Jutsu training


Yishimotsu, Hige, Shugo

Date: March 13, 2016


Yi gets some training on using the replacement technique

"Jutsu training"

Konohagakure Ninja Academy Playground

Yi likes the rain. A light drizzle like this helps to keep him from overheating when hes training extensively like he is today. He wants to graduate this year, so he knows he needs to work as hard as he can. Today hes focusing on more technical skills and seal techniques. Hes been working on his taijutsu alot lately and he needs to even it out a bit.

Hige is at the Academy, and he'd dragged Shugo along. Of course with Hige there also comes Konsho and Kizoku. "Let's see," Hige says, pausing at the entrance to the playground area. He looks around briefly before he spots Yishimotsu and he nods to him. "That must be him." No explanation or anything. He just walks over to Yishi and stops a short distance away, arms folding over his chest as his feral eyes look the Student over.

The sound of training was what brought Shugo to travel onto the horrid grounds of the academy from whence he had only recently escaped, along with Hige's insistent pulling against his will. Still, it wasn't bad to look in on the newer generation and see how things were coming along for them. With his haori draped over his shoulders and his long shorts hanging halfway over his calves, Shugo crouched on the edge of the wall to look in on the activities within the academy. Hair pulled back into its usual wild and messy tail, and a face covered in the unshaven scruff of the day, Shugo looked more like a vagabond than a ninja, only the hitai-ate hanging about his throat would signify that he was indeed a graduate and not a dropout from the village with how he was being dragged in by the Inuzuka like he was. "Remind me again why you need me here to help train the students? Last I checked the academy had its own training dummies to prevent the abuse of lazy genin during training exercises." Shugo complained though it was only a half-hearted attempt at a show of annoyance. It wasn't really THAT bad.

Yi notices the newcomer and nods in return before making a couple hand signs and tries to replace himself with a log nearby…Next thing he knows he is on the ground with the log tangled up in his legs. Yi stands up and brushes himself off, only to notice the other individual was much closer now, and someone else was with him. He turns to face them and gives a short, but polite bow. 'Who are these ninja?' he thinks to himslf before saying "Hello. I am Hyuga Yishimotsu, Yi for short. Is there something I can help you with?"

"Because you are a bigger dummy and sometimes the other ones are busy," Hige says over his shoulder to Shugo. When Yi takes note of them and stops Hige gives the boy a nod in greeting before he speaks. "Inuzuka Hige," he says by way of introduction before he thumbs over his shoulder. "The big one is Konsho, the small one is Kizoku." The two ninken are sitting just behind Hige, Konsho over five feet tall and with a happy go lucky look. Kizoku is a pup, only about a foot tall and stark white. He sits with his nose high in the air as he looks over the playground. "I'm often brought in to help some Students. I was told you were trying to push to graduate and they thought you could use some help." Hige thumbs over at Shugo then. "This is Shugo. He's going to help you work on the basic shinobi skills. It'll be one on one so you should be able to figure it all out faster."

"I've been kidnapped by a rabid Inuzuka, I need you to run to the authorities and call for help." Shugo tried cutting in with little success before he was straightening his clothing and taking a moment to examine the student's problem.. Getting a bit tangled up during the retrieval portion of the process. Yes, that could prove to be a problem in actually mastering the skill… wait what?! "Didn't you say /you/ were the one tasked with this?" Shugo commented while stepping past the Inuzuka and leaning down to pick up the log and toss it a few times in hand while he thought over the idea of helping the student. Even if he was more content to sleep away the day, if someone needed help he wasn't capable of ignoring it… as long as they were rabbits. Rabbits could go die in a drug induced fire…..

"Let's see then. The replacement technique requires you to move quickly and trade places with an object, and then to escape from the immediate area before the optical illusion is dispelled.. Before trying to swap with this again, try running to the wall and then back as quickly as you can. It's alright if you boost yourself with a bit of chakra."

Yi nods in understanding. 'Perhaps I tried moving too quickly…' He thinks to himself before concentrati g some chakra into hia legs and feet in preparation of running. He sets himself, then makes a dash towards the far wall

Yi frowns inwardly. 'I can do better than this' He thinks as he reaches the wall. He spins around and tries again.

Hige doesn't even give a response to Shugo's first statement. Instead he waits and watches Shugo and Yi. "No, I said that someone needed some assistance. I do help sometimes, but I figure this might get you out of the house a little more. Plus it'll do you some good to try teaching for a bit." Hige steps back then, leaving Shugo and Yi to get to it while he watches. He was going to pet Konsho but the big lovable 'pup' is already bombarded by Students and he's loving all the attention. Kizoku is standoffish and standing away from the kids.

"Don't focus too much on the speed or you'll trip over your own feet. You need both in order to do your best." Shugo commented while watching Yishi, taking a moment to observe the student and then stepping forward a few steps and setting the log down between himself and the student. "This will be the goal. Run to the wall, and then try replacing yourself with the log. It's alright if you take a few more laps between the long and wall to get your footwork down. The key is to be able to swiftly shift your body's direction and control your momentum so that you don't give away movements too obviously." Shugo explained while stepping back from the log to ensure the boy's aim was on the wood and didn't accidentally steal away one of the Nara's scrolls or pouches. Hige's correction didn't make the idea more pleasant but at least the students playing with Konsho made Shugo smirk a bit as he listened to them and watched over Yishi's progress.

Yi nods. "I understand, I will try again." Yi takes a few moments to compose himself, to find his center and prepare to run again.

Yi takes off towards the wall, arms and legs pumping. 'Thats more like it' He thinks, as he makes it to the wall at a fasterpace, and much smoother too. He reaches the far wall effortlessly, and the spins, and uses the wall to acquire additional momentum on the return trip. As he gets closer to the log, he makes the hand signs for the replacement jutsu 'Concentrate…wait for it…Now!' He releases the jutsu and swaps places with the log, before bounding up a nearby tree.

Hige just continues to watch for now, taking mental notes on various things. Konsho's tail is wagging while the students pet him and talk with him. It's always fun to talk with a huge ninken that has the personality of a puppy. Konsho is always a hit around here. Kizoku sits next to Hige who has moved back to lean against a wall to keep an eye on things.

Shugo smirked a bit when the student managed it and nodded his head lightly before glancing around the area for a quiet moment to see if he could spot the student hiding away. "You've got the right mindset for this… going straight to hiding makes it best for launching a surprise attack directly after while the enemy is still confused by the replacement." Shugo complimented before turning to glance toward Hige. "What do you think? Is he doing well?" Shugo questioned with a raise of his brow while looking at the relaxing Inuzuka.. He should at least make sure the canine had some part in this.

Yi climbs down from the tree and smiles. "Yes, it seemed like the smartest move, strategically, since I can keep an eye on people with my Byakugan while I am hiding." He says as he walks back over to Shugo. "Its fun learning new ways to trick or confuse your opponents." Yi stretches a little and releases his chakra for now. 'No point in holding it in right now.' he thinks to himself.

"I think he's doing well. You're just doing okay though," Hige says with fang toothed grin, the Inuzuka waving a hand in the air in a so-so motion. He looks to where Yi is hiding before he even comes down, nodding to the boy once he re-emerges. "Not bad kid. Not bad at all. You may yet be able to graduate early if you keep learning this fast and working this hard. What other techniques do you know already?" Konsho has started giving kids rides, one Student on his back and holding on tight as Konsho runs around and jumps, hopping off the wall even and landing gracefully.

Yi grins at the back and forth between the two ninjas. "Ive almosdt mastered this one, and the clone technique. I also have mastered the basic form of my Byakugan and some of its defensive capabilities." I am hoping to finish learning the basic skills, as well as mastering at least one Gentle Fist technique before I graduate.

Shugo nodded lightly at Hige's words though the addition of a critique on his own work had the Nara narrowing his eyes. "I think I'll forget to add meat to your share today.." Shugo muttered for the Inuzuka to hear before smiling at the boy and nodding his head. "Now that you've got something of a grasp on the replacement technique you should work on doing it at least three times in a short period of time. That way you will get used to not only the footwork involved, but also have plenty of chances to hide and slip into better hiding spots as well." The Nara directed as he moved his arms behind his back and listened to what the boy had to say about his desired progress. "That's a lot on your plate too." Shugo commented with a bit of a smirk.

Hige smiles innocently at Shugo as he pushes off the wall and walks towards the two. "That's a good start. Make sure that you practice these techniques multiple times a day until it becomes second nature. You'll need to have them down before you graduate. Have you started working on Henge yet?"

Yi nods to Shugo. "Sounds good. I can do that." As he starts to prep his chakra he shakes his head at Hige. "I havent really. I was going to start working on that one soon. Thers quite a bit to learn, but I enjoy the workload, and the diversity of skills as well."

"Don't be too eager to work on Henge. It's one of the more complicated skills you're going to be learning so it's good to work through it on its own rather than in conjunction with other techniques." Shugo advised while looking between Hige and the student for a moment, taking a chance ot check on Konsho and make sure that he wasn't getting worn down by the other students having a party with him.

Yi raises his eyebrow. "Oh? What does the Henge jutsu involve that makes it so difficult?" He was hoping to multi-task to try and speed through the basics as quickly as possible. 'I wonder what would make it that difficult.' He thinks to himself.

Hige flashes through hand seals in under a second before a poof and he turns into a carbon copy of Yi. The second Yi sticks his tongue out at the original. "You have to keep your focus otherwise you can lose it or weird things could happen." Even the voice is the same as Yi at this point. As for Konsho…he's good! He just keep taking kids for rides. He's got an abundance of energy anyways.

And with Hige shifted into a Yi-clone, Shugo had the pleasure of dropping a fist on Hige's head. Not too firmly, but none too lightly either. "Not only that, but because it needs constant emission of chakra in the right amounts it can be easily disturbed through stress or shock." Shugo explained to try brushing off his hitting Hige as merely a demonstration rather than some form of revenge for a previously thrown punch connected to an innocent stomach not long ago. In that way, it's far more difficult to use properly in comparison to the other techniques you'll be learning in the academy."

Yi nods and smiles. 'Heh, it's a good thing I have good chakra control then.' He thinks before saying "Im sure that wont be a problem. The Gentle Fist requires extreme chakra control as well, so I am sure that will work well for me. I have spent a lot of time perfecting my chakra molding."

Second Yi's head ducks slightly when hit and eyes turn to Shugo that promise all sorts of pain later on. Hige waits a few more moments before 'poof'ing back to himself. "You say that now, but your chakra control is only part of it. You have to have it perfect in your mind, otherwise whatever you aren't sure about may transform into something that would give you away.

Shugo smirked a bit at Hige's glare before nodding his agreement with the Inuzuka's words before giving a slight shrug of his shoulders. "The best way to do it is practice. Who knows, he might be a natural at the technique." Shugo offered while letting his fist linger atop Hige's head a moment before he patted the pup's head and lowered his arm down once more to his side. "The progress you've shown that you can make says you'll graduate early either way so I wouldn't worry too much if you come across a hang-up."

Yi smiles at the compliment. Its always nice to hear when you're doing well. "I agree. I try not to question or second guess myself. I've found that confidence in your own abilities helps alot when it comes to learning new things." He takes a few moments and stretches his body and limbs before continuing. "Of course the extra help doesnt hurt either. Useful tips and tricks are almost as good to learn as the skill itself."

"WEll then," Hige intones dryly. "You'll be glad to here that Shugo here has been assigned to help you for an hour a day until you graduate. I'm sure you two can work on all kinds of things together." Hige turns his head to look up at Shugo, smiling oh so innocently. "I'm sure you can teach him all you know in only a few days. Then maybe you two can both practice from there."

Who knew evil had a name? Shugo's brow twitched as he heard what Hige had to say but knew that he'd only be digging his own grave by giving Hige the satisfaction of hearing a complaint. "I guess I can do that. We'll work through on a few more techniques next time. I think your replacement technique, perfecting stealth, and footwork will be good. Try forming hand seals as you move so that you can get more comfortable with using them during combat and training as well. It will serve you well if you can form hand seals while on the move with ease.

Yi nods in agreement. "It gives me something to practice while I work on my taijutsu." He says with a smile. "I wouldnt want Isura-sensei to think Im neglecting my primary area of strength." He chuckles remembering his last sparring session with his taijutsu instructor.

"Very good," Hige says simply, smiling innocently still as he looks between the two. "Well, I'll leave you two to work out the details. I have other things to take care of." Hige motions to Konsho who tells the kids goodbye and comes over. Kizoku joins them and together the three Inuzuka turn to walk on out.

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