Just Out For A Walk


Uyeda, Jirou

Date: June 16, 2013


The twins are having a little walk and talk, when someone bumps into them and causes a little bit of a stir.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Just Out For A Walk"


"So, we might have a small problem."
Uyeda looks up at the grey skies, the sometimes enchanting and sometimes garish lights of the casinos above painting the subtle smog in faint hues of green and pink and blue, despite the light of the sun piercing the fog up above, though not without gaining a greyed tint of it's own. He's walking southward alongside his brother, heading for their apartments for a little break from their investigating and galavanting. Well. From picking up a little food, really.
The man lifted an arm, moving to rest it comfortably on the shoulder of his brother as they walked. He looked to Jirou for a moment before turning his eye back on the road ahead, looking past the people walking about more than at them. "Maybe. I'm not sure yet. But. Well… Yeah. You remember when I went off to explore the city a little bit? See what was around here?"

Jirou was to meet up with his brother after they did some more exploring. Meeting at the spot, one eyebrow was raised at the first line. He'd wait for Uyeda to fall in step with him as they would head back to the appartment.. hopefully with the food Uyeda was suppose to get. "Who is she and how much?" It was said in half jest, half charign. Any time there was trouble, it was either a hunter or a girl.. more often with Uyeda, he's finding, it's a female.

"I don't know her name," says Uyeda, only giving a shallow grin at the assumption. "She's some chef that I met near this strip club. But she barely counts as a woman. She's like twenty feet tall." He waves it off with the arm resting on Jirou's shoulder. "Point is. She was cooking without using any fire. And I mean none at all. Not even katon ninjutsu. She was heating up the metal directly." He looks to his brother. "I got a feel for her chakra. She's Murasame."

Joy, leave it to his brother to find a woman AND hunter nin, all together. Jirou would frown at Uyeda, shaking his head slightly. "And you tell me to be careful.." Pondering as they walked for a little bit, Jirou would give another shake of his head. "We can't assume she's here for us. There are plenty out there, that are just.. out there. She should be easy to spot if she is after us, considering she's 20 feet tall and all." That smirk was implied with the look of amusement shot at Uyeda.

Uyeda gives Jirou a little nudge, shaking his head. "Yeah. Spotting her really isn't my worry. I know we can't assume that she's here for us, but if she is, then we've already left a trail and they're already hot on it. So we don't know. But you can be sure I'm going to find out." He lets out a little sigh, dropping the subject. "Anyway. Frosty. We should get training soon. No use making a plan of action if we're too fat to do it."

Jirou would think about that, before a final nod was given. "Alright. We going to spar one another then I'm assuming? We'll need to get stronger together, so we can face anything one or the other may send at us.." Jirou pauses for a second. "Of course.. if both send something, then we'll have to work on our fleeing ability too.." He'd wave a hand absently. "We'll figure that out when we get there." Looking around, Jirou studied the surroundings before glancing to his brother. "There was a dojo around here, wasn't there?"

"Yeah. I'm thinking you'll have the fleeing advantage there, feather foot." Uyeda casts Jirou a good natured grin. "My metal's a little heavy for that. But uh…" He clicks his tongue against the roof of his mouth, looking around before giving a nod. "Yeah. There's a dojo around here." He jerks the thumb of his swinging arm over his shoulder. "In the opposite direction, actually. Did you want to just go there and get started now, then?"

Jirou chuckles. "I'll make sure to path the way with ice, so you slide better then, heavy butt." Shaking his head, he'd muse. "I think that's probably a good idea. The sooner we get started, the sooner we can get stronger, so that it costs too much resources to send someone after us.." He'd stop then, turning around to of course, head the other direction. Nothing like putting a plan into action, as it were.

"Heavy butt?"
Uyeda lets out a small laugh that ends in a little scoff, grinning to his brother. He lost so many points for that. "Buns of steel isn't a literal expression, Jir." The man stops at the same moment as Jirou does, turning and laying his other arm on his brother's shoulder, the motion a smooth complement to his, as though the two were dancing. Soon, they were heading towards the dojo. "Right then. What rules are we going to set for this little… test of abilities?"

"I know it's not.. but hey.. I only just have to run faster than the slower person.. so guess it works out, hmm?" Jirou had that implied grin at Uyeda, chuckling himself. He'd walk on in quiet contemplation for a few moments, before finally deciding what the specifics would be. "Don't wreck the place. Obviously we can't push too hard, so we can get away if they do choose that time to show up." Jirou nods lightly. "but we should be able to flex ourselves fully for this."

"Haha. Good luck with that. I've heard it's a little hard for most people run with half of their body underground." Uyeda runs his thumb along the line of his jaw. "But yeah. Let's not ruin the place. Though, I heard it's a dump anyway. But it should be a nice time to—Hey!" The Murayuki sends a glare back at a passerby that'd obviously jostled him on purpose on their way by. Macho man. He scowls and shakes his head, just getting his arm back on Jirou's shoulder and heading back. "I swear. The people here are as polluted as this jaunt based city of theirs."

Jirou would glance back after the other with a raised brow, musing in contemplation for a moment before he continued on. Nothing saying that it was on purpose.. or that they just got pick pocketed. He'd casually check his own ryo purse, while giving a nod in agreement to Uyeda. "That's part of why we're looking for a ticket out. A way to get away from those two clans, so we don't have to deal with them, huh?" Jirou would smirk then. "Could always join another village.. be a merry time, making them have to try and get us out of Kumo.."

Uyeda lets out a quiet sigh. "Yeah, yeah. Follow the Shirayuki's and the Murasame's rules, then follow Kumogakure's rules to hide from those two. It doesn't really appeal to me all that much. Now come on. Let's go get my ryo back." He turned around, fully expecting Jirou to do the same as he began running down the way they'd come from, eyes out for the rude man with too broad shoulders.

Jirou chuckles lightly. "Reason I don't want to do it either.." He'd turn and take off with Uyeda, rushing down that street as the man who had bumped into Uyeda glanced back, then broke into a full run. Ahh well.. the thief knew they were coming. He also knew the area. "This could be a trap too.. or am I just jumping at shadows?" Jirou would glance over at his twin a second, before doing a spin around a slower moving woman that didn't see them heading through that street to try and catch up to the larger man.

"Not sure," said Uyeda, tossing a glance at Jirou before performing an open ended front flip over yet another person who doesn't recognize that some people are in a rush. Rude people. "But I guess we'll find out. I need that money to find about about the chef." He narrowed his eyes as their target suddenly pulled a dip around a corner, ducking into an alleyway. "Ugh." He leaps onto the wall of a whorehouse, rebounding to jump onto a lamp post so that he can leap directly into the alley in full pursuit, neatly avoiding all of the people on the street in the way.

Jirou would follow along behind him, a nod with agreement about the needed funds. as Uyeda went high, Jirou went low, an ice clone used to skid along the ground, the ice making it relatively smooth. Also made people hop out of the way with cries and yells at him. He of course, rode on the top of the ice clone, having it poof just before it hit the wall as he'd rush off just slightly behind where Uyeda was as they went down the alley. Turning another corner, they found him at the end of a deadend, glaring towards Jirou and Uyeda.

Uyeda comes to a slightly skidding stop, kicking up some of the dirt pressed into the ground here. Seeing the thief at the end of the road, looking at them with such an unpleasant expression, the man stands up straight, a hand coming up to rub the back of his head. "Well. This is a little annoying. He didn't even give us a real chase. And this'd be the sorry excuse for a trap I've ever seen." He pats Jirou on the chest before starting forward, saying, "If he was going to waste our time, he could've at least made it an interesting ride, right?"
He looked at the thief, gesturing towards him as he approached. "So then, pickpocket just toss me my ryo and we can all forget this embarassing little moment happened. Or maybe we can even be friends, eh? What do you say?" His grin grew a little wider, though his eyes flattened as the man's only response was to spit on the ground. He began making handseals, murmuring, "I'd thought so." The thief's eyes widen at the hand movements.

Jirou chuckles lightly with a small shake of his head. "Just because it's a sorry excuse for a trap doesn't mean to get cocky hothead." He'd watch on from the entrance of that alley as the man did what he did. "Ooohhh.. that was such a wrong thing to do.." As Uyeda would start his own hand seals, so did Jirou, they'd both get that ping, 6 men on the roofs above them as Jirou muttered and with a finalizing of his hand seals, would have two clones show up, his of the smug look in his eyes finishing the clone, while the other would rush to Uyeda, to push him out of the way of the 6 kunai that came raining down from above. Jirou was sneaking up the side of the building then, going to help deal with those on the roof, but the two clones before, to keep their attention down there, looked surprised, indeed, down right shocked!
So annoying when they think they can trap kids who are obviously ninja..

Uyeda looks to the clone of his brother's that rushed towards him as he'd made his own clone. He ignored it as it simply broke against him, being a largely intangible clone. "Stroll that," he says as the clone of him leaps and dashes all of the kunai thrown towards him aside with a metallic clank before vanishing. He doesn't look towards Jirou. Foolish to ruin his cover.
But that didn't stop him from forming swift seals and looking up at the people up top. Behind them, clones of him appeared. "Should've just gave me the money," said one as another said, "And to think, I extended the hand of friendship," with a smirk. And then the three explode. Burning them no doubt, yes, but the point was to push them off of the roof with the concussion. Three fell screaming, one managed a grip on the rooftop and is dangling and the final two had managed to keep their footing at the edge.
Uyeda looked to the fallen, two dead, one… somewhat broken, before turning his gaze to the one who'd stolen his money in the first place. "Seriously," he said. "I was in such a good mood before, too. Drop my ryo. And yours. My time is expensive."

As Uyeda knocked them off the roof, Jirou would finally make it up there. Somewhere in the explosion, that clone at the end of the alley would vanish as well. Instead, a copy of Uyeda, a clone henged, would latch on to the hands of the one dangling there, immediately freezing him into place. "Hang out for a while." Left with that ice holding the man there rather he wanted or not, the clone would poof as Jirou would make it to behind the one at the end of the alley. Kneeling, he'd look down at him then Uyeda, watching for what might come next. They were, after all, going to provide at least a warm up for the twins training.

Uyeda starts walking towards the one at the end of the alley as his brother takes care of things up top. Though, it seemed he stopped to watch what was going on down below. There were still two more thugs who'd managed to stay up on the rooftops. And seeing that they were dealing with shinobi… that two were already dead, one broken limbed on the ground, and one hanging by an iced limb to the roof… They decided that it was best not to stick around. They started to bolt.
"Do me a favor and make sure they don't get away, please, Frosty?" called Uyeda up to his brother as he pointed to the ground in front of him. The man who'd stolen his money was pale, looking at the corpses of his partners and the moaning form of the broken man who'd been unfortunate enough to survive the fall. He looked to Uyeda with a dull gaze, cornered by the twins in his own trap. The Murayuki's ryo pouch soon landed at the Man's feet. The robber's soon followed.

He nodded in response, immediate hand seals done and the clones were off, two rapid fire ice clones, one for each man. They would lunge, tackling the men to the roof, where they'd promptly shift into that ice formation, locking around the legs of the men as if they had been instantly frozen into encasing ice. Jirou would shake his head slightly and start towards them. "They're stuck, Hothead. We getting more funds for your cook lady?" Jirou glanced down again as he'd walk towards the first of the two men pinned down.

Uyeda bent down, picking up the funds left on the ground and secreting them in their proper place on his person. "Thank you for your patronage," said the man with a friendly grin as he continued walking towards the thug. He raised a hand, then. "Thanks for that. And yeah. Her meals are expensive." The hand fell and one could see the blur of his hands before a clone of himself was gripping the thief by the arms. The man screamed as he was bent over, the hot metal searing his flesh.
Uyeda came up and swung a punting kick at the man's face, his boot slamming into his nose, leaving blood gushing from the broken thing. The clone vanished and the Murayuki spit on the man. "Weak. Don't let me find that you're causing trouble for me again. This mercy is already leaving a bad taste in my mouth." He then turned around, heading to the corpses to start looting for their funds.
"We should probably kill them," he calls up to Jirou.

Jirou shook his head slightly. "Vicious." He'd stop by one man, relieving him of his money pouch, before moving on to the next. They squirmed as they could, but went very still at hearing Uyeda call up they should kill them. There was a silent plead, the teen before them now in control of their lives it seems. Pondering, Jirou would shake his head, looking down at Uyeda. "Nah. Too much bother, they have signs of us on them. Better to go nurse their wounds and know if they mess with us again, they will die, than to have to hide the bodies." He'd step to the edge of the roof, looking down at his brother with a shrug. "Unless you really think so. Then I'll kill em."

Ugh. Uyeda shook his head at he removed a bloodied pouch from not one but the both of the dead bodies. Such small time. What kind of robbers brought their own money to a hit? He looks up at Jirou, quietly clicking his tongue to the roof of his mouth. "Not sure. On one hand, dead bodies can't talk." He looks to the groaning bait on the ground.
He doesn't seem to want to opt to kill him yet, moving towards the man who'd fallen, broken numerous bones, and passed out. "And if that woman is after us… Well. If someone were searching, we don't want them able to deliver a message. But we didn't exactly hide our presences following our little thief friend here, either. If these guys and their bodies turn up… Word could get out." This one, by the looks of him, would be far better off dead… So a lifted kunai and a slit to the throat did the deed.
"Maybe we should kill them and leave Fuuma. What do you think?"

Jirou would motion, breaking the ice from his jutsu, both men would be hobbled for a while, but they should recover from the intense freeze. "We let them go. Still annoying to have to try and hide the bodies before we left." He'd hop down from the roof to the ground, landing in that semi-crouch smoothly. "We didn't hide who we are, but they don't know the cook lady either. So it's fair game. You live and die in Fuuma by who you mess with." Jirou would lean to the side, glaring at the man at the end of the alley. "Git. 'fore Hothead decides to off you anyways."

Uyeda shrugs and stands up. This one had been the only one who hadn't had his purse on him. Probably the most sensible of the group. And yet he was also the one who'd suffered the most today. Wasn't life just like that sometimes? "Works for me. Let's just get out of here, then. I think I'm about ready for that training." He starts walking out of the alley, leaving the bodies and the bleeding man behind. "Though, we may have to stop by and see the chef on the way there. Get a little fuel to burn. What do you say?"

Jirou would go with him, smirking with a shake of his head as he'd talk about meeting up with the chef. "I say that you're just wanting to go flirt with her more, Hothead." Chuckling as they walked, he'd shrug slightly. "Food would be good. That was a nice warm up, but I want some more energy to burn for the real training." Pausing at an intersection, he'd glance to Uyeda then. "So, which way to your 20 foot tall chef, eh?"

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