Jump Directions


Goh, Ei

Date: October 11, 2012


Goh finds Ei to tell her where to find Jump.

"Jump Directions"


Another day and Ei is out for a walk. She doesn't seem to be doing anything particular, but is wearing a full kimono for some reason or another. Perhaps just because. In any case, it's afternoon and the center of the village is bustling with people. It doesn't really seem to bother or hinder her as she goes about her relaxing stroll.

It's been a bit of a journey for the blonde wanderer. All the way up from the southern parts of the Land of Fire, across the ocean and up the mountains. But it's a distance he's quite willing to travel! It's for important reasons, after all.
Having arrived just a few days ago, Goh had made sure to settle himself in, recover and rest before setting out on his mission. That mission being to find the wanderer known as Ei. Unfortunately for him, she's not actually a resident here (as far as he knows), and thus it's hard to pinpoint exactly where she will be at any given time. So he just has to go through a process of elimination, exploring each part of the Village until he can find her.
Which is what brings him to the Centre Area! Luckily, it doesn't take the blonde shinobi very long to find her. Ei herself may be oblivious to it, but Goh is approaching from behind, and with an out-reached arm, will try and clasp her shoulder firmly. Just a friendly welcoming, really.
"Well well. Aren't you all dressed up and looking pretty?" He speaks simply, a grin on his face. At least it's not a lizard clone thingy!

Ei blinks in surprise, almost flinching away until she realizes who it is. Upon that realization, she looks even more surprised. At least it's not the lizard clone thingy, yes, but she's gotten used to seeing him that way that this is a bit of a shock for her. "Goh! Well… hi. Oh, this?" She shrugs her shoulders. "I figured I might as well go ahead and be all proper-lady-like." She grins and tilts her head at him. "So, to what do I owe the in-person visit?"

"Fair enough. It looks nice. Totally suits ya." He smiles, before taking a glance around. "Just a quick stop in, actually. Well — not super quick. But I've come to inform you that the wonderous group of neutral people has been setup! So I'm heading around and telling the initial members where it is, so they can go and check in if they want." With hands digging into his pockets, he seems to pull out a small piece of rolled up paper. He will then proceed to hand if over.
"The location of Jump is on an island called South Beach. South of the Land of Fire, in that cape sort of area. Like I said, feel free to check in when you want. There's no hurry. Like I said, it's a place that you can find work and seek refuge only if you need to. No problem if you want to stay here."
Continuing to peer around at the gathering of people, he exhales slowly. "So, how's life been? Get to catch up with Odo much? Odo? Or is it Ogo? I forget."

Ei giggles lightly and bows lightly, "Thank you. I'm glad you think so." When he explains everything and hands over the paper — which she takes — she nods her head. "Oh good. That seemed to go pretty quickly. I'll stop by as soon as possible. I'm… not sure if I'll stay there once I do or come back here. I'll have to think about that."
When he asks about Ogo, she grins and shrugs her shoulders. "I know him as Odo, but his full name is apparently Ogosokamaru. He's a Reizei. I did catch up with him. I've been living with him, actually. Seems a little awkward when I actually say it, but… it's been nice."

Goh's eyebrows raise a little in surprise when Ei reveals she's been living with him, and his mouth opens as if to say something, before it shuts. "Well, whatever suits you best." There's a mischievous grin on his face, though he opts to say nothing more about it.
"I guess it did all get set up pretty quickly." He replies, scratching his head a bit. "But it's very nice. Got a few dozen people that swing in and out, some are rarely in at all. Always out on their jobs, travelling the land. And yeah, like I said. You don't have to stay. We're not a ninja Village. Just a place that you can call home when you can't rely on anywhere else." He pauses a bit. "I'm planning to visit Raili next, then go to Sunagakure… then there is a big job lined up. Something about taking out the mafia in Fuuma. Do you know much about them? I haven't visited the Alley that much."

His grin causes Ei to blush and she reaches out to lightly shove his shoulder as she says, "Hey, don't give me that. It was just easiest and we're good friends." It's clear he didn't /need/ to say anything for her to assume what he might be thinking. Regardless of that, she just reaches up to scratch her cheek lightly, obviously a bit embarrassed.
"It might be better to stay there, so I very well might. It will be fun to see all the people come and go from a place like that." His question causes a tilt of her head before she shakes it. "Sorry, but I haven't visited it much, either. Once or twice, but never long enough to really be forced to interact with a mafia. If I hear anything, I'll let you know, though," she assures him with a smile.

"Uh huh. I'm sure you are." Goh replies with a bit of a laugh. "Well, whatever you want to do, Ei. And that's a shame." His laugh turns into a bit of a frown.
"One of the new members of Jump has sort of… I dunno. Some problems. Anyway, this is one of the reasons Jump was formed. He can come to us for shelter, and we can help him out. Problem is, the mafia is a big organization. To really kill it off, you have to take the heads out. Problem with that is," Certainly sounding like a lot of problems are coming up! "…there are two heads. Each has the strength of a Kage, apparently. So we're talking pretty beasty guys." He takes a breath, almost dramatically so.
"…Anyway, shouldn't be anything more that I can't handle. At least with a little help. But yeah, if you hit up the Alley, just watch out I guess. Can be a dangerous place."

If not for the new subject being rather important and serious, Ei might have joked with him more about her relationship with Odo, whatever kind of relationship that might be. But she focuses and nods her head at his explanation. "I see… As long as it's not something silly like this guy not paying the mafia for drugs or getting with one of the heads' daughters." She raises an eyebrow before sighing. "Goodness. That's quite the mission for the very first organized thing Jump gets into." Then she nods to him and chuckles. "I'll be careful if I go there as well as get as much information for you as I can. You be careful too, alright?"

"Of course, I'm always careful! Kakaka!" He throws his head back to laugh once again, before giving her a soft punch in the arm. "The mafia has been a bit of a pain lately, and this needs to stop. But I'll be careful about it, for sure. Now, I need to hit up the Jounin section." He squints, perhaps trying to figure out where this is. "…over there, I think. It was great to talk to you, Ei. I'm glad you seem at least semi-settled." Stretching his neck from side to side, he lifts a hand to wave. "Catcha. Hopefully will see you at Jump!" And with this, he moves to dissapear amoung the large crowd of people.

Ei doesn't seem bothered by the little punch and just grins at him in response. She then nods her head in understanding. "Fair enough, then. Hope you find the person you're looking for pretty quickly." Smiling, she offers a little bit of a bow. "Nice talking to you too, especially since it wasn't a pile of lizards this time," she teases and raises an arm to wave at him as he walks off.

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