Just Dropping In


Maikeru, Itami

Date: May 9, 2012


On his way to the Item Store to pick up an order he placed, Maikeru drops in at Itami's office for a chat.

"Just Dropping In"

Kazekage Administration Dome

A couple hours after lunch, and most people are back at work and such. At least, that's what Maikeru figures as he steps into the Administration Dome and walks up to the secretary. While he isn't wearing one of his suits or signature trenchcoats, he's not back in the black hooded robe either. Instead, he wears a hoodie unzipped, white shirt, red vest, and black pants and boots, much more conventional for travel and combat. One might notice he only wears one black leather glove, over his right hand to conceal its glow. Red lines outline his eyes from lack of rest, circles under his eyes a tell-tale sign as well. "Hey, I'm just headed up to check in with Itami," he tells the secretary as he approaches her desk. Assuming no orders have been given to keep him out, he then heads up to her office and knocks on the door. "Itami, your favorite pain in the neck demon is here," he calls out as he waits for her to invite him to enter. He actually asks instead of just hopping in through the window to test her guards? This may be a miracle.

A careful watch has been kept on Maikeru, but considering no real damage has been done other than smartmouthing, they don't bother to attack or apprehend him. Itami was in her office looking over some paperwork that bored her beyond reason, but was important…somewhat. Some things had merit, other things didn't. Thankfully, a knock at the door and subsequent introduction came along and took her away from her duties at the moment.
She was baffled at the manner in which the door was approached, but could live with it. It's much more acceptable. "You may enter," she offers to him.

At the invitation, Maikeru opens the door and steps into her office, closing it once again behind him. "Thought I'd come check in and save you from a bit of boredom," he says a bit jokingly as he walks up to her desk and moves in front of one of the chairs across from her own to take a seat in it. "I think the way I dress changes almost every time I see you," he says with a chuckle as he brings a hand up to pull his hood back, which may make his lack of rest a bit more apparent. "So how has life been here with me out of your hair? I've been around Kirigakure for a while since I finished my investigation, just back to pick up my sword and the rest of an order I put in at the Item Shop." He settles back in his chair a bit as he waits for a response, bringing his left foot up to rest the ankle on his right knee.

"The thought is appreciated," Itami offered to Maikeru as she tapped some papers on her desk and set them aside, neatly stacked. At the remark about his change of dress she gave him a once over and nodded her head in a sing song manner saying, "I agree. It does change everytime. I don't know what to think of it, though. As for life? It's been average, yet pleasant for the most part. Stressful from time to time, but manageable. Have you been to the item shop yet or did you stop here first? What did you figure out from your investigation, if I may ask?"

Glancing to the stack of papers, Maikeru smirks slightly and gives a nod. That is one thing he doesn't miss about village life, all the freaking paperwork. "That's good to hear," he says as his weary eyes return to her face. "I actually came here first. Once I get my order, I'll likely head back to Kirigakure and pay an old… friend a visit." He pauses a moment, eyes narrowing slightly in thought as he ponders the road ahead. It is bound to be quite violent if things do not go well.
At the question about his investigation, he chuckles a bit and says, "Well, that's a somewhat long story." Reaching into his jacket, he pulls out two small pictures, one with a picture of a pretty black-haired woman and the other of the same woman with a dark-skinned man with long white hair beside her. "This is my mother, and the man in the picture is none other than Himura Akira… Jigoku." He leaves the pictures on her desk for the moment as he brings his arm back to rest on the chair's armrest. "It seems he was my father, and the man who killed Aika was my mother's brother. My parents' families sent him after me, even gave the okay to kill Aika to try and soften me up for the kill."

"I see," Itami nodded. She can only imagine what his words might imply, but she won't question it much at the moment. So, she focuses on the investigation instead. With the pictures produced, she looked between both of them, nodding at the descriptions of each of the pictures. When placed on her desk, she takes them in hand and observes them more closely, "This is…I can't begin to think of how all of this came together in such a way. It's hard to process, to a degree. There have been odd things, but this is a decent example of oddest. Though, even that seems to be too light a way to describe the apparent weight of this situation."

Giving a moment for it all to sink in and for Itami to respond, Maikeru waits silent for a few moments. At the end of the statement, he gives a nod and says, "Yes, but that is only scratching the surface…" He lets out a sigh and shakes his head, settling back again. "I let them live. I wanted so badly to destroy them just like San Sara, yet I extended mercy. I thought that would be the right thing to do, but… Too much suppressed rage is apparently not good for the mind." He pauses a moment once again to allow things to process, as this is a lot of information and it is all quite important. "My mind finally snapped and recreated Jigoku. Now I have to fight him off and pick his memories apart until I can find away to get him under control and assimilate him. I'll always be a demon, but at least it'll still be me." Despite the gravity of the information, he still cracks a smirk and says, "Jigoku would be a much worse guest."

"Of course not," Itami shook her head. "It's like an illness of the mind and it spreads, causing harm when it is allowed to seep too deeply," she explained to him. "So, now that he's been recreated…" She rubbed her head. "I didn't think it would be possible, but it seems like you've a battle ahead of you. I appreciate the level of control that you have over this demon within you. I don't think you're a demon yourself, but…" She shrugged, "I can't necessarily argue with what's in front of me. You look tired, though and that gives me reason enough to think that this is wearing you out. Perhaps you should get some rest?"

"Ahead?" Maikeru asks, chuckling a bit. "It's quite constant. At some points, we actually fight inside my soul." At least he is about to laugh at his plight a little. Of course, that may just be to keep sort of sanity about him. "Perhaps not completely yet, but it is coming. As long as I'm able to remain myself, I'll be alright, though." He smirks a bit wider at the mention of rest, finding that comment rather amusing. "Oh, I sleep enough, but it does little good with the war going on in my mind. I doubt I'll actually get much real rest until I finish this, but I do have a plan… Though it does require I find someone strong enough and willing to put me in a coma through Genjutsu for a while."

"Oh, oh, haha," Itami grinned, "I was about to offer my services regarding a coma, but I see that it takes genjutsu which is not my field of expertise. I might know a thing or two, but nothing I've actually put into practice," she offered. "So, genjutsu…I don't know anyone who might help with that, honestly. If I just so happen to find someone, I think I could help you out, but…no one," she shook her head. "So I'm guessing that these seals aren't really doing much in the way of helping to contain Jigoku if much of the problems occur within instead of physically, hm?"

"Well, yes, Genjutsu seems the best route," Maikeru says, grinning slightly as he has a feeling Itami was relishing the thought of him volunteering to let her beat him into a coma. "That'd be correct. I need a way that I know will put me into the realm of my mind where I can take him on and pick his memories apart as long as it takes without interruption. Being put in a perpetual state of Genjutsu will allow me to do what could take decades in a matter of a day or two theoretically."

"A day or two. I can only hope that you can resolve this conflict. Since you have recreated him, I wonder if this will indicate a change in you? Will this mean that he can keep returning if things get out of line?" She thought to ask. "I just thought to address the possibility of such a thing. I don't know how Jigoku works well enough to understand it," she shrugged.

Listening to Itami's concerns, Maikeru smirks once again and waves a hand dismissively. "Once I've assimilated him, he will become a cooperative part of my being," he explains. "It's tough to explain, but I've had some advice from a quite reliable source on how to handle it." That said, he stands and stretches his arms out a bit. "Well, I suppose I better go get my order from the Item Shop and be on my way. I've got a rebellion to stir the pot in and a Kage to beat, maim, kill, or otherwise convince to step down before he sends anymore of his people to die for no reason or kills masses pointlessly again. It's been nice talking to you again." With that, he turns to walk out the door. At least he's honest about what he plans to do.

Hmmm, Itami gave his words some thought. "Alright. I believe you. If he's assimilated, then I've nothing to worry about. You needn't explain it if it's too difficult. This only tells me that I need to learn more. "I…" Her voice trails off at the additional amount of information. She thinks she'll just leave that alone as well, but believe she has an idea of what's going on. "It was…nice," she finally finished. "Hopefully, we can have more discussions like this. I only wish you the best in your efforts to control the demon."

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