Dreams - Kanda Bad Dream



Date: March 7, 2011


None given.

"Dreams - Kanda Bad Dream"

Unknown location

Kanda would be resting in a near by tree dreaming and for once a good

(The area would be filled with smoke and a ball would be bouncing along
a nice dirty path a tiny boy would be following the ball as it bounce
against the leg of Kanda, he would bend down and pick up the red ball
looking it over.) "Wha- a ball?, just who ball could it be?" Kanda would
smile as he held the ball in his hand as the child ran up to the man
looking up at thee ball in his head he would smile softly at the boy who
face was hidden by shadow. Kanda would smile as he extend his the ball out
to the boy until hee saw who the boy was. Shocked he would step back and
fall right onto his butt shaking his head he would be sweatting. The young
child would be looking at him with a lite smile on his face "What's wrong
mister? Are you alright?" "No….stay back!" Kanda would pop up as he
looked at a child as he hears another voice.

(More foot steps can be heard walking towards the two, then she came in
view with a sweat voice she would smile at the man and then her younger
brother.) "Hey little man I thought I told you not to run off anywhere."
The woman would look over at Kanda and smile and extend her hand he would
come to a stand and took her hand. "My name Misaki nice to meet you."
Kanda would freeze in his place as he heart started to pounch louder then
ever he would clitch his fist. (Just them a white light would flash over
washing over the area and it was clear that he was the only one effected
by it, coming to he would notice a small building on fire when he seached
it he would find the child and the woman both killed. A tear would fall
dowwn his face as he started to get chocked up all he could do is watch
and remeber the their faces filled with pain. Just then he felt something
land on his shoulder her he awoke he would have a bird sitting on his
shoulder cleaning its wings, "man I hate dreams." is said causing the bird
to take flight.

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