Kamikaze Islands: False Alarm


Iminari, Akechi, Kitaru

Date: September 19, 2012


Rumors of Kamikaze Islands' being invaded and inhabited by shinobi has caused alarm to multiple nearby countries. Kiri and Kumo ninja come across each other in a first glance of the island.

"Kamikaze Islands: False Alarm"

Islands southeast of the Land of Lightning

Kamikaze Islands, a more or less neutral area that was a friend to all the surrounding countries. Land of Lightning, Hot Springs and Frost to the north, Fire to the west and Water to the east. While the residents here had few ninja among the ranks they weren't really threatened by any other nearby areas for the time being, until now. It was rumored that some surrounding ninja villages were attempted to establish a stronghold here, much to Kamikaze's disappointment.
Iminari and a few Chuunin and Jounin were shipped out to the Kamikaze not to make any note of dominance but, to simply scout out this possible fact. To see if heavy ninja activity was indeed a factor on the island as Kumo wouldn't necessarily want any of the further off villages to have a closer means of attack!
With the Kumo boat pulling up recently, Iminari would walk onto the rickety dock, leading to a small fishing village. The people, pleasant as always would all take time to greet the visitors with a hefty wave, even if they were simply a dot in the distance.
A cheeriness Iminari wasn't entirely used to, so during the entire time of the boat pulling up and her stepping off she was waving happily in return… thankfully, since the nondescript members of her squad made no effort to wave back themselves in fact, they just up and split up as soon as they take on the dock.

Orders were already established, they were off to look for clues while Imi? Well due to a lack of any detective or interrogation skills she went for a stroll towards the village to see if she can 'sniff' something out.

Amoung the ranks Akechi would be there out of request due to his barrier and sealing skills. Noticing a familiar face Iminari Akechi greeted her with a smile "bookworm didn't know you did missions like this…perhaps we should stick together." Smiling as he walked with her with his hands in his pocket a creeping feeling washed over the Chuunin as he narrowed his gaze for just a moment. "Relaxed we have a host of ninja here and if anything happen I have Iminari to back me up." A rather relaxed smile would grace the Chuunin's face as he looked at Iminari before crossing his arms over his chest.

Kitaru on the other hand, was coming onto the island from a different angle. There were rumors abound that a ninja fortress being created for a front strike location. Not wishing to give such a thing to any other land, Kitaru was sent out as an intial search party to find out what's going on and if further missions would be needed to handle such things. Quietly, he stepped off the fishing boat with a nod of thanks to the land of water fisherman for the ride. Slow steps carried him into town as that curious look gathered in information from all around. He had two of the spheres from the belt across his chest in one hand, one circling the other in that endless juggling pattern as he walked. Time to see what he could see about needing to have more people to deal with this situation.

"Hmm?" Iminari was aware that Akechi was on the ship the entire time but, she was caught up speaking with the Jounin and since they were told to split up she decided to do just such! Though Akechi approachs her on his own so she is put at ease a little bit. With a smile the bookworm turns to Akechi, "Ah, Akechi-san. I am in truth not ready for a mission like this, I believe they expect to force me to advance in my sensing abilities by putting it to use in an actual mission."
Iminari looks ahead, an expression of focus being put on the blonde seeming to try a hand at sensing but, it doesn't do her any good that or… "I'm unsure if any ninja are here but, I can only really pick up on anything if they are actively using chakra sadly. I suppose Kumogakure is hoping I catch someone in the act here?" It wouldn't take long for Kumo's shinobi to realize that these rumors may just be rumors and nothing more. As the people of the village have no idea what they were looking for.
"So Akechi-san what brings you on this mission? I heard you were hospitalized recently." Iminari then takes this time to stop and inspect Akechi trying to see where he was hurt.

Akechi would start to unbutton his shirt as he smiled "So you heard about this?" His chest would still be bandaged up as he started to re-button his shirt and sighed "yeah this guy was wicked strong and did this with one palm." Akechi would sigh as he touched it and spoke again "I was requested on this mission because of my sealing and scroll mastery skills." Akechi would have a smile on his face as they walk its clear that was really enjoying himself on this mission unlike most others time he would be hoping not to run into anyone and just spend the time with Iminari.

Of course, that wouldn't be possible, would it? Fate would decree that Kitaru would come across them in his own wandering of the area. he studied them for a moment, before finally walking closer. Studying Akechi in the daylight, rather than the darkness they had been in before, a small nod was given as the Uzumaki didn't look too worse for wear. "I'm glad to see you are alive and well. I was hoping when I put you into a coma, that you would recover well enough. Uzumaki Kumoshinobi. I do recommend, if we have to cross wills again, that you surrender peacefully to me. It is a lot easier for all those involved, hai?"

A scowl of an eye scan over the wound, not much could be told from the bandaging. "Huh, I feel like people are promoting war with how often people have been caught snooping around the Land of Lightning lately." Iminari pulls away from would inspection her expression making her look a bit disappointed but, it wasn't towards Akechi in particular, an expression driven by her thought. …or perhaps it was her feelings.
Maybe she /was/ getting a grasp on chakra sensing but, it may of just been woman's intuition as she turns to an approaching Mist ninja. Imi at first looks worried but as he calmly speaks to Akechi about what appears to be their previous engagement, she relaxes a bit. But this was a good time to get some information! With a light bow she greets Kitaru, "Ohaiyo Kiri-san." She rises up and looks to Kitaru, "Kyokusei Iminari and you?"
With a doting smile her head tilts slightly after possible introductions were exchanged, "You wouldn't happen to be establishing some form of stronghold here would you?" A very… blunt approach but, it couldn't be helped even Kitaru may be able to tell she's a fresh genin just by observing her hitai-ate alone. "

Akechi would extend his hands out in front of Iminari as if to show that she was talking too much "oh the Kiri-nin that very well trained in the arts of genjutsu. If you have learned anything from our last pervious exchanges then you should already know that I don't back down." Akechi would have a rather carefree smile on his face as he slipped his hands into his pockets. Akechi gaze would still remain relaxed thinking back he knew he couldn't fight since Iminari was around however there since the sure number he knew they had he didn't know how many Kiri had. To fight a mini-war right now wouldn't be the wisest thing to do. The young Chuunin would try and figure out something that he could do for the time being. Idle chatter would all he could come up with "Since the lady gave you hers, you could at least share yours Kiri-nin."

Kitaru would raise a brow at the casual demand of Akechi. A small smirk touched his lips with a polite nod given to the genin. "Greetings, Kyokusei-san. It is an honor to make your aquantance." A soft chuckle was given, sweeping into a bow, the spheres went up higher, as he'd sweep low in that grand manuver. "Gansao Kitaru." As he'd stand up, he'd smoothly pluck the spheres out of the air, dancing them over his hand again. It also came up with another 2 spheres dancing over his hands instead so there was 4 of them in total. "I also remember that you didn't stand much of a chance when you did not give up. Tis your choice of course." Attention returning to Iminari then. "I could ask the same of you, afterall. Considering there are several more Kumo nin here, instead of just the normal natives of the island, hai? Looks to me like someone is trying to figure out how to move in.."

Iminari blinks those big blue eyes in obvious confusion when the hand pops up in front of her, "Huh?" Her attention then shifts to Akechi as he runs things down, explaining the Kitaru's strength. Which was nice to know but, she didn't intend to fight unless Kitaru was. "Kitaru…" Iminari then whispers to Akechi, "He seems like a nice guy though, do you really want to fight him?" She observes the spheres and Akechi may start to notice now with her first interaction with a foreign ninja that Imi wasn't simply kind in general back in Kumo, she apparently didn't have an off switch for this kindness.
Bending at the knees slightly she lowers herself from being behind Akechi's arm. "Hmm, ah the captain explained this to me." Imi looks thoughtful for a moment, "It is because we've found Kirigakure shinobi invading the Land of Lightning multiple times, it is as if you are planning to attack us. Rumors of someone setting up base here led us to ultimately believe it was Kirigakure without a doubt. But… given your response."
Iminari adjusts her glasses gently, inspecting Kitaru. An interested. "Oh~" comes out but, she doesn't explain as she turns around, apparently not worried about Kitaru. Maybe she was THAT strong or, possibly just picked up on something.

"Nice has no place on the battle field Iminari-san" Akechi would be smiling faintly as he studied Kitaru in the similar manner he was studied. "The name is Uzumaki Akechi pleasure to meet you face to face." Akechi would give a slight bow as he shifted about and walked towards Iminari since his side mission was to protect the only sensory there. Akechi would make a host of mental notes about Kitaru mostly about the strange orbs.

"Interesting. So is that how the Kumo are normally?" This is said quite off hand towards Akechi, before a small shake of his head was given. Looking back to Iminari, Kitaru would smile slightly. "We, Kyokusei-san, are under a new Kage as well as a new damiyo. There is actually not a desire for war, but peace within Kirigakure." A small shake of his head was given then. "I am always polite to those I oppose. It's a simple matter of manners. While yes, we may be on opposite sides of a conflict, it takes someone that is less than human to be venomously hostile, does it not?" A pointed look at Akechi then, as another sphere was added to the juggling routine. Smoothly, still with that one hand, he switched the juggling pattern into a figure 8. It seemed almost absent minded from his actions, not even really focusing on the juggling at all.

Iminari casually nods as she eyes the village suspiciously still listening to the two others while she does so. "Ah, that's nice to hear." She says softly, not yet turning back to face the two at the moment. "I've come to a few conclusions though, the first conclusion is one I sort of hope for. The second and third are ones I do not really wish for in the least." Imi turns back to the two, "This is all based on loosely coming up with ideas not much evidence is out here."
Imi looks over to Akechi, "At first I thought this was a rumor sent to Kumogakure alone, using it as some form to gain access to Kumogakure itself, perhaps they were hoping for the rumor to have more military units sent here to slip our guard or…" Imi looks to the ship they came on, "Board the ship. The second is much more reasonable." Imi glances around once more reasonable, "It may be an alternate trap, not to get into Kumo itself and since rumors spread to another country… I'm worried that they wanted to lure ninja here to do something to us in specific the third…"
Imi's calm expression of thought fades into worry, "Everyone seems to be aware of the rumor except the people in the village." Imi seems to go off track, "Akechi-san, you're faster than me I think you should ask the others to group up, we should go."

Akechi would nod his head as he spoke "Yeah I'll get right on that, if you need anything just scream and back will be here in seconds." Akechi would nod to both Kitaru and a smile and nod to Iminari "I'll be back bookworm be safe now." Smiling the young Uzumaki would take off at top speed in the same manner as the body flicker technique.

Kitaru would ponder what she said, before a small nod was given in agreement. "I believe you are right. Which if that is the case, either 1, the villagers are in on it, 2, a genjutsu makes them forget or 3, these aren't real villagers." Kit would pause for a moment, before a shrug of his shoulders was given. "Either way, I think we should both take your advice, withdraw for now and try to find out exactly what is occurring around this island? Obviously the rumors started somewhere."

Imi nods to Kitaru, "Something is definitely not right." Their best bet would be to act casual for the time being, "I would offer you a ride seeing as. I don't see a second ship at the docks…" Imi scans the shoreline, expecting another somewhat large ship like their own. "But I'm no more than a Genin I don't believe the others would agree with me." Imi giggles and does a light bow, "Maybe they found something else out. Good luck with the inspection on your side Kitaru-san. I hope to see you again." Due to Iminari's sheer lack of strength she'd do her best to avoid just about anyone on her way back to the ship in case the villagers were plotting something.

I do appreciate the offer, however I am able to come up with my own ride, there is no trouble with that." Kitaru would chuckle slightly. "I do tend to agree that the rest of the Kumogakure shinobi would most likely not like my attendance there." A nod was given in response and he'd walk away himself, the spheres returned to the belt across his chest. One moment he was there, the next.. gone. Ahh.. the joy of genjutsu and just fading away.

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