Kamizuru Girl Talk


Cherii, Kioko

Date: December 14, 2015


A pair of Kamizuru kunoichi have a quick chat about feminine concerns

"Kamizuru Girl Talk"

Kamizuru Sweet Shoppe [Iwagakure]


The ornate double doors decorated with bees and honeycombs opens up into a small bistro and bakery. A brass bell will ring as the door opens and reveals the interior of the store. Several small tables are arranged neatly on the right hand side. On the left are shelves lined up with freshly made cakes, pastries, and breads ready for sale. Under the shelves are large barrels of candy, including the Kamizuru Candy Bees that are all the rage. A long counter stretches halfway across the room, with more delicate pastries available for viewing and purchasing. Behind the counter on the wall is small commercial refrigerator and a stove for cooking short order breakfasts and lunches that shop is known for.


Cherii stands behind the counter of the Kamizuru Sweet Shoppe, waiting for the arrival of potential customers. It's a slow part of a slow day, which is partly why she's doing this in the first place. Ordinarily she'd be in the back making the treats, seeing as she's a chef, but since business is slow, the manager granted a request by the girl who normally handles the register at this time to take a couple hours off and go do some things around town, and he asked Cherii to fill in for the meantime. Cherii doesn't mind too much, she wouldn't have much to do in the kitchen either, and she's personable enough to deal with customers…only the manager's last bit of advice before he disappeared back into his office made her apprehensive. 'Remember to stand up straight, smile, and look pretty,' he'd said. Stand up straight, yeah, good advice…smile, not too hard…look pretty? c.c; Cherii doesn't feel very capable at that one…

It's not quite her shift yet, but Kioko decided to stop by the shop while things are slow. It's a good opportunity to introduce herself to people she otherwise wouldn't get to talk to much! The door swings open, and the smiling face Cherii is waiting to greet is none other than a distant cousin making her way inside and over to the counter. "Cherii-san!" she says with a bright smile as she steps over and leans on the counter. "It's been a while since I last saw you… a mission months back, I think? How have you been?"

Cherii startles out of her worries as the bell announces somebody's entrance. o.O; "T-top o' th'd — och, Kioko-san!" u.u; Phew…it's another girl, and a fellow employee to boot. Don't have to worry too much about being pretty then. "Sorry, I was…lost in thought. I've been well enough, thank ye." n.n; Cherii tilts her head slightly. "An' yerself? Have ye been makin' friends aboot town, mebbe found a nice lad you're keen on?" Kioko must get a lot of attention from boys, Cherii figures. X)

"Daydreaming on the job, huh?" Kioko asks, chuckling a bit and shaking her head as she keeps her arms on the counter while relaxing a bit more. She works here, so leaning on the counter should be okay, maybe? "I've been good," she says then blinks at the last part of the question. "Nice lad? No. I've not really had the time between working here and at the hospital and going on missions here and there."

Cherii scratches her head. "Er, sort o'. More…day-worryin', if that be a thing." Cherii sends a few of her bees to check on the temperature of some things she has simmering in the kitchen. "'Tis all well an' guid tae be a hard worker, but dinnae forget tae live yer life. Ye shouldnae take fer granted things like bein' able tae catch a lad's eye." :/ Cherii sighs and smiles. "I saeppose you'll nae find it hard when ye set yer mind tae it, though." :)

"I suppose it is, though not too good if you want to retain your sanity," Kioko says, glancing to the bees then back to her as she speaks. "I suppose not, but I kind of like my current lack of strings," she says then shrugs her shoulders. "Don't worry. You'll find someone soon enough. After all, they say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Just keep putting out delicious meals, and someone'll eventually come running."

Cherii gives an exasperated laugh and shakes her head wearily. "That's if I can put them oot wi'out feedin' me own fat gob," she mutters, mostly to herself. e.e; Cherii inhales sharply and straightens up. "Speakin' o' which, would ye care for a wee anythin'? I've a batch o' apple dumplin's what came oot o' the oven nae sae long ago, an' o' course ye've yer employee credit." n.n Might as well practice…stand up straight, smile, and look pretty-ish…

Lifting an eyebrow at that, Kioko looks Cherii over a moment. Well, she is on the pudgy side, but that's no reason to not be confident! "No thanks. I try not to eat the sweets myself much," she says with a smile. "It's one of those things that's hard to moderate once you start doing it."

DOOOOOOM. U.U Blue-black clouds of depression form over the chubbier Kamizuru, and her head tilts forward to obscure her eyes. "Aye, I saeppose that's true…'tis a terrible habit tae have…" Cherii looks up again with a taut expression of despair mixed with vicarious joy. "Live free fer th'sake o' those fer whom it's tae late, Kioko-san!" 8] And of course, the manager chooses that moment to step out of his office and see that haunted look. o.o;

"Maybe, but it's one you can break through effort," Kioko says, blinking as she notices that look of doom of the girl's face. "Chin up. Not everyone has the same taste. You can find someone who likes you as you are, just as I can maybe find someone who doesn't mind that I'm a bit mutated." If Cherii remembers Kioko sort of turning into a bee during that last mission.

Cherii giggles unsettlingly. "Aye, an' if I wish hard enough there'll be a pony waitin' fer me when I get home." X) The manager sidles up on the employee side of the counter. "Ah, Cherii-san, I think I'll take over the register for now…I'm sure you have things to take care of in the kitchen, hmm?" "Aye, thank ye, sair. Sorry I didnae draw in any customers." Cherii nods to Kioko. "A guid day tae ye, lass, thanks fer stoppin' in tae chat." Cherii takes her doom-cloud with her and drifts off into the kitchen.

Looking between the two as the manager steps out, Kioko wonders just how many of her kin speak in this manner. Maybe she only doesn't because her family chose not to live in Iwagakure. Whatever the case, she says, "Nice to see you again, Cherii-san," then turns to step out of the shop to head somewhere.

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