Kaidan's Medic Training 4


Kaidan, Shuuren

Date: April 18, 2015


The end of Kaidan's Medical Training as he works on prisoners and begins to succeed.

"Kaidan's Medic Training 4"

Land of Tea Prison

While Kaidan continues his work trying to properly heal the wounded inmates, Shuuren sits enjoying his book and tea once more. He glances up to the puppeteer once in a while to observe his progress, though he gets more out of sensing it through his chakra sense than actually looking. He's been mostly silent except for tossing in random bits of advice, trying to let the man mostly figure this out on his own. He won't be sticking around here as an apprentice, after all, so best not to start him off by holding his hand through the whole thing.

As time passed, Kaidan would finally start to make progress. The first two inmates he worked on would be really bad off if it were not for the fact that they were on death row anyway. The first man lost his arm completely after Kaidan's failed attempts. The second man needed to be healed after a bad knife fight and simply bled out internally even though Kaidan was able to seal the wound on the surface. He had been able to do the right thing sort of but didn't go deep enough. By the time he was on the third guy some weren't so sure if him doing the work was a good idea at all but they didn't have a choice. However, the third man's wound was actually looking better genuinely. He had been burned badly while trying to make an explosive to use to escape with. Now, it was actually looking less horrible with Kaidan's work.

While some of the men's eyes may plead for Shuuren himself to do the work, the Daimyo merely sits flipping through his book as, to him, this is nothing more than giving them a 50/50 chance between being more comfortable or simply carrying out a sentence earlier than planned. When Kaidan finally gets one right, Shuuren nods and says, "You're getting there." That simple, and he goes back to reading his book.

Squinting back at the man for a moment, Kaidan sighs and then the man he was working on screams out. Kaidan looks back quickly and realizes he just pushed chakra through to the man hard in his annoyance with Shuuren's flippant attitude and ended up hurting the man rather than help him. He frowns and then begins to work hard to try to close what he did so the man at least won't die from his wound. Even as he works he hmms, "You really have quite the hands off attitude when it comes to teaching."

"I've given you the knowledge you need. If you've got questions, ask," Shuuren says, shrugging his shoulders. "There are some things that nothing but experience can teach you. No amount of talking will get those things through to you. Most people would still be practicing on fish, worms, or insects, so consider yourself lucky to at least have the chance to get some real experience before you try this on your comrades."

"Well, I can't see a point to working on fish all the time." He states as he works on the man before him, staring at him carefully. He grumbles a little as he works to stitch the man's side from the damage he himself has caused. He looks at the boy carefully and then looks up toward Shuuren, "I believe this will help me to actually have someone to work on I just don't know what I expected is all." He chuckles and then shrugs as he works, "Once I am well enough with medical work I will then be able to better work on myself, I believe."

"Once you've got the basics down, you can study the books and practice the more in depth things," Shuuren says as he looks up to Kaidan. He finally stands and steps over, looking the remaining patients over and nodding. "Practice as long as you like. Just don't unbind any of them, or the guards will kill them on sight. I need to go check on something." With that he turns to walk out of the room and further down the hall into the prison to talk with one of the guards.

And with that he sighs, shaking his head as Shuuren leaves. Kaidan looks to the man he is working on and chuckles, "Can you believe that is what passes for teaching?" He then starts working on the man and the man groans in pain and he chuckles, "You're telling me." Kaidan states and continues to practice well on till morning.

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