Third Promotion Exams - Jinchu?! Chitose Shows Her Power in the Forest of Death: Random Shinobi Girl vs. Chitose


Fulgur (emitter), Chitose

Date: August 26, 2013


Chitose attacks a Shinobi in the forest of death to get her second scroll

"Third Promotion Exams - Jinchu?! Chitose Shows Her Power in the Forest of Death: Random Shinobi Girl vs. Chitose"

Forest of Death

After watching over a shinobi, the modest shinobi made her way out and away from that place, leaving the attacker pinned against the tree. The kid from the Land of Rivers was taken out, but at least he didn't die. This meant a new fire burned in the girl, feeling confident in her abilities and her survival in this exam. She protected someone, with help, but still! This proved, to her at least, that she was a capable shinobi. Now all she needed to do was keep this up.

For her part, Chitose has spent the majority of the opening part of the exam being…well…lost. The Forest of Death is huge and frankly she isn't used to forest work. She is used to wide open desert sands. She walks along for a long while, just shaking her head, "WEll, this may be the most uneventful time of my life." Her words barely a whisper to herself as she begins to wonder if she'll lose the exam merely due to never seeing another person or a scroll for that matter. However, as she moves, she does note someone else moving along the forest and so Chitose goes up into the trees immediately, attempting to get above her possible opponent and out of sight, for the moment.

The girl walks about, not necessarily taking notice of Chitose in the area. Perhaps it was unwise, but these exams have been tiring and survival has been tough. More tough than she imagined! She hasn't been able to set up a successful camp yet and is starting to doubt she ever will. Yet, she thinks to try anyway. This time, she's going to actually do it.

Watching the girl, Chitose tilts her head. She doesn't seem to notice her so Chitose simply waits till the girl bends down or squats down to start working on her camp. She runs down the side of the tree firing off a pair of Wind Bullets toward the girl's back and then jumping free to get near and start a fight. She does not speak, does not say a word, doesn't even declare her presence. Her eyes are focused on her target and h er goal.

The girl tried. She really did! But, she failed like the dozen other times she tried. Over the ground she rolled having been stricken by two bursts of wind and she /knows/ that the wind wasn't blowing. Must be an attack. "Gaaaah! You guys are all the same! What is it about camps you all hate so much?!" She shouted, though passed all that aside as she jumped up on her feet and smiled. "Okay, it's a fight then!" Just as she was attacked, so did she attack Chitose. She withdrew a number of shuriken and held them out. She tossed them out and toward her target. They appeared to go directly for her only for them to be manipulated and turned about to attack from different directions.

The three attacks her way have her bouncing back on her heels as the trio of shuriken come her way. She squints as they move, hmming as she watches t hem move, ducking to the side, ducking the other way and then taking one across the cheek. She frowns as she looks at her cheek, kinda glancing that way but not truly able to see the damage. She hmms and nods her head, "Ok." She states, "It is a fight then." She then looks up and takes a breath as she focuses her energies and then raises up a hand and gestures for her to come on, "I need your scroll." She states, "How you give it to me is your choice." Her voice is low and serious. Her face showing little emotion.

The girl grinned. "It's about time somebody was serious," she giggled. "Okay. I wish you the best, because I'm not gonna go easy," she shook her head while focusing her energy. "Ready?" She asked before tossing down smoke bombs. In the midst of all the smoke were makibishi. A most unpleasant surprise to run into. A poisoned dart would be waiting for Chitose while in that cloud. This girl was intent on keeping her scroll.

A frown lights Chitose's features as she jumps back away from the smoke only to have a dart hit her and she nods, "Ok." SHe states, "I don't really have time for this…or do I need to waste the energy." She glances up in the direction of the girl and nods, "I am going to end this now." She simply states and then she takes a breath and very suddenly her entire body becomes cloaked in chakra as a tail of chakra comes out of her lower back. She races forward very suddenly and spins around, her arms stretching out like whips, moving like them two as she sends two nasty assaults the girl's way before speaking in almost two voices, "Do not make me escalate this or you may die."

Jinchu?!" The girl cried out. That cloak was unmistakable. She didn't know she was up against this. She takes out her scroll and throws it at Chitose—nah, that didn't happen. No, she instead defended herself against the strikes with a mesh wire shield she summoned up. It was largely unsuccessful, but she wasn't down for the count yet. Time to up the ante!
"Don't worry about escalating. I'm here to try and win. Even if that means facing you!"

The girl takes the time to jump away and create confusion as she blends herself within two clones tossed into the field. One explosive and one acidic.

That was painful and damaging. Chitose is sent flying back and she skids to a stop before biting her lip, "K." She states and then coughs up a bit of blood which mixes into her chakra cloak a little as she stands, "I wasn't planning on doing this so early…but you have made my position here quite difficult." She nods her head, "And enemies are everywhere." She takes a breath and then lets it loose. As she straights up and suddenly races toward the girl, sending a trio of attacks her way. The very chakra around her body comes flowing out and the punches not being too dissimilar from her whip arm attacks but using the chakra cloak about her rather than risking her own body.

She was scared. That much was certain. Her opponent changed again. She wasn't sure about this battle. She wanted to continue, but how stupid…or is it determined, does someone have to be to face off against a jinchu? She hid while allowing her rubber clones to take all the damage. She really needed to think about how she was going to do this. She was holding up well, but what if this grew worse?

She closed her eyes and thought it over quickly enough. Maybe a little bit more… She maintained her hiding place as she focused her energies. She was going to need them…

As she focused her energies, the now three tailed Chitose looks around a moment and then hmms, "Well, seems I lost her." She then turns to walk away before suddenly crouching and flipping backward. As she flipped, she turned and her arms both stretched out into whips as she lands on her feet, her arms behind her and then both arms come out in a lengthy and nasty whip aimed right for the girl and her hiding spot, "There you are."

Looks like she can hide for a bit more. She hasn't been seen…or so she thought. An arm came flying out of nowhere and struck her out and into the open. She tumbled and righted herself, luckily, as that hit was hard enough to carry her further. She thought to try and bind Chitose up and set up an exploding clone near her to attack as her last chance. She doesn't think she can fight much more.

Slipping out of the way of the string, she then jumps away from the explosive clone and she herself is about to pass out. She stares at t he girl for a moment and then races forward and sends another pair of whipping arms th e girl's way, "Give up!" She declares while spinning around and sending the arms each into the girl to attempt to finish her quickly, "This game ends!"

She couldn't! There was too much at stake here! She defended herself successfully against the worst of it, but that last one was enough to seal the deal. "Okay!" She shouted. "I give, I give…" She stated. "I'm done. Please, don't attack anymore," she stood before Chitose holding out her scroll.

Her breathing heavy, Chitose doesn't approach the girl. SHe simply whips an arm out toward the scroll to take it before bringing it back to her. She stares at the girl, her eyes animalistic and a bit fierce. T here's something in there that says Chitose wouldn't hesitate to murder the girl if she had to…but not in the way that a shinobi would…in the way a monster would. Once she has it though, Chitose flees quickly…though even as s he does, the girl can see the wound on Chitose's face start to heal.

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