Second Promotion Exams - Just Passing


Isato, Berii

Date: November 29, 2012


Just another run in during the Chuunin Exams

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Second Promotion Exams - Just Passing"

Cuttthroat Caves

After leaving Saku in the care of Usagi; Isato would be out searching for scrolls, as he moved through the canopy he found himself in a thick mist. Unable to see the young man would have no other choice but to try and feel out things using his noise and hearing in order to feel out the landscape. Even this was made rather difficult as he shook his head. "THIS GORGES WILL SOMEONE JUST FIND ME ALREADY!" is shouted at the top of his lungs eyes burning with will power to prove himelf as he scanned the area once more.
"Hnn." Berii was settled in prepared for whatever potentially came next, guarding an injured and/or unconscious comrade she had to be on top of her game, much more concerned protecting someone else instead of herself. Two chakram were already in hand, her Sharingan was active, the kunoichi from this point on simply lurked within the darkness of the many cave systems. Luckily for her no one had managed to come this way yet so, the task of guard was easy and now she was relieved of duty so time to find something to curb her boredom.

Berii hops out of the higher up cave network, dropping in silently just as someone decided to shout out. That someone's voice was very familiar.
Berii sweat drops and then smacks the blunt side of the chakram against her forehead, three times over. "Guess I shouwd go check that out, hnn he might be in twoubwe." The Kunoichi heads in the direction she believed it came from, spotting a familiar chakra signal and just before she rounds the corner to face Isato her Sharingan drops. "Neh, Isato-kun? I'm guessing you'we not having any wuck." Berii smirks, waving a chakram at him.

The voice was sweet and almost as if he heard it before, as she pronounce the word Luck as wuck he know then who it was. "Berii-san, nope none at all. Is it that easy to notice?" flashing red he would notice the chakram in her has as he spoke again. "It's clear that you're having fun; so I take it scroll collecting is going well for you? Is it more or does this exam make people a little panic and scattered brain?" Isato laughed as he is guard was totally relaxed than before now that Berii stood here in front of his than someone else. "Hey you know Usagi she tried to snag my scroll. It was comical but it's clear that she has gotten stronger…and have you seen Ryuu?" Isato would then shift his weight onto this left foot before crossing his arms.

"I mean, if you'we gonna be shouting out wike that you'we eithew that stwong, dumb o', despwate." Berii tilts her head to the side, seeming to study Isato in the darkness. "I'd wike to scwatch off the fiwst two, hnn." She then gives a dismissive wave to the whole thing, trying to move on before Isato gets offended. "Anyway no, it's not just you. With awl the dangewous animaws hiding, kiwwah pwants about. That's enough to make you wowwy, not to mention the amount of ninja twying to cut you down, hnn. That and… no wewe to cwean up." Berii was a bit depressed that she got used to herself smelling like swamp.
"Enough to make most peopwe go cwazy but… neh, Usagi? Good to hewe she's stiw going… with awl that I mentioned I'm supwised, she must be wucking out wike me." Berii then steps aside, leaning against the cave wall as if making an opening. "Anyway, I shouwd pwobabwy wet you get back to scwowl hunting, neh? I think Sensei wouwd feew good about himsewf if we both moved on."

Berii thinks back, the thought of him bragging in mind but… too be fair he did teach her a lot this year.

"I like to look at it as a combo or sort." Isato would nod his head before speaking again once she brought up sensei "yeah I figured he reward up with a chance to ride his dog or something." Laughing as he started to roll his shoulder before looking around once more. "Yeah I should be on my way, cause I would go for your scroll or Usagi scroll but I would get nothing out of it you know. Oh you beat up a girl is something I would rather not hear you know. However if you come across a nin name Chaiki tell her Isato is looking for her." Isato eyes were locked into the air as he sighed before smiling faintly at Berii "oh and you smell really bad, worst then myself as if you took a nice long swim in this swamp." Isato would be joking as he shifted back and stopped his right foot onto the ground three times.

Berii peers at Isato as if he were crazy. "What? Taizen gives out wides awl the time, that's not much of a wewawd." Berii was… totally lying about this but, this should go well in the future! "Maybe I'd get anothew swowd…. neh, pwobabwy not, I don't even know how to use the fiwst one too wewl." Berii would not move from her position, still waiting for him to move on through until… well the comment on him beating up a girl and then mentioning that she smelled bad. "Isato. I don't think anyone wouwd be wowwied about you beating up a giwl, hnn." Berii's expression grows dark.
"Not wike you can." Berii's creepy stare shoots through the darkness. An aura of anger radiating from her for a moment but, she clears that up with a quick. "Ahem. I know you'we afwaid and honestwy, I'd have no hawd feewings if you twied to take this." Berii then brings her hand to her scarf, summoning a blood scroll and tossing it on the floor in front of her.

"Most wikewy too chicken anyway, neh?" A chakram is then lazily spun around her finger, still looking rather carefree about the situation.

"Naw Berii-san I see no point of beating up someone from my owe village. Besides the point of this is to fight others from different villages and besides if we both make it then Atsuro-sensei is going to show us both off to Taiki-senpai." Isato would shift as though he was about to get out of here as he spoke again. "Nice seeing you again Berii hope to see you in the next round." Isato would dip down in a prerunning stance and if Berii had nothing else to say he would take off like a rocket.

Berii is totally disappointed that she wasn't going to be able to make Isato chase a scroll on a string. She simply yanks the scroll up with a wrist twitch and catches it in her hand. "This guy… just decides on things, hnn." Berii doesn't follow him though, she had her own things to take care of. So she calls out, "Aye! Have fun!" … now she's yelling. Time to split! Berii scampers away from the area to go scroll and skill hunting.

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