Kaidan's Medic Training 2


Kaidan, Shuuren

Date: April 16, 2015


Kaidan is given some fish to /not/ fry.

"Kaidan's Medic Training 2"

Training Room in the Land of Tea

With word that Kaidan was coming back to Tea Country for further training, Shuuren had a conference room in the Tea Suites specially prepared. Rather than the usual types of scrolls and such, however, it has been outfitted with items suited for medical training. One would almost think some sort of surgery would be happening in this place. There are tables setup, aquariums near them, and several other sundry items just awaiting the arrival of the puppeteer as the Daimyo sits with a kettle of tea and a half-empty glass while he flips through the pages of a book.

Having been informed of his time for the next session now that he had finished going through all the pages of the pages of those pages in the book that was filled with pages of pages on medical ninjutsu. He had a little bit of a look of exasperation as he had returned that book. He had somewhat underestimated the amount of pages that were on each of the pages of those pages of the book filled with pages of pages on medical ninjutsu. He did, however, finish it and was now ready for the proverbial lesson two. As he walks in, he looks around and humms as he looks at the various items and approaches Shuuren, "So…" He simply states.

As Kaidan arrives, Shuuren looks up and smirks at that look on his face. "Don't look so tired. You've only just gotten started." With that he stands and nods to the man before walking over to one of the tables and saying, "I trust you read the books on how to use your chakra for healing rather than killing. It's going to take time to perfect, but I'm confident your use of chakra strings will assist you in being able to keep your chakra level correctly quicker than most. Observe once, and then it'll be up to you to practice from here." With that he reaches into one of the aquariums, grabbing a fish and placing it on a scroll that's been laid out. He waits several moments for it to basically stop breathing before bringing his hands into a seal, creating a glow of chakra around his hands, which he the places over the fish, instantly revitalizing it and allowing it to hop back into the water. Once it's done, he'd look back to the puppeteer, asking, "Questions?"

Watching, Kaidan hmms and then nods, "Yes, for one. Which method did you exactly do to bring it back to the point of flopping around and moving. Second, I'm to torture fish for how long?" He hmms and looks at the fish, poking his finger at the aquarium a little before looking over to Shuuren again and nods his head, "As for reading it, I do have a basic understanding based on the books but I believe that this seems almost like bringing something back to life from death."

"Just a simple healing method. I didn't let it die completely, but I let its wounds take hold to the point it had to be revitalized. You're not bringing back the dead, just accelerating the natural regeneration process," Shuuren says as he steps back. "And you're to do this until you get it right. Simple as that." With that he sits back in his chair and begins to sip his tea. "Don't expect to get it right today, but small victories in healing it will be enough to build your abilities as you go."

A blink at the man and hten a nod before he states, "So, yes to the second question." He walks over and pulls a fish out of the aquarium and he looks at it. He lets it on the scroll and watches it as it flops about and then stops flopping as much. He then waits till it is to the point of not moving at all and its mouth stops gasping at breath and then he tries to force chakra into it. As he focuses, the fish does move for a second right before it splits across the side and its guts spill out as he sends far too much chakra into it.

Shuuren goes back to flipping through his book and sipping tea as Kaidan starts his practice. Good thing he's brought plenty of fish for this exercise. "Level your chakra. This is a delicate process. Think of it like stroking a pet versus striking a beast. Or like your puppets. If you're too rough with the way you control them, I'm sure they'll break." He glances up then, watching the progress for a moment then looking back down.

A shake of his head and he frowns before idly pushing that fish into a trashcan conveniently located nearby. He looks at the man and hten looks at the fish in the tank, "I usually make tough puppets." He states and then pulls the next fish out. At this point, the fish should know fear but isn't able to being a fish. None the less, he attempts to do the process again….and this fish simply doesn't make it in time. Then he looks back up at Shuuren as he works on the third, "So, is this how you learned? Do all medics leave fish corpses in their wake?"

Shuuren glances up as Kaidan speaks, smirking slightly as the question as he starts to read again. "All medics leave corpses in their wake… and more than you hope. Fish are just the start. The weight of what you couldn't save eventually builds up a weight on your mind, one you'll have to learn to deal with if you plan to live forever since that number will be never-ending."

"No one really lives forever, Shuuren." Kaidan states as he has to move on to another fish. That one had started to live again but then he got eager and killed it somehow. If Shuuren had looked, he'd know that the thing's brain was killed by too much chakra. Either way, he moves on and states, "Eventually the world will give out if I live long enough to see that and I doubt I'll have found a way to leave it." He then looks back at his work, "I see hwat you are saying though."

"Is that so?" Shuuren asks, smirking up at Kaidan once again as if he's got other ideas on that. "So you plan to go on long enough to die amongst the rubble of the earth, huh? No telling how much weight you'll have put on by then." With that he pours himself a fresh glass of tea, taking a few sips as he observes the man's progress.

"Enough, I suppose." A shrug and then he looks down at the fish he is working on, focusing on it as it loses breath like the others. This one, it actually flops back to life but doesn't appear to have enough strength to get itself into the water. After a few moments it once again loses consciousness and Kaidan has to go to work again, "I suppose if it becomes too much I could kill myself but not sure that's really in my nature."

"That's too easy a way out," Shuuren says, smirking and continuing to read through the pages of his book. "If you hope to make it, you'll have to learn to be at peace with what you lose. Take it from a man who's lost his entire family and then his queen. It's not an easy thing, but it can be done with time, which you'll have plenty of."

"Well, I lost my arms and legs so far. They were by far some of the closest things to me." He chuckles and Kaidan shrugs, "I came to terms with that quickly enough." He looks at the fish and then up at Shuuren, "He's dead, Shuuren." He nods his head and then looks at the fish, "Well, back to teh drawing board on that one." He slides it into the disposal with the others and then hurrms.

"Ah, sarcasm," Shuuren says, chuckling a bit before standing up and glancing at the growing pile of dead fish in the garbage. "Laughing at the darkness is an interesting coping mechanism. It'll be interesting to see how long you retain that capacity." With that he turns toward the door, saying, "Keep practicing. I'll have the kitchen prepare a meal… something other than fish."

"Oh? Well, I have a lot of them prepared for dinner." He glances to the area where the dead fish have gone and then looks back to Shuuren before shrugging, "Laughed at the Silence already." He nods his head, "Why not laugh at the darkness?" He then looks back at his current fish and then nods to the thing before giving it last rites and trying to heal it.

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