Just a merchant here!


Kuoroke, Momoe, Ato

Date: September 25, 2013


Ato and Momoe arrive in Sunagakure and have a meeting with Kuoroke to state their intentions.

Just a merchant here!"

Kazekage Administration Dome [Sunagakure]


The opening of the Kazekage Administration Dome leads up a flight of stairs, into the lobby of the expansive building. Looking upwards, the entire building is open to the sky. Each floor is a ring, built with a hole in the center to allow a view both upwards and downwards. It is a very impressive sight, with many people visible moving around the upper levels, and stopping to chat around the railings.

The lobby has a tiled floor, with a intricate concentric circular pattern, and the walls themselves have been actually painted, and have designs etched into the hardened sand. The only piece of furniture on the first floor is a desk, and directly behind that, a stair case moving up to the next level. On either side of the desk are Male guards, their faces covered, and a make secretary is seated behind the desk, ready to take any questions or arrange appointments.

No one proceeds to the upper levels without the secretary approving them, and in most cases the armed guards also check them out to make sure they are carrying no weapons. However, there are a few people who can walk back and forth easily without the guards checking them, although all of them must first speak with the secretary.






Down - (D) [Sub-Levels]

Out - (O) [Village Center Area]

It's evening in the village, but work continues in a particular office in the Administration dome. It is utilitarian, with no decorations, but a few reasonably comfortable chairs, and a cupboard against the wall. The cupboard seems to not suffice, as the walls of the office are lined with piles of paper, reducing its free surface considerably. Sitting inside, Kuoroke looks up from the pile of scrolls of Sealing, whose white paper has been dyed dyed red by the setting sun in the window behind him, much like the sparse clouds dotted over the darkening sky, and checks a clock hanging on the wall. It's only a few minutes until his next appointment: some foreigners who for some reason need to be in Sunagakure. Very suspicious…

Well, there was a big hullabaloo about surrendering her axe. Momoe made a bit of noise about it before reluctantly handing it over with promises and threats about casting curses if anything should happen to it. She knows /why/ she was asked to, but it's her baby

The seven foot tall samurai is escorted in with her "guard," Ato. She seems rather casual about it all now that they're in, through her hands seem empty, like they need something to do. She finally just slips her thumbs beneath the straps on her bag and looks about while they're led through the building.

Right up until she is motioned to present herself to Kuoroke. Formalities! The woman straightens her posture and bows, "Yamamoto Momoe of the Kuroyari, at your service." She introduces herself quietly and turns an eye to Ato to await his introduction as well. Then finally, her eyes rest on Kuoroke to await his questions and such.

Ato on the other hand, insisted on keeping some of his scrolls. His main combat scrolls were handed over, that was surrendering weapons, right? He didn't comment otherwise, solemn and quiet as they deal with that situation. So it was that he'd look about attentively, watching his surroundings as he'd go with Momoe into that office. She of course, had her full introduction. Ato? He was pretty close to the point. "Ato. From Konoha." And.. that seemed about it. He was curious about the office, but not that much, watching more Kuoroke who they were going to have to deal with, his mind already scrambling to try and keep information about the one at the desk without losing the memory.

"Kuroki Kuoroke. At yours." The Councillor introduces himself in response, dispassionately, rising as they enter the office. He sticks to the bare minimum of formalities. While moving to his own seat, he motions to the chairs in the room. "Take a seat, please. Oh, and please close the door behind you." Once his guests are seated, the Kuroki sits down, too, and looks to the pair expectantly. "Welcome to our village, both of you. I understand you wanted to see someone in authority. I will be fulfilling those duties. How can I help you?"

The kunoichi moves to sit down when invited, her large frame still staying upright and alert. She can't deny that coming here set her on edge a bit with all that has happened recently. She waits for Ato to sit as well, her eyes studying his reactions to see how he is handling the situation.

"Well, as you can tell, we are both skilled in some form of combat so I thought it would only be polite to meet with someone in authority, that person being you obviously, to inform you of our intentions so that you do not feel threatened with our being here." With that, she pauses, reaching into her bag to retrieve a medium-sized ledger book. "And to also, provide you with documentation of my income so that you can feel rest assured that I am here as a merchant." She would rise to offer Kuoroke the ledger. "You may also note a line in there about my associate here, Ato, in which I acquired his services as a guard and payment to Konohagakure is pending upon the successful completion of his duties." With that Momoe turns her head slightly to smile at the Leaf ninja familiarly.

Ato looked about one last time but would step forward as Momoe did, closing the door behind him. Very, very gently. He tried to not squeeze the door handle too hard either. So hopefully it was ok? Turning slightly, he'd keep silent, although a brief smile was flashed towards Momoe. Settling in the chair, it creaked dangerously under him, a small sigh given but otherwise he'd just listen intently, looking between Kuoroke and Momoe as they spoke. At her last comment about him, a nod was given and he'd pull out his own letter, offering it across the desk to Kuoroke. The offical documentation from Hashi herself that Ato was allowed to go on this mission to guard Momoe.

Kuoroke accepts the ledger, and actually smiles. Someone's brought their own paperwork, and it's informative! "Ah, thank you. If you don't mind, I'll take a look at this later - your business seems to have been flourishing. Thank you." He accepts Ato's letter, as well. "I assume you'd like these back… is there any particular date by which it should be returned?" He puts both pieces of paperwork aside, and continues, "Well, that's good to hear. Since you're so kind to offer, what -are- your intentions here, then?"

Momoe nods to Kuoroke as the papers are accepted. "At your earliest convenience. I would like to have my book back by tomorrow morning, if possible so I can get on with the business of doing things." She turns to Ato, wondering when he'll want his orders back to keep with him, or if he has copies already.

"Well, I have some merchandise to trade. Goods from Konohagakure as well as skins and the like. Also, I have a small stock of letters to deliver. They're all non-official things, letters between friends and receipts between merchants and the like.." She moves a hand to her bag as if willing to present them, but won't unless specifically asked.

Ato shook his head slightly. "There is no need to return the orders to me. They have copies in Konoha. That was your copy to verify my mission. I will stay with Momoe. When she leaves, I leave." Ato would pause then, thinking for a moment before finally speaking up once more. "There is a question of my gear. They let me keep most of my scrolls, but took my weapons. It makes my task more difficult to do, without the proper items to defend my ward. I would request the weapons back, please."

Kuoroke nods to Momoe. "Ah, okay. Very good." he answers, assuming the bag has been thoroughly examined while they were away. "I would recommend you find a good spot outside of here, in the central square. It is where most of our buying and selling happens, and most likely those to whom the letters are addressed will be there at some point. Any idea how long you plan to stay with us? As for your ledger, and we'll try to hurry, but you must understand we need to verify the authenticity, and since it's already late, the work day… well, it's technically already finished, so I can't promise anything." He turns his attention to Ato. "Oh, yes, I understand that you will need your weapons in areas where you may come under danger, but I'm not sure what sort of danger you expect to see a stone throw from here."

Momoe nods in agreement, "I'll check back tomorrow evening if I do not receive it by then to what the status is." She makes a mental note to just keep good records on scrap paper until she can transfer it over. To the rest, she nods again, "We shouldn't be here longer than a month. That will give me time to complete my business and for us to restock our supplies."

Her business mostly concluded, she turns her eyes to Ato to regard the discussion of his weapons. She, as a "merchant," regardless of her other title as a "samurai," doesn't expect to be given her axe until they leave. It's not something she's okay with necessarily, but it's something she'll accept. It is a bit difficult for her to be without something she feels so bonded to, but here they are and there's work to be done. So no complaining!

Ato shakes his head in response. "I do not imply there will be danger in Sunagakure. I expect the security of your village to be of the highest quality. I can remember that from when I was young, even." Ato muses. "My job is to protect Momoe. Protecting her requires the weapons. It is a purely just in case scenario, rather than a will happen. I would be lapse in my duty, if it did happen and I did not have a weapon. I request only one of the 15 scrolls they claimed. That will give me sufficent items to protect her. They are even welcome to make it the clubs, instead of my swords." Ato shrugs slightly. "You as an official can understand the desire to be efficient and do one's duty, can you not?"

"Protecting her requires weapons only when there is a danger to use those weapon on." Kuoroke smiles faintly. "And as you said, there will be no such danger. I appreciate you're trying to protect your ward, but as a bodyguard you must be able to understand I, too, have people to protect, and I prefer to do that by sticking to the rules. I don't see an immediate necessity to break or change them for you…" he pauses briefly. "Yet. But it could be I'm not aware of something relevant?"

Momoe watches the exchange between them, staying silent herself. She can't comment as her status is reduced here. She has declared herself as a merchant in order to take advantage of the protection such neutrality offers her.

She would continue to listen throughout the duration of their conversation; then, when appropriate, she would rise to bid farewell to Kuoroke, "Thank you for your welcome. Let me know if there is any service I can provide you upon my return to Konohagakure. I'm sure some people here may want to have letters cleared to go back. Good day." With that, she would turn to leave, with or without Ato. She understands his need to have at least one of his scrolls. But perhaps if he cannot acquire it, their large sizes alone will be enough to deter any threats that come upon them.

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