Katashi Reporting for Duty


Katashi, Kuoroke

Date: August 1, 2014


Having just returned from the sealing of Gyuki, Katashi reports to Kuoroke

"Katashi Reporting for Duty"

Kuoroke's office

Katashi was back from the ritual that had bound him to the beast. Held within a private facility out within the sands, it took time, quite a bit of time, for him to get a grip on the beast and return to reality. Worn from the ordeal, but regaining his strength, the chuunin went to the Dome to report to the council the results of the situation. He'd turn in his request to speak to an available council member and would wait patiently off to the side. ~HA! They want to know if their new toy is broken or not.~ 'shut up.' ~Why? You know it's the truth! You're their toy and you have to deal with me forever!!~ 'Or you're my toy and I'll eventually break you.' ~…~ Katashi shook his head at the 'other's' thoughts in his head, returning to reality to look around again.

Kuoroke called Katashi in and for a long time examined him, seriously and with some sadness. For Katashi to become what he was now, his predecessor had to die, and now, looking at him reminded Kuoroke of those events. After a while, he speaks up. "Hello, Katashi. How are you… settling into your new role?"

Katashi comes at the summons promptly. He'd bow formally to Kuoroke, although his eyes never left the council member. "Yes Council member. I have recovered.-" ~yeah right, you don't have ANYTHING on me!~ 'oh shut up.' "-and I'm ready for active duty. It's been a little.. disconcerting. But I will manage. That's what I was selected for." ~To be a tool. A toy. To be used, broken and discarded!~ "So is there anything specific you would request I start on?"

Kuoroke considered Katashi for a few seconds. He'd noticed the momentary pause during Katashi's internal dialogue. "For now, I'd like you to start off easy. Get reacquainted with the village a bit, and with the other shinobi. Make sure you're comfortable." He nods Northward. "In short, hit the training area. You've been away from Suna long enough. In the meantime, I'll see about some real work for you."

Katashi nods solemnly. "I concur. I need to practice more than mental discipline. I'll have to figure out how to focus while dealing with the-" ~What? What am I? What do you THINK you can label me with???~ "-other. In my head. It.. is angry a lot." He shifts on his feet a little uncomfortably. "But I'll keep at it. I don't plan to let you down, Sir. I know the sacrifice of the previous carrier.. and I refuse to let that be in vain.."

"You and I both. Let me know if anything su-" Kuoroke motioned to the door. "If anything changes. And in general how you two… get along. The more in-depth you're willing to go. Unless you've got anything else for me, though, you're dismissed."

Katashi nods in response. "Mostly.. it just rages.. or insults me. I don't have much else. Not yet, anyways.." He'd bow formally to Kuoroke then. "I'm going to go report to training now. I've seen some genin recently that I can try to work with." ~Or break them. you're so good at breaking things. Just a little eeextra chakra and POP!~ '… so that was you.' ~*cackling insues*~ Katashi sighs softly. "I look forward to doing good for Suna." He'd nod and turn to slip out then, musing as he'd head right for the training field as mentioned.

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