rain, the rain that had been falling the entire time was the hint. Satsukiyami's trademark protected him, as he simply turns his head. He detected them for the first time. The spiral hadn't broken up…it was being controlled by Satsuki's body itself as he still hovered there.
He suddenly shoots his upper half forward, flying straight into the Water Dragon and bonds with it in that moment. His technique revealed, his binding with it simply lets him turn and spin…flying straight for the retreating pair.
He was angry, a rare thing, which causes the rain to visibly increase harder and harder as the ground itself is splintered and flattened beneath him as he charges after them within the water dragon.

"Persistant little…" Satsukiyami strkies again, though in the wrong direction his water dragon would slam into nothingness as Raili and the Good Doctor disperse into thin air. It would appear Satsukiyami attacked Raili but, the wrong one, she was going the other way. Why was this skinny man so heavy? Her speed was definately lagging.
Though it would appear to be enough as she manages to edge away over time with misdirection via genjutsu. That guy was freakish, she was unsure if she even managed a true hit with the way he was turning into water. "You better be worth the trouble cry baby." The gadget girl zooms off not really caring how comfortable her passenger was at the moment.

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