Unholy Alliances - Justice Rises


Ataru, Luna (emitter)

Date: January 24, 2013


Ataru reaches the depths of the temple in order to receive the blessings of the spirit…

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Unholy Alliances - Justice Rises"

Land of Rivers: Sora Otera - Temple

Ataru had been within the depths of the Sky Tower for a few hours now, only the candles aligned along the walls guided them as the old man took him deeper and deeper into the depths of the abyss. "I feel that we will be in the ceremonial room soon… Are you sure you will be ready for this? Many pilgrims come here for their blessings, the further they go the more enriched they become. Not everyone can handle this though, you will be rushed away if you are not ready," The man with an honest tune, finally there was a break in the path and the ruins of an old land remained before them, rocks and stone embedded along the walls, mysterious glyphs spread about the ceiling and an alter which remained infront of them… The man was curious as to what Ataru may have been feeling.
would gawk at the surroundings. Ok, so sure, he was a shinobi.. but he spent most of his life as a punching bag for mafia or rogue shinobi, so it wasn't like he did the whole temple thing often. Blinking, his attention moved from the surroundings to the man. "Huh? Oh.. eh. It's simple mate.. ifn I gotta do this ta get the blessin, then I do it. I'm gonna help out Naru-san.. I'm sure this'll help out my other friends too. So it is what it is, yah? I'm more than happy ta do whatever ta help em out. It's just what I do.." He'd shrug slightly. That was the truth after all, he'd been working for a long time solo doing just that.

"Well then… Only the sanctum will be able to guide you," The man responded back while ceasing his stance, finally he pointed a finger forward, gesturing towards the narrow corridor up ahead. "Up there you will find what you seek… You must be very careful, try not to break anything and make sure you maintain your respect for the spirits… Much of the deceased live here as well as /him/. The man pointed out gesturing for Ataru to go forward. " I will wait here until you have returned, hopefully you shall be more enlightened than you ever," she speaks up and takes a step back, the room before Ataru was shroud in darkness.

Ataru would look at the guy curiously, confused about the sanctum. Shrugging slightly, Ataru would look forward into the darkness that the man pointed him to. There was only a moment's pause, before he'd walk into the darkness. Gathering himself, he'd prepare for whatever might come, but in the end he said to be polite.. don't break anything.. so.. yeah, Ataru is definitely in trouble. Just a matter of figuring out how to handle it. Senses alert, he'd stop at what he figured was relatively close to center. "Hello..?"

Ataru's hello merely echoed throughout the room. There was no reply, only assured darkness which suddenly began to eleviate naturally. Absolute darkness became shadows, and shadows transformed into tangibility, it was easier for him to see now as his eyes got accustomed to the room. Within the center was a visible giant stone pillar, engraved with black kanji, though unfortunately it was unreadable. The room itself was wide and spacious, much of the area aligned with this pillar in the center. No other doors were visible proving this to be the location he was looking for. Down along the ground there were a few circular indentions, one directly in front of the alter…
Ataru would blink, squinting as the light grew, to finally get use to it. Shaking his head slightly, he'd look around, although he didn't find anything else other than the pillar and the indentation. A shrug given, he'd walk over to the indentation. Checking it out, if he was suppose to kneel in it or something, he would, he'd also eye the pillar, wondering if he needed to climb it or something. No other doors did make this unusual, but hey.. he was here to do this.. trial.. thing.. whatever it was. Maybe he'd be in luck and it would actually help Naru out.

Nothing flashy occurred. As Ataru took a seat his butt would hit the indention with a light thud, the only noise to emit within this obscurity. As the quietness lingered on finally something had revealed itself. The foundation of the tower barely rumbled as a misty aura flickered in existence. Ataru's vision would be flooded with blinding white light until the whole terrain had shifted. No longer was he within the realms of a dark room, now he was settled neatly within white space. "So then, what is the truth behind the reason you are here?" A voice had spoken from amidst the vast white space. The voice itself felt transcended and raspy, definitely not something from this world. "Well?"

Ataru would blink, a hand coming up to shield his eyes from the sudden surge of light. Looking around after it settled into that white field, he'd frown. That was.. different. A small shrug was given then at the voice. "Eh.. simple.. there's a group of people that are tryin ta do bad stuff.. ifn I remember right, they're tryin ta corrupt nature.. since I fight ta stop those who abuse their power.. I'm fightin them.. We got info they were comin fer a.. whatever it is, 'round here, yah?" Ataru shrugged then, continuing to seek that source. "We've come ta try ta stop them.. that's what we do."

The voice didn't reply back to Ataru after he had spoke, instead something else happened… Definitely something unexpected. The ground beneath Ataru's feet began to shake and crumble, the ground staggering and cracking from the weight until an explosion rocks from behind the door. A man revealed himself from the opposite side, blood running down the edge of the blade as he kicked the monk who was waiting outside into the opening before them. "Ah so there is another one here, how unlucky for you," The man addressed to Ataru, shifting his stance and shaking his head. He was a masked individual, heavily cloaked and robed so it was difficult to notice him, his form seemed fitted though and definitely athletic. " You want to step aside prayer boy or shall I kill you as well?"

Well.. that was.. different. Frowning, Ataru would get to his feet, already gathering chakra as the man came in with the dead monk. Huh. That was not a good thing. "Nah mate.. ya see.. ya killed that guy.. which means yer up ta no good.. and I dun let that happen." Ataru would shift into his stance, arms coming up with hands balling into fist. He'd level a look on the man then. "Real simple.. easy way or hard way mate. Ya put down the weapon, give up, and we dun gotta go 'round."

"Yeast off ant," The man ordered swiftly while taking a few steps forward, regardless of Ataru acted or not the man's chakra began to flourish as he prepared himself for what was to come, for now he reached out with his hand, planting it against the pillar as unsealing began to take place, the pillar before him began to rivet and rock, cracking under the pressure. As the rocks rolled off suddenly a box of treasure remained in clear view, a vault of a sort housing the secret artifacts he had been looking for.

Ataru would growl low in his throat. "Hey! Leave that alone!" That sudden blur of motion had Ataru leap towards the man, coming into view in that rapidly spinning kick to the guy's head, trying to stun him as Ataru would land, following up with a massive back kick to send him flying across the room and into a wall. Each strike had that piston hit at the same moment of impact, to increase the damage dealt as he'd set again. "ya ain't doin nothin else ta this place. Ya were given a chance ta give up.. now.. now I beatcha down.."

The man was literally thrown from his back as he was forced away from Ataru, slaming back into the hard rock behind him but almost within a single instance he was gone, his speed was definitely becoming superior. Lightning began to motion and rivet about his body as he came in with the twitch of his blade and bloody nosed. " I see you decided to die instead," The man taunted with a wild grin, sending the blade into Ataru's flesh, a triple slash across his chest and finally a flicking stab bursting with electricity towards his left leg.

Ataru curses as the man manages to catch him a few times with that blade, the follow up shot with that lightning proving to him it was time to get out of the way. Launched backwards, he'd skid into a three point stance. "Nah.. that ain't what's gonna happen here.. ya see.. Yer one of those guys who like ta throw their weight around.. ya kill people fer yer own goals.. generally, just a rotten guy.. guess what? I'm the one that stops ya.." Blurring, even faster than what he did before, Ataru would suddenly rush the man again, those hits were blinding fast as he'd pummel the man from all sides at once it seems, an easy 52 hits, leading to the last one being another spinning back kick to knock him across the room. Ataru would grimly start walking after him. "Now.. now yer gonna see why ya shouldn't hurt people.."

This man was incredibly powerful with the edge of his blade. Easily he was able to slip away from the onslaught of attacks, bending the crutch of his blade dull side against each strike and forcing them in the opposite direction. " You talk a lot for a small fry, your right I carry a lot of weight in this blade. My power is used to subjugate and destroy…You got a problem with that?" The man smirked and suddenly flourished forward in a single instance, his blade vibrating attempting to cleave Ataru in two… The battle wouldn't go on much longer… The pillar as finally fully cracked and the treasure box slowly opening…

And just like that.. Ataru was gone. The move he used was at such high speed that it didn't leave an after image or anything, it purely just had him move from there, to behind the man. "Yah.. I do. I hate people who subjugate, I hate people who destroy.. I had ta deal with it all my life.. I stand up ta people who do that.. and beat em." One step forward and Ataru vanished again. Once more that pure speed was put into use as he'd come at the guy, first one, then another, then a third feint, anything and everything to throw the man off as he'd suddenly be in front of him, flip kicking the guy up into the air to set him up for that further assault.

The attack had caught him off guard completely and at this point it was obvious this mans opponent was stronger than her looked. The stun didn't keep in effect though considering the small room they were in. As soon as he was launched into the air his back smacked against the ceiling, bringing the man back to his senses to kick off from the wall and break himself free from the daze. " Tell me your lifes story," The man mocked though swiftly moved forward towards the center of the room, he reached out for the box reaching inside grasping two items, both of them in the shape of spherical like constructs, one of them easily pulled and tucked away along his form and the last… It's weight a hundreds fold what he had cradled in his hand.

"What the dough..?" The man cursed under his breath, pulling and tugging… Perhaps it was a dud? He wasn't going to be able to stick around for too much longer… There was ruckus on the surface level and everyone appeared to be pulling back. "Mark my words, once all is settled and done, I'm going to carve your heart out with the edge of my blade…" The man threatened with a grin, pulling off his mask, revealing a thick bed of blood red hair, and dangerous cirtine eyes. " My name is Oriku, from the Black Dawn… Remember that," His body then began to mold into the ground beneath him until merging with it completely and disappearing.

Panting, Ataru would land, watching the man try to take off with both items within that chest. Eyes narrowed in grim determination, he'd start walking that way. Pathetic. Soon as he faces against someone who can actually fight back? He runs. Shaking his head, Ataru would call after Oriku, "Get in line mate! I gotta whole city that wants my head on a stick, ya ain't jack spit!" Shaking his head, he'd stop by the remains of the pillar, looking at the box in turn. Pondering for a moment, Ataru would reach out, picking up the thing that Oriku hadn't been able to move. He'd frown slightly, easily picking it up, to the point of almost losing his footing as he had braced to lift something heavy. Shrugging, he'd look it over a moment, then put it in his pocket. There was more noise, time to go find out what's going on.

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