Jun has a cold; why are you training?!


Jun, Shinjiro, Hinotori, Katsumi

Date: June 9, 2016


Jun has a cold, but is still training hard passed his limits. Katsumi uses her training, while the group tells him he needs to go to the hospital.

"Jun has a cold; why are you training?!"

Training Grounds

Ever since his utter failure at Tree Walking, Jun had been training non-stop trying to get it down so that the next time he encountered that kid, he wouldn't embarrass himself. He could currently be seen in the training grounds, scaling the trees decidedly more proficiently than the other day… however, the longer he went, the more he was failing. And it wasn't necessarily due to a lack of stamina. If one looked closely, one could see that his skin was lacking its usual color, his eyes looked drained and baggy, and he was sporting a heavy cough. But still, he trained on. Determination for the win… Right?

After drying off by a fire, after some water walking training with Shinjiro-san, Katsumi had made her way home to change into a fresh set of clothes and decided to make her way to the training grounds to try out tree walking again. She'd had a decent handle on it, a few days ago, but now that water was fresh on her mind she needed to keep in mind the differences between the two walks - otherwise she was going to end up pulling and Jun. 'That was mean,' she thought to herself, snickering inwardly even as she scolded her brain. He really did try very hard, sometimes so hard she wanted to punch him. But good luck every trying to tell him to slow down, or calm down. It never ended well.
Once she entered the training grounds, Katsumi brought her head around to the consistent and repetitive thudding she noticed to be her friend Jun. Was he still trying to tree walk? 'That Jun, always trying to prove himself.' She knew why he did it… But judging by his face, he really needed to take a break or he was going to hurt himself. As she walked over, she called out to him. "Jun..? Hey, Jun!"

Shinjiro makes his way into the training area with his typical good timing, preceded by a lazy whistling, the only sound marking his passing. The whistling stops when he sees the overworked Jun, his head tilting to the side slightly as he glances over him before moving closer in. When Katsumi makes her own presence known he glances to her and offers a friendly nod before looking back to Jun as he approaches him, "Hey there. You ok? Your uh…your not looking so good." He says with a hint of worry.

Jun had just finished sliding down to the ground, and was taking a knee for a minute when the pair approached. " 'm fine," he breathed, panting a bit from the effort. He tried to stand up again, but his legs were a little bit wobbly, and he had to catch himself on the tree trunk. He knew he was more than just tired… But he had training to do! Rubbing a sleeve across his running nose, Jun sniffs deeply and sighs, looking up with tired eyes. "What you guys doing..?"

Katsumi knew that when Jun said he was 'fine' that he was trying to put on a front. And considering Shinji was here, she didn't want to put a fresh wound on his pride. So, for the moment, she let it go and gave a nod and smile to the fellow Genin before answering. "I just came to try and do some practice of what you're doing, actually. Shinji helped me with some water walking, earlier.. But I gotta make sure I can do both." The sniffle Jun had sounded was definitely not sounding good. Did he have the cold Shinjiro had said he was fending off..? It was possible. "How's your progress going, Ju-san..? Think you should take a break?" It was a subtle push, but she doubted he'd take the bait.

Shinjiro concernedly looks Jun over, "Uh…Jun. I don't know a nice way to say this so I'm just gonna say it. You look like death. Your not going to get anything out of training like this but some broken bones and possible permanent damage to your overall health. At least take a break and let Katsumi look you over or something." He says worriedly, apparently not feeling like being a dick today.

Sitting atop of the stands in the training area, Hinotori sits back watching as the others seem to be training or just talking. He's been running into Shinjiro it seems quite often now and Katsumi a second time. Though still the Uchiha just watches for now. Leaning back and drinking a bottle of water, Hinotori looks over to see Jun, quirking a brow, Hinotori just appears down near the group. "Are you ok." he says looking to Jun. There is no signs of him having arrived, just Hinotori appears near the group.

Jun had a somewhat defeated look on his face. Yeah, the jig was up. There was no way he'd be able to continue training with all of them watching him. "I'm fine," he says again, looking a little annoyed. "I probably just have a cold or something… It's no big deal." Yeah, he'd tell himself that. At the suggestion of Katsumi taking a look at him, he just shrugs and takes a seat. It didn't seem like he had a choice, at this point.

Katsumi gave a slight and appreciative smile to Shinjiro, knowing that the Genin had pretty much forced the boy into a figurative corner. But at least she would be able to check him out, now. Sitting on her knees next to Jun as he took a seat beside the tree trunk, Katsumi put the back of her hand to the boy's face and pursed her lips into a thin line. He definitely had a fever. "Give me your hands.." she said gently, holding hers out with her palms up. She remembered back when she helped with a wounded monkey named Bobo, with Kenta-sensei, and knew how to tell if there was an infection in the body. She'd also learned how to tell the difference between a virus and a bacteria… So it would be easy for her to say if it was just a bad cold, or something more serious. Either way, Jun was going to need to give his body a break for a few days, and do what she told him - thank her friend Akemi for helping her memorise which herbs helped with what and how fast.

Shinjiro glanced over to Hinotori as he bamfs in, "Hey there. I think Jun caught my cold." He glances down to Jun, "Sorry about that." He says with a nervous chuckle. As Katsumi works he jumps slightly, aparently having just remembered something, "Oh yeah, hey Katsumi. I ran into Kenta earlier and he said to tell you to drop by the hospital or otherwise try to get in touch with him cuz he said he's got more medical lessons for you. Just remembered I promised him I'd pass that along."

Hino looks to Katsumi, "I see." he says as he looks to the small group and he backs up. "Katsumi-san, if you can help him thats great, but young one, go to the hospital and let them check you out." he says simply. He looks to the others and stretches a bit as he looks to them and smiles as the other two seem to know whats going on and willing to help. This is one of the reasons he loves the shinobi of the Leaf. "Hows both of your training going?" he asks Shin and Kat.

Jun reluctantly offers his hands to Katsumi, before feeling a curious tickle in his nose. 'Uh oh,' he thinks. His hands are occupied, and there was no stopping - "Ah…. Uh…. Ahhh…" With a sudden heaving breath, Jun lets loose with a violent jerk. "AH-CHOO!" Jun's eyes were apologetic as he recovered from the giant sneeze, sniffing slightly and looking down at his pants. Thick green snot had shot right out from his nose. He suddenly thought he might gag.

As she took Jun's hands, Katsumi could feel him stiffen up a bit and watched his face. Once the violent sneeze was released, all she could do was look at him with her own apologetic expression. 'Poor Jun,' she thought, completely disregarding the snot that had settled in his lap and was still - a bit - on his upper lip. "It's okay, Ju.. Just relax, for a second."
With a slow exhale the girl used her chakra to flow through their contact, noticing immediately that Jun's own chakra was the lowest she had ever felt. It only proved that he was absolutely exhausted. "You're pushing yourself too hard," she said then, her tone growing stern - a lot like her mother's - as she opened her eyes to look at her friend. "You have a very severe cold.. You need to drink some nettle and mint tea, and go to the hospital like Hino-sama said. I'm sure Kenta-sensei would tell you to take it easy for a couple of days, too."
At that point Katsumi released her hold on Jun's hands, sure that he was going to be using his sleeve to clean up again. "I will escort you to him myself, if you don't look me in the eye and say you're headed there right now." Green fire sparked in the seafoam of her eyes, as she watched him. Katsumi didn't have very many friends… So when something was wrong with one of them, she had a tendency of getting extremely protective.
Shinjiro's message brought her eyes up to look at the younger Hyuuga, a brow twitching upward curiously. "Oh! Thank you, Shinji.. Maybe I should just escort him, after all!" It was mostly a joke, a slight giggle coming from her throat as she nodded and looked to Hinotori. "So far, so good. Shinji has been helping me master Tree and water walking, this week.. And I'm always studying whatever Kenta-sensei gives me. Plus whatever I give myself, in herbology and poisons that he mentions. It's been a while since I've seen Masashi-sensei, though…" The realisation had her looking back to Shinjiro curiously. "Have you seen him, recently? Or is he swamped by paperwork again?" The last question was accented with another small laugh.

Shinjiro cringes at the snot rocket that erupted from Jun's nose, "Ewwwww…." He says with a disgusted look on his face before holding out his overlong sleeve, "Need this?" He asks half heartedly. When Katsumi mentions him he glances up, not actually speaking till a question is asked of him directly, "Mine's fine. I nailed down water walking faster than I expected so for now I'm just gonna take it a bit easy so I don't end up like Jun here." He chuckles a bit and shoots him a sympathetic glance before addressing Katsumi's question, "I haven't, sorry. Was kinda hoping you had." He says with a frown.

Hino nods his head to Shinjiro and watches Katsumi, impressed with her control if she is using chakra. He doesn't flinch when Jun sneezes. He reaches into his back pocket and pulls out a small scroll and scribbles something on it. He tosses it to Katsumi, "Give that to the doctors there, they will see him immediately." he says to her. "Shinjiro-san and Katsumi-san you both get checked out while your there." he says. He than takes a step back, "With all thats going on in the village and the changing of the weather, colds can go from minor to serious in a heartbeat. You've been trained and know this already." he states. "Please go now." he says. Shifting his focus to Katsumi, "Good job. Let me know how things go at the hospital." he says to her.

Jun grumbles slightly when his friends insist that he go to the hospital. He wasn't /that/ bad… "Fine," he mutters, finally acquiescing. Standing shakily to his feet, Jun sighs and leans against Katsumi slightly before straightening himself up. "Let's go, then.. The sooner I get better, the sooner I can get back to training."

After taking the scroll from Hino-sama, Katsumi nods quickly and then moves to support Jun's weight as he rises to stand. She didn't expect him to lean against her for very long - she knew his pride wouldn't let that happen. "Hai. Let's go, Jun," she agrees, looking to both Hinotori and Shinjiro with a small smile before nodding her head in a small bow. "Thank you both, and I'll make sure to let you know how it goes." It would be smart for her to get seen, too. After all, germs were easy to pass along; just because he hadn't sneezed on her directly didn't mean anything.

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