Kaguya Beast Becomes a Chuunin


Tsiro, Yuge

Date: September 1, 2012


Tsiro is promoted to Chuunin.

"Kaguya Beast Becomes a Chuunin"

Mizukage's Office

Administration Building - Mizukage's Office [Kirigakure]
This room sports a large wooden desk which sits upon a blue-green carpet, the walls are decorated with scrolls of militiristic sayings and commendations from missions for jounin. A single large chair sits behind the desk and in front of the desk are two smaller chairs. On the wall opposite the door is a large single-pane window which looks off of a cliff and out into the sea.
The Mizukage was busy, as always, with paperwork or other issues. However, there had been several reports that he was following up on about a certain genin within the ranks of the Kirigakure shinobi. As such, Tsiro would get that summon from the administration to show up promptly after lunch time for a meeting with the Mizukage. If he was indeed on time, then it wouldn't be that long before he was shown into that office where Yuge was sitting behind his desk, working on the paperwork that was required for running a hidden village.

An official summons to the administration office. That was a first for Tsiro. Yeah, the boy would be on time. He remained quiet as he sat in the waiting room. He was wearing his normal shinobi gear. He had nothing else to do except for maybe training. Then again as a Kaguya, training was kind of boring unless it involved lots of blood and even more pain. Very few seemed to want to train that way inside the village. So yeah… here he was.
As the boy is shown into the office, Tsiro stands there until the door closes behind him. "I am not in trouble am I?" the boy asks. "Seriously, we had no idea that girl was the fire Daimyo's niece until after we had gotten her out of Sunagakure." Though he was told the mission was wiped from most of his records and left as a classified, he figured he'd be called in given the Fire Nation's civil war which partially stemmed from that mission.
Yuge looked up from the paper he had been working on as the door would close behind Tsiro. One brow was raised under that hat, he'd simply hold up a hand to styme off any protests. Standing to his feet smoothly, he pointed at the chair across from his own at that desk. "Sit." His voice was completely deadpan. Of course, that particular mission had not been held against any of them, but if the kid was going to be that paranoid about it…

Tsiro did as instructed though he did not seem real happy about it. A simple yes or no would have been cool. Now he for a brief moment he spends his time wondering. He glances at the chair he's now sitting in then back at the Mizukage. This had actually been his first time meeting one.
"From your questions, I guess you do not have an idea for the reason I asked for you to come here." Yuge would pause dramatically, watching Tsiro, before a small smile would play across his face. "I Requested your attendance as I have had several reports of a steadily growing genin. This genin has come to the point of being accepted as a hunter nin apprentice. Considering the power and capability of such.. I've decided to give you the rank of Chuunin." Yuge would settle back into his chair, leaning forward as hands came to rest on the desk before him. He'd let Tsiro have that sink in for a moment.

Oh… Tsiro does let that sink in a moment. He'd always assumed he'd have to go through the Chuunin exams and destroy the other nations as the battle hardened gladiator of sorts that he kind of was. "Thats cool." he states as he still is trying to wrap his head around the concept. "That means I am able to lead missions and such right? Form a team maybe?" He was unsure of what all the details were. The only certain thing was that he was no longer considered the bottom of the food chain.
Yuge would give a firm nod. "Hai. Those are the responsabilities of a chuunin. You will form a team and work with that team on the missions you are assigned. When you are sent on hunter duties, that is seperate from your team, make sure to keep this distinction." Yuge would hold up a finger. "You also need to learn to deal with Genjutsu. I have heard reports that this is one of your weaknesses. While I do not request you to create your own style, I would like to at least hear that you have developed some sense about it, hai?"

Tsiro nods his head. The Chuunin duties were cool. He had no issues with those. As for the Genjutsu, it was something that had plagued him for a while. "I am to learn more of genjutsu, or just a way to combat it?" he asks. He assumed the answer was both, but if it was the latter he had made some fairly decent strides towards achieving it.
"The personal choice is both, of course. However, the key part is to learn how to combat it. A weakness like that can be exploited if you happen to come against the wrong person, hai?" Yuge would give a small nod. "Otherwise, you should be set for now. I am going to be making a trip to Konohagakure soon. If possible, I would appreciate it if you would be able to attend as a hunter nin. Specifically, I wish you to be the personal guard of Yuuka-san and her child, hai?"

Tsiro nods his head until he is asked to attend Konoha as a Hunter Nin. "I… how much do you know of my Sensei's ability?" he asks. "She is not aware of my promotion to hunter nin, but if I attend, she will know. She has a form of telepathy that would give me away, especially on such a long journey. I had no qualms protecting her. It is just a matter if you are okay with her knowing my identity."
Yuge would ponder this for a moment, before a small nod is given. "Do not react if she does say your name, however if she recognizes you, so be it. If she does press the matter, then please ask her to speak to me on the situation. Ultimately, I think she would be happy that you are the one protecting her anyways, hai?" Yuge would smile, leaning back in his chair then with a nod. "That is all. Please keep up the good work you are doing. It is an honor to call you a Kiri shinobi."

There is a nod of the head from the boy. "She most certainly would appreciate it being me that is protecting her." Tsiro stands up and then gives a bow. "Understood and thank you." he states. There is a momentary pause before the boy asks a question. "How do we hunter nin differentiate ourselves from the others? I mean the painting on the masks is understood, but our names?"
Yuge pauses in his looking at the paperwork before him. A light chuckle was given with a small shake of his head. "That is assigned when the offical mission is given out. I will be putting in the request shortly to the head hunter nin. When it is assigned, they will give you a code name. Due to the high probability of Yuuka-sama knowing that it will be you, this will most likely be a temporary code name. I recommend stating that chance when you are assigned, hai?"

Tsiro nods his head once more. "Understood. I will await my mission briefing then." He then turns and makes his exit from the office. There was quite a bit to be done in the near future.

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