Kasuya vs. Michiko: Teacher(?) vs. Student


Michiko, Kasuya

Date: October 8, 2015


Kasuya comes back after at least a year of absence, only to fight Michiko right away!

"Kasuya vs. Michiko: Teacher(?) vs. Student"

Land of Lightning

Mountain Peak [Land of Lightning]
The long, long climb from the plains below have come to an end, or a beginning, depending on which way the traveller is facing. The peak of this mountain is flat, with only two obvious exits. One, to the south, leads down the mountains, and to the distant plains far far below, difficult to see from this vantage point because of the other peaks blocking the view.
To the northeast lies the walls of Kumogakure, the large stone buttresses built into the mountain itself, somehow expertly molded to almost mesh with the crannies and crags already in place along the mountains.
To the northwest, a long and dangerous looking bridge leads to a plateau at a nearby mountain.

Michiko is just up on the mountain training at the moment! She was going to leave sooner or later for a mission, and she'd rather be prepared for it! The girl is just going through different handseals and not preparing any chakra (for now) since she's just going through warmups. Yep! It's a pretty simple life at the moment. Good thing the sun is shining and the birds are singing at the moment. The latter might not be happening when fireballs start going…

Kasuya has been…away. It's often her reply when she's returned, and it's hard to say where she ever was. Perhaps it was a kage-sanctioned mission. Maybe she ran away and returned. Or maybe she was just hiding under her bed every time someone came to visit. Suffice to say, in all the commotion, life and death struggles, joys, triumphs, defeats, and other times Kasuya had vanished from the face of the earth for the past year. And now here she is treading up the mountainside. She wears a large pack on her back, but when she spots Michiko she drops it on the ground. "Michiko-chan," she says as she walks closer. "Save that chakra. Let's have a serious match." She sounds calm, almost emotionless. Typical.

Michiko hears a familiar voice and blinks at it. "Kasuya-san?" She peers a bit at the woman, then she grins faintly. "And here I thought you died or something… Well, I'm fine with a serious match." The girl makes a handseal to focus her chakra for real this time… and still doesn't quite focus as much as she potentially could. Just … she focuses a lot. In the back of her mind, she's a bit wary, too. Had Kasuya changed at all? Grown at all? She had trained constantly, but Kasuya worked with something that not many in Kumo used: genjutsu… "Well… shall we, Kasuya-san?" she asks, watching the woman carefully. She also remembered Kasuya wasn't afraid to attack suddenly…

COMBAT: Michiko focuses 7610 stamina to turn it into 10000 usable chakra!

"Not quite yet," Kasuya says. "I have some more things to do, and people to annoy." This is said almost cheerfully. When Michiko begins to gather her chakra she actually does smile. "Brace yourself, Michiko-chan. If you haven't grown in this year, don't think you'll live to regret it." And then she's gathering chakra in a rushing, explosive torrent. A torrent that seems to compress, fading, until not only her chakra but her entire aura seem to vanish. Kasuya has her machete sheathed on her back, but no new weaponry. She doesn't look any stronger, but it's hard to tell, especially with a genjutsuist.

COMBAT: Kasuya focuses 9278 stamina to turn it into 12000 usable chakra!

Michiko smiles faintly. "Heh… I've learned a few new tricks, at least… By the way, if you could annoy Hiei-san, that'd be appreciated. I've been trying to get him to do his paperwork, but…" She sighs dramatically. Then she moves, disappearing almost as she makes handseals. A barrage of fire comes at Kasuya from seemingly all-sides as Michiko just makes her way around the Jounin, then she suddenly dances inwards, slicing at Kasuya with an invisible blade of wind chakra before attempting to leap back.

COMBAT: Kasuya defends against FIRE-BULLET-BARRAGE(42) attack from Michiko with a PHANTOM-VANISH…59
COMBAT: Kasuya defends against FIRE-BULLET-BARRAGE(53) attack from Michiko with a PHANTOM-VANISH…55
COMBAT: Kasuya defends against WIND-SLICE(51) attack from Michiko with a PHANTOM-VANISH…58

Kasuya tries to dodge but gets hit by the flying fire and is suddenly writhing in agony. Agony that is cut short when she fades from existence and the fire fizzles out. At the same time, Michiko would feel fingers closing around her throat. Invisible fingers from no source or direction, constricting until she couldn't breath. If she didn't break the genjutsu the light headedness and nausea would gradually sap her strength. And then, it would end as quickly as it came. No bruised throat, not even a slight shortness of breath. Kasuya was leaning against a boulder all the time, out of her direct line of sight. She says nothing, just stares at Michiko with dark eyes.

COMBAT: Michiko defends against ASPHYXIATION(40) attack from Kasuya with a CHAKRA-PINCH…58
COMBAT: Michiko defends against ASPHYXIATION(32) attack from Kasuya with a CHAKRA-PINCH…43
COMBAT: Michiko defends against ASPHYXIATION(42) attack from Kasuya with a CHAKRA-PINCH…39

Michiko feels the touch of genjutsu… and she reacts immediately. It hurt to do so, but she wasn't strong enough with actual genjutsu to attempt another way. "Bah.." she mutters, feeling her breath being choked away. The last bit of pain wasn't enough to stop it… Of course. But she recovers quickly, making handseals and sending a binding of metal that would try to wrap around Kasuya. These binds would try to follow the woman. And if she tried to leap out of the way? Well, Michiko also leaped, and she did a front flip that sent a wind-filled kick downwards. There was enough chakra behind the kick that Kasuya might end up stuck to the ground…

COMBAT: Kasuya defends against METAL-BINDING(45) attack from Michiko with a MEMORY-ILLUSION…57
COMBAT: Kasuya defends against PRESSURE-KICK(49) attack from Michiko with a MEMORY-ILLUSION…41

The binds closed around nothing, an illusion, a patch of air. However as Kasuya blurs back into view she finds herself hit by not the kick but a gust of wind that knocks her down. Instead of falling flat on her back, she keeps her feet. But she's clearly winded, unable to draw breath or get up from the supine crouching position she's in.

Michiko makes a handseal, then, upon seeing the woman unable to breath. She … may want to test something new… The girl exhales a powerful flame, using wind chakra to blow the fire towards Kasuya. It was probably going to hurt! And then Michiko is gone from her spot, waiting a heartbeat before Kasuya would end up getting attacked by two firebolts. They were, in a sense, one of Michiko's signature moves. Something she learned a long while back that she continued to use now.

COMBAT: Kasuya defends against FIRE-WHIRL(39) attack from Michiko with a TENSE…9
COMBAT: Kasuya loses the roll and sustains 1001 damage.
COMBAT: Kasuya defends against FIREBOLT(44) attack from Michiko with a MEMORY-ILLUSION…59
COMBAT: Kasuya defends against FIREBOLT(42) attack from Michiko with a MEMORY-ILLUSION…54

Kasuya is burned and hisses in pain, but she doesn't collapse in a weeping ball. She's recovered from the pressurized attack and now vanishes. She's just a foot off this time, clearly in sight. Kasuya is turning sinister now, her aura more sadistic than ever. But Michiko might be having a hard time getting to her. She'd feel as if she was trying to move through cloying mud. Every movement painfully slow, almost impossible to move. The feeling of extreme pressure would be overwhelming, not to mention the exertion from trying to move. Kasuya snickers, though not nicely.

RP: Kasuya transforms into AKUMU-NO-JUTSU.
COMBAT: Michiko defends against STRANGE-MOTION(56) attack from Kasuya with a CHAKRA-PINCH-II…58
RP: Michiko transforms into BURN.

Michiko feels … strange. And … well, it's strange, to say the least! The girl reverses the flow of her chakra quickly, and she's able to stop the genjutsu from acting any further. "Ah, I forgot how much of a pain it is to keep you at bay, Kasuya-san…" Michiko comments, chakra flaring up a bit as she sends a slice of wind at Kasuya with a single hand motion. And then fire would follow the wind chakra's path feeding on it with quite a large appetite. It would make the attack that much harder to avoid, at the very least.

COMBAT: Kasuya defends against WIND-SLICE(47) attack from Michiko with a FADE-III…57
COMBAT: Kasuya defends against FIRE-BULLET-BARRAGE(52) attack from Michiko with a FADE-III…67
COMBAT: Kasuya defends against FIRE-BULLET-BARRAGE(62) attack from Michiko with a FADE-III…86

She can't hit her. Kasuya finds herself instead tossing out illusions quickly to divert the storm of fire. She slaps her face, and drags it down, staring at Michiko in obvious frustration. And she says: "You've made great strides. You may have surpassed my genjutsu." Well, they would see. Kasuya's aura is growing colder. It's as if silent screaming is filling the air, and that screaming would turn to the sound of rushing wind. Michiko's feet give out from under her, seemingly, as the mountain crumbles and she falls down impossibly fast, almost as if a giant hand is dragging her towards the ground. It literally, not figuratively, rushes up to meet her. Moreover, she may have a hard time moving at the end as the ground has turned into spikes on which her body would be impaled.

COMBAT: Michiko defends against PLUMMETING(76) attack from Kasuya with a CHAKRA-PINCH-III…82

Michiko feels the genjutsu again. It was almost difficult to tell it truly was genjutsu, and it was with a rush that her energy was being drained away… But she was able to escape it. She blinks a few times, then smirks, though she is a bit shaken. "Kasuya-san, going so far… I suppose I should pull out some of my own stops…" The girl goes through a series of handseals, then a pulse of chakra floods the earth, turning it into a huge swamp that Kasuya would be a bit hard-pressed to escape….

COMBAT: Kasuya defends against SWAMP-OF-THE-UNDERWORLD(80) attack from Michiko with a INACCURATE-EVASION…69

"I suppose I am," Kasuya says gravely. "I won't dishonor you by saying otherwise." Though perhaps she should have done a bit less talking and more evading as the ground drags her down. It's not an illusion that is trapped…right? It doesn't seem like it, or else Kasuya is a surprisingly good illusionist to look as if she's really struggling to free herself.

Michiko peers a bit at Kasuya. Was she trapped? Michiko had the chance to end this… The girl isn't sure if she wants to, though… But there could be no hesitation… The girl takes a breath, and a spike of metal extends from the ground. Michiko tips it with a rather special poison that's only meant to drain energy, really. "I won't dishonor you by holding back, then," she replies, and then the spike is shooting right at Kasuya without Michiko moving a single inch. It was all chakra-controlled, what she was doing. The spike would pierce Kasuya in a relatively non-lethal spot, spreading the toxin she coated it in. Hopefully it doesn't kill her fellow kunoichi!

COMBAT: Kasuya defends against DRAINING-METAL-IVY(58) attack from Michiko with a TENSE…11
COMBAT: Kasuya loses the roll and sustains 2248 damage.
COMBAT: Kasuya HEROIC SURGES and releases herself from a stunned state!
RP: Kasuya transforms into TRANSCENDENCE.

Kasuya is hit. She's hurt. And yet she's decidedly alive at the end, although her face is tense from the pain. "Poison," she says, coldly. Then she gathers chakra internally and releases it in a burst, breaking free of the trap and leaping back. She closes her eyes, and for a moment it seems as if she might drop dead. Instead, an unearthly calm comes over her. When she opens her eyes it's clear. She's in no pain at all, but her eyes are wide, almost dilated. And this time it's not a suppressed aura around her, but one that is vibrating with tension, to make someone's flesh crawl and hair stand on end. She stands up slowly. "Michiko-san," she says. "You've surpassed me." She's making seals openly. Then a wave of darkness would rise up, a swelling sea that engulfs the mountain, everything, and sweeps towards Michiko. Even Kasuya is caught in it and consumed, seemingly, and Michiko would be forced to run away. Not just out of natural fear, but one generated by the illusion to run and run, until all light faded from the world.

RP: Michiko transforms into SIZZLE-IV.
COMBAT: Michiko defends against ENDLESS-CHASE(82) attack from Kasuya with a CHAKRA-PINCH-III…88

Michiko feels the chakra become oppressive and she responds in kind. Her chakra aura disappears, then reappears with a vengeance as she's able to break out of Kasuya's genjutsu. A small smile touches Michiko's lips. "I suppose that means there's only one more obstacle then. Heh… Though you could have gotten me very good with that last jutsu, Kasuya-san." The girl takes a moment to heal herself, knowing that using such a strong version of chakra pinch was damaging herself internally.

COMBAT: Michiko heals Michiko for 711 with LIGHT HEALING JUTSU.
COMBAT Kasuya is poisoned (7 rounds) and loses 234 health.

Kasuya lets out a controlled breath. As soon as she releases herself from this elevated mental state, all the pain is probably going to knock her out. But for now she seems eerily calm. The type who falls all at once, not over time. "How do you know I could have gotten you?" Kasuya asks with a smirk. "You've never had it inflicted on you." And then of all things Kasuya begins to generate more chakra. "If you beat me," she says, with a smirk, "this time and then once more, at any time, I'll tell you my life story."

COMBAT: Kasuya focuses 5447 stamina to turn it into 7000 usable chakra!
COMBAT: Michiko focuses 3590 stamina to turn it into 5000 usable chakra!

"Beat you? Ah… Fine, then." Michiko makes a handseal to gather chakra, curious to see where this leads. She was in her top form at the moment, but it could change… it could change too quickly. The girl was aware of that, and she was prepared to do whatever in order to win. You know… Minus killing the woman.

COMBAT Kasuya is poisoned (6 rounds) and loses 234 health.

Kasuya closes her eyes. Her mind might be blocking the pain, but her body is certainly slowing because of the injuries. She gets a moment of reprieve when Michiko has to gather a bit of chakra as well. Her hair is beginning to stand on end. But not out of some burst of energy. Rather, Kasuya is leaning sideways. And everything, from the bushes to the ground, is also tilting. Now it's completely upside down, and Michiko's tree walking would do her no good here. She'd fall off the face of the earth. Literally. It seems that Kasuya's jutsu have some sadistic creativity to them as Michiko would seemingly fall for an hour.

COMBAT: Michiko defends against PLUMMETING(97) attack from Kasuya with a CHAKRA-PINCH-III…66

Down down down Michiko goes. Well, it's not for lack of trying! She's just mentally not so prepared for the suddenly turn of … the whole world. So Michiko is just falling in her mind, even while her fists clench a bit from the physical pain she brought to her body to try and escape.

COMBAT Kasuya is poisoned (5 rounds) and loses 234 health.

When Michiko is successfully trapped in an illusion Kasuya struggles to gather herself. She must attack. Unfortunately, the horrors aren't over for Michiko as she'd find herself landing on the ground. Not shatteringly but lightly, as if she's floating down on her feet. That is until the ground erupts into spikes, needle thin, clustered, and tall as trees. It's looking to impale her, chasing her wherever she might go, even over water or cliff. That unnaturally forced fear, the certainty it'll be worse than death, would drive Michiko to death.

COMBAT: Michiko defends against ENDLESS-CHASE(89) attack from Kasuya with a TENSE…19

Michiko feels all of her strength just drain away from the two genjutsu, and the girl can just barely hold on to whatever sliver of consciousness that still is in her body. It's almost automatic, really, what she does next. A box at her waist opens to reveal a chunk of metal attached to a handle. Michiko draws it with a hooded gaze. Then she moves her hand back and lashes it out towards Kasuya. It would keep the woman stuck for a good while if she was able to catch her, and the net had a very long range as her chakra allowed it to weave itself into a net while in midair before it crashes down.

COMBAT Kasuya is poisoned (4 rounds) and loses 234 health.
COMBAT: Kasuya defends against POISON-METAL-NETTING(124) attack from Michiko with a INACCURATE-EVASION…121
COMBAT: Kasuya loses the roll and sustains 1425 damage.

The defense is used with surgical precision. Too bad Michiko's is even better. Kasuya is snared and this time she doesn't try to break free. She just falls back into a sitting position, leaning against a rock. "Ouch," she winces. "This…" She's completely constricted by the net, and bleeding freely from a dozen wounds. "It's my loss," she says. And then her chin drops down as she relaxes, preparing to pass out. "Sorry, but you're going to have to lug me down to the medic center…"

RP: Kasuya reverts to their normal state.
COMBAT: Michiko cures Kasuya for 162 with POISON PURGE.
COMBAT: Michiko heals Kasuya for 1428 with RESTORING CHAKRA PALM.
COMBAT Kasuya is poisoned (5 rounds) and loses 371 health.

Michiko struggles a bit to get to Kasuya. She was already fading fast. Just.. a few more steps. The woman's system would be purged of the poison quickly, most of the toxin left on the rocks once it escaped her body, and a burst of energy would enter Kasuya's body to heal her injuries. And then Michiko, exhausted, passes out! Stupid genjutsu

Kasuya sighs in relief as healing chakra washes over her. "Well that's one win," she tells Michiko. "The next time you win Michiko-chan will be…oh." When Michiko faints, Kasuya bites her lip. Hopefully she can get them both down the mountain. One horribly wounded, the other horribly drained. Well, she has enough energy thanks to Michiko to get them to the village. Kasuya stands up on shaky legs and pauses over Michiko's still form. She prods Michiko and stands over her for a minute, to see if she might move. Then she'd kneel and place a light kiss on Michiko's brow. "I'm proud of you, girl," she murmurs. Then she'd lug the dead weight onto her shoulder and make her way down the mountain.

COMBAT: Michiko left combat at 3.3 percent stamina.
COMBAT: Kasuya left combat at 36.5 percent stamina.

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