Kaidan's Medic Training 3


Kaidan, Shuuren

Date: April 18, 2015


Kaidan grows bored with fish and is taken to some real test subjects. A bunch of death row inmates.

"Kaidan's Medic Training 3"

First a Training Room in the Land of Tea then a Prison in the Land of Tea

The room was as it was before only with some slight changes. Even now, Kaidan has perfected the art of making fish not die. They are swimming peacefully as he sits in a corner with his chair leaned back into the wall and his foot up on another chair. In his lap is a bit more complicated book on the various workings of chakra pathways in the body. Even now he has one of his arms apart,chakra strings moving between the parts as he compares the strings to the pathways in the book.

With the opening of the door, Shuuren steps into the room, smirking slightly and nodding to the man that is already there doing his studies. Rather than saying anything, he simply moves over to his table and sits, withdrawing a book from his coat and beginning to flip through it. Seems he's just here to oversee and answer any questions the puppeteer may have about his traning.

"Ah, there you are." He states as he slowly pushes back up and stands up. He idly walks over to the man with a slow swagger, his arm coming back together rather easily. Kaidan looks at the man carefully, "So, I was able to revitalize a fish but you have yet to show me how to actually heal something. I mean, giving someone a small push is one thing but to heal is another." He nods his head, "To knit flesh, so to speak, sounds like it'd be a lot harder."

"That push is what you need to master first," Shuuren says with a shrug of his shoulders as he looks back up at Kaidan. "Actual surgery is quite harder. If you aren't mastered at basic healing yet, trying to go into the depths of surgical maneuvers just means you're going to kill someone more quickly." Reaching into his pocket, he pulls out a piece of paper and a pen, pondering a few moments to remember something before he tosses the paper over to Kaidan. "Read that section over. It's about using your chakra to restore the chakra and physical energy of your patients rather than just healing them. If you think you've figured out physical healing well enogh, try to figure that out."

A look at the paper and then he states, "I am not fully sure I have figured out the healing, I have figured out how to make a fish breath again. That's not exactly healing a cut or a punch." He looks at the paper and chuckles, "It doesn't exactly equate." He looks at the fish and walks over to tap on the glass, "Losing your ability to breath versus getting a cut on your hand or a punch to the face are two different things."

"I know, and I've got a plan for that, but I needed to be sure you wouldn't kill the people I gave you to heal, at least not all of them," Shuuren says, smirking slightly and sizing Kaidan up a bit. "Alright. If you really want to try it, I've got a few men on death row for particularly heinous crimes. If you happen to kill them a bit early, no one will mind." With that he stands and turns to walk out of the room, saying, "We're going to have to catch a boat. I had the prison moved to one of the smaller satellite islands in the country."

"I see." He states and Kaidan then nods as he puts the paper away, "I might as well get to practicing now or otherwise I'm going to spend all my time learning how to make fish healthy." He then nods his head, "And if these guys are all a bunch of dicks that deserve it anyway, that means I don't have to care." He chuckles and then starts after Shuuren, "I have been on far more boats lately…"

"I feel like I live on them sometimes," Shuuren says, shrugging his shoulders. He locks the door once Kaidan comes out then moves out of the village toward the port. Their journey would go uninterrupted to one of the smaller islands south of the mainland of the country. As they arrive, it would seem to simply be a heavily forested island, though they would set off down a specific path, as the surrounding woods are heavily booby-trapped so that any who try to escape without knowing the proper path to get away are simply going to die.

"So, you keep all your worst types out in the middle of an island?" Kaidan asks and then considers, "That might be a good idea." He nods his head, "Moving our prison out to the middle of the worst part of the desert." He chuckles and nods his head, "I will have to check on that idea." As they approach the end of the path, Kaidan looks around, "So, how nasty are the forests on this island?"

"In the middle of an inescapable island, yes," Shuuren says with a nod. "Even if you got off the island, by the time you got to the water, you'd have too many wounds to even try and survive a swim back to the mainland between the traps and the beasts in the forest." An answer to both questions in the same statement. Finally, they approach what seems to be a large gate built into the ground with a pair of guards standing in front of it. Without a word, they open it to reveal a staircase that descends fifty feet into the ground to another enormous guarded gate. "Shall we go meet your patients for today?"

A nod and he looks at the forest, "Remind me to find a way to somehow create makeshift puppets on the fly." He nod shis head and considers that very idea even as he looks then forward. He peers at the area they are walking into, looking this way and that before saying, "I'm fine with it. I do hope they are ready to be screaming in pain."

"Keep some random weapons and armor in a scroll and use what's around you," Shuuren says, shrugging his shoulders and then beginning to walk down the staircase. When they reach the bottom, the second gate would be opened, and they'd move into what seems to be an empty office at the front of a rather long hallway. As he passes the guards, he simply says, "Situation Beta Forty-Two." That brings a smirk to the man's face, as he turns to deliver the orders to another room.

A walk in and then Kaidan glances over to Shuuren before hmming. He chuckles and looks at the guard, "Situation Beat Forty-two the situation for 'bring me a guinea pig'?" He chuckles again before looking around, "And I meant out of anything really. Just a situation for an escape." He chuckles and nods his head.

"Oh, do you think?" Shuuren asks, smirking slightly before a door that seemingly wasn't there opens up in the other side of the room, and several injured inmates that are shackled completely on a rack that's being rolled are brought in. Most of them look like some sort of yakuza or other kind of thug. "Greetings, gentlemen. Today you have something of a gamble. Either your wait for the gallows will be over or it will become more comfortable, as I've got a medic in training here to try to heal you. Good luck." With that he turns and takes a seat at a table, folding his arms over his chest and just watching.

A look to Shuuren and he smirks before looking at the incoming inmates. He chuckles and then looks at the guys before looking to Shuuren, "So, I'm just to pick one and try to heal him?" He hmms and then shrugs, "That seems like a poor way to go about it but then I guess baby birds get pushed out of the nest to see if they fly." He chuckles and looks to one of the guys who appears to have been slashed across his arm.

"You wanted to get in real experience healing wounds, so this is what you get," Shuuren says, smirking and shrugging his shoulders as he watches. "These men are fated to die for what they've done anyway, so it's not like you're really doing any extra harm if you fail."

"You got it." He gestures to the man before him and points up, "Life your arm." He nod shis head and Kaidan almost immediately cuases the men to wince out as he sends chakra through the wound and it does indeed seal for a moment but only because, for all intents, Kaidan had force chakra to stab through. He looks at the wound which wihtout him holding it, kinda just peels back open, painfully at that. Kaidan winces and then states, "Well, I'm going to be practicing this for a while…"

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