Kaidan's Medic Training 1


Kaidan, Shuuren

Date: April 11, 2015


Kaidan is given some 'light' reading to start his medical training

"Kaidan's Medic Training 1"

Shuuren's Office in the Land of Tea

After interrogating the men who admitted to working for yakuza against his country, Shuuren sits in his office as he waits for word back from the Land of Rivers of if their own investigation comes to the same conclusion. As always, a huge mountain of paperwork in two stacks of what's done and to be done on either side of the desk is being worked on. The work of a daimyo and businessman is never done. One would think he'd hire some of this out, but he's incredibly hands-on about being sure things are done right. While he was waiting, he received a message from a Suna shinobi wanting his help. That's a bit curious in itself, but he sent word back for the man to come. His secretary sits outside his office at the appointed time waiting for the guest to arrive while she brews a kettle of tea in preparation for his coming.

For his part, Kaidan had sent word ahead that he needed someone of great talent in the field of medication to help him. He arrived slightly ahead of schedule for this help and had pulled a cloak about himself upon his arrival. He had come straight from his journey into this meeting, not wanting to keep the man waiting. Even as he arrives, he sniffs the air for the smell of the tea. A soft sigh escapes him and then he nods to the secretary, "Excellent, I do love the smell of tea. I am Karakuri Kaidan, here to see the Daimyo."

As the man arrives, the secretary would rise and bow before turning to knock on the door. "Nagamura-dono, your guest has arrived for his appointment," she announces before picking up the kettle and bringing it into the office. Meanwhile Shuuren opens a pair of scrolls underneath each pile of papers, activating them to store all the paperwork from each stack. He rolls them up then and stashes them away as he looks up to the secretary as she walks in and sets the kettle down on his desk then retrieves a pair of glasses from a nearby cupboard to fill them and set them on the desk. "Ah, yes. Come in please."

Walking in behind the secretary, he nods to the man behind the desk. His eyes go over the man, assessing him and it isn't clear how he feels. It's almost like Kaidan isn't unimpressed, he just doesn't seem impressed either. It is as if walking into the office of a leader were simply another day for him. Of course, this is also the same man that watched Kage do battle with a man who was the closest to a Demigod that you could get on Earth. As he stands there, looking at the man, he finallyt akes a seat if there is a spot and then states, "I would normally not task someone like yourself with help with medical knowledge, but in this case I couldn't settle for anything less than the one that seems to be seen as the best."

Shuuren watches curiously as Kaidan enters the office, allowing his secretary to pour each of them a glass before he dismisses her back to her work with a simple wave. Once the man finally takes a seat across from the desk and speak, he listens then nods. "That seems to be the main reason many shinobi from other countries visit Tea Country, honestly. It's that or a vacation to enjoy our tea houses and scenery." Picking up his own glass, he takes a few sips and then sets it back down in front of him. As he does this, if Kaidan is able to detect chakra, he would feel a pulse of chakra wash over him, though its purpose is only to diagnose his health condition. "So what is it you need my assistance with?" he asks as he looks at the man studiously. "It's not often I meet someone as willing to risk his life for the pursuit of his next jutsu as myself. You've replaced a lot of yourself to not be a medical ninja, so I'm rather intrigued. Are you wanting to take it further, or are you experiencing complications?"

Indeed, that pulse would show that much of Kaidan is missing. His arms and legs, part of one shoulder is completely gone as well. His right arm extending well past the point of shoulder to attach to him. As he stands up again, he would remove his cloak to set it aside so that he could clearly see that the man was indeed more puppet than man, "I want to go further." He states and looks at Shuuren, "This wasn't my idea to start with. I lost two limbs to the Silence." He nods, "I had already lost a foot to my own foolishness." He chuckles, "Some would say bravery." He shrugs, "The point of it is I have already gone far and I don't see a point in not going further." He looks at one of his hands, watching it move, "However, at this point, I can't go much further without finding a way to mimic or replicate true human flesh." He then looks to Shuuren, "That or integrate others bodies into my art." He nods, "I have seen other puppeteers do this but not to the degree I want."

Taking in each word as the man reveals his puppet body and speak, Shuuren smirks slightly in interest while he thinks it over. "So you want to become as much of a puppet as you can while maintaining your own consciousness," he guesses as he ponders what all would be neede for such a task. "Just how far are you wanting to go? I need details."

Taking in each word as the man reveals his puppet body and speak, Shuuren smirks slightly in interest while he thinks it over. "So you want to become as much of a puppet as you can while maintaining your own consciousness," he guesses as he ponders what all would be neede for such a task. "Just how far are you wanting to go? I need details before I can really make assumptions. After a certain point, the entire way your body works will have to be rewired so that your heart and brain can survive off chakra instead of food and blood. As you already know, going as far as something like that could very well kill you since it'd be entirely experimental."

A nod and Kaidan settles into the seat, seeming to be at home in his body as it is. He looks to the hand still, his eyes only going over to Shuuren when he mentions he could die. He nods, "True." He nods again, "And if I am able to put my heart and brain into a position like that, I might not ever die." He looks at Shuuren, "I have already proven I can, with training, press chakra strings along pathways in these limbs that mimic the chakra pathways in a normal body. That's the real trick. The ability to move what is left of me, what contains my consciousness around. To be able to put it in a puppet body and control it." He looks at his hand again, "The real trick isn't staying alive, believe or not. The real trick is staying alive within a form that isn't limited to one body."

"Actually, to a certain extent it will be," Shuuren says, smirking slightly as he picks up his tea again and takes a few sips. "Your chakra reserves will become your lifebood. You won't have flesh and blood to rely on keeping you living anymore. Overexertion or overdraining of your reserves could kill you or at least put you in a more vulnerable position than it does others. The right kind of opponent figuring this out could spell your death. If you don't have childen already, this also means you'll be the last in the line of your family. I'm not trying to frigthen you per se, but these are all things you need to consider before we complete something like this. If you're at peace with these things, we will proceed." A grin tugs at his lips as he says, "Because it's not really all that brave. The term 'mad scientist' was coined for very good reasons. As logical and determined as we may be, to the rest of the world men like us will always seem insane because of what we are willing to do to reach that next goal."

"It isn't about that." He looks to Shuuren and nods his head, "If we are successful, I won't need a line beyond myself." He nods his head, "I will be able to protect and watchover those I care about eternally." He nods his head, "The point of this visit isn't to do it today, though. I imagine things will take much longer than one visit." He chuckles and nods, "This is to learn." He nods his head, "I must become a medical ninjutsu artist myself. I can't possibly run a body made purely of puppetry without understanding how a body must work." He looks to Shuuren, "I could talk with you all day about things, but I think first I need to learn medical ninjutsu if I'm to even begin to work with you on this." He nods to Shuuren, "Lets start there. I'll cross all other bridges as they come to me."

"Alright then," Shuuren says, nodding to Kaidan and then standing to walk over to a closet, which he opens to reveal is full of books. He glances over a few titles before pulling one out and moving back to the desk. "This one will do," he says as he sets it in front of Kaidan. "It's a comprehensive guide of what you need to study to become a proper medical ninja. Be sure you start at the beginning… and no skimming." While it doesn't look that bad, a book of only a few hundred pages, upon opening it Kaidan would find that each page is actually a scroll containing a large book inside. Each book is set in order of how they should be studied to be most effective in teaching one to become a medical ninja along with the ins and outs of the body. "As a puppeteer, you already know about chakra control. What this will teach you about is the human body and how you need to use that chakra to heal rather than harm. From there the main thing is keeping your chakra control smooth so that it acts as intended. Start with the first three books then come back to me, and we'll put this into practice and see how long it takes you to be able to perform basic healing jutsu." Reaching into his desk, he grabs what appears to be some kind of coupon with the Tea Country emblem on it and hands it over. "The Tea Suites are open again and have vacancies. Give this to the innkeeper, and he'll give you a discounted rate since you're here to train under me."

"I see." Kaidan nods his head and then looks at the book, "Seems simple enough." While he might act like a goof at times, the man is smarter than, well, most people the world over. Even as he nods his head, "I will get started right away." He looks to Shuuren, "I am glad that this country is only a short ship voyage away from the Land of Wind." He nods his head, "They have problems now so I may have to move back and forth between." He then looks to the book again, "I will finish reading this and then when I return to you we can move on to whatever you deem to be the next step. I will also begin work on my assitant."

"Of course," Shuuren says with a nod to Kaidan. He doesn't seem to mind the book being taken with the man. Of course, it's probably designed specifically so that no knowledge he doesn't want going past his doors is kept within even that enormous stack of papers. "Good luck on your journey then. Take care of that book. As you can imagine, putting something like that together takes quite a bit of time and precision."

"I'll be sure to treat it with the utmost care." He slides it back over his shoulder into a pack and seems perfectly at ease with it as he collects his cloak, "I'll be around for a little while and then on my way back." He chuckles, "Work never ends. Here's hoping I don't get killed by something else while trying to become harder to kill." He then tips an imaginary hat and vanishes out the door.

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