Kadomai Riot


Ataru, Satomi, Atsuro

Date: May 17, 2013


Ataru was in Kadomai working for his parents when the Levy tried to claim him. Atsuro and Satomi was dispatched when word of the riot reached Konoha

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Kadomai Riot"

Kadomai Central Square

The message to Konoha was urgent. A riot in Kadomai. The first two available, Atsuro and Satomi, were tagged and sent to the village as fast as possible. For Ataru, it was a 13 minute sprint, so they might take a little longer to get there. The message however, was dire. It seems that a small army, 30 men with a levy officer, confronted Ataru in the middle of Kadomai's square. From what the reports say, they demanded he follow the levy. When Ataru refused, a fight broke out as they tried to kill the 'traitor to the Land of Fire'. This quickly spread into a full riot, people on both sides of the confrontation going at each other, turning Kadomai into a sudden war zone. Ataru of course.. was in the middle of it.

Atsuro and Taizen are definitely at least equal to Ataru in sprinting ability, but whether or not Satomi could keep up with that is questionable. In any case, they arrive on scene as quickly as they can. And it appears to be total chaos. As ninja, they're probably capable of restraining at least the worst of the rioters, but hopefully this can be solved without violence. Atsuro can, when he wants to, command a room with his voice. This is outside, but he's still pretty sure he can do something more or less the same.
"Everyone stop immediately," his voice booms, "What's going on here?"

Satomi rushed through the forest, reaching Kadomai with great urge.. Though she did arrive a little late… "Soudouu!" She looks through the crowd, trying to spot that red coat before closing her eyes to think for a moment…. She nods and taps her flat hand with her fist… that's it! You fight authority with authority! She makes the seals to henge, suddenly looking like a very high and decorated officer in the levy army. One she saw during the early days of the Levy… it wasn't 100 percent accurate. But it would have to do. She jumps down and walks up to the entrance of the city. Though there she waits, giving Atsuro a shot at calming things down, though when he just tries to shout everyone to calmness, she facepalms. "Lets hope this works…"

Atsuro did get some people to stop, heck, when someone like him shows up and starts yelling, of course people will take notice. Some of the rioters, neighbors that are on opposite sides of the issue would pause in their fighting, glaring at each other, then turn on Atsuro. About 10 people suddenly crowding around him, all shouting at the top of their lungs about what happen, how they're right and how the other side is wrong, which would very quickly break down into fist fights again if he doesn't figure out a way to seperate them quickly.
As the 'officer' would approach, the Levy troops, kind of weary after having one kid kick the snot out of them would give a rallying cry and renew their effort. Ataru himself was panting, there were already a few points on him that can be seen where he's been hit. Kyouki was almost glowing, a certain indignation to it as they, Ataru and spear, made a valiant effort at defense. Any strike outward was aimed towards not killing.. Ataru was holding back, even in this sort of mess. Afterall, it wasn't the troop's fault the leader was acting so foolish.

Doing his best to sound very official, Atsuro holds his hands up for silence and makes another announcement to the crowd. "Everyone," he says, "Quiet, please. I will address your grievances one at a time. Kadomai is under the protection of Konoha and we are taking steps to address this issue." He kinds wants to barf hearing his own voice using that tone and those words, but whatever he's gotta do, right?
He gestures to three spots which are relatively separate from one another. "TFM supporters line up here, supporters of the Daimyo here, and anyone with another take on the situation go here, please." Taizen does his best to look stern.

When Satomi notices she's having the opposite effect she 'hmms' … Straightening her back. "SPEAR LEVY." She says loudly. "Do as he commands. For now, we will listen to what he has to say. If there's wisdom in his words, we shall return to base!" She walks over to where the levy is supposed to be, hoping Atsuro can smell it's her. She keeps a keen eye on her surroundings, using a big metal helmet to hide the fact her face hasn't changed much, she had no idea how their commander's face looked, so now she hides it in the shade of her helmet.

The crowd would seethe some, but eventually seperate, going to the seperate spots, glaring at each other from them. The troops, responding to a commander voice would back off from Ataru, who's left panting in a wide ring of spears as they'd ease up. Leaning against Kyouki, he'd eye the 'officer' then over at Atsuro, giving a thumbs up in his direction. "Yo mate! Nice ta see ya come ta join the party! They didn't like me sayin no, it seems.. but I was just thrashin em, not hurtin no one.. I mean.. heck.. ain't their fault the Daimyo's an idiot, huh?" He'd swoon, catching himself, ok, maybe Ataru was a bit worse off than expected, but no big deal. The people were grumbly, but it seems most of them in the square were at least listening to Atsuro and his nin-kin. Now.. what were they going to do with it?

And Ataru is at the center of all this. Of course. "You sure have a knack for causing trouble," Atsuro says with a sigh. He eyes the Daimyo-supporting section of the crowd. "And for saying exactly the wrong thing," he adds with a wry smile, "But I think you can help us out here." Not that he disagrees about the Daimyo… He points to the TFM supporters. "This man will listen to your grievances and report back to me." Considering they just saw him beating on the Daimyo's men, Atsuro figures they'll be just fine talking to Ataru.
Then he points to the Daimyo's supporters. "Mister… Levy Commander," he says, "Please listen to your supporters here and tell me what they would like. I hope I can count on your honesty, as gentlemen."
And that leaves just the 'others.' He gestures to them. "I'll listen to what you have to say," he says, "Please come with me." And that leaves Taizen to be the go-between, moving between groups and reporting what's going on to the others.

Satomihenge moves around between her group. Nodding at Atsuro. "Soldiers, divide in groups of ten and choose a spokesperson… discuss your issues and then have your spokesperson report to me!" Satomihenge nods and turns away to not be recogniced by accident. "I will watch the other groups just in case.." Satomi says in her henged voice. "What are we waiting for? DOUBLE TIME!"

Ataru grins sheepishly with a shrug, of course those who supported the Daimyo bristled, a few throwing rocks that he just 'happen' to avoid. So he ignored them. Walking over to the group that was supporting the 'non-daimyo' side, he'd listen to them, keeping it fairly orderly so only one at a time talked.. It didn't take much more than a glare from the kid who had just held off 30 or so troop types, for a civilian to calm down. quickly.
Atsuro would get mostly a mixed sort of response. They were indeed indifferent to the standing issue, wanting instead for the people to quit blaming each other, to shut up and actually work towards a better time. Most of the people had tried to avoid the conflict entirely, seeking that peaceful path, although it was the smallest group of the set.
The troop would start to respond, when the one who started this whole thing by attempting to levy Ataru would peer intently at the 'officer'. "Wait a sec.. You aren't part of the officer crew! I know them! This is a shinobi trick!!" The whole troop of 30 men, most of them worn already from fighting, would suddenly bristle at being duped, spears coming up as they would turn on Satomi, easily 15 of them going after the 'officer' while the other 15 would start towards where Ataru was chatting with the civvies about their complaints on the Daimyo.

"Yes," says Atsuro, "I completely understand. We're doing our best to keep this conflict from affecting Kadomai. Naturally, we'll be keeping the village very secure." Taizen runs up and barks something to him, then he looks over to see what's going on with Satomi. "Oh braw— shoot," he says, "Would you excuse me for a moment please? I'll be back soon."
Atsuro runs over to Satomi and decides that the best course of action is to (temporarily) turn on her. "I've been getting reports that you're some kind of impostor," he says, "Who are you, really?" He points to Satomi accusingly, "Or, if you really /are/ from the levy, let's see some kind of ID."

"I … eh…" Satomi looks at Atsuro and notices what she's doing, turning away from the Levy. She undoes the henge, but instead of turning back with her own headband she made some random symbol… she had to think fast so it's a circle. "I'm from the village of Riogakura! You may have bested me now Shinobi! But I will return!" She then turns back towards Atsuro, winking before making a set of seals, using her fade genjutsu before rushing to a dark nearby alley, hoping that'll do for now. If not, she could use these shadows for some mass restraining!

There was enough confusion there that no one actually went after Satomi as she ran off, where was Riogakura anyways?? The troop looked before each other before the officer that was in charge would nod thanks to Atsuro and they would turn to start dealing with Ataru. By now, the 15 other men of the troop got to him, with spears ready, causing the civilians to freak out, scrambling away as he'd sigh. "Lookit guys.. I'm done playin cops and robbers witcha right now.. wouldja quit it?" As they'd push closer, Ataru frowns with a shake of his head. "I'm gonna have ta actually hurtcha now.. this is gettin ta be too much.. I know ya'll have that whole 'death to traitor' thing goin on.. but.. seriously.. ya'll ain't no where good enough ta take me down.. and I really dun wanna hurt ya'll.."

Well, one problem dealt with. "Nara are all geniuses, eh?" Atsuro wonders to himself scornfully. He shakes his head and hurries over to put out the Ataru side of the fire. Hopefully this one can be solved through shaming. That's something Atsuro is great at. "You!" he says, pointing to the officer, "Don't you have any control over your men? /And/ you can't even tell whether or not you're actually speaking to a superior officer, so now here we are, with you and your men about to cause /another/ riot. Are you unable to instill these soldiers with any sense of discipline? Because if not, /I/ can."

I heard that! … Okay she didn't… Satomi peeks at the group from the shadows, focussing her chakra… on standby if anything got wrong. Though it seems like Atsuro is on control. He is good at shaming… something they have been practicing since they know eachother now… Kind of cute if you think about it. Satomi grins, sitting down on a crate while observing the soldiers reaction as close as she can… "Lets hope this works!"

The officer glared at Atsuro before pulling a whistle that he blew, which promptly got the men trying to go after Ataru to back up, they'd look at each other before falling back into formation. The officer nodded at them, then pointed at Atsuro. "Alright, then you deal with this command. The Daimyo states anyone of the age 16 is to join the army or be branded a traitor. That kid." He pointed at Ataru, who's leaning against Kyouki whistling while cleaning his nails with a kunai. "Has stated he refuses to submit. That makes him a traitor. By your very duty, you must kill him." The officer glanced back at his troop, giving a sharp command for them to form into a battle line again. "While I do not like disrupting the peace, I will not back down from my orders. Either they serve, or they die."

"My duty," says Atsuro with exaggerated disdain, "Is to keep the peace. So is yours." He shakes his head, "And you call yourself an officer. I usually see people like you passed out on tavern floors. That 'kid' is a Konoha shinobi. You must be aware of the Hokage's announcement that Leaf nin aren't subject to the draft? The Daimyo has never had the authority to make demands of this nature." In a certain way, he's loving this chance to act all snooty. "Now, I've already explained to you that this village is under Konoha's protection. If you and your men can't behave yourselves, I'm going to have to place you all under arrest." He gestures to the people around the area. "And considering how many people have witnessed your… indiscretions, I wouldn't want that if I were you."

Satomi grins.. "Ohh arrest? I can do that!" She looks at the shadows around her… "Yesss yessss…" She ruffles her fingers around like an evil genious… Only lacking a mini-me to achieve her full evil potential! All jokes aside, she's just keeping her eyes on the situation.

The officer looked about, frowning, as he'd eye the people, then Atsuro. Ataru started to make faces at him behind Atsuro's back, of course looking innocent if Atsuro looked over. Yeah, Ataru was so rubbing it in their face. Right up until Kyouki flashed away in disgust, leaving Ataru to faceplant on the ground, losing that support suddenly. As he'd get to his feet, the officer would finally nod grimly. "Fine. He goes for now. However, I am very sure that the Daimyo will NOT be pleased to hear of this. There will be restitution required from Konoha for ignoring his decree." Turning, the officer would signal his men to fall out, the weary troop more than happy to not have to fight. Ataru would cheer. "Ya'll choice is good! See? now I dun gotta hurtcha! I'd advise ya'll ta not come back now, ya 'ear??"

Atsuro turns around, but only when Ataru falls over. He might invesigate a little more into what happened there, but he only lets himself enjoy a power trip once per year, and it seems that this is the one. "It wasn't /my/ decision," he says, turning back to the officer and shrugging, "I'm sure the Hokage would just love to listen to the Daimyo's complaints. Would be the first chance she's had to communicate with him in quite some time now." Obviously he isn't exactly the biggest fan of the Daimyo.
He turns back to Ataru and smirks slightly. "You know," he says, "I had a feeling it was you on the way here? Maybe just lay a little lower next time? Everyone else in the village is in the same boat as you, you know."

After the troop is gone Satomi shows up… "Phew.. good job." Satomi says, winking at Atsuro. "Saved my butt there!" She grins, moving her hand up for a high five, though lowering it… realizing Atsuro would probably never indulge in such frivolous friendly activities! She sighs deeply, moving over to fistbump Ataru. At least he would…. right? Guys?

Ataru watches the men leave, dusting himself off with a sheepish grin towards Atsuro. "I didn't see em! I was haulin apples fer the folks 'cause their normal guy got drafted mate.. so wasn't like I went lookin fer trouble! They just sorta.. showed up, like someone knew I was here." Shaking his head, he'd of course do the fist bump for Satomi, because that was what Ataru did. "How'd he save yer butt? Did they have a levy fer you too? Dang they were right on top of that stuff, weren't they?" Ataru shakes his head with a sigh. "It needs ta be handled.. one way or the other.. fast." So… Ataru didn't know it was Satomi that had been the 'officer'. No surprise there, right?

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