Kaito's Sea Circus


Kaito, Miyo, Arashi, Sachiko, Ryoji

Date: August 28, 2013


Kaito and a rather mis-matched group of shinobi are sent to deal with a group of pirates that have been stealing ships to amass a fleet.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Kaito's Sea Circus"

Somewhere on the ocean

Today's mission is a bit of a mis-match… The Exams have put a bit of a strain on the number of shinobi available for missions. As such, Kaito has been put in lead of a team of… mostly people he doesn't know. Still, he'll lead the mission as best possible. Plus, this is his sort of game… A group of pirates have been stealing merchant ships from harbors to increase the size of their fleet. Today's mission is to rid the ships of said pirates and try as best possible to not obliterate the ships in the process.
Laying on a set of boxes on the deck of the ship, Kaito seems to be staring up at the sky as the ship sails onward toward where the pirates are supposedly gathering the ships. The basic idea is to wait for them to get close, and then Kaito will create a huge distraction while the other shinobi use his actions as cover to make their way onto the ships and start slaughtering pirates. The fact that it's raining doesn't seem to bother him much, the overcast and ever-increasing amount of water he has to screw with the pirates with quite handy. Of course, some of the foreign shinobi might be a bit confused that their mission leader is actually laying down on the job, at least until he decides it's a good time for the ship to halt.

Having grown up in the land of rain, Miyo is not really all that bothered by the rain. However… she seems horribly offput by the fact that she is, indeed, sailing. She has spent the better part of the trip beant over a rail, her arms danlging over the edge and grumbling. As of yet, she has yet to vomit, but constantly complains that she is going to at any time. Miyo also continually claims that she feels like she might pass out, yet has also failed to do so as of yet. As the ship sails on, bobbing up and down, Miyo finally stirrs a bit, only to reach up and move run her fingers through her long, ash-colored hair. "I am so gonna puke this time…" While she does get a shae paler, if that is even possible, she still does not vomit. She seems a little more frustrated with that than the whole sea-sickneess in the first part.

"First Mission!" Arashi leaps and cheers to himself on his way to the top deck. His elation though begot a brief laspse in thought as he hit his head. Arashi grumbled and hunched over from the pain. But that wouldn't be enough to lessen his mood. Once he got topside he went and searched for Kaito, the jounin from the Leaf in charge of this mission. He didn't expect Kaito to be sleeping, nor did he expect it to be raining either. "Meh…a little water never hurt anyone." he muses as he walks upon a slumbering Kaito. "Hey hey hey…are you allowed to sleep on the job? Aren't you in charge? And you have a diversion to be making." Arashi pokes Kaito. He glances over to the railing to see Miyo beent over it. She didn't seem like a fan of sailing. Arashi however was more worried about his inability to decide on a rating for this girl. He kept bouncing around between the cute and adorable line and while her short shorts did help there were still other factors that made this one particularly….complicated.
Arashi sighs and looks back to Kaito "That cutie with the sword doesn't look too well…." Arashi wonders if Kaito even cares. Arashi rubs his head and just gives up "So then…I'm going to keep an eye out for the pirates or something. That cool with…meh never mind."
Arashi has +finger'd you!

Sachiko had just happened to be part of this. In all honesty, she wasn't completely sure how it happened. Supposedly, she signed up for it, but she didn't remember any such thing. Maybe she'd still been drunk when she woke up that particular day… Whatever the case, she was currently on deck, having found herself some boxes to lay on. Despite her original home, she didn't seem bothered what-so-ever by the rain. In fact… was she snoring? Maybe… just a little bit. Whatever the case, the Iga was clearly not at all paying attention.

While others lost their lunch (or tried to?), sat around, or possibly even hassled the crewman, Ryoji is hard at work assisting the crewman. Granted the work mainly involved menial task since none really seemed to trust the stranger; but still, work is work. Plus by the end he had a funny feeling he might be able to weasel out a bit more cash for all the 'extra' work he put into the little side quest. Shun on the otherhand is not at his side for a change. Instead — unless bothered by another — Shun sat near Kaito with the boxes at her back. They are both in disguise and have been since the trip began as a result of a joke made by the male Iga.
"Dreary day~ Oh happy dayz~ A merry man's delight is miiiine~ Perhaps! Or… maaaybe not~ Hohahum!", Ryoji sung incessantly and without any real rhythm, much to the dismay of those within earshot. A smile planted firmly in place no matter the task or even the weather! Today is a day to rejoice after all, for a loop hole regarding a certian promise had been found and is being thoroughly exploited this day! Although… he did have to leave Ei behind again.
"… Brain. You are one sadistic little twerp.." He muttered darkly to himself before snapping back to work.

Every so often, Kaito would glance around at their surroundings, as well as at any of his teammates for the day that might happen to pass by. It seems he enjoys taking a rest while they wait… As he is approached by Arashi, he'd look his way and quirk an eyebrow. "I've got this, kiddo. I'll signal you when we're about to make our move." He then looks to Ryoji, quirking an eyebrow before looking over to Shun. "Is he always like this, or does he just want to burst the eardrums of his teammates the first time he meets them?" After several more minutes, he'd call out, "I suggest you all start getting ready. We're almost to the point the ship's going to have to stop and let us off."

When Kaito calls out to everyone, informing them that they need to get ready, Miyo begins to look back over her shoulder to him to see what is going on. Just as she does, however, the ship hits a fairly sizeable wave created by the storm, and she lets out a pitiful groan before slumping down against the rail. "Im gonna die…" She whines in her cute, girly voice. "Im not gonna make it… just.. just go on without me…" She then tips backwards and flops onto the deck, which puts her in the way of some crewmen who step over her and grumble about stupid girl's getting in their way all the time. There was no place on a ship for bystanders!

Arashi gives Kaito a sour look after being called kiddo. He let's it go and waves dismissively at the blue haired Nara. "If you say so." He crosses his arms and then he hears snoring. Ryoji's singing reminded Arashi of the tales he's heard of sailors out at see singing salty tunes on their long journeys. Their valiant voices echo out carried by the sea breeze as they brave these trecherous waters with nothing more than determination and a bit of faith "SHUT THE CLOWN UP!" Arashi yells at Ryoji. It was giving him a headache.
He walks around the boxes to notices Sachiko who is also sleeping. How these guys managed to pull it off was beyond him but Sachiko unlike Miyo, was easy to rate. "Clearly an 8." He says with a smirk "She's so adorable with those glasses and that little bit of fat." He almost pokes it but Kaito gave the heads up for them to get ready. So Arashi did just that and made sure he had all his equipment in order and read to go. In doing so he does observe Miyo, just to see how she's doing…nothing to do with the shorts, nothing at all. Miyo didn't seem to be doing any better though. Her proclamation of death followed by her flop to the deck makes Arashi wonder about this team that has been assembled. "Seriously…..I wanna say…7 or maybe…GAH!" Arashi rubs his head in frustration.

Luckily for Sachiko, Arashi's yelling woke her up a bit before she heard Kaito. Grumbling, she opened her eyes and shifted to stand up, brushing her skirt down rather than let it wetly stick to her leg. Hearing the end part of Miyo's grumbling, the young woman sighed. "Oh, come on! I grew up in the /desert/ and I can handle a boat better than you?" She glanced in her direction, but blind eyes didn't focus, despite being ring near their mark. After a moment, she yawned and reached up to rub her face, fingers extending under the glasses.
A familiar scent in the air causes Shun to wrinkle her nose then sniff at the air a few times. Thus, her reply to Kaito is slow to come. "Worser," She admits softly, smirking sardonically before returning her seemingly half-hearted search for the scent. Strange how it only now began to bother her…
"Sa..Sa… Imouta-chan!?" She exclaimed at Sachiko.
Meanwhile, Ryoji takes his turn at stepping over Miyo as well before moving on; only to stop mid-journey and return to crouch at her downed form. Scent and Sound. Both checked out as he mulled over what was emitted from the girl. Taste? He licked his chops as the thought crossed his mind. Then sighed heavily and shook his head. Neither Ei nor his conscious would allow him a chance at getting a firmer sample like the old days. Though then again, the Iga has been prone to slip up from time to time to…
"Oi~ Mimo-chama~ Wakey wakey or I'll licky licky~" He singsonged, tongue rolled out and left to sticking out as if to emphasize his point. He had no real intentions of doing it of course. At least, not just yet. "Neh, neh, neh! Cloum boym. Wan in on this?" Ryoji turned to ask of Arashi.

As Miyo's performance gets more and more dramatic, Kaito would glace her way and shake his head. He then turns his attention back to Arashi, blinking a few times as he yells at Ryoji then seems to actually be rating the girls on a scale. He actually seems to almost be stressing about rating Miyo. "Easy there, Arashi. Don't blow a gasket before it's time to take care of business." A gaze would then be cast toward Ryoji as he speaks, saying, "You are being a bit annoying, though. Tone it down."
Finally, Kaito would stand up from the boxes, waving a hand at the captain of the ship. Moments later, the sails would raise and the anchors drop, bringing the ship to a halt. "This is where we get off. Be sure to stick to the plan and wait for my lead. Once you see a massive spout of water, you move in on the ships. Until then, you remain back far enough to be unseen by the pirates." With that, he'd turn and leap off the edge of the ship, yet he is caught by something and then seen flying into the sky and above the black clouds on what appears to be a surfboard made of water.

Miyo groans and curls up defensively as another person steps over her, however, when she sees them turn around, she gasps. "Mr. Shark-fin man!" When she seems the way he is licking his lips, she lets out a little squeak. "Nooo! Don't eat me!" She seems entirely serious, too, quite afraid, even. "I would taste horrible!" She rolls over to her belly and tries to scramble away from him, slipping on the wet deck and falling on her face before sliding a little ways across the planks as the ship gets lifted slightly by an errant wave and goes headfirst into a coil of heavy rope. "Oof!" However, the ship comes to a stop and Miyo flips over again, making sure Ryoji didn't come after her. She appeared to be getting herself all tangled up in the rope in the process. "Stay back!" She holds up a hand, warding him off before looking over at Kaito, much less pale than before. The fright of Ryoji seemed to have purged her system, or perhaps that the ship had suddenly become a good deal less mobile. When Kaito leaves, however, she turns back to Ryoji and frowns slighly before she tries to get to her feet but has trouble because of the rope. "Gah, it got me!"

Arashi glances to Sachiko and shudders. "She's scarier when awake though." but she did have a point. Miyo was looking pretty pathetic…but cute too? Arashi struggles to learn the secret to her behavior, it was the key to ranking her. But things continued to progress down a strange and unmarked path. This Ryoji character was talking nonsense and it sounded as though he planned to eat Miyo. "I…what?" He says looking completely lost. But Kaito, ironically, brings order back to this otherwise disorderly group shinobi. "R-right. Understood…" And then Kaito disappears above the clouds. Arashi looks to the others wondering if they all saw the same thing. "Uh, yeah whatever lets get going." he says walking over to Miyo and helping her get untangled. "I think he's just joking….I think." The young Saito wasn't all that sure of this guy either. "Ahem. No eating the women. Now any guys you find…gorge yourself…not me though. We're a team…right? So can we move along now?" Arashi would soon leave the ship.

The voice caught Sachiko off guard… What the…? "… O-onee-chan…?" Oh, trapeze… The younger Iga was suddenly /extremely/ glad she didn't drink last night too. "H-hi…" That still didn't give her a good excuse for doing a mission… least of all one like this. To Kaito, though, she actually responds with an abrupt, "Hai!" Asleep to scary to… fearful? Just nervous? Now she's apparently all obedient and whatnot. Whatever the case, she shifted to hide herself as was requested by the leader.

Ryoji attention snaps back to Miyo the moment he smells the fear exuding from her. And while it would have been a better idea to end the shenaningans there with some form of an apology; her actions were bringing out the worst in the young man. So, after giving her those first few seconds to crawl away, Ryoji's features — a facade that conveyed confusion as he watched her crawl away — became split by a smile that grew into a very malicious, cheshire one. Sadly, just as he opened his mouth to prod at her again, Kaito beats him to the punch by issuing a command. His shoulders sag as a sigh of defeat escaped his lips. However, immediatly after the Iga rises into a stand, twisted into an about to face Kaito fully, and says in a soft and formal tone, "As you wish, Taichou." These words are followed up by the index and middle finger being used to re-adjust his glasses at the bridge, causing them to catch the light more fully and reflect off, hiding his eyes behind the glare.
Wait… Where the heck did the glasses come from?!
Whatever the case may be — Which is most certianly NOT because he happened to have ninja-snatched them off of Sachiko using some complex combination of ninjutsu >.> — *ahem* — Ryoji would offer Miyo one last mysterious look with the glasses glare still in effect, loft a brow at Iga siblings, then finally beam at Arashi before disembarking and taking as well.
Meanwhile back with the Iga siblings, a frowning Shun has given chase after her sibling with the intent of making sure she did not slip away without explaining just why she was the ship, let alone the mission too!

While the crew seems to still be being a bit goofy on the ship, Kaito has shifted into all-business mode. After a few minutes, one can see a twisting in the clouds, and the water of the rain would come down in what appears to be a gigantic tornado of water over the ocean. In front of it are several ships that have been stolen, and there are men on the decks of all of them staring at this monstrosity and wondering how they're going to get away from it. As of yet, none of them appear to know it's a jutsu, as they appear to simply be getting their cargo and such braced before it can reach them. The caster himself remains out of sight, above them in the clouds.

Miyo let's out a sigh when Ryoji leaves, and feels safe again. However, she still had the problem of being wrapped up in the coil of rope. She struggles with it for a moment, trying to figure out exactly what is going on and how to get out of it when sudely Arashi begins to help her. She turns to him and gives him the cutest smile she can manage. Without the sea-sickeness demolishing her, her cuteness has improved significantly. "T-thank you…" She stammers at Arashi, blushing slightly as she apparently required help with the rope. She then nods when he assures her that she is really in no danger from Ryoji, even if she believed she was, and then watches as he departs before following after him a moment later, trying to catch up. "Hey, wait for me!"

"N-no problem." Lion that was cute. A critical blow landed by Miyo. Yes indeed Arashi was stunned by Miyo's appreciation or more so the adorableness she did it with, but the mission has official started now is not the time to be thinking of a rating. Plus it's rather hard to do so when a guy like Ryoji is smiling. "This is too much." Arashi grumbles. As they depart Arashi notices that everyone seems to have stopped goofing. This was a little reassuring. They were starting to look like a team. And not a moment too soon. Arashi looks on at the maelstrom being formed and can only assume that that is Kaito's handiwork."I thought Nara used shadows and stuff?" He said before subconsciously turning to Ryoji as if he he carried some sensible information. "…where did you get those glasses?" Not like it mattered if he stole them from Sachiko, she was blind. Which then raised the question why was she even wearing glasses? "Meh doesn't matter. Still cute." He blinks realizing he said that will looking at Ryoji. "NOT YOU!" he had to clarify quick. And now to change the subject. "Look, seems like Kaito is about to give the signal." he points to the ships.

"N-no problem." Lion that was cute. A critical blow landed by Miyo. Yes indeed Arashi was stunned by Miyo's appreciation or more so the adorableness she did it with, but the mission has officially started now is not the time to be thinking of a rating. Plus it's rather hard to do so when a guy like Ryoji is smiling at you. "This is too much." Arashi grumbles. As they depart Arashi notices that everyone seems to have stopped goofing. This was a little reassuring. They were starting to look like a team. And not a moment too soon. Arashi looks on at the maelstrom being formed and can only assume that that is Kaito's handiwork."I thought Nara used shadows and stuff?" He said before subconsciously turning to Ryoji as if he he carried some sensible information. "…where did you get those glasses?" Not like it mattered if he stole them from Sachiko, she was blind. Which then raised the question why was she even wearing glasses? "Meh doesn't matter. Still cute." He blinks realizing he said that will looking at Ryoji. "NOT YOU!" he had to clarify quick. And now to change the subject. "Look, seems like Kaito is about to give the signal." he points to the ships.

Sachiko could almost literally feel her sister approaching and readied herself for instant questioning. It didn't seem like she offered anything, though. When she heard Arashi talking about glasses, though… she reached up to touch her face. That tamer… Emitting a low, drawn-out hum, she didn't actually say anything regarding it. Instead, she just waited, spitting up an eyeball to see with and make sure she noticed when Kaito created the gout in particular.

Even without sight the magnitude of the storm is felt well enough by the Iga through other means. Truly it is a thing of beauty, a symbol, a heart tugger! "Magnificient." Ryoji whispered with childish glee alight in his eyes. Of course there is always a few people that did not quite appreciate the sight. One of those said people instead decided to bother him. Tut! The nerve of some people — wait, did Arashi just compliment him on his latest acquisition? A moment being given to mull it (and inadvertantly ignore the last bit about it NOT being him) over certianly confirms the Iga's suspicion. "Thank you darling, but better to call the next man handsome to be on the safe side, neh?" Is Ryoji's innocent reply.
Without offering Arashi and immediate chance at a rebuttal, Ryoji gives all of those assembled a quick look over before clearing his throat and outlining… well, a possibility for a plan of attack. After all, it is not as if -he's- the leader of this little sortie. Just a merc in seaman's clothing. Hehheh, seamen..
"The storm be nice neh? Real bracing, distracting, 'nd ya know~ All that good jazz… But they'll be more tense, sensitive, so do what'cha can to take advantage all, but try to keep it quiet at first. Guerilla tatics, jah?" Not exactly the most motivional speech, or even all that sensical perhaps, but still a rough plan for the others to follow. Unless of course they liked suprises. In which case, all can have their fun! Except Ryoji and Shun. The former of which being tied down by a promise that meant that he needed to stick to the side of caution. To try and snatch up the unaware furthest away from the main group using his hair as a decoy/binding tool before delivering the finishing blow. Once the body is concealed he moves on to the next one…
Shun's hesitance left choice except to mirror Shun's actions for the time being. Albiet with a few minor tweaks here and there in order to keep up.

As the crew from the ship begins to move, Kaito would begin moving the waterspout toward the ships. It begins to move around them in an odd pattern, coming close but never actually touching them. However, the proximity it continues to come and withdraw from steadily is enough to keep the pirates' attention. It would only be so long before at least someone figures out this thing is being controlled, though, so hopefully the team is almost to the ships and about to strike. Once he spots Ryoji beginning his work, the Chuunin would grin slightly, making the spout even larger as it threatens to engulf the ships while moving between and around them.

Miyo catches up to Arashi as he stops, and twirls around to look up at the waterspout. Her jaw drops slightly, as she is amazed by the show of power that Kaito is putting out. It truly impressed her! It took her breath away and left her stunned for a moment before Ryoji starts giving his quick motivational speech. Miyo listens to the words of the Shark-fin man, and when he finishes his oratory, she looks back to Arashi. "We better get into position." She then dashes off towards a better location, poofing away a moment later.

"…." Is all Arashi has to offer Ryoji. He recognized the setting Kaito was making. They have the element of surprise and more on their side. Ryoji's speech, though brief was energizing at least enough so for Arashi to feel even more confident. Arashi nods to Miyo "Yeah. Be careful everyone." And shortly after Miyo disappeared in a poof Arashi did the same, well not a poof more of a flicker. It wouldn't be hard to get aboard and taking an advantageous position would be even easier with Kaito expanding the water spout.

Sachiko just quietly grunted at Ryoji's speech. She considered how best to handle this and hummed thoughtfully. She'd make a better distraction than truly able to kill these guys, but hey… she would work with it. As Usagi poofed and then Arashi followed suit, the Iga girl shifted to jump to the other ship, landing fairly quietly and adjusting to go after a few pirates using a kunai she pulled from her shirt. Mainly cutting important arteries… legs apparently being her favorite target.
She did have something in mind for if they attracted too much attention from the remaining pirates, though.

As the team continues to be successful in their works, Kaito continues to make the spout larger, though it still doesn't actually pull the ships in. However, he does use the large vortex of water as a camouflage as he would descend down into it to watch as some of the pirates begin to notice that their numbers are starting to decrease. The shinobi on the team that are visible would be charged by the pirates on the ships they are on. Kaito himself remains hidden for the moment, waiting to see if any of them need his help yet.

Shun is Sachiko's shadow, and yet less rigid when it came solely to following in her wake. When necessary she dispatched those that did not die from Sachiko's decisive strikes soon enough. However, her darling littler sister habit of slashing their legs first often prompted her to step in, and pre-emptively silence them with a mouth full of hair or chakra enhanced punch to the throat. If not for the need for silence she would have chided her sister for her favoritism even if most were far enough way to go unheard anyways. She grabs her at one point and nearly opens her mouth to do just that… But, after a moment's pause she release Sachiko and offers a brief, apologetic look before returning to work.
It is Ryoji's voice in her ears. Shun nearly turns back to see if the foolish red-headed wonder had followed them, only to dismiss the idea with a shake of her head, and then take a kneel with a hand cupped over an ear. A minute passes. "Understood." She murmurs, knowing her 'lord' had heard, then rose to get to do some back tracking. It takes some time and a bit of work, but eventually the bodies are gathered into three seperate locations just large enough to fit them in. A contingency plan that is mirrored on Ryoji's end until he reached the safest point to send out a few sensory organs to help scout out the area for the most prominent figures amongst the pirates.

Miyo had never been really the most stealthy girl around, nor was she good at a whole lot of things, so when it came time to actually move in and deal with the pirate crews, Miyo was at a loss of what to do. She manages to latch onto the hull of a ship and climb up to the railing and peek over the edge. It didn't seem like she had been noticed, but she definitely noticed them. There were lots of pirates. Pirates everywhere.. and she had no idea what to do about them. She didn't really want to kill anyone. She didn't do well with the whole blood and guts thing, and Miyo had really never liked seeing someone die, not that she remembered a time when she actually did… or anything… she just knew she didn't like it. She suddenly wished she had some sort of technique that might help her out in this situation.

"….first time I have to take a life." Arashi grumbles quietly as he watches some pirates run about preparing for the worst. A trembling hand retrieves a scroll from a scroll belt, it's Arashi's hand. Arashi opens the scroll and spreads it out before forming a few handseals. Arashi then presses his hand to the scroll and the inscriptions travel from the scroll to Arashi's forearm. Once that's done the boy takes a deep breath. Before he goes on the offensive he sees that Miyo appears lost. "Is…this her first time too?" Arashi groans. "Or maybe she's getting sea sick again." Arashi was already aboard the ship, hiding behind some cargo. The body flicker technique made it simple to move around quickly and quietly. He flickers before Miyo seeing as the pirates seem preoccupied as Kaito's water spout continues to grow. "Hey. What're you doing?" Arashi asked. He looks left then right "Lemme guess, never actually killed someone before? Me neither." Arashi smiles nervously. "But we won't have to if we can get them to jump ship." Arashi proposes. "That is gonna be tough though. Gonna need some help." Arashi might get spotted now as he's taking up a good amount of time talking to Miyo. "Oh…or are you just getting sea sick again? Tell me now because I don't want to be there when you lose it."

Sachiko stopped, giving her sister an extremely confused look at being grabbed. Once she was released, she tilted her head and shrugged. The first pirate to come after her is rewarded with one of the pole-handles from a nearby reel. Standing on said reel… is not Sachiko. Instead, it's a ghostly-looking figure with black hair and colorless eyes. Completely white save for the tiniest of pupils. Dressed in a pale blue dress which shifts backward rather than with the wind. It stares at a few of the pirates around it, though anyone of the group that can possibly see through a Henge would know it… actually is Sachiko.

The traps are set. Everyone is in position. The Pirates are thorougly distracted by 'youkai'. All in all, everything has gone as smoothly as desired. Still, there remained the issue about the higher-ups on Ryoji's end. Aside from a task master overseeing those that remained on land, the Iga has thus far been unsuccesful with locating the others. Troubled, Ryoji re-routes a few of his sensors to Mi-shi pair and guide them through the path of least resistance to the captains quarters; presumebly if the little improve number the bouncing eyes give is enough to set them on the right path.
Wood creaks…
Water drips…
A shadow rises and looms behind Sachiko…
If the ghastly form of her sister's henge is not enough to give the pirates that may advance upon her sibling, Shun would make herself known in the most dramatic way possible. A yeti at first glance before she fell onto 'all fours' and revealed baleful red eyes. Then another pair. Then another pair. Until finally her 'body' — a vaguely lupine form — from head to 'tail' becomes a mix of some kind hybrid of toothless wolf demon and Argus, a many eyed hero of some far off land. The first to muster his courage is skewered in in instant by a tendril of hair, now dyed a shade darker thanks to the blood pouring from the new wound in his gut.

It seems the two Genin aren't going to be exactly useful on this trip. Maybe they should've been given a lower rank mission for their first kills… It's all understandable, but, if they linger too long, they're going to wind up dead. Thus, it would seem it's time for the team captain to take action. Suddenly, what appear to be cannonballs of water begin shooting out from the waterspout, colliding into pirate after pirate and knocking them into each other and/or off the ships. They seem to actually curve in ways to preserve the ships, only colliding with the men to get rid of them. Hopefully this gives those two enough time to get their heads together.
Meanwhile, Sachiko's ghoulish efforts pay off, along with Ryoji and Shun's in dispatching more and more of the pirates. The display seems to be getting more and more dramatic, but at least these guys are being taken care of.
Of course, along with this display, more and more of the pirates rush out onto the deck to attack the visible shinobi.

Miyo is busy focusing on the pirate crew, watching their movements, studying their duties, and timing their activities, all in preparation for her to strike! However, she was so caught up in her stalking that when Arashi appears in front of her to see what she is doing, she lets out a stifled scream and in her panic, releases her grip on the edge of the ship and plumets into the water below. Thankfully, the sound from the waterspout and commotion from the other boarding party would probably overpower the noise she had made.

Arashi blinks watching Miyo fall below and into the water. "Oops." he says looking over the railing trying to see if she survived…or had enough of a chance to. "Hmmm…well in a way this solves things. She doesn't have to kill anybody now." Arashi looks now to the pirate crew scrambling about under the assault of water balls. "I…feel like I'm being rushed." Arashi growls "As if I'm gonna take that from a lazy…" He quickly whips out a scroll and flicks it open at a pirate. Out slings a blade spinning viciously and embedding itself in a poor pirates shoulder. No doubt this would alert the pirates of Arashi's presence. Arashi sighs still not ready for his first kill…but maiming is a good scare tactic. Arashi flickers over to retrieve the blade in the man's shoulder and then flickers off again stabbing another pirate in the foot. He trips that pirate and turns around summoning a kunai from his wrist and slinging that at another foe. Using this same pattern he does manage to injure a number of pirates whilst keeping himself barely visible. "How many of you are there?" Arashi comments finally coming to a brief stop. There were more than he could handle by himself, without giving definite death blows. "Meh…gonna need to think of something quick." he smiles and reaches for another scroll. "This'll do."

Try as she might, the Henged Sachiko could not help for the life of her but to laugh. It came out as a bit of a wheezed giggle. Stepping from the reel, she hugged her lupine sister around the neck. "What a good hound you are," she murmured, teasing her while actually seeming to compliment the beast she was Henged as. Then Sachiko stepped toward the remaining pirates, hoping the fear of her and the creature beside her would just urge them all to abandon ship.

Try as she might, the Henged Sachiko could not help for the life of her but to laugh. It came out as a bit of a wheezed giggle. Stepping from the reel, she hugged her lupine sister around the neck. "What a good hound you are," she murmured, teasing her while actually seeming to compliment the beast she was Henged as. Then Sachiko stepped toward the remaining pirates, hoping the fear of her and the creature beside her would just urge them all to abandon ship.
As he finally moves into action, Arashi has revealed himself, and thus more of the pirates begin to rush him. "More than enough to take you out!" one of the pirates retorts as they rush him. Still, more of the balls of water continue to fire out from the waterspout, incapacitating and knocking more of the pirates overboard. By now, the pirates on the other ships have caught on. However, it's now that Kaito really gets serious, as the rain suddenly gets harder and actually turns into clones of him before they hit the ships. This creates a bit of panic as the clones begin striking and tossing the men overboard in a hurry.

Even with so many eyes adorning her form Shun is still taken off guard by her sister hugging her. She yelps, and then sets every eye closest to her younger so that they may collective glare at her for surprising her. The glare is a weak and quickly dismissed with an eye roll. She would get Sachiko back for that one; but for now, there were pirates to dispatch. Or better yet lemmings to send to an early grave because as soon as they braver ones forced themselves past those that remain hesitant to strike the intruders with the rest of the mass, tendrils upon tendrils of hair spring from along her back and fly towards their attackers; pinning them to each other, posts, barrels, or just to the deck. Once immobilized, they were executed by way of spearing through the neck by sharper tendrils.
To retrieve Miyo or not to retrieve Miyo? That is a very serious toughy! Regrettably, with their taichou focused on doing everything he could to keep the pirates off balance, it seemed it would be up to the Iga to step in, er, swim in and save the day!
Only without the whole shark-fin trick he showed Miyo before. No need to get her riled up before he even got close to getting her butt to the surface and water walking back to land with her in his arms. Though… doing so might just attract quite a bit of attention.

As he finally moves into action, Arashi has revealed himself, and thus more of the pirates begin to rush him. "More than enough to take you out!" one of the pirates retorts as they rush him. Still, more of the balls of water continue to fire out from the waterspout, incapacitating and knocking more of the pirates overboard. By now, the pirates on the other ships have caught on. However, it's now that Kaito really gets serious, as the rain suddenly gets harder and actually turns into clones of him before they hit the ships. This creates a bit of panic as the clones begin striking and tossing the men overboard in a hurry. With the efforts of the Iga crew along with this and Arashi, the number of pirates is diminishing more and more by the moment in the circus act of a shinobi mission.

After doing a rather impressive backflop into the water which made a relatively painful sound upon its occurance, Miyo surfaces a moment later. She looks around, and then swims a few feet back to the edge of the ship and starts climbing it again, and when she reaches the top, she peeks over and sees Arashi fighting the crew. She lets out a little sound of surprise and quickly climbs up and over the railing, she quickly performs a set of hand seals and presses her hands to the ground. A massive seal quickly forms, expanding out from her, and then tendrils of lettering snakes outwards towards the various pirates harassing Arashi. As it makes contact with them, it drains their energy, leaving them weakened and paralyzed. "Saved!"

Arashi's eyes widen as all these pirates come out of seemingly nowhere. "Whoa! Ok you think you're all so tough!? Line up in an orderly fashion and I'll take you all on one by one!" Arashi goaded….of course he knew this wasn't going to work but sometimes you have to try. Arashi is in a bind now but luckily he has aid! Miyo's shocking return wasn't expect much much appreciated. Arashi sighs in relief and once Kaito's water clones show up the young Saito can finally breathe easy. "Saving my elephant. This….definitely raises her rating." Arashi flickers back on the offensive now to dispatch the pirates Miyo has paralyzed. He's able to toss a few overboard and knock some out. The others were being manhandled by Kaito.

Sachiko was fully aware the other Iga would get back at her another time, but she wasn't worried about it. Maybe even looking forward to how her sister would handle it. She just continued walking toward the pirates. If any of them /somehow/ managed to escape the rain of blood-soaked hair, they'd find that the ghost's 'hand' was sharp enough to slit throats. Sachiko was still holding her kunai, giving her that ability through the henge.

Ryoji is not certian rather or not to be happy or annoyed at the fact that Miyo rescued herself at the cost of making him nearly break cover when he started to go rescue her. He was certianly leaning more towards the latter as time went pass. Ultimately such feelings were pointless keep at 'heart' for longer than a minute or two. To do otherwise would have meant to finally surrender to sensory overload thanks to the chaos his fellow teammates were creating. Also, if he did pass out Hashi was bound to stiff him on his cut once the report came in. Well, Hashi or whoever was supposed to hand out the cheeks. So, Ryoji took a moment to focus on whatever sensors had survived thus far and train them solely towards distraction and search detail until he found his prey at last. Afterwards it was a simple matter of henging himself as one of the pirates, board a ship the least/not occupied by too many of his allies, and rush to the captain yelling something, anything to attract yet distract the captain from the real danger (Ryoji).
Slash. Stab. Deflect. Shun's hair has never been as drenched or as dark as it was now than anytime in her life. The scent of it all was almost overpowering… but in a good way. Doubly so because her sister's own had mingled with it all. "… *groans*… Now I'm starting to think like her.." Shun murmured as she followed Sachiko, removing any threat that got too close.

As Miyo finally joins in the fight and more of the pirates fall, the real Kaito finally bursts forward from the Waterspout, yet he doesn't enter the fray himself. Instead, while the others and his clones take care of the pirates, he holds his hand in a seal, creating what appears to be a giant cord of water held together by chakra that extends out to each ship and ties off to it then links to his board. "Oy, get rid of the rest of those losers! We're heading back!" he calls out as he would actually start to pull the ships with his flight back toward the way they came. Hopefully the shinobi can keep balance like his Water Clones do using their shinobi skills, else they're going to get jarred and thrown around like the pirates they're supposed to be using this opportunity to get rid of a little easier. It'll be up to them to get rid of the rest of the pirates on the ride home, which shouldn't be a problem since their numbers are getting quite slim now.

After Miyo releases her seal, she runs over towards Arashi to support him, plucking a Kunai for each hand from her belt. She was about to say something when Kaito suddenly begins moving the ship. She stumbles and bumps into Arashi, nearly falling over. "Ah!" She yelps as she tries to gather her balance before finally sticking herself to the ground with her chakra. "Whew… that was close." She then looks around, preparing to fend off any incoming enemies.

Arashi is feeling pretty good about himself right now. Pirates are losing, he's kicking butt, and there is a cutie fighting with him. But all good things come to an end. "Hehe man this is getting too easy now. You guys are lucky I'm not as cut throat as the others-" and the ship rocks in a less than comfortable fashion. When he looks to see what Kaito has done Arashi can't believe his eyes. "Y-you're gonna toss me off too ya maniac!" Arashi shouts regretting not learning how to cling to surfaces with his chakra. He is then bumped by Miyo. Arashi stumbles and falls, unlike Miyo who has managed to keep her balance. Arashi's eyes narrow as an idea, a devious yet ingenius idea, takes form in his head. "Miyo!SoscaredgonnafalloffanddrownSAVEME!" and he clings to Miyo hoping that her chakra control was adept enough to keep them both anchored to the deck. 'Arashi you are a genius.' he silently praised himself. But some of the pirates haven't fallen either. This could be a problem. "Oh yeah….that's still happening."

Sachiko had continued walking to get rid of as many pirates as possible in whichever way they chose. However, as the ship suddenly lurched, she'd lose her balance. Caught in a tendril of hair, she sighed with relief. "Thank you, onee-chan," she murmured. And she fully expected a chastisement about not using or having learned Tree Walking yet, so she prepared for it.

"Don't yell up her like some twice b-mm—!!" Ryoji gave no further warning. No hints. He simply strucked out as soon as was within arms reach, a palm strike to the gut, followed by a twist of the hand that caused the chakra he forced through to essentially explode: the banshee strike. One of the foundation strikes for Ryoji's Youkai-esque taijutsu style ment to disrupt organs just enough to cripple his opponent's. The captain is in luck that the only thing he lost was his lunch instead of his life today. His lit. on the otherhand is not quite so fortune, for though he suspected what the Iga was the lit. neither warned his captain in time to prevent the strike or was allowed to try and rescue him.
"Banshee Strike: Version Two!" The Lieutenant had hardly had a chance to draw his sword before Ryoji's palm plowed into his gut and delivered enough force to propell the unfortunate man over the railing and into the water's below. "…." During that moment Ryoji alloted himself a moment to steady his nerves for what needed to happen next. A threat to have the captain's life taken if the rest of the pirates did not abandon ship. To emphasize that point the Iga dug the barbed tendrils of hair around the captains neck in deeper.
Not everyone complied. Which meant a few more unfortunate souls would lose their lives from a distance before Kaito's actions either launched them overboard or knocked them uncouncious from being tossed about as a result of the ship being tugged home.
Shun's only response is a tired sigh before hauling her sister closer and wrap her arms around her waist to keep her steady. At first at least…
"You'll be explaining what you were doing here when we get back, Imouto-chan." She stated plainly and without any hint behind her tone that she would let Sachiko get off easy.

All but one of the shinobi seem to be good for this ride. Ironically, the one to screw up is one in her late teens. And Kaito thought he was the lazy one… The ships would continue to move by Kaito's jutsu until they reach the one they rode over on, at which point crewmen off of it will take over these ships and sail them back to the Land of Fire to be returned to their owners. While things have been a bit unorthodox this whole mission, it seems it will be completed successfully.

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