Jade Dragon Gang - Bits and pieces


Sho, Kon

Date: January 10, 2016


Sho and Kon, orphaned, self-proclaimed brothers of Fuuma alley over hear some uggos plotting and scheming. Trying to be sneaky, they pick out as much information as they can before having to hightail it out of there!

"Jade Dragon Gang - Bits and pieces"

Fuuma Alley

"Oi, Kon." A wide eyed, scruffy looking boy called out. "Come listen to this." Gesturing for his brother to come over near the wall of one of the many bars that littered Fuuma alley almost as much if not moreso than the housing accommodations. Sho was standing directly beneath a slightly cracked window that helped alleviate the smoke that lingered inside from the many cheap cigars and cigarettes being smoked within.
Directly inside the window, sat a couple of older 'gentlemen' discussing their affairs. Many of it, well outside the understandings of Sho, who was constantly scrunching his face and wiping his nose on the sleeve of his muddy brown jacket. "You hear this?" There was a lot of chuckling going on, but mention of moving shipment about the village and making a profit from it. Using the earnings from one warehouse to tie it into the funds of another. "You're the smart one. What do you make of it?"

"Sh—huh?" An even wider eyed, and slightly less scruffy looking boy replied to the other. "Wha'zup?" He adds, complying to the gestures nonetheless. After a mishap with a passing cat nearly puts a quicker end to the boy's journey, Kon manages to make it the rest of the way. Instincts guide the more gangly boy into mimicing his brother's antics, if albeit imperfectly, though beyond that point the boy remained clueless about the situation.
The sound of older voices above should have been a decent enough clue. Alas, Kon was still new to these sort of adventures. "Hear wha — Oh.. Uhm" Kon straightens out a little, and cups a hand a bout an ear. "Sounds… compli-… compuh-… troublesome. But I think… it sounds like our next adventure?"

Sho smiled at Kon, "That's right. Sounds like a pretty big score too. We would be able to survive for weeks off something like this." He'd give a thumbs up before leaning against the wall and stretching up as tall as he can get in an attempt to hear more through the window. Despite his best efforts though, the talking within had turned to muffled whispers. "I can't hear anything. Come on, I'll give you a boost." Dropping to his hands and knees, Sho offered his back for Kon to step on. "We need more info."

Kon grins sheepishly back at Sho, "W-we could!" Kon nods firmly in agreement to Sho. Belatedly, he tries to mirror Sho again, though can scarcely get more than an extra few inches than the boy. In fact, if he tried hard enough he might have at least got the tip of his head to the bottom of of the windowsill, but nerves betrayed the boy as usual. Sticking ones neck out tended get folk hurt in Fumma Alley.
The only exception to the rule seemed Sho, or so Kon thought for some time. He is shaking from his thoughts at the suggestion. After a moment of hesitation Kon audible gulped before nodding firmly in agreement. Far from being the most coordinated of the pair, Sho will have to deal with smelly feet, a bit hair pulling, and unwanted pressure in some places during the needless long climb. "… Sho… Sho!" He called down, fingers clutching the edge of the window for security. "Where the trains at?"

Sho braced himself when he felt the first, shoeless foot touch his back, "Ow! Hey, careful of the hat!" Not enjoying the clumsiness of his taller and uncoordinated bro, he was smarter and would be able to make sense of things that Sho might miss. When Kon felt situatated above, Sho raised up a bit off his knees, perhaps too much where the smoke seeping through the window would give Kon a facefull. "What do you hear?" He questioned as he waited almost impatiently, shaking be it from Kon's weight or nerves "The trains? This isn't the time for trains. I'll take you to them after we learn a bit more. What can you find out about what they're moving and when we can get our hands on it?"

Kon couldn't exactly pinch his nose /and/ hold on to the window sill, but that did mean he wouldn't try as the smoke started to get to him. This meant even more pressure on his bro's left shoulder in an effort to rebalance his position. If Sho doesn't drop him before or after, Kon's eyes slowly to start to water as the only thing he couldn't cover with a hand continues to be assaulted by the toxic waste. "Shooo… stop shaking so much. I'm… wait… uh… Two days from now. Though they ain't say nothing bout whats it all s'pose to be."

"I can't help it!" Sho replied in frustration and agony, the weight being more than he could bare. "Two days…that's it? Nothing about the goods." He went still, as motionless as he could from the weight as he tried to think about whether or not the rewards would be worth the risk. "Alright, that's enough. Get off." Sho began to buck like a bull.
At that moment the window was suddenly jerked open and one of the 'gentlemen' poked their fat ugly mugs through. "Hey!" The man shouted with a cigar dangling from his mouth, stubby fingers reaching out to grab hold of Kon, who if not for Sho already rolling out from under his bro, would have been grabbed. "Whadda ya kids think you're doin listen in on conversation? I'll kill the both of ya."
Clambering to his feet, Sho reached for Kon to pull him up. "Come on, run!" Calling out as he took off down the alleyway. It wasn't long after that a few of the guys within the bar would come charging out of the entrance of the bar and after the kids. "We heard nuthin'!" Sho exclaimed as he flipped them the bird.

To say that Kon wasn't prepared would be the understatement of the century. The boy's sole goal had been to try and catch ever word possible, knowing full well the amount of trouble they'd probably get into if their caught in the act.
Kon hits the ground flat on his back. Dazed and breathless, the formerly glasses wearing boy doesn't even notice the 'gentlemen' shouting down at them. Or for that matter, Sho grabbing the very same hand he had been using to rub his aching head, yanking him up and eliciting a "Whoa!" from the taller brother. Seeing his brother already taking off down the alleway, Kon starts off after him, but skids to a stop. "My glasses!"
Turning back, Kon has just enough to make it a step or two before the clamor from the building sends him running barefooted back down the alleyway. "Ye-*huff*-YEAH!?" He shouts uncertainly into the air right after Sho, but did not dare try to throw in his own rude gesture. Just trying to keep up with his more atheltic friend was proving enough trouble as is!

The 'gentlemen' now appropriatly named thugs, would come barreling down the streets. The fatter and uglier one shouting out the orders, "Don't let them get away. Not that we have to worry about a couple of nosey, punk kids, but no one spies on the Jade Dragon Gang and lives to talk about it!" Chubby, stubby fingers signaling for one of the thugs to take a different path in hopes of sneaking around the kids.
Sho continued his clever gesture, laughing the entire time. He'd slow briefly to see how Kon was keeping up and notice his bro was struggling a bit. "Kon, drop to the ground. Now!" Sho called out as he grabbed the goggles off his trapper hat and slid them over his eyes. Chakra focused and fingers meshed together, a mist would roll through the alleyway, concealing his whereabouts.

Kon did not argue! His lungs were already begining to burn quite a bit. Plus, he trusted his brother with his life. A few seconds after diving into the rolling mist, Kon came to regret that trust. Just a smidgen. Yet, getting stumbled over by the first thug wasn't so bad, though it might be some time before the taste of whatever gunk layered most of the streets of fumma alley would leave his mouth.
An instinctive grab and a sharp yank ensures the man goes tumbling down. Scrambling back to his feet using the pants of the fallen thug, Kon is springing boarding off the man's head before long, and racing full tilt. Whereas most would be blinded by the mist, Kon was far too used it thanks to Sho. That did not mean he came out of that alleyway without stumbling a few times. But, at least Sho would see the familiar and relatively small figure catchup quickly while the other thugs tripped over their friend. "Co..*inhale*… Come on! Let's go!!"

When a figure came out of the mist, Sho took a moment to wipe his goggles of the mist to make sure what he saw was what he saw. Once Kon was confirmed, he smiled broadly and extended a thumbs up. "Come on. We'll lose them this way." Pulling the goggles back over his head as he turned down one alleyway and then the next. The plan was to head for the more crowded section of Fuuma and disappear amongst the rabble. That was the plan anyways, but just a few feet shy of completion, Sho feels himself lifted from the ground. His tiny legs dangling beneath him.
"I got ya, you little punk kid. Now I'm gonna break your little legs and toss you on the train tracks so I can hear you go squish." The gang member held on tightly while Sho struggled to get free, hands feeling around for something he can get a hold of to stab the guy with.

Kon ran as if his life depended on it, which it very well did at the moment! Just as it seemed as if escape is within reach, the unthinkable happens in a matter of seconds. Kon skids along the ground trying to stop until his feet finally came out from under him. Once again there are stars dancing about his vision. A quick shake of the head helps dispells the troublesome illusion. Unfortunately, the scene that awaits him is one that leaves him frozen in place.
Time seems to almost slow down as one little heart thunders in a chest far too young for such excitement to take place. It is only once his eyes lock onto to Sho that fear transforms into a mix of something else: Panic and Desperation. All but blindly did he search the ground, and upon grabbing the first weighty thing in his, Kon scrambles to his feet and charges the man. If he can't get close enough to use it directly, the thug is gonna have to deal with a nice and weighty rock being thrown at his nether regions!

"You…" Kicking and squirming. "…forgot" Writhing this way and that. "about…" face scrunched up tightly. "Your belt!" Sho brought his hand up, dangling the mans belt. It was a look of confusion instantly followed by extreme agony as the rock thrown by Kon meets the soft and unprotected tender bits as the pants fall to the ground. The resultant shock enough for the grasp on Sho to be released and once situating himself, the boy took off. "Into the crowd!" Sho grabbed his bro and headed into the mess of travelers and workers, easily blending as the boys now lived on these mean streets. It was their home. "Come on. We've got two days to prep for our greatest heist yet. The Jade Dragon Gang won't know what hit 'em" Sho said with a smile.

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